Melina Released

WWE has announced Melina‘s release via its official website today.

The company posted the standard ‘future endeavored’ message, wishing Melina the best.

Melina, who just this week admitted to being ‘the most controversial woman in wrestling’, has competed at several WrestleManias and been a five-time champion during her run in WWE.

Melina initially tried out for Tough Enough 3 but didn’t make the cut. However, she was later signed by WWE in 2004 and assigned to OVW in Louisville, Kentucky.

Melina debuted in April 2005 with John Morrison (then Johnny Nitro) and Joey Mercury as MNM. She guided the team to several Tag Team Championship victories before breaking out as a solo star herself.

Melina won her first Women’s Championship in February 2007, and headlined her first WrestleMania that year also. Melina would go on to win the Women’s Title on two more occasions. In April 2007, she lost the belt to Mickie James at a house show and won it back the same night. In January 2009, Melina won her third Women’s Title from Beth Phoenix at the Royal Rumble after returning to action just a couple of months prior.

Melina is also a two-time Divas Champion, winning the belt in October 2009 on Raw and at SummerSlam last year.

As controversial as she is popular, Melina has seen her entire WWE career riddled with rumors and Internet reports about having a bad attitude, heat and more.

Whether it be in the ring or out of it, Melina is without a doubt, one of the most talked about Divas in history and will no doubt be remembered for years to come.

- Interview with Melina in April 2010

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  • WWFoverWWE

    OMG :O

    • thediva21

      when is Melina coming back ans when is Gail Kim coming back to the wwe

      • Roman

        This would explain why she got eliminated so quickly in the battle royal on Monday….But besides that i kinda felt Melina was going to get released so it wasn’t a big surprise it was just like ok well she might go to Impact. I don’t wish anyone bad luck on their career so good luck in whatever you do Melina.

  • She-Wolf


  • StarInferno

    NO this cant be happening

  • xXxUniquelyiXxX


  • CRosario2010

    Melina can’t be released its not on WWE.Com.

    • RR45

      it is now

  • JJ

    OMG what is going on??? First Gail quits and now Melina has been let go?!?!?! Well maybe the TNA Knockout division is about to get very intense? Here’s hoping!!

  • Lanoom

    Now I’m mad. I don’t even like Melina THAT much, but she’s fully capable of putting on a PPV-quality match when given the time and she puts in the effort.

    I can only hope she asked for her release, because otherwise…

    • Lanoom

      And now Kozlov is gone.

      WWE is a bit late on their annual spring cleaning.

  • Alex

    I can’t say that I’m shocked. The Melina we’ve seen in the ring the past couple of months was a shadow of the Melina we knew in 2007-2009. And it was obvious that her star had dropped in the company. When Melina would make her entrance she didn’t have the red carpet and paparazzi.

    • Rhawk

      Glad to see I’m not the only one freaking over this.

      • Bdawg0701

        Same here. If you go on twitter to write that you will be really nice on twitter while potraying a bad girl on tv, that shows lack of commitment on Melina’s part. She should’ve just stayed committed to her role as a heel, and to break kayfabe on twitter when u work for a strict company saying u a nice? Get out off here, girl. I respect her as a wrestler, but I’m happy she got released. With shimmer in october, I hope she seeks that out.

        • xxQOXxx


          erm. I dont think so.

  • RR45

    :(((((( nooooooooooooooo hope she asked for her release to.


  • Rhawk

    Can’t say I’m suprised, the woman has fallen off the rader for months now so I’m not upset over it.

    It’s still a big shame though, she used to be so etertaining so many years ago. Best of luck Melina, I’m sure some of us mean it. =-X

  • karl

    I’m not shocked but i am sad. She was a good worker who was still putting on good matches when given the chance.

    Two of the more talented Divas have now gone. :(

  • adifferentsame

    Unsurprising, again. This make both Melina and Gail Kim’s flippant performance in the battle royale all the more revealing.

    • sieghrt

      this is so heart breaking..
      Maybe it’s one of the reasons why they’re out now.

  • StarInferno

    hope both melina and gail could go to TNA and will has on screen time unlike WWE now i hope Maryse too! WWE treated them like trash -.- ThankYouMelina ThankYouGail you guyz are amazing

  • She’sGotLegs!

    In a way,it does surprise me because here on diva dirt this week,we’ve been hearing a lot about Melina.Then again,it’s no surprise because of the way she was being used.I do feel that Melina had at least one more good run in her,but I didn’t expect it to end this soon.But hey,it’s the wwe’s loss.She’s a very talented wrestler that ended up being buried and misused.Just like Gail Kim,she deserves better than what she’s getting right now.So,best of luck to Melina.And I hope that diva dirt will interview Melina sometime soon:)

  • darkangels

    melina wont go to tna and put john M job in the wwe on the line i see her wrestling for LUchaLibreusa besides it’s near her hometown

    • BillyGP

      i can see her going to TNA she has friends over there.

  • 04bia

    im not suprised i saw it coming, part of me is upset because gail and melina were two girls who were great talents.

    first michelle mccool, kharma, gail and now melina. wow! wwe divas division will not be the same without them. this only leaves nattie and beth as veterans, it is definatly a loss, and they will be missed. best of luck to both of them.

  • Leonardo

    OMG! I really hope she goes to Tna along with Gail.

  • Lily

    HOLY SHIT! I feel really sick at the moment and i feel like a deer in headlights.

  • DIVAsupporter


    I will miss melina.. hopefully she posts a vid saying she’s fine and I wud like to hear something about her release..

    I have a feeling Gail asked for a release maybe after Melina told her she just got the call? I still cant believe Melina is gone

    this just ruined my night

  • Edazon

    She stayed with the company longer than I though, but even still this is very disappointing. I think Melina has the most interesting move set of all the divas and I think she would have been the most entertaining to watch in a feud with Kharma. Here is to hoping that both she and Gail make their way to TNA, though with Morrison still being in the WWE I don’t know if I think Melina will go. :(

    • Kim099

      Morrison will be released soon maybe next year or end of this year

  • French.One

    We were hoppin for a renewal of the diva division … I guess that’s it !!

    I’m sad for Melina btw, two of the most skilled diva gone, that sucks hard, more whining incomming §§

  • jillianhall_tna

    Well the sad thing is Melina got released an emberrasment , a jobber , a loser ;(

    I said it once & ill say it again…. FUCK YOU WWE

    • davepower

      She ruined her own push you cant blame WWE

  • Aksana

    Oh dear.

  • seasons-of-love

    In a state of shock right now.

    Melina was undoubtedly the most accomplished woman on the roster, had the potential to be one of the strongest characters in WWE history and will go down as one of the most notable women to grace a WWE ring.

    In my opinion she is the best wrestler in the world right now, and I’ve never in my ten years of following wrestling been as attached to one wrestler.

    Thank You Melina Nava Pérez.

  • JSciola

    The weird thing is I heard about it after watching her match with McCool at Night Of Champions 2009, which was the most physical woman match I can remember since Gail Vs. Kong.