In Video: Mickie James Comments on Possibility of Gail Kim Returning to TNA

Knockouts Champion, Mickie James, was interviewed in Orlando today by Brian Fritz ahead of tomorrow night’s Hardcore Justice pay per view.

Perhaps most interestingly, James is asked about the possibility of her former Diva colleagues — Gail Kim (the first ever Knockouts Champion) and Melina — coming to TNA, or rather returning in Gail’s case.

While Mickie didn’t answer about Melina, of Gail she says: “I’d love to work with Gail. [...] I didn’t really get a chance to work with her. [...] We had, like, maybe one or two matches but we were always on the side usually, so that would be really exciting. I was kinda looking forward to doing more with her and I didn’t get a chance.”

Watch the interview below:

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  • stephenpwwe

    I wonder if she intentionally avoided answering about Melina, lol

    • WWFoverWWE

      well mickie and melina are no strangers to each other, they’ve faced off SO MANY TIMES that it’s nicer to really face someone new

      • 04bia

        well mickie and melina didnt get on when they started, they used to hate eachother

  • karl

    When ever i think of Gail vs Mickie I’m instantly reminded of “that” match where everything when wrong, Gail getting knocked out and Mickie not handling it that well.
    This was just before Mickie was moved to smackdown and the rumors started that wwe where not happy with her.

    I’d still like to see them have another match though. I’m sure they’ll do better with more time.

    • BillyGP

      Mickie did not handle ti well she was protecting Gail and was upset is all. I’m sure if Gail did not get hurt it would of been better.

  • litafan2000

    Mickie and Melina never really liked eah other in real life. At least that’s what some of the dirt sheets use to say back in 2005-2007.

    • davepower


      a) dirtsheets? Seriously bro you arent an 80s territorial wrestler.

      b) Melina even blogged about it when they were in OVW together.

      Personally I thought they buried the hatchet.

      • WWFoverWWE

        they did bury the hatchet. Theres pictures of mickie and melina hugging and sharing a car together (when they were in WWE)

      • BillyGP

        Mickie & Melina are friends why go to a country concert when you dont like country music other then to support your friend.

    • Young Master Jamie

      Yeah I was going to say that it’s not just rumors – Melina was fairly vocal about the real – life dislike they had for one another. I didn’t follow closely enough after that but I’m glad that they worked it out. They’re both awesome wrestling performers and even though they’ve faced each other often I would love to see it again.

  • Melina&Mickie4ever!

    I woudnt mind seeing Gail back in tna again. With the division now she would make a great fit.

    AMickie &Melina never got along , so im not surprised Mickie ddnt answer about that. Years ago I read Melina had a problem with Mickie dating Joey from MnM. Then there was that blog about mickie. Who knows how they now if they get along…b

  • Goodvibes

    Its pretty much a lock that Gail will end up back in TNA, she’s still able to go with the best of them and like Victoria I doubt she wants her final run with the WWE depicting the end of her legacy.

    Im guessing Melina and Mickie aren’t the best of friends persay, or there would have been some mention of her. But hey who are we to speculate really, id love to see both in TNA.

  • Teri

    Aren’t Mickie and Melina on good terms now? Sure, they may not be bff’s, but I’m sure they would have zero problem working under the same umbrella.

    • davepower

      Well there was the Trish incident.

      Who knows what goes on between people.

      • Young Master Jamie

        What Trish incident?

  • iLUVwrestlingValets

    Honestly i think Gail is going to take a step back from wrestling,I mean what if she goes back to TNA and still isn’t pushed correctly. Gail just needs to relax and enjoy the time she has with her friends and family, and her new husband if you know what i mean lol.

  • Jake

    TNA should sign some new girls and give them an opportunity. WWE isn’t going to do it.

  • WWFoverWWE

    Love mickie, her and Gail would be a beautiful marriage :D

    can’t wait for hardcore justice

  • She’sGotLegs!

    I think she mentioned Gail because of the fact that they never really got to work together much.Plus,I think she knows that Gail was unhappy with WWE and knows Gail wants to put her talent to good use.As far as Melina,I think Mickie just isn’t too sure honestly.I do believe that the two are on good terms now.Just because she didn’t mention her doesn’t mean she doesn’t like her.

  • MelinaForever

    Uhh,we all know melina is going to debut for tna! :)
    + I saw gail’s tweet..i think shes done + gail should have stayed in tna… :P
    money cant buy happiness. :D

  • BillyGP

    Maybe Mickie not sure if Melina will join TNA? Mickie & Melina are friends now they traveled together in the same car, they hung out, when Mickie got hurt in that one tag match Melina was there to console her and vice versa when Melina got hurt Mickie consoled her.

  • Kharmaofficialfansite

    anyone not notice mickie did her hair differently now

  • Blonde Bombshell

    seriously, I don’t think Gail is returning to TNA.

  • darkangels

    gail kim vs mia yim

  • DAFereldan91

    I don’t understand why people always say that when a WWE star is fired/released from the company,the next stop he/she is heading is none other than TNA.I mean,there is no certainty at all!And besides,how come you people even think that going to TNA is a good thing at all?TNA is a 2 hours show and we’ve got 3 Knockouts feuds going on.Do you seriously think Gail and Melina will do any good in this situation?Even if they get pushed,what of the other Knockouts?They might get overshadowed!Sorry,but I don’t see how TNA is better than WWE at any rate..WWE doesn’t know how to use a talent,whereas TNA always push former WWE employees/same talent over and over with some crappy storyline while hindering their own other talents at the same time.

    • laqisha

      I myself used to get exited when TNA hires a former WWE star because I get to see em working with diffrent talent, but then they get pushed in the first year then the next year TNA drops em to the midcard and ofcourse I don’t have issues with that, but what is painful to see is most WWE starz over shadow TNA’s own talent and make em look bad like before 2010 Tara beat Hamada “an international star and the best wrestler in the world!!!man or woman” under 3 minutes…she faced Alissa Flash in a great match but pinned her with that side walk slam??? thats totally uncalled for. Is it not enough that WWE shit on talented wrestlers TNA have to shit on em too.

      • DAFereldan91

        That’s exactly I’m trying to say!This phenomenon is not only seen among the Knockouts,but also those male competitors as well.Look at Kurt Angle,RVD and Brian Kendrick!All former WWE stars who get major push in TNA…

  • xblutoxic

    I think gail will return at hardcore justice tonight. or on impact wrestling. in my opinion Melina won’t go in TNA, WWE pushed her too much so I don’t believe she would like to go in TNA. Gail is a great athlete. I dislike how WWE used her, but I loved her in TNA. so hopefully, she will go where her home is. <3

    • davepower

      There things called contracts

      • Kaledrina

        it’s very unlikely, but gail could always have bought her contract out and appear on tonight’s tna ppv!

        • Piggie James

          That would be completely awesome! To be realistic, close to impossible, but I’m really hoping for it anyway. Also, given that they announced the Knockout Tag Titles match not long after Gail ‘quit’, makes it all the more possible she’ll come in as Madison’s partner!

          But really dreaming here lol.

        • DAFereldan91

          Like there is no such thing as law lol

  • seasons-of-love

    Gail/Mickie without the unfortunate concussion would be great to see.

    I’d absolutely love to see Mickie/Melina as well, because I think they were each other’s best opponent (Backlash 2007…omg), and they brought out the best in one another. WWE never really capitalized on that.

  • melina prez

    I was at the Gail/Mickie match when Gail got a concussion and Mickie botched a ton and yaaaa i dont want to c that match again,,,i would see a different bettre match. And i thought Melina and Mickie made up… i mean i saw pics of them in a car2gether and hugging and 1 pic of partying 2gether . But you never know with these people…..

    • BillyGP

      Mickie botched a ton or was protecting a injured Gail?