Perfect 10 of 2008: Melina (#7)

Welcome to the Perfect 10 of 2008, the countdown that highlights Diva Dirt‘s ten top Divas and Knockouts of ’08! Which Divas/Knockouts have made the biggest impact? From champions to talented wrestlers to big personalities, the Perfect 10 has them all!

2008 may not have been as golden for Melina, as 2007 was but that didn’t stop her from having one hell of a year. The A-List Diva transformed from the bitch we love to hate to a fan favourite, in a rather smooth transition.

For a Diva who plays the bad girl so well, 2008 saw a new side of Melina and it was a side we loved. The Diva stepped up her game ten-fold this year, looking more impressive in the ring than ever before. So imagine the fans’ disappointment when Melina went down with an injury in June.

And while she didn’t pick up the Women’s Championship, her accolades include appearing at WrestleMania, battling Beth Phoenix in the first ever Divas “I Quit” match at One Night Stand and returning triumphantly from injury in November.

Melina looks set to become the #1 Contender for the title in 2009, will she earn her third title reign?

Check back tomorrow for #6

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  • Marco

    I thought she would get into the top 5 but I’m fine with this position on the list.
    Hopefully Maria or Candice don’t get higher :S

  • afca

    yes i thougt melina will get higher also,
    well i cant wait for the top 5!

  • IvyofHeavens

    I’m a little disappointed she wasn’t higher. But, that only means she’s going to have a kick as year in 2009 which will see her rise to one of the top spots next year. :)

  • TaylorJade

    I can see where you are coming from putting her in the number 7 spot because she was out half of 2008.

  • Luis-Angel
  • Christi84

    good spot for her

  • Marco

    Gotta love Canada for cheering for Maryse!

  • Marco

    I got total amusement form Maria getting assaulted :P

  • ashleigh

    lol! Marco, so did I!

  • amygirl

    Are we supposed to be discussing spoilers outside the designated spoiler post? Because normally I try to stay spoiler free and I’d be mighty annoyed coming into a post about Melina and getting spoiled about the SD match… :-/

    Anyway this is a perfect spot for Melina she was out the majority of the year so it makes sense that she’s not at the top of the list but she had impact when she was around so she’s not at the bottom middle of the road is just right.

  • dan333

    Well I’m not surprised about this. I mean Melina wasn’t really given a chance this year. She was really featured when she started battling Beth and of course her injury caused her to take some time off.

  • Kristen

    Pesonally I dont think melina should even be on here.

    Her or candice michelle.

    They both were gone for so long.

  • Liam

    i think melina should of been in top 5 but i know she wasnt around much this year due to her injury but she did have a amazing face turn and become friends with her worst enemies and she did have an AMAZING match with beth.

    but 2009 is the year for Melina hopefully soon shell beth beth and become new womens champ :D

  • Mike

    Women like Candice and Melina don’t belong on a list of top women this year considering they were out almost all year, Melina half the year.

    But what else to expect? <_<

  • KiKi

    As long as Melina is on the list, I love it!

  • luckyse7en

    Geez, guys, she was out for less than 3 months, not half the year.
    Anyway, I clearly think she deserves this spot, she’s been part of some big events this year for the divas, including WM, Judgement Day, and ONS(especially), with her epic feud with Beth, even though she only got like 2 championship matches this year.

  • Lee

    I think the remainder of the list will probably look like:

    6: Gail Kim
    5: Mickie James’
    4: Maryse
    3: Michelle McCool
    2: Awesome Kong
    1: Beth Phoenix

  • Tricia

    Some individuals have no mercy!! Melina is an Pro Wrestler. Her passion is wrestling, she would not let a simple injuries stop her from her passion. She has wrestled in the past with simple injuries. But come on you out rages people that demean her for taking time out due to a serious injury obtaining rods, screws and a plate on her heel and ankle. Melina should have remained out of work longer. But she refused it and wanted to come back ASAP! It was up to her she would have been back in one month. Even if it would have taken a toll on her later on in her career. Just to pick up were she left off. I’m glad she listen to her doctor. Sad that people don’t know how to appreciate women wrestlers for elite athletic skills. Unfortuneately some people only look at the person that expose them selves. However, there are wrestlers that are talented in their skills to make them victorious. Also if they have an unique beauty combined with the elite talented skills. They are not appreciated in the duration of their career. As history passes then they will realize the WWE history. By that time they have retired. History will always be documented and maybe then she will be appreciated to compared to the new comers. Is the reference between the wrestler or just a model want-to-be wrestler……