Where Beth and Natalya’s Heel Turns Seem to be Going…

In perhaps a preview of what will happen on TV this week, Beth Phoenix and Natalya, who both turned heel last week with Natalya pledging allegiance to Beth, worked together last night at a joint Raw and SmackDown live event.

Results from that house show below:

[notice]*The Diva guest host is announced and it is AJ. She was about to host a dance contest but is interrupted by Beth Phoenix and Natayla.

* Beth Phoenix cuts a promo about the age of the model diva in the WWE is over and Beth and Natayla are the future of the ROLE Model diva. They are about to take out AJ but Kelly Kelly and Eve come out to make the save.

* Kelly Kelly & Eve b. Beth Phoenix & Natayla when Kelly Kelly gets the pin on Natayla (Source)[/notice]

Thoughts: Given that the Raw and SmackDown brands were joined together for last night’s live event, the SmackDown crew will probably be at Raw tonight also, which means Beth and Natalya could be united on TV. Perhaps Beth’s promo was a dry run for tonight’s Raw explaining the motivation for the heel turns. I’m very excited to see what happens tonight on Raw.

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  • http://youtube.com/stephenpeppard stephenpwwe

    Kelly Kelly pinning Natalya ? Oh dear god……

    • AJ

      Get over it! Maybe it was a roll up or something. Even if it wasn’t who cares? We all know Natalya is good so if she got pinned by Kelly that shouldn’t change anything.


        As long as it wasn’t another crappy K2…

        • http://youtube.com/stephenpeppard stephenpwwe

          A.J it’s my opinion, don’t comment if you disagree. I obviously care if i wrote it !

        • Kim099

          k2 is far from crappy

      • AJ

        Well Stephen you act like Kelly cleanly beat Kharma or Mark Henry or something. So she pinned Natalya… no biggy. The world’s not gonna end.

        • http://youtube.com/stephenpeppard stephenpwwe

          Did I say it was ? If you don’t like my opinion,ignore it. Jesus you can’t say anything anymore without someone bitching.

    • vonVile

      Sounds like the WWE is trying to there money’s worth out of Kelly as champion before she loses Sunday.

    • laqisha

      I knew it…..WWE are using Beth and Nattie to put over the models, just like Melanie said “its WWE’s way of telling us models can still kick ass and look tough”

      • Crazy_J

        They don’t kick any ass at all though.. I was so embarrassed when Kelly hit Beth from behind on Raw and Beth acted like it was the worst blow she took, PUHLEASE. I’m sorry but WWE just isn’t going to get me to buy what they are trying to sell.


    I think WWE should stop trying to make Eve one of their top divas! I get so annoyed when I see her!

    • http://youtube.com/stephenpeppard stephenpwwe

      Me two ! lol she doesn’t have the fan support to pull it off.


        No, they need to stop pushing Kelly as if shes this bad ass “top diva” …it isn’t believable at all…also Eve is a lot more over than ppl give her credit for.

        • http://youtube.com/stephenpeppard stephenpwwe

          Dude I was at a house show Gail came out and got a nice applause.. Eve came out and no one cheered she got booed. And that is no lie.
          But your right on Kelly.

        • JACKBLACK

          Yeah and ive been to house shows where she did get pops there not like damn Cena reactions but it was something.

        • http://youtube.com/stephenpeppard stephenpwwe

          I guess it’s just the Irish who hate her lol

        • JACKBLACK

          And when she does big moves or that booty pop shit she does get a big pop…..

        • http://youtube.com/stephenpeppard stephenpwwe

          So does everyone ! your making her out to be The Rock now.

        • JACKBLACK

          No im not all im saying is she does get a reaction. Some make it like she comes out to fucking crickets every week, which isn’t true..

        • http://youtube.com/stephenpeppard stephenpwwe

          It kinda is true…. but we have different opinions.

        • JACKBLACK

          Whatever. There is not one diva (maybe Kelly) who gets consistent reaction every week.

    • http://divaderby.net/ DivaDerby

      I have mixed feelings about Eve. The current Eve isn’t too exciting, but I see a lot of potential in her. She has a strong build, which leads to better wrestlers, she’s smart and well-spoken, she has a unique move-set and lastly some of her promos have been pretty decent. I get the feeling that her career is going to evolve beautifully over time. She just needs time to grow.

    • laqisha

      WWE thinks Eve is the best publice speaker……so thats why she’s like the female virsion of JC.

  • AJ

    I wish it was AJ & Kelly vs Beth & Nattie. But either way this is awesome & I can’t wait for tonight. :)

  • Lanoom

    While I like the sentiment…it seems kind of weak.

    I may yes, on the one hand, they’re motivation for not liking “model” Divas is totally right and a sentiment echoed by many fans who want the Divas to be improved. Definite connection there.

    But…WWE’s been pushing the Divas as “Role models” for a while now. So they’re, like, just…turning heel in complete conformance with whats expected. It’s weird.

    I would’ve (or will prefer it, since house show result don’t tend to mean much, LOL Kelly Pinning Either Natty Or Beth without interference) if they drew the line at “You’re Divas, we’re wrestlers, your time is up, or time is now.” [Addendum: You can't see me, my time is now.]

    • Lanoom

      Don’t type while tired.

      “I mean, yes…”
      “…their motivation…”
      “I would’ve preferred it…”
      “…our time is now.”

      Coffee time.

  • Taylor

    I hope Natalya won’t have to play Robin to Beth’s Batman the entire feud.

    • AJ

      That’s probably what’s gonna end up happening. :p

      • Williambitious

        But it’s okay… Robin is cool!

  • chrisP

    Anyone notice that some results reports from last night’s supershow say that it was the Bellas in the match instead of Kelly and Eve? How do you get them mixed up?

  • layglamacool

    What an excellent way to get over the two top heels by letting them get beat by the model divas they were just complaining about. The should have gotten disqualified at least.

    • Lanoom

      House shows are more about pleasing the fans in attendance, barring rare exceptions. Nobody’s going to be attributing the strength or weakness of this angle to stuff that happens at an ultimately unrecorded event.

      What really matters is what gets televised or reported by WWE itself.



    • http://looklet.com/user/132409/looks Mystique(desi1999)

      Awesome.I went to raw early this year in january and it was great!And the divas did good.It was a house show.

  • Parkur

    I hope Kelly pinning Natalya isn’t an omen of things to come…

  • She’sGotLegs!

    I have a feeling that the “model/cute/perky little princess” divas will form an alliance and take on the “anti-cutie” divas.I have a feeling that since Gail’s profile hasn’t been removed from wwe.com,she will be a part of beth and natalya’s team.I see tamina joining the team as well.other than that,all the other divas would be the “little princess” team,even though that’s an uneven amount of members on each team.maybe some new divas will debut and join the “anti-cutie” team,like naomi,or they could bring back some former divas?

    • Williambitious

      With her attitude, I’m sure Gail will be cleaning toilets in the WWE from now on.

      • Taylor

        Gail won’t face Kharma, but she will face karma. LOL, I kill myself sometimes. :D

  • Jake

    I wonder if people actually thought Kelly would just be destroyed in this feud. Obviously she is going to win some matches over Beth and Natalya. You might as well pull your box of tissues out.

  • http://www.youtube.com/user/bxshadow23?feature=mhum EveLover

    This is out of topic but I have a feeling, that gail didnt really quit but Idk Thats just me .

    On a side note- If this happens tonight ,it would be GREAT imo. Yeah Kelly pinned natalya ,so what alot of model divas pinned the wrestler divas before ,the real wrestling fans know whos good and whos not :P .But I kinda wanna see a third person join nattie and beth ( kinda like legacy ) ,soo eve can join AJ and Kelly .

  • shameronstar

    If the “barbie doll model” divas are going to prove themselves in this feud against Glamahart then I think the blow off match should be a diva hardcore match or a diva street fight. It should be Beth and Natalya vs Kelly and AJ in a diva street fight/hardcore match. I still remember the time years ago when Sandman hit Kelly directly in the head with a kendo stick. That was so funny.

    • Williambitious

      I bet that killed a bunch of brain cells.

  • Lily

    If WWE are going to be pushing Beth/Natalya shouldn’t they be making them win their matches instead of making them lose?

    • unscripted & flawless

      It was a house show, and unless the heel is a champion, they always lose. Let’s just hope they don’t go by that same structure for the actual shows, cause I could not stand to watch Kelly Kelly pin Beth Phoenix. That would be a cold, cold, world. Layla please come back!

      • Solo

        Yeah I’m with you on this one. I miss Layla already and she needs to come back before Kharma returns so that she can get her shine and show talent and beauty. Lets hope Alicia Fox, and DoD can carry interest in the divas division. I’m really looking forward to these new story lines in the divas division.
        P.S. Am i the only one who thinks Kelly Kelly needs a new finisher. These roll ups are working my nerves.

  • darkangels

    if you notice wwe plays on alot what tna does with their knockouts if anybody watch the PPV last night notice how agressive the two KO’s matchs were and from tara tweets will continue tonight at the impact three day tapings

  • melina prez

    Ohhh house shows faces always win i see Nataly and beth winning over Kelllyy and whoever in the next 2 weeks. And at SS Kelly wins by roll up and she faces Natalya at NOC and wins then at HICA Beth beat Kelly an natalya in a triple threat hell in a cell match.

  • http://artwillgohere.wordpress.com/ AmyR

    Sisters of Destruction! \o/

  • JSciola

    This motivation kinda falls once you remember Natalya did some modeling before WWE.

    She IS what she hates.

    It’s like iow Mojo Jojo created the Powerpuff Girls.

    • http://twitter.com/memosoto gmosoto

      LOL! with the PPG reference!

  • Kash Hunt

    This would be a great time for a roll-up. It would be the only way that either Kelly or Eve could pin Nattie or Beth. It’s just like the feud between Candice and Beth. Candice never really beat Beth with her finisher.

    • http://twitter.com/memosoto gmosoto

      always was a counter or a small package

  • http://twitter.com/memosoto gmosoto

    is funny tho cause you know… the heels left are Maryse, Brie and Nikki.. wich are veyr model-lesk so i would love to see what Beth would do there..
    and in Smackdown, Natalya and Alicia thing is really spicy i dont know if they can share a corner, Tamina is so the “role diva type” that beth and natalya are looking..

    • Crazy_J

      I know this sounds really odd, and I know people won’t agree with me lol, some might, but I just don’t really see Maryse “like” any of the girls. She is just different. If I can be blunt.. she’s a b**** to them all. I love her for that and I don’t really see her the way I see Kelly, Bella’s, or any of those others. Maybe it’s just because she stands out to me, BUT if Beth or Nattie go after her, I’d love to see Maryse as face for a change, and I think she could even keep her same attitude. The simple fact of when she gets in the ring she never really acts afraid of anyone, usually she walks up to them and slaps them.

  • art

    Kelly pinning anyone above her in skill level is just hilarious..i bet they also have to dumb down their moves on kelly but eve takes them all..

    • Jake

      How can you “dumb down moves”?

      • vonVile

        Give Beth and Nattie crappy move sets. Beth’s finisher is now a Knuggie to the head while Nattie’s is the dreaded Wet Willie.

        • http://youtube.com/stephenpeppard stephenpwwe

          Or maybe it could be the killer hair pull.

  • sugarrush28

    This makes me even matter that i’m going to miss Raw tonight. I do hope something good happens though

  • laqisha

    Lets hope the perpose of this fued is to end the “Model Era”

  • GlamazonInTraining89

    if they did they would do recaps of what happened on Raw & smackdown.
    unless you were there (or Visit DivaDirt.Com RELIGIOUSLY ) ud NEVER kno what happened @ the House shows.