In Pictures: Eve Torres Shines at ‘Be a Star’ Anti-Bullying Rally

Former Divas Champion, Eve Torres, may have taken the name of yesterday’s event a little literally.

Eve looked very glam in a sparkly, shiny top at WWE and The Creative Coalition’s ‘Be a Star’ anti-bullying rally.

Other stars at the event included David Arquette, Jordin Sparks and Brittany Snow.

Eve finished off her day look with some jeans a pair of cute sandals to bring her outfit together. Very appropriate for a child-friendly event, but stylish too.


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  • melina prez

    It looks like Kelly was to busy.

    • missawesomeness

      nahh if kelly done it she’d would of strutted out in the worlds shortest shorts and the worlds shortest top and high heels she’s not pg material and why she won’t be asked to be at events like this. eve is a sensible girl and is y she was chosen also she use to do commercials so she would have the most confidence

      • Jay.Fox

        She would have had only used 5 words; like her moveset.

    • Raekon

      Kelly is used in promotions of wwe and such, Eve is used for more serious stuff like this. ^_^

  • art

    she has really nice eyes..

  • zanerdude

    Too light against her skin. Too much white/silver it needs to be broken up. Atleast it looks better than that god awful purple wannabe 80s prom dress from the other day.

  • Raekon

    All power to eve! The girl is the best when it comes to charity work, standup for women, anti-bullying and generally helping people.

    The best role model diva wwe ever had and still currently has for the young girls to take a pick from. :)