WWE Confirms Maryse’s Injury

For the skeptics out there, WWE.com has confirmed that new Divas Champ, Maryse dislocated her kneecap last night at a SmackDown house show.

Divas Champion Maryse dislocated her kneecap at a WWE Live Event this past weekend in Raleigh, N.C., just days after defeating Michelle McCool to become the golden girl of SmackDown.

It is unclear how much time Maryse may miss due to the injury.

Stay with WWE.com as more details become available.

Once again, our best wishes are with Maryse on a speedy recovery. One must assume that Maryse will be stripped of her title at tomorrow night’s tapings. One theory that I have is this could be the perfect way to reintroduce Gail Kim, echoing her initial WWE debut in 2003, winning the Divas title in a battle royal.

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  • sami101

    Oh, no!!! This is awful. I feel so bad for Maryse. Get well soon, Maryse.

  • bonepile

    Sad news about Maryse. That does NOT need to happen to her or to anyone. Only this time round let’s not give the title to Gail Kim … let her earn it. I am waiting for the day when Gail holds three women’s title belts the only woman in wrestling history to have that honor, and that time should not be too far off if she returns to SmackDown as planned.

  • Christi84

    She doesn’t need to be stripped. If she didn’t break anything it only takes a few weeks to heal with a brace and ice. Tmorrow’s tapings are a double dose. She can easily do backstage stuff or sit at ringside. Michelle McCool wasnt even on TV for a whole month after winning. I’m glad to hear it wasn’t a torn ACL or MCL.

  • Pat

    It’s rather unfortunate that Maryse just won the title, and now she’s not even able to defend it. What’s even worse is that she might be stripped of it. Hopefully Maryse isn’t sidelined for very long. I read that she dislocated both her knees at one point, so the severity of her injury might be bad. I wish her a speedy recovery.

  • TaylorJade

    I also wish her a speedy recovery. Hopefully if this only takes a few weeks to recover from she won’t need to be stripped of the championship. Just as everyone mentioned, Michelle McCool went off TV for about a month after she won it. Good luck to Maryse.

  • natalie j.

    Omg this is sad! I remember when Trish dislocated her shoulder but she still made apperences every week on raw as normal without any in ring action. I think WWE should do the same for Maryse while she recovers.

  • appleman58

    remember when trish was champ and broke her hand they kept her they even gave nidia a shot at the title (three second match trish bashed her with cast) a disloted kneecap takes 4- 6 weeks to heal completely they could take the time to develop her heel charcter give her some mic skills and continue this little maria mccool fued

  • Christi84

    The new Divas champion on Smackdown, Maryse, suffered a dislocated knee injury on Sunday night at the Smackdown brand house show in Raleigh, N.C.

    The injury led to immediate concern over the severity of the injury, and she was kept off the Smackdown taping in New Jersey on Tuesday night. She won’t be appearing in the ring on the January 2 and 9 editions of Smackdown, but the injury is fortunately not as severe as initially believed.

    Smackdown announcer Jim Ross said on WWE Universe today that Maryse “suffered a dislocated kneecap recently but isn’t expected to miss much ring time.” Maryse is expected to be back on the January 16 Smackdown, which will be taped in two weeks.