Who’ll Rumble with the Glamazon?

Tonight’s Raw has high stakes as there is a Women’s Championship title shot and a Royal Rumble payday on the line for the six Divas featured above. All six will feature in a battle royal with the winner facing Beth Phoenix for her title at the Rumble. Wasn’t Melina the #1 Contender anyway?

It’s a shame they’re not sticking Layla in there too.

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  • Rebecca

    I’m surprised they remembered that Katie Lea was on the roster, I would have expected Layla over her.

    I think everyone just presumed that Melina was the number one contender, I don’t think she ever won a number one contenders match, she’s just won a few tags and that singles match against Jillian.

    I’d expect Melina will win, but if WWE want to go the surprise route, Kelly will get the win.

  • Luis-Angel

    Melina will totally win =]
    but if the WWE decides to surprise us then i can see Kelly winning.

  • Christi84

    It better be Melina. I guess Layla is too busy with Regal or something

  • http://www.ohsodivalicious.org/ Trisha

    Woah. Katie Over Layla… My Christmas Wish Sorta Came True! xD
    Now Her Winning… Pfft.. No Chance. I Can See Melina Or Kelly Winning This.

  • http://www.myspace.com/carnellsfuturestar Dani

    Melina for the win. i haven’t seen katie lea in forever.lol

  • Lee

    I see Katie Lea used as a means to eliminate Mickie.

  • Lee

    I also think the angle with Kelly will be continued and either Kane or Miz and Morrison will play a part in her leaving. Id like to see Candice and Melina final two with Melina winning, myself.

  • ashleigh

    I hope Melina wins! I wouldn’t immediately bet she will win because we all know what the WWE is like. I’m a bit suprised with the fact that they’ve got four faces in this match and only two heels…

  • afca

    Oke this might sound stupid but i soo hope jillian will win it
    which probably wont happen, probably melina or kelly,

    but i think jillian deserves it more then anyone else cause melina
    had the title ones,candice and mickie had it,

    and jillian has been longer there then kelly or katie,
    they give her a shot better soon then never or she might
    end up like torrie wilson,
    and i truely believe she deserves that shot cause im tired
    of seeing her jobbin in almost every match and it would be a total suprise,

    but i wont be sad if it would be melina or kelly,

  • Larry

    If the WWE is planning Beth vs. Melina at WM then I see Kelly Kelly possibly winning this one.

  • PinkMarshmelloow

    I’ve gotta say, i dont think ive actully seen Katie Lea wrestle. As far as i can remember anyway..
    I bet that either Melina or Kelly Kelly or Jillian will win. Most likely Melina though to be totally honest.
    Im surprised that they havnt imcluded Layla though, im starting to like her more and more..

  • DivasofDestruction

    i totally agree with afca i reckon Jillian vs Beth would be pretty exciting and she totally deserves it but cant see it happening to be honest and i hope this match actually lasts a while and not like 3 mins

  • Lacey

    As much as I love Layla I still don’t see them pushing her as a wrestler quite yet and even besides that… I read on Layla-El-Fan.com that there is a possibility she twisted her ankle during a house show this past week. I don’t think it’s that serious, but maybe if she’s still sore they figure better safe than sorry? There are some rumors that it was a work I guess, but if it’s not that could explain it.

  • Manda

    Layla’s being pushed as too much of a manager right now for her to be included in such a match, and to be somewhat taken seriously as a competitor in it. She’s great but she would just be taking a spot away from somebody else who wrestles on a regular basis.

  • rico

    well i think that if kelly can get in the match den layla should be able to. now i kinda wish those two were still on ecw. at least we would get some divas matches on there. but it seems like one week katie wrestles then layla wrestles and back and forward.

  • Christi84

    Layla showed, especially last week that she wrestles better when consistently wrestling. At the beginning of the year she was and put on some solid matches. I think she’s better than Maria even right now. But I think the last time she wrestled was a while ago. She’d be better off getting in some more training while being a valet.

  • UkBoi123

    I seriously think that Candice Kelly or Melina are going to win seriously i think it could be more of a triple threat at some point between Candice Melina + Beth, Cause Candice could win this match then Melina wants the Title or something =/

    Really dont know probs melina tho

  • gl83

    I think that Kelly Kelly will be eliminated early on due to Kane coming out and Kelly eliminating herself as she flees in terror from him. Katie Lea hasn’t beens een since the night after Survivor Series, I can see her being an early elimination as well. I see the final 4 being Mickie, Melina, Candice and Jillian.

    To UkBoi123 : Knowing WWE, they will probably save Melina vs Candice vs Beth for something like WrestleMania, maybe adding Roucka into the mix as well.

  • gl83

    I see Melina winning this battle royal. WWE couldn’t make this more obvious, with all the build-up they’ve been giving Melina, the fact that Kelly is out of the division for this storyline with Kane, and with Jillian and Katie, two jobbers in the mix. Mickie and Candice are dar horses in this amtch, but they haven’t been used or built up enough to warrant a title opportunity, so it’s going to be Melina.

  • UkBoi123

    I want it to be Melina but in a way i want it to be Candice :| dont know why

  • http://www.myspace.com/afemata_blood boi213

    i want melina to take beth on at royal rumble but i want her heel again too she just looks boring face….. and if she doesnt win it id rather see kelly get a title run shes been doing really lately….or even jillian i wouldnt mind seeing her go at it with beth.,,,….

  • Lee

    UKboi, i kinda want it to be someone like Candice, so we can save Melina for wrestlemania. maybe beth will retain at rumble by cheating and they can have a mania rematch?

  • Luis-Angel

    i see her winning the battle royal.
    but losing at teh Royal Rumble.
    that way they can have a match at Wrestlemania 25 =]

  • Marco

    IDK if the match has already happened, but Katie Lea won’t win, Jillian won’t win, Kelly Kelly won’t win, and most likely Mickie won’t win.
    I’m stuck between Melina and Candice. They might make it Candice to save Melina for WrestleMania, but I could also see them making Melina win and having Beth to cheat to win the title then Melina will get the rematch at WrestleMania.

  • rico

    well melina won lol