Council for Unity’s Lisa Wright Apologizes to Be a Star Alliance and WWE

Beth Phoenix and Natalya at a Be a Star/WWE event in LA.

As reported yesterday, Council for Unity member Lisa Wright wrote a letter to the Be a Star Alliance questioning its affiliation with WWE.

Over the past few months, WWE has teamed with Be a Star for an anti-bullying campaign and has aired commercials for the campaign on its programming.

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Wright pointed out that ‘fat jokes’ about Vickie Guerrero were being made on television while the company was affiliated with Be a Star.

In an email to Diva Dirt, Wright says that the letter was never meant for public consumption and she was only expressing her opinion on the matter to Be a Star.

Today, however, Wright has issued an apology and retraction for the comments made, which was issued to Diva Dirt, WWE and the Be a Star Alliance.

She writes:

Yesterday, a letter that I had written, that was never intended to be made public, was. In the letter about my perceptions regarding the alliance between the Be a Star Alliance and the WWE with regard to bullying prevention, it was never my intention to disparage the Be a STAR Alliance, the WWE, the wrestlers or their many fans.

After careful consideration and research on my part, plus some intelligent feedback from some of the loyal fans of WWE, I realize that perhaps I reacted too harshly and without enough information. I have been reminded that the important issue is the prevention of bullying and the protection and support of those that have been victimized by it. Ultimately, my own actions, intended or no, have had a negative impact.

In the spirit of tolerance and understanding, which I have been reminded I must practice as well as preach, I hereby offer an apology to the Be a STAR foundation and the WWE. I also wish to rescind my request that my organization be removed from the Be a STAR Alliance website. There are often many ways to reach a goal; the important thing is that we support each other on our journey.

Again, I sincerely apologize.

Lisa Wright

Thoughts: One has to wonder if there was some pressure from WWE and Be a Star in issuing this apology. I felt the questions Ms Wright raised were perfectly valid. Jokes about Vickie’s weight were made on commentary just this past week on Raw, while a Be a Star commercial was aired during the same broadcast. Also, the ‘hat stomping’ rib on JR was pretty much a form of on-air bullying — and that segment aired right before the Be a Star commercial!

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  • Mikas

    There was nothing wrong with her opion about the matter. Sad to see her issue an apology for something that didnt need an apology.

  • davepower

    Be a Star Alliance prefers publicity over credibility or responsibility.

  • Jonathan

    Hmm looks like Mrs. Wright was pressured (or bullied rather) into issuing an apology about the matter. When in fact, an apology was never needed. She had a legitimate reason to question the ethics of the affiliation between Be a Star and WWE. I mean, you simply can’t ignore the facts that are portrayed on WWE television each week. Bullying has always played out in WWE in some shape or form, and to ignore the issue like it’s not there, makes WWE and the Be a Star Alliance look contradictory and foolish. Shame that she was red taped if you will, and had to retract her statements as to not stir the pot on such an obvious flaw between the affiliation of both WWE and Be a Star.


    I don’t think Mrs. Wright should’ve apologized. She has very good points, and it seems she was pressured into doing so. Vickie Guerrero’s weight has been at the end on many, many. jokes in the WWE. And even in recent storylines weight does become a matter. Such as in the Brie and K2 feud, K2 was to ‘skinny’. It stupid. But, theres nothing we can do, she tried too, and was forced to apologize? Bull crap.

  • Piggie James

    I agree! No need to apologize to the extent she has! ‘Intelligent feedback’ from ‘loyal fans of WWE’, as if! There is really no defense that WWE and Be a Star could possibly have for their hypocrisy. Perhaps Ms.Wright could have been more ‘constructive’ by letting her feelings on the matter be known before removing her organization, which she says, but she should feel no obligation to apologise for anything other than letting a private letter become public (bit strange how that leaked out though?).

    She was right on the money with her original letter, and someone really has to answer for it (of course they won’t). I hope that Ms.Wright will push Be a Star into pushing the WWE into having a proper anti-bullying sentiment in their storylines (ie. don’t have faces bullying heels), since those comments about Vickie Guerrero were completely unnecessary by Lawler.

    • Piggie James

      Although, since Vickie has lost a lot of weight, there’s nothing wrong with mentioning it by one of the commentators, since it’s definitely an achievement, that should inspire other women to be healthy.

  • astarr

    It’s a shame she apologized. I actually liked that she was calling attention to what we are all thinking. I get why WWE is aligned with an anti-bullying campaign and I get the message, but you can’t really be taken seriously as an advocate for it when you have girls insulting each other week in and week out with catty things like fat jokes, not to mention when Cena and The Rock go at each other, on top of everything else. WWE is more than just a wrestling company, maybe they shouldn’t involve their wrestlers so directly by using them for the videos, especially when it’s the ones who are slinging the insults. I found it laughable that they would go from having the Bellas talk about bullying being bad to then calling Kelly a bunch of names. It looks ridiculous.

  • StraightEdgeGirl84

    Seriously this champion is a joke they are still doing the same old crap just less of it. They still make sexiest,racist jokes pretty much every week. I still remember Mexican fence jumper and go fight in Taco Bell being said after this Be A Star crap. It’s nice to be against anti bullying but when it’s just empty words why bother?

    Making fun of Vickie’s weight especially when she’s in shape is uncalled for. All the humiliating things done to JR a man who deserves respect are uncalled for. I would seriously like to know what that man has done to deserve shit like the Dr. Hiney segment. He was in a real life health crisis and WWE decided let’s make fun of him. The list of those bullied or humiliated to the point of just being vile is to long.

    Vince McMahon imo is the biggest freaking bully and that guy will never change. I would hope when he’s no longer around that will change but I doubt it.

  •!/madslam200959 madslam2009

    Apoligize to Be a Star but not the WWE. I wonder what these Loyal Fans really said to her.

  • velvelove

    i was so pleased when i found out about what she said and now this crap comes out
    ew :(

  • melina prez

    She was right ! WWE should not be makeing fun of Vickies weight . And especially since she just lost all the weight !!! WWE and Be A Star pushed this down their throats !

    I know WWE want to support non bulling but they really shouldent when half of the wrestlers bully the other wrestlers (on screen of course).

  • Andre

    Personally she should have stood her ground and stuck by her comments, i don’t think she retracted her statement due to pressure from WWE or Be A Star, but rather because she realized that disparaging WWE at this time wouldn’t be a smart move in terms of exposure for her cause. Regardless of how one feels about the WWE product in relation to quality entertainment and logic, WWE does tons and tons for charity and other worthy social and community projects and organizations for which it often fails to receive proper credit for. The WWE sports entertainment product is a separate entity from the company as a whole and what it does for community outreach.

  • melon2617

    Hi! I’m a longtime lurker & love this site.

    I wanted to post my view on here because while I definitely see where alot of you are coming from, I am glad this person retracted their statement.

    WWE programming is TV & therefore is make believe. I have loved wrestling since I was 4 years old & now watch with my daughters, who are 10, 4 & 2 & I feel it’s my job as a parent to teach my girls what’s appropriate & what isn’t. I think parents should use these storylines to teach their kids WHY bullying is wrong while hammering home that wrestling isn’t “real life”.

    I remember as a young teen I cut my Jean shorts ridiculously short like Sunny & my mom read me the riot act & then explained the lesson that grownups & a 14 year old girl can’t wear the same outfits. I find myself now explaining to my girls that Kelly Kelly’s bra & panties ring gear isn’t appropriate & the Vickie fat jokes are bullying, which then becomes a talking point for what we do if we see someone at school doing it, why we don’t mock people for their bodies, etc. My 10 year old thinks the Bella Twins are fab but when they went off on Kharma, she was quick to say that was mean & hurtful & maybe they need to go to the Be A Star assemblies for a crash course in being nice.

    I’m not trying to say “oh I’m such a perfect mom” or “wwe is sooooo awesome” because neither is true. I just think it’s up to parents to use the programming to talk to their kids & more people need to remember that wrestling is a Show with good guys & bad guys & like Vince McMahon said “when all is said & done, the good guys always win.” No matter how you look at it, those cracking the mean jokes are usually mean & the good guys always put them in their place.

    • French.One

      Your 10 year old fav diva is the bella ? You’re obviously not a good mom ;o

      • melon2617


        Anywho, yes she likes them. She thinks they have cool ring gear & that they’re pretty. She also likes Melina, Maryse, Trish & Beth. I just hope something as major as her Bella love will not send her on the path to stealing cars & knocking off liquor stores. *eye roll*

        • melon2617

          And my Phone sent that before I could finish with hahahaha.

          I take flack for her heel love alot. The only babyface she likes is Cena. Meanwhile my 4 Year old loves Kelly because she looks like Barbie.

        • French.One

          Well take care, she’s obviously already judging people by their look (like bellas do) instead of their ring abilities, so she’s already walking into the bellas footstep !

  • Shan

    I remember seeing John Cena insulting Vickie mercilessly and thinking, “He’s supposed to be the good guy?”
    Finally someone speaks up about it and she takes it back and apologizes?!! Really?

  • shameronstar

    On on an unrelated note, Beth and Natalya make those 80s/90s hairstyles look HOT!

  • Wesley Romano

    Damn Natalya looks mega hot there Nice T***s Natalya!!!!