Perfect 10 of 2008: Awesome Kong (#3)

Welcome to the Perfect 10 of 2008, the countdown that highlights Diva Dirt‘s ten top Divas and Knockouts of ’08! Which Divas/Knockouts have made the biggest impact? From champions to talented wrestlers to big personalities, the Perfect 10 has them all!

Striking fear in the hearts of all of the TNA Knockouts is the powerhouse herself, Awesome Kong. Dominating the Knockouts division for well over a year, Kong showed no sign of relinquishing her stranglehold in 2008.

Kicking off 2008 continuing her epic feud with Gail Kim, Kong finally picked up the Knockout Championship in January in the main event of Impact. On that same night, Kong introduced her new manager/mouth-piece/part-time-wrestler, Raisha Saeed.

Kong continued to reign over the Knockouts division until pesky newcomer, Taylor Wilde joined TNA in May and defeated Kong for the Knockout Championship. But Taylor’s reign would soon come to an end in November, when Kong regained the title, to become the the first two-time title holder of the Knockout Championship.

2008 saw more of the same dominance we’ve come to expect from Kong… will she finally get some new challenges in 2009? Perhaps competing with the men?

Check back tomorrow for #2

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  • Christi84

    She’s my #1 so i’m interested to see who the top 2 are

  • Vassy

    I think Maryse should of been number three and Kong be number four.

  • Marco

    I think Michelle will be next then Beth or flip flopped.
    Maybe she should have been #1 even if you guys don’t watch TNA this year was all Kong. She did better than Beth and Michelle combined!

  • Lacey

    Kind of surprised to see Kong at number three since for me it was easily between her and Beth regarding who was the top diva/knockout of 2008 and who had the biggest impact, but that’s just for me and it’s still nice to see her acknowledged near the top. I can’t wait to see what 2009 brings for this very talented lady!

  • Luis-Angel

    well then again the top 3 would be…
    TNa = Awesome Kong
    RAw = Beth Phoenix
    Smackdown = Michelle Mccool

  • Eric

    I had Kong as two. I hope Beth is number one and not michelle.

  • dan333

    I was surprised by this as Kong has been the focus of TNA all year. I mean she is currently the longest reigning Knockout Champion in TNA. She holds the title now, she’s had two great NO DQ matches with Gail Kim one being Gail’s final match and then she also had a good encounter with ODB at No Surrender. I would have put Kong at number one due to her dominance. I see Michelle & Beth being next and no offense they don’t even hold a light over Kong. Both of them were champions but I bet Kong defended her title more times then those two did put together.

  • amygirl

    I have to agree I would have put Kong higher if not number one then at least higher than Michelle. (Whom I’m beginning to suspect will be number 1 with Beth number 2). Michelle is just one more Diva in a field of many talented Divas. Kong on the other hand is the Backbone of the Knockout Division (to Gail being the Soul of it before she left). She’s amazing in the ring and as a character she’s certainly the most impactful and over of any woman in the Big Two.

    And I don’t even really watch TNA…

  • Larry

    I agree too. Kong has been far more dominant than Beth and has defended her title more than McCool. She’s beat almost the entire women’s roster in TNA. Correct me if i’m wrong but did’nt she compete with the men in a tag team tournament earlier this year?

  • Marco

    Yes, Larry she did.

  • KiKi

    Kong was a beast in TNA this year!
    The No DQ matches with Gail Kim? I loved them!
    I’m glad she was in top 3.
    I think that Beth will be number one and McCool number two.