Katie Lea Goes Extreme

In a good news/bad news situation: ECW gains a Diva while Raw loses one. Katie Lea – along with ‘brother’ Paul Burchill – have been moved to the ECW roster, as of last night. Katie accompanied Burchill to the ring for his match with DJ Gabriel who had Alicia Fox in his corner. Thus bringing ECW’s Diva count to three.

I’m going to hazard a guess and suggest that this move was not made with Katie in mind, rather WWE just moved her because they moved Burchill. While Katie has been used as Jillian 2.0 on Raw, that’s still one heel Diva we’re missing from Raw. Hopefully, they start utilising Layla more often.

Though this could be a blessing in disguise as ECW talent appear on both Raw and SmackDown, so if WWE wanted to, Katie could eventually get the best of both worlds – competing in both the Raw and SmackDown women’s divisions. And hopefully, the Burchills debut in ECW leads to a mixed tag feud with Gabriel and Fox.

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  • Rebecca

    Great news. Katie was never on tv, hopefuly this will give her more oppertunites to wrestle on ecw. I am interested to see katie and alicia wrestle.

    Its great or paul. Now he’s in a smaller talent pool hopefuly he will be given more of an opperttunity to wrestle. He’s an amazing talent and i totally love his accent :p.

  • Marco

    Hey maybe Tori (I hate calling her Alicia) can have some good matches with Katie.
    They both are great wrestlers!
    And I think its about time that Tori gets some singles matches shes been training for just over 2 years now!

  • Luis-Angel

    this kinda is bad cuz now she has no oppurtinuty at the title “/
    but still as long as we see more of her im happy.
    and like you guys mentioned maybe we will see Alicia vs Katie =]

  • Luis-Angel

    oh and i guess now they have room for Rosa Mendez on Raw =]

  • Liam

    shes to good for ecw
    but she will be shown on raw and smackdown still like kelly was
    hope this move is good and doesn’t result in her being released.
    everyone knows shes an amzing wrestler
    but i think jillian would be lost without her on raw

  • KiKi

    Katie basically got traded for Rosa, well not traded but she got moved over to ECW to make room for her.
    Hopefully, we’ll see Katie Lea vs Alicia!

  • rico

    i’m really happy for katie. she wasnt competing for the title to begin with. at least on ecw she will get airtime and possibly a nice fued. ive been waiting to see diva action on ecw and i was thinkin just a few days ago how i wanted katie to go to ecw. so hip hip hooray!

  • TaylorJade

    This could really be good for Katie. This could give her a lot more time on TV if used correctly, which she definitely needs and deserves.