SmackDown Spoilers: January 2nd & January 9th 2009

WWE taped a double dose of SmackDown last night, for the next two weeks. Check out spoilers below:

January 2nd, 2009:
– Eve is backstage with Michelle McCool, where they show footage of her beatdown on Maria last week. Michelle says that Maria cost her the Divas title while Eve tries to keep the peace.

– Michelle comes out to the ring and says she owes Maria an apology, but Maria isn’t there to accept it. Instead she calls out Eve to apologise to her also. Michelle then hits Eve over the head with the microphone and attacks her.

January 9th, 2009:
– The Bella Twins def. Michelle McCool and Victoria, after Victoria was pinned by one of the Bellas. After the match, an enraged Michelle attacks her tag team partner, Victoria.

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  • melinafan996

    So does that mean Victoria’s face?

  • Melanie

    No it just means Michelle’s a bad ass heel who needs no friends =P

  • luckyse7en

    I’m certainly loving this new Michelle… I’m thinking Eve will be wrestling soon too, because of the attack.

  • Marco

    Michelle…wow shes doing better in personality isn’t she!
    LOL if Michelle really attacked Victoria, Victoria would rip her little head off.

  • Christi84

    I’d love for victoria or nattie to turn face and be the savior from michelle. who knows when gail will debut anyways, i frankly dont care. im excited to see how this michelle plays out on tv

  • Marco

    Also i wonder if Michelle is gonna change her theme soon. It really doesn’t fit with how shes acting now.

  • Manda

    It really really just seems like they’re trying way too hard to make Michelle a heel and force it down the audiences’ throats. And to be honest, her attacking everybody just seems silly, like a sort of Mike Knox-ish route. She has no Maryse heel tendencies nor even those of Beth who just takes no nonsense from anybody. I mean, she beats up on Eve and that makes her a bad ass? And her beating up on Victoria has a believability factor of about 2. Please go back to the drawing boards, WWE Creative Team, and try to figure out how a heel turn should really be handled.

    Even Candice’s heel turn a few years ago was better when she kicked the crap out of Torrie and aligned herself with Victoria.

  • Luis-Angel

    so i guess this means that Maryse wont get stripped of the title?
    hopefully Eve starts to wrestle now =]
    and also i hope they change Michelles theme its got old a long time ago lol

  • Shadic

    I got to admit, Candice’s Heel Turn sounded wayyyyyy better than Michelle McTool’s…I mean McCool’s. Yea…I hate Michelle period, bite me! :P But still. With Maryse injured…she isn’t getting stripped and we got to deal with a few months of Michelle’s….how do I put it….her version of “heel” which is, “Go beat the crap out of anyone she sees while I’m trying to figure out if I a great face or heel!”

  • trishrocks

    actually that wasnt a heel turn for candice. candice, victoria and torrie were “vince’s devils” and they were all heels. candice attacking torrie kicked her out of the group and made torrie a face. it was a torrie face turn, not a candice heel turn.

  • Liam

    wow lol
    michelle seems really stessy lol
    i think its best if she has no friends lol
    coz it will be boring if the heels like her

  • KiKi

    Well at least Smackdown is stepping up their game with the storyline.
    Now hopefully, Eve will actually get in the ring and fight back.

  • Chenda

    Her kicking the crap out of people isn’t entertaining. Well, her beating up Maria was semi-entertaining. But, Michelle in general is not.

  • rico

    well i think the heel turn is going great. she doesnt really seem heel though kinda like a heelish tweener. shes like a one woman gang. she just all about getting her gold(uh silver) back and not letting anyone get in her way or mess her up. she doesnt need friends. kinda like jeff hardy was a few weeks ago.

  • nicorette

    hey i dont know where this belongs but it turns out Maryse wont have to forfeit her title!! yay..i read at that

    “As reported on Sunday night, new WWE Divas Champion Maryse suffered a dislocated knee cap injury at the Smackdown brand house show in Raleigh, North Carolina. She was taken backstage on a stretcher during the ordeal. Fortunately for Maryse, her injury is not nearly as severe as initially believed, so she won’t be forfeiting her newly won Divas Championship. Smackdown announcer Jim Ross posted the latest edition of SmackDown This! on the WWE Universe site today and said Maryse “suffered a dislocated kneecap recently but isn’t expected to miss much ring time.” Maryse was kept off last night’s double Smackdown taping in New Jersey, so she won’t be appearing on the January 2 and 9 editions of Smackdown.”

  • TaylorJade

    This is a good concept, but for some reason, so far, Michelle doesn’t fit the part of a loner to me. Maybe it will change after I see Smackdown though.