In Video: Mickie James in AAA 8-Way Elimination Match for Reina de Reinas Championship

Former Knockouts Champion, Mickie James, recently returned to Mexico to compete for AAA following her debut a couple of months ago at TripleMania.

This time Mickie — who is a heel in AAA — competes in an eight-way elimination match for the Reina de Reinas Championship. The other participants are Pimpinela Escarlata, Cynthia Moreno, Faby Apache, Jennifer Blake, Lolita, Mari Apache and Sexy Star.

Pimpinela Escarlata, who won the match, is actually an exotico — a flamboyant male wrestler. It’s just WWE that puts women’s belts/crowns on guys! Trying to repress memories of Santina.

Watch the match below:

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  • BillyGP

    Sad thing is Mickie was going to win but last minute they decided the TNA vs AAA feud wasn’t big enough yet for her to go over.

  • MickieFan226

    I love seeing Mickie play a heel. Brings back memories!

    I really hope TNA turns her heel after Bound For Glory.

  • EveLover

    OMG ! I Love heel Mickie :D ,I love the REAL long kiss goodnight -Not the DDT- I hope TNA turns her heel one day :) .

    Anyways ,Amazing Match ! Loved it :)

  • ChrissyL

    That was………………..weird.

    I couldn’t tell that she was heel though, except her thing at the beginning. I would think that the guy dressed up as a girl would be the one to boo..

  • Mooyses

    I love the match, and Mickie James as heel! Mexicans and Japaneses are definely the best wrestlers.
    Anyway this match only Lolita was the “worst”(is more to less experienced), but she is away better than Kelly.
    And im sorry but the mexicans luchadoras arent the most beautiful, i mean the pretty ones was Mickie and Jennifer(who are Americans), Lolita (her body) and Sexy Star(because she was wearing a mask). The other ones i can even say : (

    • DivasChamp

      Oh man!Really?Really?
      Why do you guys have to talk about Kelly all the time?
      You guys have some problems,look for some help!Really,that’s not normal!You guys talk about her,even when she don’t have anything to do with the subject!It’s time to grow up,you guys look like kids!
      She’s not bad,the only problem is that WWE wants her to be the best in the company,but she’s not ready for this!But she’s really good at what she do!
      Stop it,please!’-‘

      • Piggie James

        Why do you care so much about what other people think? Clearly it’s their opinion that Kelly Kelly is terrible, and it’s not fact that she’s really good at what she does, that’s just your opinion.

        But I can understand that it isn’t Kelly Kelly’s fault that WWE wanted her to be champion. But fact is, as long as she’s champion, people will compare other wrestlers to her, since she’s supposed to be the ‘best’ in WWE. And anyway, I’m sure she’s allowed to refuse a push if she doesn’t feel she’s good enough to be champion. I think Maria reportedly did this?

        Until she actually improves at all, she’s always going to be considered one of the weakest women wrestlers by a good majority of people on this site. And I don’t disagree with them.

        • DivasChamp

          Yes,i agree with somethings you said!But what makes me sick,is that,this post don’t have ANYTHING to do with Kelly!But people still talk about her all the time!
          I know that it’s their opinion,but i don’t get why they talk trash about her everytime!Let the girl alone!

  • ChrissyL

    I want Mickie’s crazy heel kiss thing to show up in TNA.
    TNA always seems on the verge of making every feud lesbian somehow..
    I mean, there’s Tara/Madison kiss entrance, Velvet/Angelina/Winter love triangle, come on, just do it already.

  • Mikas

    Nobody has commented yet about Mickie James talking about Mari Apache’s weight? She called her a cow and early september she did the same. It’s not that i mind, after all its all kayfabe. But after the Piggie James storyline it just feels strange watching Mickie do the same.

    • BillyGP

      I felt the same way but Mickie has said she did not mind the storyline with the Piggie James angle.

  • Kharmaofficialfansite

    lol i understand spanish soo commentary was no biggy

  • vonVile

    I so hate Galavision right now! They cut airing AAA just before summer because they don’t film in HD, do I have very little access to female lucha anymore. Galavision replaced AAA with MCLL, but they rarely if ever air a woman’s match.

  • Wesley Romano

    While the TNA Knockouts Ooze in sex appeal on their own TNA kinda overpushes it sometimes haha…the lesbian kiss from Tara and Madi and now Brooke…its cool its cool XD
    Pretty hot since im mega hooked on Brooke!! DAT ASS!!

    But TNA also lets their girls kick all the ass they want!!

    Love Mickie playing bad girl haha shes so cool! And fans dont care they still loveher and even as a heel she loves them back like when shes waking down to the ramp hehe

    BTW the tranny dude was kinda gross but funny at the same time haha
    Cant believe he/she kissed mickie lmao!!!
    Awesome! BTW im more n more in love with Lollita!!! Damn!! =D
    And Sexy Star is one hard hitting bitch!! Like her too as well as the Apache chick and Blade! Man all of them rocked!! Even the tranny dude lmao

  • DarknessRuler

    Jennifer Blake representing TNA?? HUH!!!!

    And lol these matches are always crazy and all over the place

    • Piggie James

      A few things of note to those interested:

      1. There has been backlash from AAA fans about an ‘exotico’/man winning the women’s title. As ‘crazily’ as Mexican promotions are usually booked, this is still a very controversial and shocking move by AAA to put the title on Escarlata (and especially with no buildup). It would be on the same level as if the same thing happened with the Knockouts title. Escarlata is actually one of the most accomplished exoticos in Mexico and has held several titles.

      2. As said above (by BillyGP) heavily rumored that Mickie was going to win the title, but a last minute change was made because someone high up in AAA didn’t feel that their relationship with TNA was strong enough at the moment (even though Jeff Jarrett currently holds their world heavyweight title).

      3. Also as said Mickie is working heel (her promo at the start of the segment) along with Sexy Star and Jennifer Blake, and they’re all part of the main heel faction La Sociedad. So @DarknessRuler, that’s why the commentator said something about Jennifer Blake representing TNA, but of course that’s just part of the storyline because it’s easy to lump all the international heels as ‘TNA’ to get them heat.

      4. There were also rumors that Angelina Love and Velvet Sky weren’t asked back by AAA because they didn’t treat Triplemania very seriously, and conversely that Love and Sky didn’t want to work in Mexico anymore due to horrible working conditions (reportedly no running water in the arena) and that Mari was too stiff. Personally I’m skeptical, since Mari seemed to deliberately work lighter with them at Triplemania, but it’s certainly true that the Mexican wrestling arenas can be very bad (with dangerous crowds that throw things at wrestlers).

      5. The reason that Sarita hasn’t been used is that she’s still actively wrestling with CMLL, and wrestled less than a week ago for them under her ‘Dark Angel’ gimmick. AAA and CMLL are direct competitors.

      6. There doesn’t appear to be any sign of Mickie returning to AAA in the near future, due to the TNA/AAA relationship as I described above, but the feud seems to just be on pause at the moment, refer to 7.

      7. *SPOILER!* From the latest AAA tapings: Lolita/Cinthia Moreno/Pimpinela Escarlata defeated Jennifer Blake/Sexy Star/Yuriko and after the match, Nygma/Pasion Kristal/Polvo de Estrellas attacked Pimpi along with Yuriko.*SPOILER!*

      As far as my own opinion goes, I definitely enjoyed the match, even though ‘overbooked’ by current American standards. No one in the match was a weak link, and in fact everyone got a few good spots each. The Apache sisters were particularly impressive as always.

      If Lolita is able to speak english reasonably, then I think WWE should be after her. If the Knockouts roster wasn’t as full as it is (not to mention Gail most likely returning) then a few of the AAA talents could do well in TNA, though if TNA were able to sort out the legal issues of using AAA performers, with Lucha Libre USA (who currently own the rights) then AAA will be able to lend some of its female talent out, which would be great.

      Oh, and Mickie’s heel promo was awesome, and could be a tease of what we might see if she goes heel in TNA. I think it will happen if she stays with the company for another year, since TNA likes to switch their faces/heels around regularly, and notably turned Jeff Hardy heel. It might only be a matter of time before Mickie turns into a complete bitch of a character.

      • Piggie James

        Oops. Meant for this to be a normal comment! Oh well!

      • BillyGP

        good points. I think Mickie got screwed i mean if Jarrett can be AAA champion why couldn’t Mickie be the women champion but that just my feeling on the matter.

  • JillianHallTNA

    Great match!
    This is what WWE should have with divas and not that stupid segments of Cena and Punk -.-

  • Arakas

    According to the Wrestling Observer, Velvet Sky will be at the next major event of AAA, Héroes inmortales. This is kinda awkward

    • Piggie James

      Really? Typical Observer. They were the ones who were reporting the supposed ‘dissension’ between TNA/The Beautiful People & AAA. Suppose that ‘speculation’ of theirs turned out to be wrong like usual. I really should stop believing anything they write, since they really are wrong more often than right with their guesses.

      Anyway, don’t get why they would use Velvet Sky by herself, perhaps Mickie isn’t available? Angelina and Velvet didn’t do much at Triplemania, but they were supposedly over enough with the crowd. I just can’t really see Velvet wrestling with the AAA talents by herself and not looking exposed as a wrestler. Perhaps she’ll just be a valet for someone. I suppose the report by the Observer of the TNA talents complaining about AAA was completely wrong, because they were heavily trying to suggest that Velvet/Angelina wouldn’t be working for AAA anytime soon.

      Oh well, hope Velvet does well if she’s ‘really’ going to appear.

      • Mikas

        They didnt write that Velvet would never return to AAA, they didnt even suggest it. They only wrote that Anderson didnt want to return. They did mention complaints about the water and Mari’s stiffness, but thats not “dissention”, everyone complains about that. So your conclusion that they were “wrong as usual” is a little bit premature.

    • BillyGP

      Interesting I think Mickie belongs in Mexico more then velvet.

  • ElectricMVx

    Damn I don’t speak Spanish so I didn’t understand any of that xD I muted it cos the commentary/ring announcer was kinda annoying.

    Can someone tell me the order in which the women came out? (who came out when)

  • LadyGoDiva

    There is alot I see in this match that I love:
    1. Mickie is a heel.Something I want to see in TNA?
    2. I want to see more Mexican women in the WWE now that Melina is gone.
    3. Disappointed that Sexy Star isn’t in the WWE with all the Latino guys like Del Rio and Sin Cara I want to see a lucha libre female in the WWE. And most of these girls would go perfectly in the Divas division.
    4. Looking at this match makes me respect the women who wrestle in Mexico kudos to AAA.
    5. Seeing Mickie as heel reminds me her match with Trish at WM22?