Maryse Update

According to the latest Wrestling Observer Newsletter, former Divas Champion Maryse could be returning “in the next week or so”.

Maryse had abdominal surgery last week for a hernia that has been troubling her in recent weeks.

Following her surgery, she provided a status update via her Facebook page, writing:

I am home now, and feeling good, still very tired from the anesthesia, but its normal, i will be posting pics of my tummy when they remove the bandages, my doctor did an amazing job and the scar should be very small in my belly button! be sexy

Here’s to a speedy recovery.

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  • JaiiO

    Thank GOD! I’m sick of the same divas over and over again!

  • Williambitious

    Can’t wait! Now all we need is Layla to come back.

    • EveLover

      And KHARMA Cough Cough .LOL

      • Williambitious

        Of course. Kharma is the best thing to happen to the division. I’m just counting down the days, lol.

        • EveLover

          You and Me Both :D

  • melon2617

    Yay! Perhaps Maryse can become the top babyface when the Beth/Kelly feud is over, especially with all of this talk of Kelly or Eve turning heel.

    • Lita-Sault-666

      Oui Oui! I’d love Maryse to become the top baby face. Yes, she has the acting ability to be the top heel, but much like The Miz & Randy Orton, she has the fanbase to pull of being a top baby face too! :D.
      Eve to turn heel I think, & Maryse to replace her as second babyface

  • astarr

    So in other words, she will just be back on the show that never ends…I mean NXT, in the next week or so. Not shocking, all she does is hold a microphone, that isn’t exactly strenuous work. I want to see her back in the ring. She’s not amazing, but at least she is entertaining. Shame she is relegated to NXT all the time.

    • art

      Maybe if she picked up her wrestling game she wouldnt be stuck on nxt…

      • chrisP

        ……..even though she was still wrestling while NXT hostess.

        You’re not even trying anymore.

        • art

          like once every 2 months..or not even getting a tag..i cant even remember the last match before the one vs beth..can you name it??..

  • chrisP

    Maybe this is true, but I really don’t see how as she just had the surgery on 8/24. Merely walking and trying to sleep right now would be a painful experience for someone who just had this operation.

    Not to mention, when she was hurt in 2009, the Observer reported that she would be returning “any day now” 6 weeks before she actually did.

  • Melina&Mickie4ever!

    Thank goodness I cant wait to see her back on Raw. I hope she comes back gets a win on Eve or Kelly or which ever face diva and I miss Layla!!! :((((

  • seasons-of-love

    I wonder if they’ll say she took time off due to depression again. Perhaps she’ll return in a turkey costume again. *_*

    • Mr. Asstastic

      Depression is a serious illness and shouldn’t be joked about.

      • number1AngelinaLovefan

        No she means last time she had surgery they said she was deppresed at thats why she was gone but that wasn’t true

  • EveLover

    I miss her soo much tbh. I hope she turns face ,I mean I could totally see her as a face and the crowd should be like no problem .She already gets a face reaction and shes a heel ,imagina as a face .

  • art

    she wont be wrestling more or less back on nxt…

    • chrisP

      Doubt it. She could have not had this surgery at all or at least not right now if she was just going to be on NXT as hostess. She’ll probably come back on Raw in a new angle, and the NXT gig will be done.

      • art

        what new angle could their be?? the only thing left for her to do is go face…

        • chrisP

          Lots of new angles. She could turn face or she could stay heel and feud with someone who’s currently a face or a heel that turns face. She’s going to be in an angle with somebody, probably a Diva but maybe a male wrestler.

  • DivaKnockout66

    I MISS MARYSEEE;(((((((((((( !

  • layla1fan

    I miss Maryse but I miss Layla More lolz

  • chrisP

    “like once every 2 months..or not even getting a tag..i cant even remember the last match before the one vs beth..can you name it??..”

    That Beth match wasn’t her last match. She teamed with Melina against Kelly and Eve on Raw after that.

    The last match she had before the Beth one was in June on Superstars where she and Melina beat Gail and Eve.

  • jim462

    Glad to hear Maryse is healthy again and almost ready to come back been a fan of hers sonce she started in the WWE

  • XoXoBarbieDivasXoXo

    Maryse has held the Divas Title longer than any other Diva!!