Impact Write-Up (September 8th, 2011): A Little Life Blood Does the Body Good

Last week on Impact, we saw the crowning of a new Knockouts Champion, much to the dismay of many, and the promotion of a new VP for the Knockouts divison. I wasn’t aware that there was ever a standing VP for the division but hey, this is a Bischoff move here. We also saw a disgraced Traci Brooks, who had apparently demeaned herself to unspeakable actions just to get that so-called VP position but that’s a whole other Jerry Springer episode that we aren’t programmed for. This week is the first official week for the new VP in action and she’s pitting two teams against one another and the results are dastardly. Not to mention, we get a preview of wicked ways yet to come.

The first glimpse sees us backstage with the new Knockouts Champion, Mickie James and her adorable, oh my gosh cuteness pup, Elvis. She’s chit-chatting with Velvet Sky, who is congratulating her on the win last week. But I think Vel Vel has ulterior motives, messing around with the belt like that. She says she one day wants to know what that piece of history feels like, wrapped around her waist. According to Mickie, sure, one day she might. One day. But as of right now, they have a tag match and they have to prepare themselves for it. But that inner chi session will have to wait because Karen Jarrett just walked in the room.

First words out of her mouth are in regards to the living situation of the Knockouts locker room. Although, considering all the kids she has, I’m sure she’s used to making that observation. Karen, obviously not an active PETA member, sticks her face down at Elvis and he instantly makes the assessment that she’s evil, thus the growl. Good job, boy. Mama Mickie needs to give you multiple treats for that one. “Does this look like a kennel to you?!” Um, no. Actually, it looks like a locker room that just happens to have a dog inside of it. But, thanks for trying, Karen.

“Two dogs are enough in this room, we don’t need three.” Then I guess you might want to see yourself through the door, eh Karen? Sorry. I’m not bitter. Not at all. Regardless of my personal opinion on the matter, the new VP goes on to congratulate Mickie on her win and inform her that in three days at No Surrender, she’ll be defending her title in a rematch against Winter. Oh boy. As for Velvet, she better go out there and bring the house down because there is more to Knockouts wrestling than just shaking your ass. Obviously. Speaking of which, it wouldn’t hurt if Velvet dropped a few pounds. That comes from management so lay off the cupcakes. I is dead.

Finally onto the match, in a near main event status, comes the pair of Winter and Angelina Love. They’re looking pretty fierce, Winter especially, in their matching black and blue which is what, I’m sure, they’re looking to turn Velvet and Mickie. Speaking of, ahem, let me clear my throat. HARDCORE COUNTRY!!! I wish I could burn both of those outfits they’re wearing because I am not a fan. But regardless of how I feel or how Karen feels, for that matter, Velvet isn’t shy about her skinny fatass and LETS THE PIGEONS LOOSE!

Starting things off, it seems to be Vel Vel and Winter but a little conversating with her lady lush and the hold up begins. This gives Velvet just enough of a window to sneak a tag into Mickie, who pops in, ready for a fight as usual. But Winter isn’t having it and she tags in Angelina. A lock-up and an unceremonious hair toss across the ring does nothing but piss Mickie off. She comes back, taking a huge handful of Angelina’s hair, knocking her back with a full left hand. Ring around into the corner, throw a harsh elbow and up she goes, spinning Angelina around like a top. A swing at Winter, who is quick to drop to the floor leads to a rebound off the ropes. A blind tag from Velvet and Mickie catches it, setting Angelina up for a sliding dropkick from an incoming Velvet. But Vel’s momentum is horribly short lived when Angelina drops her with a harsh jawbreaker. That’ll lead to a call from the dentist.

Here comes the tag to Winter, going for the brutality but Velvet fights back, slamming the wicked one’s face against the turnbuckle. Across the mat and up she goes, MONKEY FLIP back around and Velvet is on fire. She looks to set Winter up for that bulldog but Angelina is in. Quick like a whip, Velvet jumps up and locks those feet on her shoulders and rolls them both around like a stick in a cotton candy maker. Gather up that sweetness for just enough gumption to whirlybird Winter about the ring. Oh hai, Velvet’s wrestling skills. Where you been hiding? I guess it would in the closet, away from Angelina’s outside interference that lands you on your face.

It gives Winter the space to slam Velvet’s momentum down the sewer, trapping her in the corner. She purposely baits Mickie into the ring and gives Angelina time to choke Velvet back, giving into the double team. Vel Vel tries to fight back, scrambling to her corner but that hard hitting bridge suplex from Winter stops it all. A tag in to Angelina and she slaps a cheap shot across Mickie’s face. But the champ is feisty and comes barrelling back in, getting pushed back out by the senior official. This leads to some odd work of a would be double team that just didn’t happen. I don’t know what happened here. All I can say is that it ended with an awkward side slam of some kind from Velvet. I can’t describe it.

Taz makes a good point here, about Earl Hebner. He is the senior official and he ALWAYS referees the Knockouts matches. Huh. Anyway, the match is still going on and Velvet has just tagged in Mickie James. She’s up top and flying down with a Thesz press, dropping Angelina and Winter like a couple of dead weights. She gets the upper-hand on Winter, goes for the pin but Angelina is back in, breaking it up. However, Velvet is true to her colors and goes on the defense, nailing her former best friend. I’m starting to get dizzy again. There’s so much going on. Two women in opposite corners, Winter and Angelina try sending their opponents crashing into each other but we get a little do-si-do, if you will. This leads to a double whammy on Winterlina and the wicked witches are sent flying backwards for a moment. Yep. Definitely dizzy now.

Velvet gets right back up, going back to Angelina who sends her nails down Velvet’s face. She immediately goes after Mickie, who is trying to go after Winter and then Angelina gets speared by Velvet. Oh for cheese sake! Can we get some order in this mess?! It’s like trying to describe chaos in three words or less. You just can’t. But now that Velvet has taken out Angelina, it leaves the two who will face each other this Sunday. Mickie and Winter, who are back in the corner. Mick goes for the shot but gets slapped back, doing some kind of little dance and then…


This match just took a turn for the horror movie. Mickie screams like she just witnessed someone being brutally murdered and falls to the mat. I swear, her optometrist must be making a fortune. Winter, the opportunist, immediately goes for the cover and gets the three count. She slides backwards out of the ring, eyes staring a hole through Mickie as Angelina comes back around. They creep back up the ramp, arms raised in victory, blood seeping from the corners of Winter’s mouth. Is it Halloween yet? I’m ready for it.

I think this week was a pretty good prelude. Not a bad showing from the Knockouts this week. I’m glad that Winter hasn’t been pushed to the background after losing. I’m glad she has a rematch this Sunday and doesn’t have to compete in a number one contender’s match for it. It should definitely be interesting to see what she has in store. Anyway, until that time, my lovies. xoxo

What did you think of this week’s episode of Impact? Let me know in the comments below!

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  • mykel1990

    I’m not sure where Karen Jarrett’s gonna go with this whole VP thing, but I hope somewhere down the line, she feuds with Madison Rayne over who’s “Queen” of TNA (I dunno if you’ve noticed, but Madison’s my favorite Knockout lol). Onto the match, Velvet did spectacularly, she had some new offensive maneuvers and she held her own and kept the pace relatively quick. April, I’m with you, those outfits on Mickie and Velvet were ugo and should be burned. Winter was good as usual, and whole blood-spitting thing had me like “whoa!” and “ew!” at the same time. Mickie would be well-served to perhaps buy some goggles when she knows she has to wrestle Winter. Overall, a good night for the Knockouts.

    • BillyGP

      I liked what Velvet and Mickie was wearing both looked great.

  • wweandtnadivafan

    lol i actually miss madison rayne!!!!!!

  • Melina&Mickie4ever!

    The Blood Spitting is iight , but Winter could have done like a DDT , or Suplex , BackBreaker or something not just spit in her face push her down and pin her LOL…but I know Mickie & Winter will put on a great match on Sunday !!!!

    • A.E

      sorta agree winter should put her finisher on mickie after spitting the blood ,it’s kinda bugg me a little cause sorta take the credibility away from the two of them but we all know winter and mickie gonna bring it.

  • EveLover

    I Liked the Backstage segment ,it made giggle a little .I like karen and they involve her ALOT with the KO’s ,They could have some really cool storylines .Like MYKEL1990 mentioned ,Madison vs Karen to see who is the real queen ,I think that would be amazing and refreshing ,I miss madison btw .

    Onto the match ,It was pretty good tbh .I was impressed with velvet ,especially with that spear, it looked pretty sick .Angelina and Winter did good as usual ,no surprise .Now onto mickie ,I dont know why but the girl make me believe like somebody really spit some bad gass or something in her face ,I mean the way she sells it ,its just BEAUTIFUL ’nuff said. Pretty good Night for the KO’s though .

    • EveLover

      BTW I forgot to write this …..Where are Tara and Miss.T ? :O

      • BellaBaby

        I know I want to see Brooke, she is my fav KO

        • EveLover

          I like brooke ,and I like how fast shes improving .I think she will be pretty good in the future.

  • A.E

    totally good night for the ko strong showing too,the match was good totally enjoy it ,surprisingly velvet and mickie have a good chemistry as a tag,mickie sold the blood with perfection,and winter is becoming more of a vampire ,a good solid showing for the ko.mickie’s dog is so darn cute

  • WWFoverWWE

    I love Mickie and velvet sky as a team, they should team up more

    and it’s only a matter of time until velvet wins the knockouts title, I think she’ll show us how the “kelly kelly as champ role” should be played

  • BillyGP

    Mickie can sell. The match was good and the segment was funny.

  • MickieFan226

    I liked the backstage segment with Mickie, Velvet & Karen. I’m also liking her being “in charge” of the KOs division so far. I always thought WWE should have done something like this with Vickie, having her be in control of the Divas.

    Onto the match, it was a pretty solid tag team match.

    Looking forward to their PPV match tomorrow.

  • Teri

    Let me just say, I LOVED Angelina’s attired. The hair, the makeup, the outfit. LOVED it.

    • Teri


    • clintocki

      I agree. I was totally digging her outfit. :)

  • Nosferatu

    Good match and fun little backstage segment. I don’t know how much longer Winter can use the blood spray gimmick before Mickie starts ducking (she should). I also can’t see many of the other KO’s like being spat on either. Good job Winter and Mickie are friends really lol. Still, the gimmick is a bit different for women wrestling today.

    Finally, GO WINTER on Sunday.

  • dah-dah-dah-diva

    Angelina Love and Mickie James in the ring together = FLAWLESS.

    They are both so amazing, especially Angelina. She really did an amazing job putting her opponents over in this match and selling every move like no tomorrow. The WWE needs to pick her up and turn her into the top female heel!

    • EveLover

      You Know I always wondered why they never kept angelina .She was in wwe before lol

      • WWFoverWWE

        it was just budget cuts, they released a bunch of talent from development

        • dah-dah-dah-diva

          Biggest mistake when it comes to their women’s product. Angelina has got the look, the mic skills and the ring ability. She probably would have been the best female heel since Trish and definitely could have taught McCool a thing or two.

          I think Velvet would have been great for the WWE too but she’s a mess in the ring if not pinned against someone who can carry her well.

        • Teri

          @ DAH-DAH-DAH-DIVA


        • WWFoverWWE

          angelina doesn’t care about wwe anymore, she said herself that TNA gave the world to her, and she’ll forever stay a TNA girl

        • EveLover

          WOW What a mistake ! Horrible tbh .Imagine if she stayed ,all the history she wouldve made ,the feuds she wouldve had ,and the matches.. OMG but ohh well this is one of the ” wwe’s lost ,tna’s gain ” situations ,I mean I think angelina is TNA’s Baby LOL not mickie ,not velvet ,nobody else ,Angelina is like the Trish of TNA tbh .

        • WWFoverWWE

          well when it comes to homegrown talent, yes angelina is TNA’s biggest creation probably. And yeah she is TNA’s version of trish

        • EveLover

          ^Exactly what I meant :)

  • Michael

    Really good week for the KO’s this week, especially with the short amount of time compared to usual. The match as solid, all the women played their part well, with serious props to Velvet. I’m not a fan of hers but if she continues at this rate, I soon will be.

    Also, I miss Madison Rayne. Please get her back on TV.

  • _Bryan_

    karen jerrett is absolutely hilarious, regardless of whether she got VP because shes the ‘wrestlers’ wife. i think she is a great speaker, you could see velvet trying not to laugh there
    as for the match it was decent. i think angelina and mickie would be great, they have good chemistry in the ring

  • VelvetLoveFan

    The match was Great from all 4 KOs and Velvet has improved so damn much, it is awesome how improved she is now!! Mickie’s dog is cute, she made the dog his own twitter! LOL;)

  • VelvetLoveFan


  • Mystique(desi1999)

    The backstage segment was good but i couldn’t stop staring at that adorable puppy.It was soo cute :3 Anyway, the match was great and i think Velvet and Mickie should be a tag team.And when Winter spit blood in Mickie’s face,i was like “Omg!What happened?”I had to play that part over again.But overrall the knockouts had a great night and i can’t wait for the rematch.I’m hopeing Winter wins so she can get a good title reign.

  • jim462

    Winter is so AWESOME she is such an evil heel love the blood spitting I cant get enough of Winter

  • Team Laycoolness!!!

    And speaking of your ass, it wouldn’t hurt if you lose a few pounds… And that comes from management! LAY OFF THE CUPCAKES! Have a great day ladies!!! =D