Maryse Surgery Update: “Everything is Perfect”

Former Divas Champion Maryse recently received good news recently, as she has now recovered from her abdominal hernia surgery.

Maryse wrote on her official website:

I met with my surgeon today and she said everything is perfect. There’s a little bit of fluid inside by the incision and where the repairs were done, but its totally normal apparently. The scar healed really good and there is no infection. So the surgery was a total success. I’m sooooooo happy!!!

Good to hear. Hopefully Maryse will be back on TV soon.

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  • melon2617

    Yay! I’m glad to hear it went well! Maybe she’ll be back in the ring soon.

    On Twitter, she & Natalya & Beth have been Pretty friendly. Maybe they are going to let her showcase her martial arts background & join the DoD alliance? It would seem odd but stranger things have happened. Personally I’d prefer her feuding with Beth as a babyface.

    • FashionQueen86

      Yea, but it would also seem humorous if they suddenly turn on Maryse, becuase they’ve said they’re tired of eye candy and blond barbie dolls taking over. I really wonder how Maryse will fit in this, that’s if the DoDs even last that long by the time Maryse comes back.

    • Raekon

      She doesn’t match the DoD approach so it would look off if she joins DoD.

  • EveLover

    Glad to hear shes okay :) .I cant wait to see whats in stored for her ,when she comes back.

  • Kim099

    well thank god

  • Swaggy

    Excellent news.

  • Mystique(desi1999)

    That’s good to hear.I’m glad she’s doing fine and hopefully we’ll see her on t.v. soon =)

  • Megumi

    Yay. <3.

  • KK.

    great everything went right :)

  • gottalovedivas

    Glad the surgery went well for Maryse. I hope she returns to the WWE screen soon.
    Love Maryse – her confidence, charisma and character is fab. She plays it to perfection and with ease, however, I find her in ring work abysmal and mediocre at best. I know people will say Kelly and Eve are no better, but I can at least see small improvement in their presentation.
    Maryse is a fantastic onscreen personality – Over the top and thoroughly entertaining, like Vickie Guerrero.
    Similar to Rosa Mendes, Maryse should become a full time valet or show hostess. I feel her role would be better suited to a less physical type and more of a heel manager.
    I just wish WWE would stop insisting that every Diva now has to be in the ring and take a bump even if they look grin worthy bad and awkward. It weakens the divas brand and makes it seem even more amateur.
    I’m not hating or trolling I just think Maryse would excel as a heel manager for an upcoming Superstar or tag team (R truth and Miz maybe).
    Loved her work on NXT.

    • Hands.ofthe.Wicked

      what does trolling mean?

      • davepower


    • chrisP

      I really don’t understand why people think anybody and everybody can be be a valet/manager. Maryse was an awful, counterrproductive manager, and both Ted DiBiase and Lucky Cannon would have been better off if they had never been paired with her.

      • gottalovedivas

        I agree with the Ted pairing it was just awful. But I see potential. She has good mic skills and personality, she just need a bit of polishing up.

        I think maryse being a valet or as a raw hostess is a lot more plausible, as I can never take her seriously in the ring or a real compeititor or contender – although i know she is a former 2 times divas champ. But that should of never happened.

        Besides Aksana Kind of stole of gimmik of the sexy foreign seductress, plus she’s a much more solid wrestler than maryse, albeit not as clear on the mic but hilarious nonetheless.

        The in-ring training maryse need is beyond repair (same as Rosa). It would take less time for her train as a valet than it would as a wrestler.
        Not that you don’t need skill, but maryse has it in bucket loads. She’s very charismatic and carries herself very well.

        Not every WWE diva needs to take a bump and compete inside the ring. The roles for are much the same as they were in the mid nineties , you had one role and stuck to it. as girls back them only did managing or hosting, but now they only seem to have to wrestle. There needs to be abalance in the different roles for women in the WWE. Bring back Valets, Back stage interviewers, diva gm’s, assistants, managers, hostesses and of course wrestlers.

        • chrisP

          “Not that you don’t need skill, but maryse has it in bucket loads. She’s very charismatic and carries herself very well.”

          That was my point. You need talent to be a manager, talent that she proved she doesn’t have. Why not fire her instead?

        • gottalovedivas

          Well I don’t think she’s been gives the oppotunity to fully shine or develop as a valet or as a character.

          I mean her interaction has been limited, and she hasn’t showed loads of managerial skill, but considering as I think of a valet and a manager as different things i don’t think she’d have a problem fitting into that role.

          I see a manager as someone who can speak for the client/wrestler, cut promos, segments and speak fluently on commentary. They can sell the wrestler and get them over and gain a reaction from the crown. The manager can be either face or heel and can interchange between the two simeously.

          A valet, however is a female version of a manager, and has consideraly less skill. mainly valets are bitchy heels that are great eye candy, have a bit of ring prowess and usually interfere with the matches or the outcome. A valet will occasionally speak but its mainly a a garnish to the main meal if u will. Whereas a manager can be equally skilled and is sometimes more charismatic then their counter part.

          Obviously not all women fit the valet role, i.e. I count Vickie, Lita with the Hardy’s, Chyn, Sensational Sherri and Sunny as managers.

          I would count Stacey Keibler, Torrie Wilson, Lita (with edge), Terri Runnels and Sable as valets.

          Maryse therefore could easily fit into the mould of a valet.

      • melon2617

        No one could save Ted, not even Maryse. He just sucks.

        As for her In ring skills, she has been skittish since her knee surgery, but before that she was showing improvement. Not to mention she has a strong martial arts background & could continue to incorporate that into her moveset. Maryse was prally the last Divas champion (aside from the overpushed Laycool) that the fans actually gave a crap about. Perhaps a healthier, more confident Maryse could breathe some hilarious life into the division.

    • Raekon

      Even I agree in almost all points about Maryse with you @Gottalovedivas,
      it would had been better to save such a thread for a more appropriate topic.

      This one is about Maryses recovery as a real person and has nothing to do with her character or work no matter how good or bad it is.

  • chrisP

    “Well I don’t think she’s been gives the oppotunity to fully shine or develop as a valet or as a character.”

    She was on TV every week with DiBiase. She just did a shitty job, which I said would happen the night they were first paired together. I don’t want to someone stinking up the joint in a role they don’t have the talent to pull off just because the company doesn’t want to fire them.

    • chrisP

      *don’t want to see someone

  • Raekon

    Good Job girl! :)
    All the best for a full and fast recovery.