Beth Phoenix Speaks on Whether She Got Along with Melina, More on Wanting to Feud with Kharma

Another Beth Phoenix interview, this time with Brian Fritz at Between the Ropes.

In this interview, Beth discusses in more detail about wanting to work with Kharma before she left earlier this year due to her pregnancy.

Beth says:

I was really disappointed that things turned out that way because I was probably the most excited out of everybody (of Kong joining the company) because not only does she have this mystique about her but I can remember for years when she was doing things elsewhere that was always the comparison. That was my far off, distant dream opponent I supposed because I got asked more than anything else ‘what are you going to do when you meet Kharma’. At the time, it wasn’t a possibility but then when she came in, I was so excited because I was like wow, this could actually come true. This could actually happen and I think it would be something epic for the divas that we haven’t had in a long time. Nobody was more disappointed than me. (Source)

Beth was also asked about Melina and whether the former WWE Diva had any personality clashes with the others.

Beth says:

I never had anything but respect for Melina. I’m not a super social person. I have my best friend in Natalya. That’s who I stick to and I don’t go out and party or anything like that or socialize a lot with the other divas. You know, I didn’t really get to know her personality maybe but speaking from my own personal experience, I respect her very much and what she did and she has a great passion for this business. And I know whatever the future holds for her she’ll do a great job with it. (Source)

You can listen to the full interview at this link.

Beth Phoenix Talks About Her Bond with Natalya, Wanting to Wrestle Kharma, Goldust Working with the Divas

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  • samtherofl

    Beth seems really respectful.. It’s a little confusing that she worked with Melina for so long and worked matches/feuds/bestfriend angles with her yet she didn’t socialize with her outside the ring… I personally think Beth’s probably hiding something.

    • Roman

      I get the same feeling that Beth is hiding something about Melina also because if you read between the lines she says “I never had anything but respect for Melina. I’m not a super social person. I have my best friend in Natalya. That’s who I stick to and I don’t go out and party or anything like that or socialize a lot with the other divas” Which probably means she(melina) probably felt some type of way about how Beth was in the business and for that reason they didn’t get along that well lol.

      • seasons-of-love

        …What? Where the hell did you get that from? There’s a difference between reading between the lines and just making crap up.

        You don’t have to be best friends with everyone you work with. By the sounds of it Melina and Beth were work colleagues, and got along well in that environment. So what if they didn’t hang out together much? Beth clearly says that she doesn’t hang out with any of them much, bar Nattie. Is she hiding stuff about all of them as well?

        Gotta roll your eyes at shit stirrers.

        • samtherofl

          Your obviously a Melina mark so it doesn’t matter what you say to me. Someone else agree with me, deal with it.
          Everyone has an opinion.

          Gotta roll your eyes at assholes.

      • FashionQueen86

        Even if Beth was hiding something, at least she was respectful about it instead of putting dirty laundry out there for people to crap about. People don’t get along…’s LIFE! It happens everywhere. So if this was the case between Beth and Melina, who really cares. It’s not a big deal. at least Beth was considerate to keep things hushed or on a professional level.

  • art

    it seems like beth just sticks basically to herself & few friends she has in wwe..i thought alot of divas hang out & get to know each other…

  • stephenpwwe

    Am I the only one who gets the feeling Beth is hiding something ?…

    • Krazyvickay

      Yeah I know. They probably didn’t get along at all but doesn’t want to say anything.

  • Taylor

    If Beth is indeed unrevealing about Melina, I say good riddance. There has been enough drama over the course of two weeks; I don’t want to read any more.

  • Melina&Mickie4ever!

    Beth Phoenix vs Awesome Kong Womens ChampionShip HardCore Rules ! Yes there are dreams … It waz unforunate what happened to Kharma but once she returns there is still hope…

    And I dnt think Beth is hiding anything just because you work with someone dosent mean you have to be best of friends…

    • Roman

      How was that unfortunate she’s having a baby lol

    • WWFoverWWE

      yeah how is having a baby unfortunate?? that’s a selfish comment

      • seasons-of-love

        You know what he meant…

  • Jhonmarco

    There’s still hope for next year to get Kharma/Beth. I didn’t get that feeling that Beth was hiding something and if she was I say good for her, not bad mouthing anyone :)

  • javiousmckenzie

    Am i the only one who really isnt interested in Beth Vs Kharma? I mean i would rather Melina or Natalya vs Kharma. I just feel Beth vs Kharma will be nothing but another ODB or Tara King match. Kong throwing her around the announcers make a big deal how Beth has never been dominated Beth brawls the entire match til she body slams her JR goes ballistic Beth wins with a roll up or Suplex off top rope or Kharma wins with her finisher. I mean i doubt WWE allow Beth to Glam SLam Kong, if she can.

  • melon2617

    I don’t think Beth is hiding something. If you follow her on Twitter you only see/hear about her hanging w/ Punk, Natalya, & Maryse. Once or twice you hear about her having wine with the Bellas but that’s it. Maybe she & Melina didn’t hang out with the same group.

    It seems like Maryse & The Bellas get along with everyone, like Jericho, then the other Divas just kind of hang out in their little cliques like normal co workers.

    • samtherofl

      I wouldn’t say that.. The Bella Twins have had loads of backstage heat. Maryse too…. I’ve never read any tweets from Beth hangin’ with either of them.

      • melon2617

        I’ve seen a couple. VERY rarely though.

        The only negative thing I’ve ever heard anyone say about the Bellas was Colt Cabana. I’ve never read anyone else say anything negative about them. Nor have I ever read anyone say anything negative about Maryse. I’m just assuming since they all seem to good naturedly tweet the other wrestlers, that they might be friends.

        Really, we can all speculate but based on who they interact with online, one can assume Beth & Melina didn’t roll with the same crowd. It kind of seems like it breaks down like this:

        Clique 1: Kelly, Eve, the Bellas (who intermingle)
        Clique 2: Nattie, Beth, Maryse (who intermingles)
        Clique 3: AJ & Kaitlyn

  • MrMantastic

    In 2007 I often compared Kong to Phoenix due to power and size
    Kong was fueding with Gail Kim on TNA in an epic physical series of amazing courage felt matches that made me mark out!!!
    On WWE things got intense from Diva lingerie crap to Beth Phoenix vs Candice Michelle…Candice much like Gail Kim showcased that passion and courage while Beth n Kong dished the unwatered down punishment!!!

    As far as Melina goes…I understand Beth…she’s BS Free and that’s the way to be!!
    She isn’t a party girl like Kelly or Melina or most of the divas who go out. Good for Beth. And all that Diva BS on side, I’m sure no girl wants to start ish with Beth…she can kick their ass backstage. I think most girls respect Beth like a construction worker would respect Metal Beams…if they don’t respect and aren’t careful, they can get seriously hurt!
    Your welcome for the analogy. ;)
    I’ve worked ironwork construction when I was 18 with my dad =D

    Also its best that Beth didn’t dish shit out on Melina…nothing we don’t already know anyways. Plus you could tell Melina respected Beth a lot. Melina respected Michelle as a wrestler I suppose just didn’t respect her as a person. Which sucks :(

    And glad she’s bffs with Natalya! She’s a sweet chick! :)
    And good Beth doesn’t socialize in a way.

  • Raekon

    From the pictures I saw around and the tweets I had read Melina was mostly hanging out with Maryse, Gail, Rosa and the Bellas. Beth seems indeed not to be too social and keeping only 1-2 close friends instead which isn’t a bad thing either.

    As long as they respect each other and can work well together as collegues, there is nothing wrong about it. :)

    As about Kharma, I really hope she will be back next year so we can finally get to see them together in the ring. :)

    • seasons-of-love

      They seem pretty similar to me in the sense that they both have their really close friends and don’t seem to be the most extroverted people on the planet. Beth singles out Nattie, whereas Melina always seems to pinpoint Morrison and Jillian. Didn’t she get into shit in her debut year for not socializing much?

      People need to understand that it’s rare for someone to be super-close with everyone in their workplace. Like you said, it’s great that they just respect each other as colleagues, because that’s what will have a bearing on their efforts professionally.

  • Teri

    6 years on the road and yet this is what Beth has to say about Melina? I’m sorry, but this is incredibly transparent. There is clearly more to this.

  • Lily

    Ugh, isn’t anyone else annoyed by the defensive Melina comments? That person is always trying to defend her like she’s the goddess of kindness or something, like bitch sit down and take a seat because the truth has already worked its way up. They overrate Melina so much as well, i probably love McCool just as much as they love her but i don’t overrate her with my mark like comments.

    Anyway, Beth vs. Kharma or Beth vs. Natalya or Natalya vs. Kharma would do any wrestling fan well even the Anti-Diva ones.

    • Teri

      You’re definitely not the only one.

    • Jhonmarco

      I’m annoyed as well.


      If you’re gonna call someone a “bitch”, might as well call them out directly since it’s pretty obvious to whom you’re referring. You might be annoyed, but defending one’s favourite diva isn’t new on this site lol. You have your views/they have theirs…No need to be vicious, especially when you’d be the first to contend with someone for their opposing views on your favourites;)

      • seasons-of-love

        I don’t mind. It’s usually the worst posters who seem to have a problem with it anyway. If someone who tended to make genuinely good points said something then I might consider holding back.

        Anyway, the post was stupid. I replied. Big deal. Don’t read if it bothers you.

  • bortman

    gotta love the shit stirrer. but when their favorite diva on the spot they defend them like there’s no tomorrow.

  • Flybytre

    how is she hiding something cause she said she never got to know her personally i swear people always trying to stir up trouble