SmackDown Redux (September 16th, 2011): AJ Meets Her Doom & Stratusfaction Returns to SmackDown

Let’s be honest, shall we? The minute spoilers came out on Tuesday all of you knew that a SmackDown this epic could only have the most epic Redux writer of all covering it. And yes, that’s me, Cryssi. So here I am, taking over Steven’s SmackDown Redux and bringing it back to the greatness that I built it up to be. With Night of Champions only a few days away, it seems like the blue brand decided to pull out all stops to try and get some momentum going. Beth Phoenix, our gorgeous number one contender to the Divas Championship, took on AJ, our resident adorable Diva. And yes people, Beth and AJ’s respective BFFs were at ringside; Natalya and Kaitlyn.

Also, with SmackDown hailing from Toronto, former seven-time Women’s Champion and Diva of the Decade, Trish Stratus, made not one but two appearances, and she joined seductress Aksana in one of those! Why waste any more time? Lets take a look at how all the SmackDown drama unfolded this week.

Our first taste of Trish this week comes in the form of a backstage segment. Teddy Long and Zack Ryder are chatting, when Aksana comes into the picture. She looks smoking hot this week (the black hair is totally growing on me) and she asks Teddy what’s going on. Teddy says that he was talking to Zack about Zack taking responsibility for his actions. Aksana askes Teddy if he wants a massage and says that in her country, it was basically her job to give men massages after a long work day. She begins working over Teddy’s shoulders and when she starts to go lower, he bends over, so of course it turns into something slightly perverted! Teddy is making these noises of um… pleasure when someone else walks into the scene.


Aksana and Teddy jump apart and Teddy claims that it isn’t what it looks like. Trish agrees that it never is. Hilarious! Poor Teddy, he sticks his foot in his mouth and feeling like he’s suffered enough mortification, Trish just leaves. LOVE it!

Wonder if Trish had flashbacks of when Triple H had her bent over, showing her some wrestling holds, and Queen Stephanie walked in and had a mental breakdown?? Pretty sure the segment with Aksana/Teddy was meant to sorta spoof that in a weird 2011 way and it absolutely worked. Again, Aksana and her black hair are growing on me, and Trish, like always, looks fab. Wonder who else Trish might run into backstage this week? Hmmm….

After a well done video package featuring Sheamus, we’re taken to the backstage area once where Trish is standing with her fellow Canadian, Edge. She’s fitting a pair of gloves on his hand, no doubt part of her new yoga fitness line, and Edge admits to her that he hasn’t done much yoga in his day. He strikes a pose, and the old friends share a laugh, but that’s quickly broken up by the appearance of Edge’s former best friend and the greatest World Heavyweight Champion to ever grace the squared circle, Christian!

For some ungodly reason unbeknownst to me, Christian presence is greeted in the arena by a chorus of ungrateful boos from the Canadians who do not respect their hometown hero. The delicious yet arrogant Christian smirks at the two people he knows very well. He asks them what’s going on before turning to Trish and looking her up and down. Christian tells her it’s nice of her to show up when she has something to sell, and calls her selfish. Then he turns his attention to Edge. Christian is extremely peppy given the circumstances and tells Edge that it’s good to see him again, and that’s so great to be reunited. Edge seems confused, and says that they apparently missed phone calls to one another after SummerSlam, given what happened between the two of them.

You know, when Edge cost Christian the World Heavyweight Championship.

Christian brings that up, but not in blunt terms. He says that perhaps Edge did cost him the title, because he maybe blew Christian’s concentration, but he actually says he can’t really fault his bestie for that. All he was doing was speaking his mind, and that’s what friends are supposed to do, right? Be honest with one another? They hug it out, and Christian gushes about how good it is to see Edge again. They break apart, and yes Trish is still standing around what this moment unfold. Christian eludes to the fact that it’s a big night for Edge, and that since this is basically Edge Appreciation Night, Edge should go see Teddy Long and do Christian a favor. He owes him after all. He wants Edge to go tell Teddy that he (Christian) deserves ONE MORE shot at the World Heavyweight Championship.

He totally deserves it, by the way.

An awkward silence falls over the group and Edge doesn’t really have anything to say. He just sorta makes these weird, painful facial expressions. It doesn’t really settle well with my boo, and he starts flipping out. Christian not so politely reminds Edge that back at WrestleMania he was in Edge’s corner did everything he could (i.e. look smoking hot while he was just a few feet away from me) to make sure Edge retained the title. And basically, you know, it really is all Christian’s doing that Edge retired as champion. Edge can’t take it anymore and he tells Christian that thanks to him he now has a headache and there’s something he’s been wanting to NOT tell Christian. He basically calls him a little bitch.

Wow… rude.

Christian of course gets upset and storms off, and when Edge turns back to Trish, she’s speechless. She’s not really sure what to say and before they can resume their yoga talk, Zack Ryder rushes up. He forgets to breathe and tells Edge to please tell Randy Orton and Mark Henry that there is a no contact policy for the Cutting Edge segment later on tonight. He runs off before Edge can protest and Trish just blinks. She asks Edge if that was the Internet Champion and neither one of them really knows what just happened. They shake it off, Trish goes back into yoga mode, and Edge suddenly finds himself learning the proper way to breathe.

Greatest. Segment. Ever.

If there’s anything better than Trish, Christian, Edge, and Zack Ryder in one segment, then let me know, because honestly there isn’t. So much history between the three, and throw in Ryder whom everyone loves… it’s perfect. Dolph Ziggler perfect.


And you know, SmackDown still has a match. As promised, Beth takes on….

What in the world?! Steven, what are you doing?! THIS IS MY SMACKDOWN REDUX! GO AWAY! NOOOOOOOOOOOOO! EXCUSE ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Do you know how long it took me to get out of the trunk of that car, Cryssi?! And how did you get chloroform anyway?! Anyway, while Diva Dirt security takes care of Cryssi, let’s move onto our match between AJ and Beth Phoenix, shall we?

We come back from commercial to find AJ in the ring along with her BFF, Kaitlyn. AJ is sporting a new version of her signature gear, this week in green. I approve. Not to be outdone, Beth makes her way to the ring next, accompanied by her BFF, Natalya and is also rocking new gear. Beth makes her way to her ring and poor AJ looks absolutely terrified, but the Geek Goddess isn’t about back down from the Glamazon. The official signals for the bell and our squash… um… I mean our highly competitive, evenly matched contest is underway… Yeah… That’s what I meant…

The ladies start off with a basic lockup, but Beth immediately gets the upper-hand, muscling AJ into the corner. AJ cowers for a moment, but snaps right into action when Beth comes charging at her. AJ slides between Beth’s legs and lands a kick, which slows Phoenix down a bit. AJ tries to capitalize on the moment and goes for a wheelbarrow bulldog, but Beth reverses it into back suplex, laying AJ out.

As AJ writhes in agony on the canvas, the #1 contender lifts AJ and gorilla presses her a few times, before dropping her right into a kick to the gut. AJ attempts to make a comeback with a flurry of strikes, but she’s floored once again by a big boot to the chest by the Glamazon. Done playing games with AJ, Beth picks AJ and plants her with a BRUTAL looking Glam Slam to pick up the win.

Post-match, Beth gets on the mic and says the Kelly Kelly and all the other ‘Cinderellas’ in the WWE are going to have their fairy tales ended on Sunday when she wins the Divas Championship. So… does that make her and Nattie and ugly stepsisters? Analogy fail, much?

As for the match, I liked it. It was fairly short, but it did exactly what it was meant to do: make Beth look strong going into Night of Champions. Gotta give credit to AJ, as well. She knows how to take a hell of a beating. I thought she sold everything Beth threw at her very well. Hopefully, one day she’ll be in the title picture, as opposed to being fodder for the #1 contender…

All in all, it was a good night for the Divas. A solid match going into the next PPV, legendary Diva appearances, green plaid… what more could you ask for? Hopefully, the Divas can keep this momentum through Night of Champions.

And that’s it for this week’s SmackDown Redux! See you all next week! If I don’t get kidnapped by a crazed Christian fan again, that is…

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  • melon2617

    Liked this match.

    LOVE Edge. I kind of want to marry him. He looked so hot too. What? We are supposed to be talking about Divas? Ooops.

  • EveLover

    The match was good ,considering it was 1:25 -.- smh .The Mic Time beth got served as build-up I guess. Im really hoping Night Of Champions doesnt disappoint .

    The segment was funny LOL Trish was hooot . What happened ? I ..I dont know ,you need some yoga just breathe LOL . :D
    Christians comment towards trish was pretty funny .

    • gottalovedivas

      Christian was hilarious when he said she only shows up when she has something to sell. Who knew he had a diva dirt account lmfao

      • EveLover

        LMFAOOO ! Omg I thought the same exact Thing !! LOL


        LMFAO, you are awesome! It definitely turned Trish haters ON! haha

  • Teri

    God I miss Trish & Christian together <3

  • Trashley

    LOL AWKWARDDDDDDDDD when i see christian and trish together all i see in my head is them making out lol!!!! am i the only one??? :PPP

  • RR45

    Both segments and the match were great. That match wasn’t half bad and it was like a minute long lol. Hope AJ and Beth feud someday. Or even DoD vs Chickbusters but not just one match…an actual feud. Love seeing Trish in funny segments.

    Is everybody gonna complain about how sick they are of Trish now? Or Edge? lmao.

    • EveLover

      “Is everybody gonna complain about how sick they are of Trish now? Or Edge?”.. Most Likely :) lmfao.

  • RR45

    Oh and it was so awesome to see Trish and Christian in the same segment. Definitely one of my favorite WWE couples lmao.

  • gottalovedivas

    The Trish segments were great and a bit funny by WWE standards. I think they booked Trish right here. Time was minimal and I actually wanted to see more from her.

    In regards to the match – best 1 – 2 minute match from divas ever. I think this silenced a lot of critics. And for those that complain that divas can’t have a compelling match in 3 minutes or less are in denial. Of course the bout was short but it was fluid, interesting and made Beth look really strong going into NOC.

    But my main question is although Kelly has had a lot of wins they haven’t been that impressive or showed her dominance. I mean why did WWE book their champion so weakly by having a match with Vickie Guerrero and always running from Beth.

    It seems like the WWE have given Kelly no credibility as Divas Champion, and that her reign is inevitably over. I know she has always been booked as the baby face underdog, but at this right she might as well just lie down and take the 3 cover. None of the announcers have faith in her (Well only King – but we know why) and it just seems so obvious that Beth is going to win.

    I hope Beth and Kelly have a fab match at NOC. I would hope they do show Kelly as resilient because although she is probably going to hand over the title, this could work well for Kelly. I wish we have an unexpected ending – like Kelly turning heel or Eve costing Kelly the match.

  • Melina&Mickie4ever!

    The match was great for a short one , i think beth and aj mesh well together hopefully one day we get to see them face off longer.

    Trish look’d as stunning as ever , I love that women. What’s more is there to say…well I will say I think they is the 1st time someone has shut Trish up and she hasnt said anything Sarcastic back lol

  • WWFoverWWE

    “Was that the internet champion?” lol my love for Trish will never die. I wish she would stay =(

  • dah-dah-dah-diva

    The match was short and great. I would have loved a double beat down by Beth and Natalya on Kaitlyn after the match but oh well.

    I love Trish! I don’t care if her little cameo’s are pointless sometimes, she can do no wrong for me. Haha,wish she’d dye her hair blonde back though! I really think the brunette hair ages her inless she’s wearing like three pounds of make up.

  • seasons-of-love

    I haven’t seen the Trish stuff yet, but I’ll watch it eventually.

    Beth’s new attire is great. And AJ is really great, isn’t she? Kind of like Mickie, Melina and Gail blended together, with just the right amount of originally. I hope they use her well.

    • EveLover

      I always saw AJ as mickie and melina in one ,but now that I do think about it she kinda is like gail also .

      • BillyGP

        I see AJ more as Mickie to bad she lost in short time :( I know it to show Beth’s to be dominate but should of had more time.

  • Krazyvickay

    Good match but wish they didn’t have Beth squash AJ isn’t that what Rosa’s there for. Usually the person with the upperhand loses but since they both got upperhands Idk who’s gonna win.

    Love the segment Ryder,Edge,Trish, and Christian are some of my faves. Trish looked really good with her tan and brunette hair.

  • Mike in Like

    I loved when Natalya shouted “Finish Her!!!” I instantly thought Mortal Kombat. It was an okay match given the time. AJ pretty much got owned and there’s really nothing else to it. Not a bad promo afterwards, Beth usually has good flow in her promos. Trish was fun to see, she didn’t do to much so her appearance was okay.


      “I loved when Natalya shouted “Finish Her!!!” I instantly thought Mortal Kombat.”

      Yes, her comment reminded me of Mortal Kombat also! Definitely added some spice to the match lol

  • Mikas

    AJ’s selling is great, not many wrestlers can sell with facial expressions. She actually made the viewer believe she was afraid.

    Once thing i found odd was Beth’s gorilla press, that didnt really look as smooth as in the past. We’ve seen her press bigger women than AJ before. Maybe she lost some strength/muscle mass?

    • number1AngelinaLovefan

      Yeah i noticed that to she had so trouble doing that with AJ maybe she needs to bulk up again

      • melon2617

        Maybe she had trouble because AJ is so teeny? She’s quite petite while most of the other divas are very tall. Maybe she had trouble with weight distribution.

  • shaky209

    Yeh I loved Beth having another Squash match on SmackDown.Gave Beth some more power rating’s again this week.Moved her up.Match was good.Me I don’t complain about what didn’t go wrong.Maybe on that Gorilla press Beth made it look difficult cause every one knows AJ doesn’t really weight that much.So Beth sold it that it was difficult “don’t want to make it look to easy.YOu know Beth is the one that brought AJ up from Developmental.So Beth got to work with her.And after the match was over glad to see Beth with some mic time.Beth really looked like she’s so ready to get NOC going and work Kellly Kelly in the ring.Outside that I haven’t any complainst about the match.And mic time Beth is just so good on the mic.Lots better then Natalya.But Hooray for the DivasofDoom.!

  • The K@rmic HeeL

    It was great to see Trish again! Aksana is much like Stratus in her first year. I also remembered the Triple H/Trish/Stephanie segment and too thought it must’ve been them poking fun at it, in an homage sort of way. I enjoyed it.

    I’m not going to bytch about how many appearances Trish makes. If The Rock and all the other male legends can do it, why not Trish and the other Divas? Anytime Trish or any other Diva from the past makes an appearance, I’ll welcome them with open arms.I grew up watching them, they’ll always be a sight for sore eyes to me. =) Speaking of which, WHERE THE HELL IS LITA? Does she care about us anymore? =(

    Beth/AJ – Not much to say. Hopefully Beth wins at NOC. Hopefully somehow, they bring back the Women’s Championship for Nattie too.

    I miss Melina and Gail…and it was a great Smackdown!

  • TheFallenAngela


  •!/madslam200959 madslam2009

    AJ looks amazing in all her new plaid attire. I never see her repeat them after she debuts a new one however………..I wonder why.

    I loved the match for what it was. It was 1:25 but the message was given. Hopefully AJ gets off thie “rookie jobber” stage because soon she will begin to loose crediblity with all of her losses as of late. But for now, it worked. I did notice Beth struggle to lift up AJ though which was a suprise since she has pressed much stronger woman in the past. Buth she was good on the mic and it was a great night for SD.

    Trish rox

  • jim462

    I really liked the match felt like it made up for that awful divas match we got on RAW. I thought they made Beth & the DOD look strong going into the NOC ppv

  • melina prez

    I really like the match, and especially sice it was a minuet and a half long. And nice promo but Natalya and Bath have the worst name callings. Like thier the vegtables and ugly step sisters while Kelly and everone isle is candy and a princess….

    I luved Trishs segments though !

  • Mystique(desi1999)

    The match was great and i loved the segment.It had all my favorite people in it :) I cant wait for tonight.Beth better win.

  • BillyGP

    LOVE Trish she looked great im happy she was there for her good friend Edge