SmackDown Redux (September 23rd, 2011): Doom Trumps Chick Busting

After two straight losses at Night of Champions and Raw, the Divas of Doom aka Beth Phoenix and Natalya, are looking to pick up a win on Friday Night SmackDown over The Chickbusters, AJ and Kaitlyn. Will D.O.D steamroll over the rookie Divas yet again or will the NXT 3 alumni pull out the upset victory? Check out the match below:

Straight from commercial, we find the Chickbusters already in the ring, fist bumping it up, as they await their opponents. Although they may look excited, I’m sure AJ hasn’t forgotten that brutal Glam Slam from last week… D.O.D come out next, still seething from their recent and looking to take out their frustrations on AJ and Kaitlyn. Poor Chickbusters…

The referee signals for the bell and Kaitlyn and Natalya start the match off for their respective teams. The lovely Divas lock up in the middle of the ring, but Nattie quickly overpowers Kaitlyn and forces her into the corner. Nattie grabs her rookie opponent by the hair, prompting the official to intervene, giving Kaitlyn just enough time to avoid Natalya as she charged into the corner. Kaitlyn follows up with a dropkick, but her momentum is quickly broght to a screeching halt, when Natalya sends her flying into the second rope.

Natalya tries to choke Kaitlyn out using the ropes and is admonished by the referee. Taking advantage of the distraction, Beth nearly breaks Kaitlyn’s jaw with a cheap kick to the face. With Kaitlyn effective neutralized for the moment, Nattie tags Beth in and they lay Kaitlyn out with a double delayed vertical suplex. Adding insult to injury, Beth grounds Kaitlyn’s face into the mat, but Kaitlyn fights her off and tags in the fresh AJ.

AJ comes into the match fiery as ever, laying into Beth with a flurry of strikes, culminating with a impressive shining wizard kick. It looks like AJ has this one in the bag, but Natalya breaks up the pins, which leads to Kaitlyn making the save for her partner. With Kaitlyn and Nattie fighting on the outside, Beth whips AJ towards the corner, but AJ attempts to reverse into a headscissors. Unfortunately, Beth catches her and lands a stiff kick to the gut, before finishing AJ off with a Glam Slam.

All in all, a pretty good match. D.O.D was made to look super strong, much like last week and I thought theChickbusters looked pretty good as well. Kaitlyn seems to be progressing well as a wrestler and even has some “real” ring gear, which definitely earns her some points in my book.

My biggest gripe is the fact that D.O.D seem to be stuck in a loop. Beat up rookies, earn title shot, lose title shot, wash, rinse, repeat, etc. WWE either needs to pull the trigger when it comes to D.O.D, because slowly but surely fans are losing interest. Something exciting needs to be done and soon, if WWE expects fans to keep believing the Divas of Doom hype.

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  • ricky_says_hi

    Well Beth has beaten Eve twice in singles matches and Alicia Fox as well. i guess the main problem is they don’t have many other girls that they could use to put Beth and Nattie over. the Bellas, Tamina, Maryse and Rosa are heels and they don’t have any other faces other than AJ and Kaitlyn to feed to them. they could have used Gail if she was still around

    • gl83

      Good point. I mean the Divas of Doom have already beaten AJ, Alicia, Eve and Kaitlyn. That’s pretty much their entire Face roster with the exception of Kelly Kelly. So because of that we really are stuck with the same matches over and over again.

      • velvelove

        we need layla back lol

        • perceval

          You know when Layla comes back, she’ll just be fed to Kelly, and be beaten repeatedly by that devestating finisher, the Roll Up.

        • destinyac


  • iLUVwrestlingValets

    So they can beat Aj and Kaitlyn, but they cant beat Eve and Kelly, im sorry but im just not feeling this angle at all, they just need to hurry up and call some girls up *cough,* “Naomi”

    • Trashley

      yea this wud be a good time naomi comes in

    • WWFoverWWE

      Anyone can beat Kaitlyn because she’s not a threat to anyone but herself, and AJ is just too small

      With Kelly and Eve, they simply outsmart DOD because they’ve gotten into their heads

      • iLUVwrestlingValets

        Hmm never thought of that way, i was just assumin because Aj is reall fast and Kaitlyn has a lot of muscle, but i can see what your saying Since Kelly and Eve have a balance of both

        • gl83

          Actually the commentators touched upon it in this match. It’s not because Kaitlyn is not a threat or that AJ is too small, it’s because of experience. AJ and Kaitlyn are still rookies in the WWE, whereas Kelly and Eve are veterans. Hence that added experience gives them an edge that AJ and Kaitlyn don’t have just yet.

          Anyways. if you are following the story of each matches, AJ and Kaitlyn are slowly bridging the gap between themselves and the DOD. In their first match, AJ was only able to knock Beth back a few inches, in their second match, AJ was able to stun Beth for a bit, this match, AJ was able to not only knock Beth off her vertical base but knocked her loopy momentarily and looked poised to win had Nattie not broken up the pin attempt.

          So, while AJ & Kaitlyn still lost, they at least get somewhat of a moral victory as they were able to look competitive and hung in there with the alpha females of the Diva division.

        • WWFoverWWE

          experience or not, AJ’s height will always make her the weak one in a match.

        • gl83

          I don’t think size matters much when it comes to the Divas. Kelly doesn’t have much size, yet she still steamrolled through Alicia Fox and Tamina, who are mcuh stronger and larger than her. I don’t think size is as much of a factor with the females.

        • WWFoverWWE

          What I’m saying is that when people say “oh Beth can beat AJ but not kelly”. In reality, it makes sense because Aj is very small and no matter how good she is, her losing to someone bigger than her is believeable

          I wouldn’t say kelly kelly is small. She’s the underdog in terms of wrestling but her height is average. AJ’s height is very noticeable, something you can’t put off like it doesn’t exist

        • French.One

          In reality, I’m not sure Kelly would beat AJ, it’s not just about the weight.

        • gl83

          To be fair AJ is 5’2 which is the same height as Layla and she still comes across very believable during her series of matches against Natalya and Beth. But, with her size AJ is also much more faster than Kelly Kelly, and with her flexibility and size she can contort her body to counter and escape various holds as she did this past week against Maxine and in her match against Natalya a month or so ago. She’s also a pretty good striker.

          So while she does lack size, her speed, her aggressiveness and her striking ability make up for it and does provide problems for those much larger than her as evidenced in this match where she was giving Beth alot of problems off of the hot tag and was taking the fight to her. So, it’s not outside of the realm of believability for AJ to one day beat someone the size of a Beth Phoenix or Natalya.

        • perceval

          As far as AJ’s size making it not credible for her to win is concerned…

          AJ Lee: 107 lb (49 kg)
          Kelly Kelly: 108 lb (49 kg)

          Yeah, that one pound makes so much of a difference. But, she’s 3 inches taller, you say? Kelly’s also an inch taller than Trish. When she was competing, though, Trish was 135 lb (61 kg). Part of that 27 lb difference was Trish’s build (broad shoulders for a girl), and muscle.

          That makes a huge difference in the type of hits you can dish out and take. And, in a pro wrestling match, it does show, no matter how much Beth sells. Now, if Kelly had Molly Holly level mat skills, she could realisitcally look like she could pin Beth by just outwrestling her.

          But, we’re supposed to buy Beth, who always kicked out of Victoria’s roll ups, being unable to kick out of Kelly’s, because Kelly is so much physically stronger than Victoria was in her prime.

          Um… Yeah…

        • Raekon

          Excuse me guys but if AJ and Kaitlyn can roll up other rookies or even veterans like Alicia and Tamina(yes she is longer there than AJ and Kaitlyn), then I’m sure that AJ would had been able to roll up Beth out of the glam slam position like Kelly did too.

          Due to this I find it ridicoulos to say its a lack of experience.
          A roll up is a roll up and its a basic move that everyone of them can pull off.

  • MrMantastic

    DOD suck man…love Natalya and Beth LAST year but seems that After the Table Match and After Nattie lost to Eve, everything for the divas went downhill fast..

    Chickbusters over DOD anyday!! BTW Kate loves taking kicks to the face! From Michelle McCools patented SICK kick, to that brutal Kick from Beth to the nose haha!!! Kate rocks!! She’s touch as hell and takes hits like a pro!!…plus she looks hot as hell in those shorts!! Look at the muscle tone on her man! =D
    And AJ Lee my favorite of all…love how she fights big Beth, too bad she gets crushed in 2 mins…damn writters..

    Cool match still…but I bet, that this match could of been AWESOME if WWE would of let it happen for at least 6 or 7 minutes!!!

    I’m not a Beth fan as much as I’d like to be, because Beth is more like a walking statue…unlike her, Natalya shows how crazy and vicious and aggressive she is in the ring, meanwhile Beth just walks and crushes..seems boring to me…Eve Torres walks, she had a great match fighting off Beth, but again, the WWE doesn’t capitalize on that…making DOD boring, and Beth n Nattie…show more emotion Dammit!! I mean ODB n Jackie on TNA kind of the same storyline, yet those two REALLY show emotion!

    • iLUVwrestlingValets

      I agree with everything you just said, Preach!!!!

    • perceval

      Look up Beth’s matches with Mickie James, or her 2008 tag match with Santino against Trish Stratus & Cena. In that one, Beth and Trish brought the house down, leaving the crowd just wanting more (and booing the hell out of the guys when THEY were in the ring, interrupting what Beth and Trish were doing). Look up her 2006 matches with Victoria (the second of which she had a broken jaw through most of it), where she’s the perky, fiesty, underdog (Victoria still being VICTORIA at that point).

      Beth naturally puts on the best matches with people of her caliber, and, well, people who can take a hit that she isn’t having to treat like easily broken china (To anyone who catches the classic era matches fairly regularly, it’s VERY obvious how carefully she & Nattie are handling Kelly & Eve). She can go full speed when the models can do it as well, when they’re her size (Victoria) or close to it (Trish), with the muscle that it didn’t look silly for Beth to sell a shot from them.

      And let’s be honest… Beth carried Kelly. Period. Pur Kelly in with Brie again, and you can expect another Capital Punishment. Back in the Golden Era, a lot of fans thought Stacy Keibler was Championship material because Trish and Molly made her LOOK like she was worthy of holding the belt (Note that Stacy’s and Torrie’s combined Championship runs equaled zero, and they were both WAY more popular than Kelly has ever been).

      Stacy & Torrie didn’t need the belt to be over, and the belt didn’t need THEM to be over. The Championship was at it’s most popular when Trish, Lita, Molly, Victoria, Jazz, Gail, & Mickie were trading it back and forth for five years. Of course, it was a much nicer looking belt then, too.

      Just trying to picture Jazz with that butterfly belt around her waist…

      Of course, Stacy’s and Torrie’s size helped them in the credibility department when they were in matches, Stacy weighing 136 lb (62 kg) and Torrie 133 lb (60 kg). Even the pure eye candy was big sized, then. Oh, and they could do that difficult technical move that Kelly, after five years, hasn’t managed to master: Running the ropes.

      As I’ve said before, when we’re declaring that a Champion doesn’t need to be able to run the ropes to be credible, we’ve lowered our standards a little TOO much.

      • MrMantastic

        Yeah I remember those matches. I’m not saying Beth isn’t BRUTAL, because she is. I think I may be wrong here. I always talk how I love diversity in the women, yet I’m kind of comparing Beth to Victoria. If you remember how vicious big powerful muscle freak victoria was when she first started. Like I said Beth to me is like a walking Statue, nothing phases her, she hardly shows expression, but maybe that’s her THING. Victoria as huge as she was, she wanted to destroy the little guy whether it was Trish, Jackie, Molly, Terri or Stacey. She looked like a nutcase digging a fight and that’s what I loved about her back then lol but Beth comes to the ring takes her time, and that’s why she gets no reaction as a heel…the Tara/Beth match was great! Yet Crowd was dead if I remember lol…don’t forget. Candice Michelle was the first one to face a Phoenix without WWE watering her down. Candice took amazing punishment, Beth did NOT take it easy with her. But those were some of the best matches of their generation, and to me brought back that standard the preveous divas had set. Mickie and Melina faced a cruel Beth too…and it wasn’t until Beth turned face that she finally showed fire against Vickie Guerrero and LayCool, that’s when I became a fan of hers, yet for some reason Michelle and Beth’s style seemed to clash and not work. I think it sucks beth just comming from Fire Phoenix as a face to boring heel Beth isn’t cool. Do u remember that Kelly Natalya match from 2008 smackdown? Nattie was unwatered down by wwe still, and made Kelly work her ass off! In fact I respected Kelly just in that match. And I never have nor will I in the future respect kelly agaion, just in that match. Nattie brand new, set it straight how aggressive and ass kicking she was. Too bad wwe completely flattened her until she turned face last year and she rocked!!!
        If Kelly worked THAT hard years ago when she was still less experienced, fuck! She can do it again and better!! Yet they get put in 2 min matches, and downgrading wins over DOD, that’s why pple don’t care about Beth n Nattie
        Wwe has NO standards, they will let the girls work as hard as they can doesn’t matter because models are a piece, dime a dozen, and they will keep comming, its the women wrestlers and the ones who go from model to wrestler that matter, yet are stuck in that situation. Its not Kellys fault, but at some point Kelly rolling up Nattie and Beth just don’t make sense u feel me?..pple complain about Knockouts and how they dress, and nitpick stupid little things like title wins but take a good look, they WRESTLE! Their creative works great and works for THEM. It used to be Smackdown where divas could wrestle but ever since Michelle left, it turn into a Blue Raw..2 minute matches..Superstars is gone, only place left is NXT with AJ and Maxine whom I love!! Let them girls rock!!

        • Raekon

          I fully agree with you guys.
          SD however had turned to my favorite brand after we got to have the chickbusters vs the it girls. The 3vs3 matches they delivered were good and refreshing and thats something you couldn’t tell about Raw which had turned to the boring brand.

          I also see what you saying about the agressivenes.
          When Beth and Nattie classes with Kaitlyn and AJ you see more aggressive matches then between them and Kelly/Eve which is a bit surprising given that AJ and Kaitlyn are newer to the roster than the other two.

          Anyone else also noticed how aggresive the match in SD and NXT were this week?

          Same thing with the NXT guys and partially the midcarders matches in SD.

          They gave a real wrestling feeling unlike some “top dogs” that are doing the same stuff over and over without looking as aggresive as them.

    • Edazon

      I have to disagree with you on Beth. Where Nattie is verbal, aggressive, and crazy but I’ve always seen this as her trying to be old school, and I think she also seems really goofy and like she is having a good time; and that’s what I love about her. Beth, on the other hand, is stoic and to me she comes off as such a badass because of it.

      When I got back into wrestling it was because I saw a commercial that featured Beth and was capitalizing on, “The perfect combination of beauty and strength: The Glamazon” type stuff. When I tuned in there was Beth coming out to the ring, confident, and poised, and unmovable. I think she’s back to that, and again I think she comes off as a bad ass.

      • perceval

        “The perfect combination of beauty and strength: The Glamazon”

        And right there is where Uncreative missed the boat in the current storyline, in spite of Trish’s efforts to point them in that direction: “Pin-Up Strong”.

        That’s not about starting off in modeling. After all, Trish & Lita are who Beth & Nattie call “the original Pin-Up Strong”, and Trish was a fitness model. It’s about what Trish & Lita represented, how they inspired girls as the combination of strength and beauty. There are so many things that this touches on, such as body image, self esteem for girls who genetics haven’t made the Kelly Kelly type, health, fitness, self confidence.

        It’s about what the media constantly pushes as the entirety of beauty, which the interchangable, bland, “Barbies” in WWE embody, thanks to Johnny Ace. Ace ONLY wants swimsuit/lingerie models there, what he describes as girls who would fit Playboy.

        The thing is, the last Diva that PLAYBOY got that was their first choice was Chyna. All the subsequent ones that posed were because Playboy’s first choices turned them down, including Trish (repeatedly), Lita, Melina… and Beth Phoenix.

        Playboy wanted the muscle girls because they were different. And this is what Johnny Ace doesn’t get. The 2000-06 group was so popular because it was an ALTERNATIVE to what was presented as the ideal everywhere else. It didn’t prevent them from being marketable, but made them especially so.

        By changing the Divas into just like every other girl you see on magazine covers, Ace made them LESS marketable.

  • WWFoverWWE

    Even if Beth Phoenix wins the title, Kelly Kelly will most likely stay in the title picture. They’ve invested in her for months as champion, it’s hard to believe that will stop after she loses the belt

    • beliEVEr

      Like they did with Maryse? Melina? Or Alicia Fox? IMO, it wouldn’t be too hard to believe/see WWE drop the ball with her after she looses the title. Of course, she’ll be granted her title rematch clause and chasee the title a bit, but no one really has a promised spot to stay in the title picture long, these days. I feel like they invested a lot in Maryse, who once was in Kelly’s shoes, not the best wrestler, but the crowd and creative cared for her and she was given a long title reign like Kelly is being given, and now look where Maryse is at. Vince changes his mind about who his favorites are all the time and that’s why we’re always given random title switches and see people just completely disappear out of the title spotlight and into being “just another diva” or Jobber. It’s sad, but so true.

      • Melina&Mickie4ever!

        Considering Mickie , Melina , Michelle are gone. There is no one to stand in Kelly Kelly’s way of getting pushedas the top babyface. Besides Eve but I dont think we are gonna see Eve champ again anytime soon.

        • beliEVEr

          Yeah, there is. Pretty much any other face Diva that creative randomly decides, ‘Hey, let’s throw them in the title hunt.’ Kelly will remain top babyface, when it comes to crowd reactions out of the face divas (unless someone comes along and dethrone her of that) but creative is so undecisive with all their decisions, changing their mind from one second to the next – it wouldn’t surprise me if next week Kelly faced off against the Bellas, they won the title from her and after Kelly lost her title rematch, they started a Bella/Eve feud. It’s WWE, not TNA.

        • gl83

          The closest Face Diva in terms of crowd reaction seems to be AJ. But you’re right, the past few years we’ve seen Divas go from jobbers and backstage arm candy to being Top divas in the blink of an eye. Case in point, the Bellas, Alicia Fox, Eve, Layla, even Natalya herself came out of nowhere

        • Melina&Mickie4ever!

          @believer Yes your right they could use another babyface to use in the title hunt , but Kelly Kelly will still win matches like there is no tommorw. Then when one divas push is over or title regin ends there will always be Kelly Kelly to stick back into in the title picture. Just like what they did with Mickie and Michelle. No matter how u look at it when they were too heels and faces they still got the regins.

        • beliEVEr

          I don’t know. Michelle and Mickie, IMO, were way more reliable than Kelly. Mickie was their go-to-girl, this is because not only did Mickie was Mickie one of their best workers in the ring, but she also was a huge crowd favorite. Michelle was able to make practically any girl she stepped in the ring with look good, not to mention she was a favorite by management. Both these girls have more things going for them, than Kelly does. I mean, Kelly has been on a streak but again, Maryse has been there, Eve has been there, Alicia, so many girls go in the spotlight and then fade out. I guess I’m jut saying, I understand what they did with Michelle and Mickie. It’s way too early to compare Kelly to them because Kelly is still developing in their ring and still her first title reign.

      • perceval

        One of the regulars here suggested the lack of distinctive characters and random booking was deliberate to PREVENT another Trish & Lita from rising. I don’t know why they’d shoot themselves in the foot like that, but it’s increasingly looking like the only logical explanation.

        The only way that could make sense is if they just want to market the Diva brand as a unit, where all the parts are interchangable and easily replaced.

        • Raekon

          It’s not surprising to be the top babyface in the company when you get thrown in EVERY promotion the WWE does for years is it?

          People know kelly kelly the most through this advertisements and promotions and her looks add to it too.

          Due to this its rather “normal” that she would get the most pop when she enters.

          However, that doesnt mean that she gets the same reaction in a match.

        • beliEVEr

          @Perceval. It’s true though. For another Trish & Lita to happen, the WWE would have to care enough to invest in making such a powerful feud in between, not necessarily though, a wrestler and a model transformed into a wrestler. They’d have to get promo time, possibly have guys interact with in their feud and just care. I don’t see it happening though, I think they;re pretty close with Maxine & AJ though. Maxine is great on the mic. AJ is great in the ring and they both are young to where their feud can grow out for the next seven or so years. I do think by the end of this “generation” we will have another Trish or Michelle McCool. The one Diva who will be the most successful out of the bunch and has the respect of being a model transformed into a wrestler. But I won’t hold my breathe for a Trish/Lita duplicate feud, even though I do think it’d be awesome to see another one.

        • perceval

          @believer. There are so many missed opportunities, lately. Why not tie the DoD with Punk’s call for change? Could you picture the crowd reaction to a mixed tag match of Cena/Kelly vs Punk/Beth? Punk’s cause would be a full scale movement covering other parts of the show, not just a single wrestler’s storyline.

          Remember that interaction between Del Rio and the Bellas? Suppose that had been followed up, with the Bellas as Del Rio’s valet/managers? At NoC, instead of Cena Wins Again, picture this… Cena’s about to win. Nikki jumps on the ring apron, which, of course, has the ref occupied. Brie slips in the ring and whacks Cena with a chair, giving Del Rio the win.

          Not only would this have put the Bellas in the high profile Main Event, but picture the heel heat. It would have done for them what they were trying to do in the Spring: Make them THE heels of the Divas Division. So, in the Divas Division, we’d have a three way feud with a Cena aligned Kelly & Eve, a Punk aligned DoD, and a Del Rio aligned Bella Twins.

          Throw a Triple H backed team in the mix (Say, the Chickbusters) and we have a large scale Diva storyline that the fans would HAVE to pay attention to.

  • iLUVwrestlingValets

    And also this is of topic, but why hasn’t Rosa been released yet, i love the girl but right now she is just taking up a spot, either they do something with her or get rid of her

    • art

      ROFL..because she has nothing to do because thats not what wwe hired her for i guess..if they need a girl to job they go to her..

      i would like her used thou shes improved & can take/sell a bump..

      • Jhonmarco

        So can Kelly, but you don’t seem to be pro Kelly Kelly though?

        • perceval

          He said they should use her, not give her the Championship.

          Stacy was the most popular jobber, ever. She almost NEVER won, but was huge, anyway. :)

        • art

          @Jhonmarco im not pro kelly because the girl sucks at actual wrestling,she can take a throw to the guard rail but her wrestling she looks scared to death while rosa doesnt..
          im not saying rosa should have the title but rosa vs alicia could be the secondary feud on smackdown..

        • Jhonmarco

          Ah gotcha :) sorry for the confusion on my part lol.

  • Teri

    LOVING Kaitlyn’s new ring gear.

  • DJsol

    3:32….WOW. I’m so glad I don’t even give the WWE ratings anymore.

    • DJsol

      PS: im pretty sure having the DOD storyline be so weak, and having Beth and Nattie lose constantly, is the WWE’s way of saying “we’re right, you fans are dumb, the barbie divas ARE the best, we’ll continue to feed you crap and you’ll buy it”

      • gl83

        Is that why the Divas, particularly Kelly Kelly and Eve, have been losing hundreds of thousands of viewers each week during their quarter hour that they are featured in? Maybe if they actually book the Divas competently, the ratings could actually stabilize instead of nosediving as every fan changes the channel every time they come out.

  • Melina&Mickie4ever!

    Maybe on Monday Beth & Natalya will finally over come thee odds and beat Kelly & Eve….who knows. Then again thats most likley to happen.

    The match was good , I wish it was longer though, and can Natalya get the pin once in a while. Also too i want to point out some people are calling Beth boring etc , and Natalya should wrestle more. Little over a year ago this time it was Natalya into her push seeking to capture the Divas Championship. Which she did then during her regin some people were calling her boring. I dont understand how her turning back a heel will defend her from being called boring again some where down the line. Now that she is a top Diva , she wont be in the shadows anymore like she use to before NOC last year….

  • EveLover

    Good match I guess. Typical divas action ,typical timing .Im losing Hope in the Divas ,Im sorry but with 2-3 min matches I just cant take it anymore. It makes me want to go slap someone Backstage ,like really .What do WE have to do so the divas can get Time -.-

  • beliEVEr

    Best thing I can say about this match is Kaitlyn’s build is pretty much amazing and great kick to head by Beth to Kaitlyn. I’m a little over DOD, atm. It’s to the point of if they stay in the title hunt, I won’t be mad, if they leave the title hunt, I won’t be mad. I just feel like they’re too underwhelming for me to put in anymore interest. I won’t complain if Beth/Kelly get another PPV match because heck, Beth carries Kelly well and Kelly puts in a lot of effort in her matches with Beth. They just click. At the same time, I want something new and refreshing.

  • Spideywebby

    Gosh. Why don’t they even allow DOD to attack them after the match. I see there is nothing more they can do with Beth or Nattie at WWE. The strong ones are too strong, the others will just look unbelievable to win against them.

    I want them to go to TNA. At least they can feud with Jackie/ODB, Mickie/Tara which is at least on par with them.

    • Mikas

      Why would they attack them? They are not traditional heels, they dont gain anything out of beating up AJ/Kaitlyn after they just defeated them.

      • Spideywebby

        I dunno. From how they hate ‘barbies’ type of girls, attacking them after the match will definitely make their point on how much they dislike them. I do think they are just trying to put what they had originally for awesome kong’s storyline into Beth & Nattie. Wrestler hates barbies.

        • perceval

          AJ isn’t a Barbie, though, just small (but talented). AJ’s never been a swimsuit model, JUST a wrestler. She’s the Anti-Kelly, the Anti-Barbie.

          So, Uncreative naturally has HER as who the DoD beat up. Typical WWE story “logic.” Considering what the storyline is supposed to be about, shouldn’t they be taking AJ under their wing?

    • perceval

      Beth & Nattie being THAT much bigger and stronger than the rest, and unworkable because of that, says something very unfortunate: Trish & Lita would never have had a chance in WWE if they’d come along now. Nattie is almost exactly Trish’s size and build when she was competing, and is the same weight as Trish & Lita were. Also around that weight were Molly Holly, Stacy Keibler, and Torrie Wilson.

      Beth is a few pounds lighter than Victoria was.

  • chrisP

    I feel like they invested a lot in Maryse, who once was in Kelly’s shoes, not the best wrestler, but the crowd and creative cared for her and she was given a long title reign like Kelly is being given, and now look where Maryse is at.”

    Maryse didn’t get 1/10th as over as Kelly has. Killing Kelly’s push would be much, much dumber.

    • EveLover

      That is because maryse is a heel .But if you listen to her Reactions ,you will see maryse get a loud reaction ,imagine if she was a face.

      • chrisP

        “That is because maryse is a heel .But if you listen to her Reactions ,you will see maryse get a loud reaction ,imagine if she was a face.”

        She gets no boos and the cheers she gets are nothing compared to what Kelly gets. I don’t see why that would suddenly change if she turned, hence my statement about her not being 1/10th as over Kelly.

        • perceval

          And Kelly gets 1/20th of what Trish, Lita, Stacy, & Torrie got, and 1 10th of what Victoria got. Kelly as the modern standard of crowd reaction just show how unpopular the Divas have become.

        • Jhonmarco

          You can’t really compare Kelly’s pops to Trish or Lita’s. Different times, Kelly hasn’t gotten a chance to even develope a personality in over 5 years. Maryse pops have always got me happy/mad, happy because she’s getting a reaction, but mad because she’s a heel. Heels are NOT supposed to get cheered.

        • perceval

          Maybe Kelly doesn’t have a personality to develop? Say what you will about Ashley, but she developed a distinctive character and look literally from the moment she walked in the door with the Diva Search intros. That’s how the contest quickly became Ashley’s to lose, not for the other girls to win. Note, especially, the hot dog eating contest. Ashley didn’t try to eat the most hot dogs like the other girls were doing. She just ate one hot dog… IN CHARACTER. Seriously, all the other girls are shovelling hot dogs in their mouths, while she’s just casually munching with an expression and body language saying “Yeah, I’m cool. I’m badass. And I happen to be eating a hot dog.” :)

          As far as the “different times” excuse people always make for the current state of the Division… Back in the mid-80s, Roy Disney convinced the execs to turn the company’s feature animation department over to him, as it hadn’t been successful for years. Roy took everyone into a projection room, showed them classics like Snow White, Fantasia, and Sleeping Beauty, then said “This is what we used to accomplish. Why can’t we do that, now?”

          The result was The Little Mermaid, Beauty & the Beast, and the Second Golden Age of Disney animation.

        • beliEVEr

          Please. That crowd reacted to Maryse during her times as champion. She got cheers whilst she was a heel. o.O Maryse and Kelly are/were in the same shoes. Both favorite by management, neither can really carry any other wrestler in the ring and the crowd reacts to them. Point blank. Also, you have to remember Kelly gets her cheers when she enters the ring, when she leaves the ring. During the match, it’s like nothing except for her stinkfaces/buttslaps. Do you really think if Maryse turned face the crowd wouldn’t care for her? o.O

        • perceval

          Plus… Heels aren’t over with the crowd if they get cheers? Sable, anyone? Trish Stratus? Stacy Keibler? Vince’s Devils?

    • melon2617

      Maryse as a heel usually gets more of a reaction than any other Diva because she’s one of like 3 with a character. I can see WWE pushing Maryse hard in her return, as she’s received some infamy in the mainstream press & is doing ALOT of the promo work for WWE w/ her real life beau the Miz. She was @ the Teen Choice Awards, not Kelly. She did alot of the SS promo stuff, not Kelly. Chances are Maryse will be back in the spotlight Soon.

      • Jhonmarco

        Maryse got cheers as a heel, which really isn’t good. Heels are supposed to get booed and heat, not pops and cheers. Kelly’s pops are huge and better because she is supposed to get cheered. Kelly gets plenty of cheers in the ring, especially her headscissors.

        • perceval

          Kelly’s cheers during her matches are “huge”?

          Look up Diva matches from 2004-05, THEN tell me Kelly’s matches get huge reactions.

          And, again, about heels not being over if they’re getting cheered…. You’re saying Sable wasn’t over? Trish had huge crowd support as a heel. Vince’s Devils were very popular. Stacy got pops no matter what.

          When the crowds cheer, regardless, even when they know they’re SUPPOSED to boo you, you’re pretty damn over. They cheer Heel Maryse because her promos are entertaining.

        • Jhonmarco

          Said it before, can’t compare divas in 04 to diva in 2011. Divas back then got time invested in them & had charecters. Kelly getting pops now is very good, considering she’s had very little time invested in her. Please, people cheer Maryse because she’s hot. Trish got pops for entirely different reasons, she had a charecter and could actually wrestle. Stacy being over was fine she was a face! There are rare times when heels get cheered, like Punk or DOD currently.

  • shaky209

    First off DOD’s I disagree with most everyone about Beth and Natalya don’t quite hit it.At least you haven’t got to Bellas with same type of outfit and switching in and out and the referee doesn’t seem to catch them.This thing with Beth and Natalya enables both Diva’s to work both brands.As you well remember Melina and Gail are gone.Maryse is due back after her surgery but right now there’s simply no spot to put her.And last time Beth and Natalya worked together was just as Beth was coming back after being off 6 months with her ACL injury and she had to get the ring rust out.Then with that going on they decided to remove the Diva’s title from Natalya thereby breaking up Beth and Natalya SOD. sistersofdestruction.Now they can finally work as tag team an not worry about it.It’s just that right now Beth and Natalya have get their timing right so that each other works like Kelly Kelly an Eve an the Bellas.And they’res no better in=ring worker in the WWE then Beth .So they are the logical opponents for Kelly Kelly and Eve.And besides they’res no others on the roster that can do as good a show as NOC.Do I think Beth can get that Diva’s title off of Kelly Kelly YES!
    And its said that NOC was one of the best Diva’s matches in a long time.And the way there doing Beth is allowing her to work both brands and keep her ranking on PWR 25.OH why Beth has pinned AJ recently is because Beth is the one that went to FCW on behalf of WWe took a look at her talked to her and then AJ was brought up to the main roster.I myself and quite satisfied with that Beth and Natalya finaly get to work togther and have some fun. And I think in matter of time and some other Diva might join DivasofDoom. maybe eve?

  • art

    Kaitlyn gives me torrie vibes maybe its the shoes or something *plus Kaitlyn has more muscle* but something scream torrie to me..

    can beth & nattie please get the title & then go against any & every diva…

  • French.One

    Another 2 min pointless match for 4 divas … that’s match 30sec for each diva to showcase herself … does the wwe really think they can capitalize something with it ?

  • Mike in Like

    Kaitlyn looked like Chyna to me in that outfit… ew.

    • EveLover

      ROFL. !!!

    • shameronstar

      I liked Kaitlyn’s new outfit. It was shiny and showed off her muscle yet beautiful body.

  • chrisP

    “And Kelly gets 1/20th of what Trish, Lita, Stacy, & Torrie got, and 1 10th of what Victoria got. Kelly as the modern standard of crowd reaction just show how unpopular the Divas have become.”

    Okay, then just makes Maryse even worse because even if Kelly’s pops aren’t as impressive, they’re still much bigger than anything Maryse gets.

    And why’s Victoria on that list? Trish, Lita, Stacy, Torrie, and Kelly were/are all popular faces, but Victoria’s most relevant days were definitely as a heel.

    • perceval

      Vic did have her 2004 run as top babyface, which ended because she wasn’t getting Lita level pops. Thing is, though, those pops she was getting, and the crowd noise during her matches, was still way beyond what Kelly gets. Look up her 2004 matches with Gail, then watch Kelly vs Brie at Capital Punishment. The crowd was into Victoria vs Gail Kim, just not as much as they were into Lita vs Trish Stratus.

      Look up reviews of Victoria vs Gail, and you won’t find the two words most associated with Kelly Kelly matches: “Bathroom break.” Instead, you’ll find discussion of how good these two are, with concern that this well developed feud will be overshadowed (which it was) by the Lita-Trish feud that is building at the same time.

      • chrisP

        Okay, fine. I was watching back then and don’t remember Victoria being anywhere close to that over. I do remember a PPV match with Lita that was pretty harshly reviewed, but that’s it.

        • perceval

          Again, it was relative. Face Victoria wasn’t as over as Trish & Lita, specifically. But, again, look up her matches with Gail from 2004. They’re availiable in the usual places. Then, look up Kelly-Brie from Capitol Punishment.

          What wasn’t considered good enough crowd response in 2004 is something they would LOVE to get, now.

          As for the bad reviews for Victoria-Lita, along with Lita-Molly, THAT just shows how damn good Trish Stratus actually was. She was able to do what Ivory, Victoria, Molly, even Mickie couldn’t, and that was adapt to Lita’s spot oriented style and really showcase her strengths. That changed Lita’s rep from an OK woman wrestler to one of the all time greats.

  • pakhei1129

    I Love Kaitlyn Long Hair ^^ Pretty

  • MrMantastic

    It seems a diva match is no longer Long enough for a Bathroom Break anymore :(

    Lol jk…man Beth n Nattie are just too strong for wwe…damn…with Gail Kim n Melina gone, what the hell are they gonna do with Kharma when she comes back???????
    And I member last year I saw mad improvement on the divas, from Kelly to rosa to Layla and bella twins and the rest (except Maryse)
    And I thought…if Awesome Kong were to come, these girls would be ready for the brutallity, now looking at them…I was wrong…and Kharna is NOW here!! Dammit…sucks now cause these barbies won’t be able to handle her…back then Torrie Dawn Stacey were “Barbies” but they were hotter and tough as hells and could take punishment. They were wrestlers, and everyone loved those badass barbies!!!!

    Can’t say the same for todays barbies hahaha..

    • Raekon

      Stacy was never a wrestler. Except if you mean the like 3 moves she did to show off her long legs they always played upon.

      I agree she sold moves quite well by learning to be a good bump taker though.

    • perceval

      Torrie, Dawn, and Stacy weren’t really wrestlers. But, Stacy and Torrie had the weight and muscle to take stronger bumps than most. Stacy lacked skill, but was put in matches with Trish and Molly, who could carry her to the point where she looked like a legit Championship contender. Notice it was almost always those two she was working with.

  • Raekon

    Quite a good match for what it was given to them.
    Both sides showed aggression which was very good.

    The Chickbusters almost picked up the win with AJs finisher hitting Beth but at the end the DoD made the cut again.

    I loved Kaitlyns new outfit and most of all her fierce tackle and the kick to the butt to Nattie while rolling out. ^_^

    This girl shows true talent in execution of moves and bump takes for sure and I can’t wait to see them give her a chance to FINALLY pick up a win in singles competition after a good match aswell.

  • chrisP

    “That crowd reacted to Maryse during her times as champion. She got cheers whilst she was a heel. o.O Maryse and Kelly are/were in the same shoes. Both favorite by management, neither can really carry any other wrestler in the ring and the crowd reacts to them. Point blank. Also, you have to remember Kelly gets her cheers when she enters the ring, when she leaves the ring. During the match, it’s like nothing except for her stinkfaces/buttslaps. Do you really think if Maryse turned face the crowd wouldn’t care for her?”

    They are not in the same boat. The reactions Kelly gets, whether you find them huge or not as impressive as what past Divas got, are much bigger than what Maryse gets. She’s closer to Kelly’s popularity than Eve is, but that’s about it.

    • perceval

      Could Heel Kelly get those kinds of reactions, though?

      Maryse has her mic skills. What has Kelly shown besides being pretty?

      If AJ were to get a real push, as into a title feud with Kelly, who do you think would win the crowds?

      • chrisP

        Maryse is good on the mic?

        And could heel Kelly get what reactions? Boos? I don’t know how well she’d do, but if she got booed at all, she automatically would be more a successful heel than Maryse.