Exclusive: New WWE Signing

Diva Dirt can exclusively reveal that WWE has signed a third female student of Lance Storm’s — 27-year-old Canadian wrestler Taya Valkyrie, real name Kira Forster.

WWE developmental sources tell us that Valkyrie, a native of Victoria, BC, is expected to report to Florida Championship Wrestling in Tampa, FL. in the coming months.

Taya has been training under Storm for over a year and has also done work in fitness modeling/competitions.

Forster is the third female Storm Wrestling Academy student to be signed this year, following in the footsteps of Tenille Tayla and Irena Janjic. Irena has already reported to FCW as Leah West, while Tenille is recovering from recent shoulder surgery and will be reporting in the New Year.

Like Janjic and Tayla, Valkyrie was featured on the World of Hurt documentary series which aired in Canada. She has also wrestled for the ECCW promotion along with Tenille and Nicole Matthews.

Congratulations to Taya!

Watch Taya Valkyrie in action below:

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  • Lanoom

    Was cautiously optimistic when I read she trained under Lance Storm for a year.

    Example match given here wasn’t bad, save for one thing:

    That weak-looking one foot “Eve” dropkick.

    Hope they fix that in FCW.

    P.S.: Bring up Naomi, plz.

  • SherriShepherdWWE

    OMG, i loved her on WOH, well actually i loved all the girls except K.C, but anyways, this is awesome, another good signing by WWE,

    I hope she keeps her same gimmick it was cool and very different, and plus this girl aint your typically diva, she is almost 160 Ilbs, and is like 5 foot 7 or so, and strong as heck,

    i really think WWE should consider Lance storm wrestling school as a training ground or hey at least for the women, because look at his last group of wrestlers out of the 4 that where on the show and he trained three got signed, so kudos to him :)

    • Rhawk

      I do believe I read somewhere that WWE are considering making Lance’s wrestling academy have some sort of talent agreement, or maybe this is already happened? I’m not so sure, but anything to come out of Storm’s teachings has to be worth the look.

      Going on from your statement of WOH, Irena, Tenille, Taya & K.C were all on that show for the women aspect, and the only one not in WWE right now is KC… just found that a little funny, will we see her debut as well? I’d lol if that happened. =-P

  • Spike7000

    Congrats to Kira/Taya! :)

    Kira/Taya joins Britani Knight, Naomi Night, Irena Janjic, Tenille Tayla, Caylee Turner (Christina Crawford), Audrey Marie, Shaul Guerrero, and Cameron Lynn (Ariane Andrew) as the New Divas of Development

  • Taylor

    By WWE standards, 27-years old is getting up there in age. Most women either get flushed out or are already established. Good luck to her, but I don’t see her going too far — not in the WWE to clarify. Obviously just my opinion, though…

    • cutymania

      Why would they hire her knowing that she was 27, if they weren’t planning to use her? Sounds a bit ridiculous don’t cha think.

      Congrats to her, nice to see some women who are genuinely passionate about the business and made a great choice in who to train under (a former WWE/ECW star with a lot of experience).

      • Taylor

        Plenty of women are used by the WWE; that doesn’t mean they are used correctly and to their full potential. Please give me an example of a Diva hired at age 27 that achieved great success. I don’t think such a Diva exists. Let’s not forget the company we are talking about has a history of ridiculous behavior.

        • DjayDay

          That extremely weird statement to make, considering the Divas Champion is 30 along with other Divas on the main roster being so called “up” there in age. To say you want, REAL wrestlers hired, and then to make a statement about her being 27 and it being a bad thing , is mighty hypocritical don’t you think?

        • Taylor

          The Divas Champion didn’t get a development contract when she was 27-years old. Starting WWE at the age of 27 puts you at a disadvantage especially since the previous champion is 24. Did you understand my original statement? I said it would be difficult for this girl because most girls either don’t last very long or are already established in some way. Please point out to me where I said I wanted real wrestlers hired? I simply stated there are girls on the roster that are not used to their full potential — real wrestlers and models. Therefore, there is nothing hypocritical about my comments.

        • Lovedaddio

          I think the best example would be Lisa Marie Varon, aka Victoria/Tara. She DEBUTED at the age of 31 as one of the Godfather’s hoes. I think everyone would agree she had a tremendous run with WWF/E as a two time Womens champion and arguably one of the best models turned wrestler in WWE history.

        • cutymania

          @TAYLOR: duh of course in some cases 30 is reaching the expiration date for divas but I think Layla, Rosa, Beth etc is enough to tell you that it isn’t always true. Again listen to yourself though, you’re saying that WWE has an expiration date for their divas….so why then would they go out of their way to sign someone who was ‘getting up there in age’? Why would they bother? It sounds stupid doesn’t it? Clearly they have some things planned for her.

          and why do people always have to think negatively when a independent wrestler gets signed by WWE (and never when it’s a model) “Oh she’s a great wrestler, but sadly WWE are just gonna misuse her so im not too keen” or “27 is getting up there in age so i dont have much hope for her” – really who gives a damn what the circumstances were surrounding the signing, just be happy that these people are finally getting an opportunity to realize their dreams. No-one knows what the future holds, so just be excited and thankful for the present dang..

        • Taylor

          LOVEDADDIO — Victoria had a decent run with the WWE, not a “tremendous” one. She was at the height of her WWE career between 2003 and 2004 (some may say 2002 to 2004). After that she really didn’t do anything exceptional in the WWE.

          CUTYMANIA — Not in some cases, but in many cases. Let me list a few names: Trish, Lita, Michelle, Melina, Torrie, and Mickie. These Divas — with the exception of Melina and Mickie who were fired — left the WWE around the age of 30-something. A Diva’s shelf-life is not lengthy. It’s quite comical to include Rosa in a list with Beth Phoenix don’t you think? Although Rosa is over the age of 30, she has never seen consistent airtime. For technical purposes only, she is a Diva; however, I would just label her an extra — used when needed. Kira Forster is not looking to be the next Rosa Mendes. Layla is definitely an iffy situation. You can argue that her time in the WWE would have ended long ago had she not become Michelle’s sidekick.

          It’s preposterous to say the WWE has plans for her at this moment. You saying “clearly they have some things planned for her” is what sounds stupid to me. Most talent signed to developmental deals don’t make it to the big leagues. What happened to all that planning? Maybe there are no future plans after all. I would be shocked if the WWE has planned an angle for this girl.

          It’s funny that you say “independent wrestler.” Kira Forster, according to the article, is a former fitness model. She has been training under Lance Storm only for “over a year.” Calling her a wrestler? Kind of early for that.

    • cutymania

      omg would you come off it? Victoria had a decent run? She competed in the first and only divas hardcore whatever match, that was just decent? That’s history. She had a good run.

      Rosa was signed when she was 26, she’s now 31 and still under contract. Check your facts. Alot of those divas you mentioned, were going on 5+ years in WWE and were at the end of their careers not their expiry date, how many of those women still actively wrestle? Melina and Mickie were fired for political reasons, if they’d play their cards right they’d still be under contract to this day and guess what…they’re over 30? JIllian would have been 30 this year and still under contract had she not asked for her release. Gail Kim was signed for the second time at the age of 32 and had she not pulled that bs and quit, she’d still be employed by WWE at the age of….34. So stop talking outta your ass. If WWE were so uptight about the divas age, Taya/Kira Foster wouldn’t have been given the light of day, yet here we have an article announced she’s been signed. You’re stupid if you think they don’t see something in her and have plans for her IN THE FUTURE, because no one knows whether she’ll make it outta developmental or not. But as of rightnow, they see enough potential in her to give her a contract, so quit hating and be happy for the news.

      and considering she trained under Lance Storm and wrestled on the independents (not TNA or WWE), she is an independent wrestler, 1 year in or not..hate to bust your small balls.

      • Marlon Eric

        I honestly don’t see anything were Taylor is saying that is disruptive or bad for you to be insulting someone. Both of you have a point and clearly you can debate with someone without being a kid about it can you?

      • Taylor

        Victoria had a decent run. The first part of her career was as a “hoe.” During the second part of her career, she was a top heel, supporting heel, top face, and supporting face. The last part of her career, she was relegated to a comedy-type role. She was involved in a cage match, so that automatically makes her run good? Gail Kim won the championship her first night. Does that singular moment make her WWE run good also? I don’t think so.

        Rosa can be 50 and employed for all I care. That doesn’t mean her career was or will be successful. Like I’ve already stated, she is used as an extra. Kira Forster — or any future hire — does not want to be the next Rosa Mendes. In the general sense, a top Diva usually leaves when she is 30-something. It doesn’t matter if those fired Divas are still actively wrestling. The point is they aren’t wrestling in the WWE. I’d like to add that I never said the cutoff for a Diva’s career was exactly 30 years of age; I said 30-something. I don’t know where you arrived at the number 30. Jillian would be 30-years old around this year? Okay, where was her career going? No where, which is why she asked for a release. Kira Forster does not want to be the next Jillian. Gail Kim you say? Well, her original run saw her as Molly Holly’s sidekick and later fired. She was rehired to simply hurt the Knockout’s Division. In her second run, she was relegated to jobber and received two very (stressing very!) short pushes. I’m talking nonsense am I? LOL, I think you seem to have a hard time accepting an opinion that differs from yours. So returning back to this nonsense… How old is the current Divas Champion? She’s 24. How old is the second-in-line face (i.e., Eve Torres)? She’s 26. Clearly the WWE agents like to push younger women who leave when they feel they’ve accomplished what they wanted to.

        You can also argue that Kira Forster, and other girls from the same school, was signed due to the history between Lance Storm and the WWE. If I were an employer, I would definitely hire someone who has a recommendation from a previous employee who left on good terms before I hire anyone else. Where did I say that women past the age of 30 don’t receive contracts? I never said that; I said they aren’t as successful, which is true if you look at recent history. Again, it’s preposterous to say the powers that be in WWE have plans for Kira Forster at this point or in the future. It’s ridiculous to say Kira Forster’s future is somehow being planned by the WWE. Several FCW girls have been placed as backstage interviewers? Was that planned from when they were hired? It seems like these days you can’t have an opinion that differs without being labeled a hater. Oh goody! And please let me decide for myself what I’m happy about. Okay?

        You can call her a wrestler if you’d like; I won’t — not yet at least. Don’t forget her original background is that of a fitness model. It’s biologically impossible for women to have balls of any kind, be it small, medium, or large. Great way to end your post though! That comment really trumps any I’ve made. :)

        • cutymania

          Okay, so how many WWE and TNA viewers know that Victoria started out as a ‘hoe’? How many? She competed in the first and only divas cage match with Lita and a hardcore match with Trish Stratus. Both of those matches are apart of womens wrestling history, so no matter how much of a rollercoaster Victoria’s WWE run was, she had big highs and lows, some of those highs are a fixture in her career highlights, I can assure you. That alone justifies that she had a good run and it was because of WWE, you even know who she is.. Widows Peak anyone? Who’s gonna forget that.
          And omg can we mention Sable? One of the greatest divas of all time, started at 29 years old. She went on to have a brief, yet VERY successful run at an age where most women are “already established”..and then what, she’s rehired in 2003 at age 34. You say the cut off date isn’t 30, then what is it? You said 27 was getting up there in age, up where? Please clarify.
          Jillian could have ended up as an agent, but due to personal reasons she had to leave. A female agent? Have you heard of one? That means they have enough faith and trust in her to work with the next crop of divas, that’s a big honor. Argue that it never happened, but the fact that it was a good possibility, is still a big deal. Oh and yes please re-check your facts, the current divas champ is 29, Beth’s getting up there in age that must mean she’s leaving the company soon right? She’s not in the middle of a big push or anything..
          Successful runs have nothing to do with age, not everyone is going to be a Trish, a Lita, a Sable etc not everyone is going in the HOF, obviously. Talent transcends all boundaries, it has zero to do with age. I’m sure if Trish wanted to return to wrestling full-time, WWE would put her on the main roster in a heartbeat and she’s ‘pushing it’ in terms of age. Again, Trish, Lita etc were at the end of their careers, not expiry date…do you see my point? They would have lasted a few more years had they not…retired, by their own choice not WWE’s.
          ‘Preposterous’? Actually I’d say what’s preposterous is you suggesting that WWE just hire random women for no reason at all. So they just pay these girls and put their health on the line for nothing? Because they don’t know what they want to do with them? They’re just ‘extras’? So I guess Kelly, Maryse, Alicia, The Bellas etc were signed for nothing? Whether they plan to put them on the main roster or not is besides the point, as of right now they see enough potential in them to give them a contract in the first place. If they wanted to sign every Miss Hawaiian tropic they would have by now. Why would they hire someone new who was getting up there in age, by your definition. Please answer that. Stop assuming that because of her age, she isn’t going to go far, Sable, Victoria etc are enough proof that it is an unfair assumption.
          lol really? She’s not a wrestler because she’s a model? Do you not watch WWE? By most standards, 99% of the current divas roster are not “wrestlers”. Considering she has trained over a year and has had matches outside of the academy (scroll up to the top to watch her match in ECCW fyi), she is a wrestler. It’s not what you think, it’s fact. What else are you gonna call someone who has booked with several promotions already? The pretend wrestler? Good or bad, old or new, she’s a wrestler get over it.

        • Taylor

          How many mainstream WWE fans — those unaware of the Internet Wrestling Community — know who Victoria is? Very few. She had a decent run where she held the title twice. She competed in the first cage match with Lita. Good for her, but one or two unique matches doesn’t make her run good or tremendous. After a certain point, her legacy was being stomped on because she was consistently put into comedic situations.

          When Sable entered the WWE, how many women were on the roster? Maybe three or four? Your argument falls apart simply because the Women’s Division was idle at that point. She was rehired by the very same company she left. She became a huge star, so why not rehire her regardless of her age? She was an established star so to speak. She was also rehired during a period where the WWE audience had not changed. Therefore, many fans still knew who she was. Bring her back today and see if she can still conjure up the same reactions.

          I said the age of 27 is up there in age. Up where? What type of question is that. I assume you possess the art of inference. If not, I simply will not waste my time debating with you. The age of 27 is approaching the 30-something category. I never mentioned a specific age where a Diva’s career ends. I said 30-something. There isn’t a specific age.

          Female wrestlers looking to the WWE for employment do not want to become agents simply because their careers went nowhere as a WWE Diva. If Jillian ended up as an agent, good for her. That’s not the point we’re arguing. We wouldn’t consider her a Diva if she became an agent. Again, her career was going nowhere. And if I remember correctly from an interview conducted by Diva Dirt with Jillian, she left partly because she saw her career maintaining its status quo. Who cares if her potentially becoming an agent is a big honor? The point we debating is a Diva’s age. She wouldn’t be considered a Diva.

          You obviously knew I meant Kelly Kelly when I said Divas Champion. I did forget to include former in that sentence. Regardless of that minute discretion, Kelly is 24; Eve is 27. These girls are the top two faces for the Women’s Division. Both of them have been established and the WWE prefers to utilize them over any other Diva. Yes, Beth is 29; however, she entered the company when she was younger than 27. She’s an established character who is a center character in the current storyline. I don’t think you quite understand what I’m arguing. If a Diva enters the company at an age close to 30-something and has to spend time — most likely over a year looking at the recent trend — in developmental, she’s losing valuable time in regards to her televised career and what she can achieve.

          Successful runs have plenty to do with age. Start with the WWE at an earlier age and you have more time to achieve success in your career rather than if you start at a later age. That’s just simple logic. If Trish wanted to return, of course she would be accepted with open arms and put at the forefront of the Women’s Division. This is simply because of the extreme amounts of success she was able to achieve. I argue because she started earlier in her career.

          Random women are always hired. Why were so many Diva Search rejects hired when only the winner should have been? Most of them were cast out of left. If a woman fits the mold and standards of the WWE, she will be hired to wrestle, announce, interview, etc.; however, her career is not preplanned. Kelly was signed at the age of 18. Do you actually think they had things planned for an 18-year-old girl fresh out of high school? Really?!

          I already gave you an answer as to why the WWE would hire Kira Forster. I don’t know if you read it though. Lance Storm and WWE have a professional relationship. He left on good terms with the WWE and even worked as a trainer at one of the WWE’s development camps. Employers hire prospects more frequently if they have good recommendations. Having a recommendation from Lance Storm definitely helps. We haven’t read about any new model hires because, maybe, the WWE doesn’t want to freshly train girls with no experience right now.

          I stated I wouldn’t use the term wrestler to describe her at this moment. The real question is if you watch WWE or not. You seem to think age has absolutely nothing to do with the hiring process or the success of an individual when it most certainly does — not only with the WWE, but every corporation. Age is always closely monitored. That’s a fact.

    • http://www.youtube.com/user/ElectricMVx ElectricMVx

      Aksana was 28 when they hired her. Victoria was 29 when she debuted on the main roster

      • Taylor

        I’ve already commented about Victoria. Aksana has yet to have a match on Raw or SmackDown. Her career is one that’s going nowhere at this point. It’s pointless to bring her up. Again, I never said girls are not signed after a certain age; I said they are probably not going to be as successful.

  • Kaledrina

    never heard of her but it’s always nice seeing someone new getting opportunities like this. good luck and congratulations to her !

    call some up to main roster, wwe ;)

  • Blonde Bombshell

    in my view, she looks a hell lot like rosa mendes in this picture.

  • JSciola

    I hadn’t realized they had signed a few other of Lance Storm’s students.

    That can only mean good things in the future, IMO.

  • Mouse2212

    I know she has a lot of pictures with FCW talent already and from a few of them I got the impression that she was the arena a few times [these are older pics] I’m actually surprised it took her this long to get signed.

    Either way with her signing along with Tenielle and Britani [I sort of assume based on comments her mom made at shimmer] it’s nice to see WWE hiring Wrestlers for a change.

    • SherriShepherdWWE

      where did you get to see those pictures???

  • javiousmckenzie

    She got a donk! Shape wise she makes me think of Molly i can see her being a strong girl who can be technical. I like how there going outside of the models and hiring attractive women wrestlers. Even though i wish Cheerleader Melissa, Daffney, Mischif and a few others would get signed. I mean face it look at Jillian, Beth and Mickie before they got in WWE :(

  • Rhawk

    All I say is… well actually, first I’ll say, from the view that of picture, MMMM THAT ASS! =-P But on my real note, I really enjoyed her personality on WOH plus she seems like a naturally build-up woman, so seeing her do things in WWE might be interesting.

    Her, Tenille, Britani, Naomi, Irena, and even a slowly rising Audrey, FCW is starting to look really good. Now all they need to do is actually give their women storylines again and get rid of Cameron Lynn/Araine Andrews and it will be near perfect. =-D

  • shameronstar

    Hiring 3 female “wrestlers” in a row seems almost unheard of in the wwe these days. I hope all these recent diva hopefuls make it to the main roster. I’m really looking forward to the next generation of divas which include hopefully: AJ, Naomi, Kaitlyn, Aksana, Maxine(I’m actually growing to like her a little more), Caylee Turner, Raquel Diaz, Audrey Marie, Cameron Lynn(yes I included her), Irena Janjic, Tenille Tayla, Britani Knight, and this new girl Taya Valkrie. Plus with the current models turned wrestlers becoming better and better in FCW recently I think the wwe are investing for the future of the division to be pretty good. Also, can anyone tell me would Kharma be considered part of the next generation as well even though she’s current the oldest female wrestler on the roster?

  • wl75

    I do wonder if that rumor that several current Divas are about to be let go is true…they seem to have signed quite a few new women lately..

  • Lily

    They have a couple of girls they aren’t using (ex. Rosa, Maryse, Ariane, etc) and tbh i could care less about any of the 3.

    It’s great WWE are signing all of these rookies but they need to sign at least 1 wrestling veteran (cough*Sara Del Rey) to join D.O.D because they’are starting to get stale. Tayla and Leah West have potential but i don’t know how far they could go and they aren’t much of great wrestlers. Britani, Tenelle & Naomi are the only girls down at FCW who could have a future in WWE.

    • Spike7000

      Ariane wrestled in recent FCW TV Tapings and is also in a group with Naomi and Byron Saxton

      • Rhawk

        They can still make the right decision and quickly remove that cancer in their side of the divas roster, like they did with Lucky Cannon. =-X

      • Lily

        I can name plenty of girls who were only in WWE for less than 4 months.

    • http://www.youtube.com/user/xVxDivaGlossxVx XoXoBarbieDivasXoXo

      - sweetie Maryse juss got doen with Surgery is it possible for her to be in a match now??

    • Mouse2212

      I don’t see why those three are the /only/ girls who could have a future in the WWE. Those three are the odd ducks out for having legit wrestling talent [what a weird thing to say] the rest are exactly the type of girls that currently feel the roster.

      So…how do none of them stand a chance?

    • http://www.facebook.com/StaceyJohnWood Acer


  • http://www.youtube.com/user/LovableLittleRabbit?feature=mhum Megumi

    Victoria B.C! Yay! This is where I moved to when I left my home country. I like her already. =3

  • http://www.youtube.com/user/DivasManiaHD xILOVENATTIEx

    This is good,
    However WWE need to sign a well known credible wrestler e.g Sara del Rey, Shantelle Taylor, cheerleader Melissa to come up straight to the main roster because wwe is lacking strong, credible faces in it’s roster, to replace Gail and Melina
    Also I wouldn’t mind them releasing Rosa, shes not really doing much at the moment

  • http://au.groups.yahoo.com/group/WWE_Divas/ art

    it looks like wwe will be getting rid of some girls from the main roster to make room for the next generation of divas…

    maryse.rosa the bellas,kaitlyn,tamina & maybe alicia are the only ones i can see being released..

    • http://www.youtube.com/user/xVxDivaGlossxVx XoXoBarbieDivasXoXo

      Maryse is not going anywhere.

    • tltharp11

      I do not see them letting the Bellas go because they use them a lot. Especially the last six months

      • http://au.groups.yahoo.com/group/WWE_Divas/ art

        of course maryse wont get released because of the miz but if they want the division to have wrestlers who are good looking they’d release her…

    • Raekon

      Not nessecarily.
      Aksana and Maxine are mainly on SD and NXT now(Maxine was in 3 segments on SD already and even appeared on Raw with the other divas together with Aksana last monday).

      That leaves FCW with only 5 Divas from which only Audrey, Caylee and Irena were used recently.

      After Taye and Tenille joined up, they will have 7 divas in FCW which is a normal amount. On the main roster the numbers arent good at the moment either with Maryse, Layla and Kharma being out.

      We have only 5 divas on raw and 7 in smackdown at the moment(without including maxine).

      After Maryse, Layla and Kharma are back while Maxine takes a spot on the main roster they will have 8 divas on each show which is a normal amount.

      So I don’t see any releases taking place for now.

      It was only rumoured because a guy that knows a insider was told that Naomi will get released and it might be the case that a few other girls have to go too.

      • http://au.groups.yahoo.com/group/WWE_Divas/ art

        he said 4-5 girls might be going…so if they were smart they’d let her go & bring up girls with actual wrestling talent..

    • shannymac

      I would really be shocked to see Maryse go. I’ve never been a fan of her in-ring work, but she is one of the more charismatic women on the roster. She would be perfect as a manager (hopefully to someone less boring than DiBiase, though).

  • SherriShepherdWWE

    I see Maryse, Rosa getting released, and probably the Bella’s because they are a two in one type of deal lol,

    Tamina and Alicia i think will stay because they are good jobbers

    • http://www.youtube.com/user/xVxDivaGlossxVx XoXoBarbieDivasXoXo


    • Raekon

      Rosa is the punching bag of the division so I dont see her going anywhere.
      Also if they intend to create a divas show for the new channel, they will either use her in the background due to her business knowledge or take advantage of her Mic skills.

      Maryse could be used as a host of any type of show there too so it wouldnt be a real release, just a job switch.

      The Bellas got released a few months ago but they got rehired two weeks after their release without pointing that out on the wwe.com.

      Tamina is another punching bag and a part timer so I dont see her going anywhere either.

      Alicia I’m not sure about but I hope it wont be the case either.

      All in all there is no point on releasing anyone at the moment cause NXT is getting reformed to a full show which gives feuds, storylines and matches to midcarders instead of being the real rookies place and superstars is back on track.

      So they will need all these people if they want to have a wwe channel in which 24 hours of programm will have to run.

  • http://divaderby.net/ DivaDerby

    Maryse will likely stay because of the Miz. I’m guessing Rosa, Tamina, Fox will be released.

    • http://www.youtube.com/user/DivasManiaHD xILOVENATTIEx

      I don’t think Alicia will be released, she has been on a winning streak as of late and because her sister is in FCW I see it as q bad idea to release her, I just hope she gets at least one push as a face

  • http://www.youtube.com/user/DivasManiaHD xILOVENATTIEx

    I’d like WWE to sign Brooke Carter, Mia Yim, Athena, Allexus Neveah and Cherry Bomb next, all these girls are stunning, can wrestle really well and would do great things for the WWE, I think the divas division is lacking big time and you could bring most of these girls almost straight up to the main roster

  • vonVile

    By that pic Layla looks like she’s got a competitor for her DAT ASS title.

    • shameronstar

      YES! We need more divas with booty:D I want to see Naomi vs Brooke Tessmacher in a twerking contest:D

    • Lovedaddio

      Naomi wins any ASS contest hands down

  • KidKamikaze


    So they picked out a slew of wrestlers from WOH and ECCW…

    And they DIDN’T go for the ECCW champ? (Nicole Matthews)


    • Jhonmarco


  • DjayDay

    I did not think of her when they said another student was possibly signed. Never realized how much of a natural beauty she is. I am glad that althought, she is a pretty girl, they are hiring a WRESTLER. Although she hasn’t been around long, she could be molded. Best of luck to her! Another fellow Canadian in the WWE, hell I am all for it!

    Also, people keep giving Ariane crap, but I will reserve till I see her in the ring, after all, thats the place, she should be getting judged. It is wrestling. I am glad they are hiring some more wrestlers, gives me hope, but I will have to see. FCW seems to be the best place, as of now, to see girls actually get time in the WWE. Sad, but true.


  • http://www.youtube.com/user/xVxDivaGlossxVx XoXoBarbieDivasXoXo

    - i like this new girl and i like her style and attire…she’s a pretty decent wrestler and very pretty can’t wait to see her on my t.v. screen…and tbh i don’t see why all of u guys are saying some divas are getting released just because there’s a couple of divas in the FCW roster doesn’t mean anything most of them probably will just remain on FCW and who knows maybe WWE want’s a bigger DIVA roster…so some of should cool it because i love the divas we have now including Maryse! <3

  • dah-dah-dah-diva

    I can see why she got hired. She wrestles very WWE style.

  • xXxUniquelyiXxX

    She’s decent. Can’t really judge her just yet tho. I do how she is more of a powerhouse then a skinny little model. :D

    And for everyone saying Maryse getting released probably ( i could only pray) but she’s with the miz.. so along with the Top Divas like Beth, Nattie, Eve & Kelly she’s considered safe. She’ll never be a serious competitor, she’ll always be on NXT and doing very little matches on raw.

    • xXxUniquelyiXxX

      Correction; Never will be a serious competitor AGAIN.

    • http://www.youtube.com/user/xVxDivaGlossxVx XoXoBarbieDivasXoXo

      - LIES.

      • http://au.groups.yahoo.com/group/WWE_Divas/ art

        actually its true maryse has never been serious as a wrestler..plus she does less moves then kelly..

        • http://www.facebook.com/StaceyJohnWood Acer

          @ ART

          Maryse does less moves now, yes. But 08 and 09 she was great. Watch the match’s for crying out loud.

    • squared.circle

      The woman just had surgery for a hernia (which is probably the reason she hasn’t been giving her best) and you think she wont be serious? Let her return before you make that assumption. She could just prove you wrong ;)