WWE Superstars Back on WWE.com

PWInsider is reporting that WWE Superstars is returning to WWE.com.

Less than two weeks after pulling the show from their website, the WWE has decided to resume posting episodes of the showing, starting with tomorrow’s show at 4pm ET.

What do you think? Is having fans in international markets upload the matches to YouTube good enough? Does having the show available on WWE.com make any difference?

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  • WWEStarInTraining

    Good, atleast it makes up for monday hopefully aj vs tamina is exciting

  • http://www.youtube.com/rockinred45mvs RR45

    Yay! I hope AJ vs Tamina is good!

  • Lanoom


  • http://i-have-something-broken.webs.com/ Missy_BonBon

    Well that was unexpected, But right move i guess..

  • shameronstar

    LMAO! Can’t believe wwe changed their minds so quickly, but I’m not going to complain though.

  • Lita-Sault-666

    I watch it on Youtube anyway so this makes no difference to me.

    • bananaleaf24


  • Raekon

    YAY! Very happy about it. :)
    I’m also mainly watching it on youtube cause wwe.com always redirects me but still better than not having it at all.

  • shannymac

    It makes sense for WWE to keep posting it on their site. If they’re going to tape it every week, they might as well make it readily available for all their markets.

    It doesn’t matter to me where it’s uploaded, though, since I only watch it when Diva Dirt reviews it. LOL!

  • SherriShepherdWWE

    I have a question, Was Vickie managing Tamina in her match???, because on twitter Tamina stated that Vickie asked her to join her alliance, and allow Vickie to manage her