Former WWE Developmental Talent Jemma Palmer Enters UK Big Brother House

Former WWE developmental talent Jemma Palmer has entered the UK Big Brother house tonight as a surprise new entrant.

Jemma, who was briefly signed to a WWE deal in 2009 that fell through due to visa issues, has joined sister Faye Palmer in the house.

Upon entering the house, Jemma said: “My mission is to go into the hosue and shake things up big time.” She even threatened to choke out one of the guys using her legs.

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Both Faye and Jemma have been training in wrestling for the past few years. Faye goes by the ring name Darcy Steel.

Faye, who was up for eviction, survived the public vote and will now stay in the house along with sister Jemma.

The current series started on Channel 5 a few weeks ago. Jemma is a late entrant to the reality show.

Jemma previously starred as Inferno on Sky1’s game show “Gladiators”.

Watch Jemma Palmer vs Faye Palmer below:

Check out a few pictures of Jemma below:

Past interview with Jemma

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  • Rhawk

    Hopefully this puts an end to Alex’s never ending ‘Where’s Jemma?’ questions. =-P

    And just when I stopped watching BBUK, damn Uni room and no aerial, I got a TV license and everything! Looks like I got quite the catching up to do! x__x

  • iLUVwrestlingValets

    I forgot all about this girl

  • wl75

    Well it made sense- the 4 evictees thus far were all women (1 guy walked this week), so they had to put in a female to help even things out in the house- It’s the simplest thing for the producers to put Jemma in plus you have the sisters dynamic (I do wonder if Jemma would have gone in if Faye had been evicted though)…

  • Acer

    Should spice things up a little.. although Jemma’s personality is pretty dull from what Iv’e seen of her.

    Faye has really not shown her self in a good light, It would seem she has some demon’s to slay within her self, turning to drink, turns her literally into a not so nice person. She’s made her self look a fool on more than one occasion, I was really hoping for the British public to get behind her, so that the British public would take more of an interest in wrestling if she was to go to either TNA or WWE. Let’s hope in the coming weeks her sister manages to help her rise up, and get the British public behind her.

    • Rhawk

      The people still like Faye from what I’ve heard from them, so she’s not doing too much wrong, even though I will agree that the drinking thing is an issue to an extent.

      Also, I’m confused in how the BP would take more interest in wrestling through Faye, they won’t. The BP are mostly interested in reality TV and game show type of things, and with 12 individual people in that house, you expect 2 sister wrestlers would get the entire BB viewing audience (which isn’t much I might add), to watch wrestling? Sorry, but that seems very unlikely.

      • Acer

        Faye has many issues with-in her self. She’s expressed that through her body language. She’s a nice person at times. But lord knows that women isn’t content with in her self.

        And you never know.. people may take an interest in wrestling because they will want to see what Faye is upto, if they are fans of hers?…

  • ElectricMVx

    I have a feeling she won’t get along with Anton, because as Maisy and Rebecca said, he IS a snake!

  • gavin harvey

    i want to know what the hell she has done to her face