In Video: Mickie James vs Jillian Hall at NWS This Past Weekend

Former WWE Divas Mickie James and Jillian faced off on the independent scene this past weekend in New York.

They even treated (well, depending on whether you like their music) fans to an impromptu sing-off.

Check out their match below:

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  • Juan

    Jillian lost T_T

    • K2&NattieFan

      Jillian still use her WWE clothes

  • Poison_Ivory

    It’s great to see Jill back in action after what she went through, she looks fantastic (: Hopefully some bigger organization will hire her, e.g. TNA, or maybe even Shimmer. I just miss her on TV so much.

    And the match was pretty great, these two have IMO great chemistry and they both have incredible amounts of talent. Though Mickie should have at least done her DDT at the end or something, the jack knife cover just dropped it flat.

  • AdrianRay

    That’s my favorite Jillian outfit! 0.o lol

  • art

    Jillian makes me at the people talking in the crowd “that was 3″…who was that guy with the bat…


    wen jill did ddt and mickie revearse it tht was how u could tell wrestling was fake but owell i wil stikl watch it!!!!!! I <3 U MJ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • BillyGP

    Good match and funny sing off

  • EveLover

    Jillian is better than ever .

    I want her to go to TNA soo bad ,but with stars like Melina ,Gail ,Serena that might go there .TNA might just be called the WWE afterlife .

    But this match wass good ,the sing off was pretty funny aswell .I like that shes stiil using the singing gimmick ,It always entertainined me.

  • Nostalgia

    Jillian should have chosen another outfit… She looked… (.__.)
    But i never really saw her wrestle. I stopped watching wrestling in
    2004 when she was JBLs manager and I just started watching again this
    Year in April

    • AdrianRay

      Bad time to stop and start!

      • Nostalgia

        I know…. When I started watching everybody was gone lol. It took me awhile to catch up

  • melina prez

    Really good match. But i didnt care at all for the sing off.

  • Tikiwawa93

    I was actually there for this match. The nicest person there was Jillian. She was so patient and looked like she wanted to be there. Chavo was there too and was nice as well. Mickie was funny and was polite. But what was weird about her was she kept walking around everywhere and no one noticed but me. No one said anything. So i pointed and said “Hi Mickie James” while sitting watching the match. She heard me and covered her face and didn’t acknowledge me. Which i thought was weird. This was my first wrestling show so I don’t know if that was allowed. But Jillian and the others didn’t mind….

    • BillyGP

      She (Mickie) probably was hoping not to be seen walking around. But glad you enjoyed it.

  • xXGeo910

    Brings me back to the time they were in WWE.

  • Stuff

    Jillian needs to update her gimmick, she must use autotune

  • Raekon

    Its good to see these both facing off again. :)
    Couldn’t see much from the match but being able to see them together in the ring was still great.
    Now if someone would make a video of the serena VS melina match. x_x
    That would be great aswell for sure. :)

  • JillianHallTNA

    I’m so happy that I saw Jillian wrestle again! :D
    And this time it is a full match! :D

  • Timalee

    Any one notice that Jillian is wearing the outfit she won and lost the divas title in

  • Ayrika Raine

    Did someone just say “you ugly” to Jillian hall? LOL