Gail Kim Live Shoot Interview on iPPV Tonight; First Look at Questions She’ll Be Asked

Former WWE Diva Gail Kim will speak for the first time on quitting WWE and much more tonight in a live shoot interview on Internet pay per view.

We’ll be covering the iPPV with live tweets on our Twitter page.

You can order the event by signing up here. has sent out the following press release, revealing some of the questions that she’ll be asked.

[notice]The first ever live, interactive shoot interview will be broadcast on worldwide live iPPV tonight at at 8pm EST. The subject will be former WWE Diva and TNA Knockout Gail Kim. She will finally break her silence after quitting WWE when she eliminated herself from a battle royal on Raw. If Kim has the guts to do that, just imagine what she’ll say tonight on live iPPV. The Hot Zone live shoot series starts tonight!

Order now at for just $12.95. This shoot will also be available at On Demand, which means if you purchase it you can watch it as many times as you want forever. There is no editing. There is no taking anything back. This is a live shoot by this outspoken personality.

The interview will start with Kim discussing her entire career, including everything that led to her walking out of WWE on live TV. You can ask follow up questions during this part of the interview via the chat room or on Twitter @BookItGabe. Once Kim gives all the scoops, we’ll turn the interview over to you. Ask anything you want! This is live iPPV so who knows what will happen.

Here’s just a few of the questions that we’ll ask Gail tonight when she walks into The Hot Zone at at 8pm Eastern Time:

-What made you go into wrestling?

-Did you have a problem with the guys coming onto you when you were breaking in?

-How did WWE discover you?

-Did they make you a fair contract offer at first?

-Before going to WWE, you spent almost a year in OVW. What did you think of the training system in OVW?

-What were some of the most valuable things you learned in OVW?

-Who was the best and worst teacher in OVW?

-What were your first impressions of WWE?

-What were your first impressions of Vince McMahon?

-Did the women’s division seem like a priority to the McMahons and writers?

-Who was most helpful to you, both learning in the ring and dealing with life on the road outside the ring?

-Was there anyone that was making life difficult for you?

-What did you think when they told you that you were winning the WWE Women’s Championship in your first night?

-Did you think it was a good idea?

-Did it create any jealousy with the other women?

-What was Trish Stratus like to work with?

-What was Lita like to work with?

-What was Molly Holly like to work with?

-In late 2004 you were released, was it a shock to you? Did you see it coming?

-Why do you think you were released?

-Do you think WWE made the most of your abilities during that first run?

-What led to you going to TNA?

-What were your first impressions of TNA?

-How was TNA different than WWE?

-What were your first impressions of Dixie Carter?

-What were your first impressions of Vince Russo?

-What did you think of being put as the manager of Americas Most Wanted and Jeff Jarrett?

-Did they like the idea and how were they to work with?

-Do you think TNA favors ex-WWE stars over their own homegrown talent?

-Were you impressions of Dixie Carter and Vince Russo changing at all as you spent more time in TNA?

-What was Amazing Kong like to work with back then?

-TNA kept putting you in lots of gimmick matches- street fight, ladder match, do you think it was too much?

-It’s been documented that the Knockouts segment was drawing some of the best quarter hour ratings on Impact, do you think the division got enough credit and respect for that?

-Was there a level of frustration over pay or credit in the knockouts locker room?

-Do you think Dixie Carter was sympathetic towards the women at all as far as getting equal pay and treatment?

-What led to you leaving TNA?

-What led to you going back to WWE?

-Did WWE make any promises that your push and pay would be different?

-Do you think coming from TNA hurt or helped your chances or being pushed in WWE or didn’t make any difference?

-What was different, if anything, about the atmosphere and culture of the locker room when you went back to WWE?

-How about the Diva locker room, was it the same or different?

-What did you think of the new girls, did they have the same work ethic of the class you were first in WWE with (Lita, Trish, Victoria, Molly)?

-Do you think the McMahons and writers had different expectations of the Divas, like less wrestling and more T&A?

-Was the pay improved?

-What did you think of the Piggy James angle?

-Is there a lot of pressure to keep your weight down?

-Do the women put themselves in danger with measures to keep their weight down?

-What made you get breast augmentation surgery? Did you feel pressure to?

-What did you think of the Laycool act?

-What did you think of the angle of being Daniel Bryan’s girlfriend?

-Was Bryan comfortable in those skits?

-When did you start getting frustrated with WWE and think of quitting?

-What led to these frustrations?

-Do you think Vince McMahon gave you enough attention personally?

-Was there anyone you could voice your frustrations to like an agent or writer?

-Who were the most helpful agents?

-Describe the night where you eliminated yourself from the battle royal. Take us from arriving at the building to the moment you knew you were going to do it to posting that you quit on Twitter?

-What was the reaction backstage when you did it?

-What was the reaction from the office to the Tweet that you quit? Who called you and what did they say?

-Why did WWE enforce their contract with you and not release you until a couple of days ago?

-What are your plans now?

-Who gets recognized more- you or Robert Irvine?

These are just a few of the questions Gail Kim will answer when she steps into The Hot Zone at tonight at 8pm EST. Are there any questions you want to ask? Tonight will be your chance. Order now and take part in this interactive shoot.[/notice]

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  • Lanoom

    I have a feeling this will be the highlight of my wrestling week.

  • Krazyvickay

    Hopefully she doesn’t hold back

  • art

    sounds like its gonna be good..

  • Tory_

    Great questions guys. I too have always puzzled the questions that are to be asked. This should be good :-)

  • Taylor

    Most definitely shoot-esque questions! It will be interesting to see how she tackles answering these questions.

  • shameronstar

    Oh I have a one hehe, what does Gail Kim think of Kelly Kelly as a wrestler?

    • shameronstar

      and while we’re at it, what does she think Rosa Mendes, Maryse, the Bella Twins, and Eve as wrestlers?

      • stephenpwwe

        I want to hear Kelly most of all lol.

        • art

          same id love that question to be asked…

  • shameronstar

    Another question could be does Gail Kim think that her ranting on twitter and her eliminating herself from a battle royal might have hurt her fanbase and reputation as a professional wrestler? Does she feel these recent actions might have harmed her career?

    • melon2617

      I would like to know that.

    • Gail Kim #1

      I think it may have shaken off some of her fair weather fans, but people who are actually her fans would not be annoyed she eliminated herself or ranted.
      I think she answered too many Q’s on Twitter after what happened, but I wish she made more of a statement on Live TV, I mean like make it BLATANTLY obvious she eliminated herself, or something that would be a YouTube classic and be obvious to the whole of the WWE and not just people who watch Divas.

      • Jhonmarco

        I was a real fan of her, but currently I’m not just due to her behavior

        • melon2617

          I don’t think it’s fair to say the fans who turned on her were “fair-weather”. Look @ Matt Hardy, his die-hards turned when his whining got to be too much.

    • shameronstar

      Personally, I’m a bit indifferent to what she did. I found it unprofessional but cool at the same time. I’ll always be a fan of her work as a wrestler so her backstage behavior whether its appropriate or not is irrelevant since I’m just a mere fan. I just hope she returns to tna if she chooses to continue wrestling. I think many people forget that the professional wrestling business,, a lot of the time, can be anything but “professional” and when politics are incorporated into all of the chaos of the wrestling world it can really bring out the worst in people considering someone is always trying to get ahead by screwing someone else over a lot of the time, so I really can’t completely blame her since it’s the nature of the beast of professional wrestling.

  • shannymac

    LMAO, I’m looking forward to this. I hope she doesn’t hold back.

  • vonVile

    One question they forgot to ask was “Do you feel it was a mistake that you resigned with the WWE looking back at it?”

  • Danni

    You can tweet questions to be asked via @BookItGabe too :) The IPPV is fully interactive.

  • Teri

    I. Freaking. Cannot. Wait.

  • Gail Kim #1

    Can’t wait!
    I hope Gail lets it all out and doesn’t hold back.
    She’s 33, nearly 34 and she most likely won’t be back in the WWE. I also doubt they’d put her in the Hall of Fame.
    I hope Gail doesn’t say anything too bad about TNA as I’d like to see her there A.S.A.P.

  • Poison_Ivory

    I love how there’s a question about Molly. I just can’t wait to hear the FULL story about how WWE handled her quitting the company.

  • Danni

    I think Gail won’t be holding back, she put this on her twitter:

    “I’m just gonna tell the truth no matter how I say the truth people will interpret it their own way so I’m done caring what people think bc u can’t please every1. The truth is all I will say”

  • Mr.Int

    Can’t wait, Let’s get a Gail Kim chant everyone.

  • A.E

    well a lot of questions need to be answered,from gail and i am pretty sure 100% that there is something went wrong backstage to make gail flip out like that,i mean in her interviews after coming back for while that she was positive about it.

  • AdrianRay

    How epic this IPPV will be!

  • The_Eric

    hopefully i can find a free stream of it somewhere…

  • JSciola

    I hope someone asks why she hasn’t had a good match since 2007.

  • bressie

    Saw her Highspots shoot interview. Zero interest in this.

  • Mr.Int

    This interview is so cool, worth the money I spent, she is telling all right now. She looks so hot live. I’m so freaking happy two and a half hours to go of interview.