Gail Kim Live Shoot Interview Highlights: Why She Quit WWE and More

In a live shoot interview tonight, Gail Kim spoke on record for the first time about why she quit WWE, the Divas division and walking out of a battle royal on Raw in her final appearance.

A few highlights below:

* Gail reveals that the Divas today are told: “You’re getting too physical” and “You’re getting too good”, indicating that they don’t want the women to upstage the male wrestlers.

* Gail says she got the opportunity to be in a documentary about successful Korean people but WWE wouldn’t let her do it.

* Gail says winning Knockouts Title meant more than winning Women’s Title because it wasn’t just handed to her. She says she was part of building the division and that made it more special.

* Low-Ki told her about Awesome Kong (Kharma). When they were talking about who to bring in for the division, Gail said why don’t we bring in Kong — she had never seen her work or even a picture of her but thought she would be unique for the division.

* As far as she knows, she never knew of ideas for her to work with Kharma in WWE in a storyline, but they had plans to have her work Kharma’s first singles match.

* Gail says the plan was for Kharma to feud with Beth Phoenix.

* Gail says the Knockouts never talked about their pay in TNA. Any frustration was between talent and office, not with each other.

* Gail on leaving TNA: She was in contract negotiations, but was having financial issues. She says the pay she was being offered, she couldn’t accept at that time. WWE reached out and offered her more money. She said she spoke to everyone in the TNA office and bawled when she spoke to Jeff Jarrett. She says: “When life takes over, you have to do what you have to do to pay your bills.”

* On re-signing with WWE, Gail says Johnny Ace told her that the creative team was so excited to have her back and had ideas for her. Hmm… really?

* Gail says she was offered a training position in FCW but turned it down because she felt she still had a lot to offer in her career.

* Gail says every week there’d be a new rule for the Divas like “no kicking”, “no punching” etc. “It was so frustrating.” WWE wanted “more girliness” in Divas matches.

* Gail says it’s sad that the Women’s Title was retired. WWE needs two titles for both shows. She says the Divas were sad about it.

* Gail reveals that she had four boob jobs. She says she never felt pressure from WWE to do it and even asked her mom in high school to have breast implants. “No pressure.” Never heard a story about there being pressure.

* Gail says she heard rumors that the Daniel Bryan/Bella Twins storyline ended because the network thought it wasn’t heading in a very PG direction, so she was brought in as his girlfriend to end the storyline. Gail says fans, Vince and Kevin Dunn loved the Gail/Bellas catfight when she was revealed as DB’s girlfriend.

* Gail says she was ready to quit the day that she was revealed as Daniel Bryan’s girlfriend, but prolonged it because she was finally being used.

* Gail says she felt slapped in the face and disrespected by a series of events and doesn’t take back her action of eliminating herself in the Divas battle royal. She recalls one instance when she went out to the ring with Daniel Bryan as his manager, but when she got to ringside, she was told to go to the back. She had just stood in 10 minutes in gorilla position with Vince and others there, however she wasn’t told she wasn’t supposed to go out. Agents told her she was going out. However, when she went out there, she was told to go back. She felt disrespected and spoke to Johnny Ace.

* Gail says she felt frustrated in WWE. She had been approached about re-signing by Johnny Ace but said she definitely wasn’t going to re-sign. She didn’t know how much longer she was going to last. The night of the battle royal came on Raw. She felt that the Divas were treated as a joke but tried to make the best of every situation. She says the battle royal came and they were told, “Everybody has to get out of the ring as fast as possible in the first minute”. She says other things happened that day but won’t reveal what happened. She felt disrespected at that moment and wanted to be disrespectful back, thus eliminating herself. She does admit it was childish. She went to the back & none of the agents or higher-ups noticed that she had eliminated herself. Later on in the night, she quit and told Johnny that he eliminated himself and he laughed! They didn’t notice or care.

* She says when she quit, Johnny Ace offered her the training role in FCW again but she turned it down. She says he wouldn’t let her quit. She said she wanted walk away & offered to give up the money. They told her she has to wait for her contract to run out. They didn’t want her working for any other wrestling companies.

Gail says she went into the locker room at Raw and announced to the Divas that she had quit. Everyone was shocked and sad.

Gail says she told Johnny to stop controlling her. She just wanted to be free. She says she told them to keep their money but they wouldn’t let her walk. They had a lawyer call her and explain the ‘legal repercussions’ of her quitting.

* Gail on WWE hiring models instead of independent wrestlers: She says that’s what it is right now. Girls like Beth and Natalya are a rare breed. She thinks women can be a draw & have kick ass matches.

* Regarding “that match” with Mickie James: They were very excited to have the match and planned too much. She wasn’t injured. They tried to call it on the fly but it didn’t work. She says, “We’re human”.

* Gail says she’d love for the girls to be treated equally. She wants to see them be given the same opportunities as the men. It’s frustrating being held down. She says the Knockouts division is proof that people want to see women’s wrestling.

Stay tuned for a live after show at 11pm on Diva Dirt. Call in on 347-989-8156.

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  • art

    thats bullshit…why even have a division if you dont want the women to be any good or near the guys level how are they gonna be taken seriously…

    • vonVile

      Primitive men don’t like to look inferior and weak to women. They want to be the superior gender.

    • ballplayer10123

      Yeah it is bullshit. AND COMPLETELY OBVIOUS by the way the WWE books the Divas. It is unadulterated sabotage. Vince Mac is clearly wrong on this issue, but stands steadfastly as a mule.

      Just look at the way Johhny Ace instructed Kelly and Eve to leave the ring this past Monday on his way out to the ring. His little disregarding waive, as if to say, “OK ladies your time is up, now get the fuck out of the ring.” Like they were lucky to even have that little amount of time. Just completely disrespectful. I swear to god its systemic within the WWE.

  • Envy

    Speak the truth, Gail!

  • Tory_

    That’s truly upsetting to hear. Honestly, Ive never got that vibe years ago. Sad.

  • Dave Muscarella

    If WWE doesnt want GOOD female wrestlers, why is Rosa a multiple time champion by now? She will never be “too good”!

    • Dave Muscarella

      Er. why ISN’T I mean..

      • art

        give it time,look who was the former champion…yelly kelly…

        • Katie

          She’s been there just about as long as Kelly has and what has she shown? That almost anything she does in the ring is weak, she really shouldn’t be a wrestler. How much more time can the fans give her?

    • Raekon

      Rosa was OVW champion in which she feuded with Katie Lea over the title and lost it to her after Katie Leas brother Paul interfered in the match behind the referees back.

      She has shown that she can wrestle good in houseshows that werent televised (a guy that saw her in germany told me) and she has shown that she can actually execute and sell moves perfectly in FCW and partially in OVW.

      On the main roster she was placed in the shoes of the main jobber since the beginning and besides a dropkick, her snap suplex a few punches and kicks or hair pulling, she wasn’t allowed to show anything else.

      She only got to show a side suplex back breaker(as far as I remember) combo as her finisher in a battle royal in which all divas executed their finishers one after another back in 2008 or 2009(have to recheck if I find the video on youtube).

      At least Gail confirms everything I was saying about the Divas the whole time and proves me (unfortunately). :(

      I wish I would be wrong on this though cause its really frustrating.

      I guess that the chickbusters and the bellas got probably heat because of their last match since they pulled moves and bumps that usually only superstars are doing in their tag team match on wwe superstars.

  • shameronstar

    OMG! I guess that old saying the truth hurts is actually very true. That’s very similar to when Melina said her and Michelle got in trouble because of that ddt on the barricade spot. Well quoted by Kyle from South Park,”THOSE BASTARDS!”

    • Melina&Mickie4ever!

      Lol yeah I remember when Michelle and melina got heat for that.

  • EveLover

    Thats sad. I remember that DDT michelle did to melina at NOF 2009 and I believe the guys praised them yet the creative ,I think, told them that it was too “Rough” .Thats so pathetic .

    • EveLover


  • shameronstar

    OMG! I knew it. wwe are racist against Asians!

    • Megumi


      • soju81

        Well she didn’t say they are definitely racist. However lets look at the facts:

        1) Hiroko is brought it in 2004 & Gail is fired shortly after.
        2) Gail Kim is rehired & Lena Yada is fired within 1 month.
        3) Gail is traded to RAW & Savanah is fired shortly after for “messing up her lines on RAW.”
        4) After Savanah’s release Gail was not seen on RAW for quite awhile.

        Hmmmm….. Maybe they are not racist but those seem like big coincidences.

  • Melina&Mickie4ever!

    How sad really it is. I’ve said this before when Melina and Gail departed from the wwe that was the final straw that broke the camels back for me. I don’t really care for the divison anymore. Of course I’m still watching for Beth , Aj and Alicia. Other than that its just eh…its not getting any better and it probably won’t considering what gail said about what management says to the dives. About getting to good…I mean really

    • shameronstar

      You know, if this is truth I truly feel sorry for Naomi. The woman works herself to become a legit performer in the ring but because she’s far above the average she’s going to be hidden like a red headed step child:(

      • Melina&Mickie4ever!

        It has to be true , look at how the division is now ? The same 4 divas being used In a fued with the same recycled matches , with no meaning. Naomi hopefully *crosses fingers* that she gets a chance. If what gail said about management is true then why have any bit of hope ? Lol she left like 3 months ago.

        • melon2617

          I’m sorry but I simply don’t believe her. I love how nothing is Gail’s fault. “I didn’t connect with fans because I get no promo time!” Maryse doesn’t even speak English & flips her hair & she’s over. You make use of your time.

          Is WWE perfect? God no! They’ve neglected the Divas much like their undercard belts (aside from the US title) & are only now rectifying it. But for Gail to make it sound like she’s a victim & nothing is her fault is absurd. Maybe she had an attitude backstage. Considering her Twitter rants I wouldn’t be surprised, Just like I’m sure the truth is somewhere in the middle. WWE misused Gail initially so Gail became a pain in the ass & WWE continued to misuse her. Everyone is @ fault here.

        • art

          @melon maryse is over because of her looks the same as kelly…its gonna take more for a woman of different race who wwe hardly or barely used who doesnt dress like a stripper or act like one..

        • Mr. Asstastic


          Yeah, I think there’s two sides to every story…

        • Melina&Mickie4ever!

          @melon wth r u talking about ? How do u know she is lieing ?. How many other divas besides Kelly , maryse , and Lay-cool got Mic time.? Nattie developed a voice when she turned face ? Beth only a few times. Gail didn’t get any promo time , how can she work with something she was never given. I’m sorry but your comment was just …. stupid. Imo.

        • Mr. Asstastic

          Calling Melon’s opinion stupid is pretty harsh. Is there not a code of conduct around here? Anyhow, I don’t know when this promo time of Kelly’s that you’re referring to occurred, other than on commentary which Natalya was also there for. Also, I can’t recall Beth being given more mic time than she’s been given recently, and it hasn’t helped her with the fans one way or another.

        • Melina&Mickie4ever!

          Yeah it was harsh srry melon :( just read my last comment at the bottom lol I.have anger problems

        • Melina&Mickie4ever!

          @mr A – I’m reffring to her backstage segments where she is given a voice , her main event moment ,.storyline with dolph zigglrr , segment with trish and lay-cool , etc etc. Now look at gail kim what has she had .?. Don’t count her so called pushes…she had a few segments backstage said 2 or 3 wrds..

        • litafan2000

          Melon2617: I agree with you! Btw are you Melon420 from imdb? I just remember that name from the raw boards back in 2005 or 2006. Lol

        • Belize

          @MR.ASSTASTIC: “Is there not a code of conduct around here?”

          Oh you mean the one that disappears for you Yelly Kelly marks once people start criticizing her? Girl, sit your ass down.

        • melon2617

          @litafan2000 yes! I was there off & on until someone pissed on me for editing a typo out of a post.

  • Jhonmarco

    Well this is interesting. I always felt wwe never wanted the divas to outshine the guys, explains A LOT.

  • DsShin

    oh i remember she was announced to be on the korean show “ingan-geukjang” like 2004 and never made it. but I thought she was pulled off because of her nude photoshoot….but it was WWE damn….

  • shameronstar

    I against a beautiful woman looking more competent in the ring than Vince’s beloved hgh enhanced bodybuilders is too much for him to handle.

    • shameronstar

      I meant guess not against. Damn typos.

  • melon2617

    I don’t know if I believe that. Gail knows she can say damn near anything & people are going to eat it up. I can see some of it, but not that one.

  • shameronstar

    I guess oligarchy really has poisoned wwe’s sense of reason over the years.

  • shameronstar

    Umm, The story about Kaval, Gail Kim, and Kharma seems interesting. Who know such a random sequence of events would have lead to one of the most epic women’s’ wrestling feuds of the past decade:D

  • Lanoom

    This is pathetic and symptomatic of problems with the whole company.

  • perceval

    Damn. I’d seen the theory that the reason the Division had gotten so bad was they didn’t want another Golden Era to emerge, with upstaging the guys as the reason, but that never made sense.

    But, now we have confirmation.

  • art

    it looked like kelly vs kharma which would be a waste & a joke…

  • shameronstar

    Part of me is glad Kharma didn’t wrestle Gail Kim. They would have had Gail squashed, and considering their past work that would have been ashamed to see happen.

  • Dave Muscarella

    Imagine if Nattie & Beth were still in SHIMMER? Oh man, the matches they could be having..

  • Melina&Mickie4ever!

    So the plan was kharma vs Beth originally ? Wow amazing

  • shameronstar

    If that is true, it looks like Kharma would have crushed Kelly(YAY), and Beth would have fought her(just as most of use predicted previously).

  • JoshiTom

    Off to bigger and better! Best of luck to Gail..

  • number1AngelinaLovefan

    Wow that is just sexist against the women i am sure the WWE guys wouldn’t even care if they got 1 uped by the DIVAS i am sure they would be happy for them wow F U WWE CREATIVE

    • shameronstar

      Remember that Vince is an older guy, so he has a very archaic mentality about the roles of a man and woman.

      • number1AngelinaLovefan

        O yeah well than F U VINCE

    • Mr. Asstastic

      LOL @ Johnny Ace. Gail should have known that was a bald headed lie.

      • number1AngelinaLovefan

        Yeah really she should of known Johhny doesn’t care about divas just him self he is a terrible TALENT picker and they should get a new 1 beuz they are not producing any good talent in FCW right now

        • Mike in Like

          I disagree, there’s a lot of good talent in FCW right now imo. Claudio Castagnoli, Alex Kozlov, Tyler Black, Sterling James Keenan, Naomi, Leah West, Tenille Tayla to name a few. I think FCW is looking fantastic at the moment.

  • Melina&Mickie4ever!

    Maybe crazy Kelly would have been the victim and Beth would have been Miss Marvel swoop in and save crazy Kelly. Crazy Kelly is lucky if kharma didn’t get pregnant then she would still be plain old kelly kelly and not have been divas champion

  • Melina&Mickie4ever!

    Okay seriously how much do the knockouts get paid .? If anyone has an idea plz enlighten a brotha lol

    • shameronstar

      Based on all the things I hear, I’m starting to think it could be comparable to working full-time at a fast food restaurant or grocery store.

      • Melina&Mickie4ever!

        Same here .I’m like how much r ya getting paid minimum wage 7.25 an hour plus a additional 3.45 working house Their checks must be like 550 every two weeks. Lol

    • perceval

      Awesome Kong was making something like $400 a match.

      Mickie reportedly makes six figures, but, well, she’s Mickie James.

      The most paid to any Knockout was $500 million. Who was worth that much? Jenna Morasca. Yes, they paid half a million for THAT match with Sharmell while Kong was making so little.

      • shameronstar

        Yea, she should start saying,”… because I’m Mickie James BITCH!”

      • art

        LOL’s at $500 million…

        • perceval

          Oops, meant 500 thousand. Was thinking that, and half a million at the same time. Too bad we don’t have an edit feature.