The Diva Dirt Perfect 10: Week of October 10th, 2011

It’s back! The Diva Dirt Perfect 10 makes a return as we look at the movers and shakers of the Divas and Knockouts division this past week a la’s Power 25. Which femme fatales impressed on Raw, SmackDown, NXT, Superstars, Impact Wrestling and FCW? (Note: Pay per views will be counted the following week.)

Let’s find out…

#10. Traci Brooks

Last Week

This week, our #10 spot goes to TNA Knockout Traci Brooks, who finally got a small measure of revenge on the evil dictator, Karen Jarrett, by allowing Velvet Sky to trip her up and allow Miss Karen to experience a bit of humiliation herself.

It’s always great to see Traci on TV, although Miss Karen may not agree!

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  • K2&NattieFan

    Great to see Beth again on the first spot :D

    i think the list was great, but I dont agree with Natalya being on here, because she is not doing anythig and thats a shame because she is a great wrestler, and shouldnt be Beth´s sidekick!

  • EveLover

    Great list ,I agree with all the spots .I like beth being in 1st place for the second week in a row :) .

  • Poison_Ivory

    I think Velvet should have been at least a little higher, considering she’s the one who’s most likely to win at BFG. All the hype and promos. Just like when Molly lost her title in 2004, JR and King commentated how great champion she has been and King finally admitted that she has had a great reign etc.

    Though I’d really like Winter to keep the title even for another month..

  • MrMantastic

    Beth is top of the chain n the talk. Madison pinned Velvet sky, so idk whos gonna win since she has that edge! And yeah Molly had a great 8 month reign lol but things didnt exactly revolve around her unfortunatly lol…

  • RealMaryse

    beth #1 again