FCW Watch (October 17th, 2011): Audrey Marie vs Leah West

Come one, come all to another FCW Watch!~ Today, I come bearing a plethora of gifts, as we continue to witness the development of Aksana‘s devious ways, alongside Audrey Marie defending her Divas Championship against Leah West (Irena Janjic), AND Naomi, as well as Cameron Lynn (Ariane Andrew) and Byron Saxton take to the microphone in an exclusive interview with Briley Pierce.

Without any further ado, let’s get started!

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As we head to the back, FCW interviewer Briley Pierce, stands by with the greatest wrestler to ever lace up a pair of boots, Husky Harris (no bias here whatsoever). Briley asks Husky if Bo Rotundo’s condition is improving at all (Note: Bo was forced to vacate his championship when he suffered a lacerated kidney). Husky informs us that Bo will be fine, but more importantly, after tonight he will seize his opportunity and emerge victorious in the triple threat main event this evening. Out of nowhere, Richie Steamboat emerges and tries to wish Husky luck with an apology for things getting out of hand last week.

Husky simply says okay and pats Briley on the back as he heads out. Briley then turns the interview towards Richie, when out of nowhere the screams of Aksana can be heard from the room Husky just entered. Richie charges in as he sees Husky standing over a fallen Aksana. He spins Husky around and superkicks the taste out of his mouth! Richie then consoles a crying Aksana, as she suddenly changes tune with a smirk to the camera when their backs are all turned.

From there, we head out to the ring where Leah West makes her entrance in this FCW Divas Championship match! She is soon followed by the Divas Champ herself, cowgirl Audrey Marie! After some posing on the stage with her title, she steps up to the ring and gets inside. Leah seems ready for her big opportunity to make Audrey’s reign the shortest of all time, as the referee holds the belt up. The bell sounds, as the two women lock up. Audrey shoves Leah to the turnbuckle for a two count, followed by a wrist lock that she maintains for a few various holds. She sends Leah into the ropes and goes for a dropkick, to which West holds on and Marie is sent crashing down.

Leah slams Audrey back by the hair for a two count, as she then applies a choke hold that transitions into a few claw holds on the shoulders. From there, West turns it into an impressive looking submission where she grabs Audrey’s arms and bends her back over the knee! William Regal informs us that the move is applied correctly, and how it must be the Lance Storm training in Leah that helps her. (Trust me, if you watch NXT, William Regal is not easy to please when it comes to applying maneuvers correctly)

Leah slams Audrey’s head forward, before picking her up and sending her into the ropes. Audrey leaps over West and goes for a Sunset Flip, but Leah pokes her in the eye and goes to slam down on top of her…only Audrey rolls out of the way and West ends up colliding butt first into the ring canvas. Marie ducks a fist, and then takes control with an atomic drop! From there, she takes Leah down with a shoulder tackle, followed up with a clothesline. She goes to apply a full nelson, but Leah tries to reverse it, only she ends up getting caught right in Audrey’s finisher, The Round Up! Hook of the leg gets the victory for our Divas Champion as she retains her title!

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Briley Pierce returns to our viewing, as he is seen standing by with the controversial faction that formed last week between Byron Saxton, Naomi, and Cameron Lynn. Briley questions why Saxton has associated himself with the two women, as Byron puts them over while they pose at ringside in their furry boots. Byron tells the universe that they are unique, different, and that they have a platform of potential. Naomi tries to take over, but Byron says not yet! He says if you mess with any one of them, you’re gonna get messed up.

Naomi then takes the microphone and first off, gives a shout out to her momma, her dad, and her brother who she always used to tell she would be on TV one day…HEYYYYYYYY. HOLLLAAA. Naomi proclaims that all these other divas ain’t got nothing on them, and that they are the best divas in FCW. She continues with Whoever wants some, can come get some! Cameron then takes the microphone from Naomi and proclaims that she’s got an idea! She says that next week, they should challenge any two divas in the back to a match. She follows it up with a cackle and a YEAHHHHHHHHHHH, which sparks the two ladies to exchange YEAHHHHHHH’S. After a HEYYYYY from Cameron and a HOLLLAAA from Naomi, they head out as Byron lets out one final YEAHHHHHH.

Thoughts: Where do I begin? Anytime I can write about the greatest wrestler of all time, Husky Harris, you know the FCW Watch will be top notch full of stuff to talk about. I’m intrigued to where this whole Aksana storyline is heading as it’s getting more interesting than just her talking to people now. The match between Leah and Audrey was a solid outing. I wasn’t sure what to expect between the two but I liked what I saw. Leah seems, to me, that she could be a really good heel. I don’t know why but I get the vibe from her during her entrance and more aggressive moveset. I also think she performs better when she’s in control of the match as opposed to when someone else is.

The interview, I’m sure will bring up a lot of stereotype controversy, but let’s all remember that Santino Marella got popular because he was a stereotype of an Italian. Wrestling is about over the top characters, and, I personally, love the gimmick between Byron, Naomi, and Cameron. I think it has potential to take them to the main show after they get more accustomed to working together and some more training for newly recruited, Cameron. Naomi was unfortunately not going anywhere being on her own, and at least now she seems to have rejuvenated her career in FCW as opposed to showing up to wrestle a singles match here and there.

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  • Rhawk

    Divas match – Decent, nothing too great but it was terrible. A little boringish though I have to say.
    Naomi – Girl you get yourself on the main roster now, loved it!
    Cameron – I think my laptop screen may have split in two from the terribleness that is this cancer amongst the FCW & WWE divas. It’s not too late, she can still be gone quicker than Jackson Andrew’s WWE run (who?)

  • Anthony

    I agree with Bobby about the whole interview segment. Naomi really needed this. Cameron really doesn’t bother me at all, I think people need to give her a chance.

    As for the match, I really didn’t think it was that bad. I mean, these girls are in FCW, they are still learning and they put on a decent match. I think Audrey has improved a lot from her first televised match. Leah wasn’t that bad either.

    I like the new crop of FCW girls.

  • javiousmckenzie

    I skipped the divas match cause im not interested in either i mean who is this Audrey chick she just popped up smh anyways and what is up with Aksana is she back in FCW where has she been. Now onto Naomi.and Cameron i actually think Cameron is playing her role rather well making me think of Ice Cube GF in the first Friday and in Dont be a menace in south central while drinking your juice in the hood forgot her name she did the proud family voice but anyways im seeing a lot of her and Shanaynay to.

    • Marshy

      Does the actress Paula Jai Parker on Wayans Brothers show,who have also played Trudy Proud on the Proud Family,on first Friday as Ice Cube GF and with the combining of Sheneneh’s friend and co-worker on Martin, Laquita ring any bells? That is what Cameron Lynn is portraying in FCW,her picture on the website doesn’t do her any justice.

  • javiousmckenzie

    As for Naomi i dont want this on the main show and knowing Vince he will love this and it will be. Naomi will end up just like Jillian a talented wrestler with a bright future ahead of her saddled with bad gimmicks til the point no one takes her serious. Now Cameron yes as i see her more of a character as of now anyways but Naomi doing this on the main show no sure it will be funny get a pop a few laughs but will it be worth it in the long run…. Now if they want to bring a stable up that should be The Ascension

  • http://www.youtube.com/RingVixens Teri

    Naomi and Cameron’s gimmick needs to make its way onto Raw. Like, right now.

  • JJ

    So basically, Naomi and Cameron are the ghetto version of LayCool?!?! lol

  • SherriShepherdWWE

    i liked the match, very impressive showing from both Leah and audrey and I loved the interview with Naomi and Cameron, except cameron was alittle annoying, but still it was very good

  • http://au.groups.yahoo.com/group/WWE_Divas/ art

    leah vs audrey was terrible…leahs outfit is sooo plain so she needs to change it up..
    Naomi i dont know why shes still down at fcw,i dont know why they still want her down at fcw….Byron is their pimp??…so Cameron is the dumb one LOL….can wwe be more racist/stereotypical…

  • darkangels

    decent black women should be outrage by naomi and cameron new gimmick a female version of crime tyme #just sad

    • corndogagenda

      I like to think I’m a “decent black woman” and IMO Naomi and Cameron are pretty comical.

      They’re not a female version of (pre-2009) Cryme Tyme…yet.

    • Raekon

      honestly, I’d rather have naomi being comical in such gimmicks and successfull instead of released because no one cares about her.

      Through this, she at least manages to show that she is not only a true talent in the ring but also outside it.

    • squared.circle

      I think it’s a personal matter. Some Black women couldn’t care less how they are represented in mass media b/c they feel it doesn’t reflect them. It’s problematic when this the most profitable/disseminated image of black women. Sure, it’ll get a few laughs, but is it really worth what they’re perpetuating in the long run? I don’t think it is. There are other gimmicks she can take on. If this is the only way Naomi can hope to get over, it’s a sad, sad world.

      • Marshy

        Especially on how they are portrayed on Basketball Wives,Flavor Of Love,Real Chance Of Love,Ochocinco(way before Evelyn Lozada has got engage to Ochocinco)For The Love Of Ray J,and Bad Girls Club. They don’t care that we have Michelle Obama in the white house as the first lady,it is something that African-American has been striving for decades

  • DnelDivaLovin89

    Y do they have banners for lucky cannon and vladimir if theyve both been fired lol

    • Marshy

      I am wondering the same thing that they might as well have Sonia and any other Divas who were release/fired.

  • trishfan11

    I thought the Leah West-Audrey Marie match was okay. It was a bit short but Audrey has indeed come a long way in just a few months. She makes it hard to remember that she just started wrestling earlier this year. I thought Leah was more experienced and a better wrestler but she seems to be having timing issues, both in this match and last week’s match against Naomi.

    I think the Naomi-Cameron duo is comical. Naomi seems to have taken to the role pretty well while Cameron appears a bit forced. To me, Naomi should definitely be on the main roster – she’s athletic, is awesome in the ring (something that may be holding her back since you can’t have a new comer in the WWE outshining some of their stars that have been there for much longer) and she’s showing here that she can play a different kind of character from the face one we are used to seeing. I think the duo may come off as a bit stereotypical but they are hilarious. I just hope Naomi doesn’t get stuck with this gimmick forever. The girl deserves a solid run in the WWE, more than any of the other NXT3 girls.

    • French.One

      Leah has timing issues because they’re slow.

  • Jake

    How did I know that some DD readers would bring up the racist and stereotypical card for this gimmick? Seriously, WWE has used worse gimmicks for they’re superstars and divas yet only the “ghetto” gimmick offends people (besides Cyme Tyme – I can understand that lol)

    Leah is boring. Girl is going to get released when Tenille comes unless they want to pair those two together as some Australian team. Audrey is getting better each week.

    Aksana = Amazing

    Cameron and Naomi are entertaining. Can’t wait to see more of them.

    • Jake

      their superstars, not they’re lol

    • Lovedaddio

      Ahh, we’re bringing it up because IT IS RACIST AND STEREOTYPICAL. So what you’re saying is just because WWE has had even worse racist gimmicks like Cryme Tyme and the Godfather and his hoes, that we should just let this go??

      You know I really avoid making personal attacks against people on here, and won’t do it here, but you sure are making it hard for me not to. I dare you to name another gimmick that has been as racially insensitive as what WWE does to its African-American wrestlers. If you remember Kristal Marshall quit WWE because they wanted her to do a gimmick/storyline with Teddy Long that was so racist and inappropriate that she wouldn’t even discuss it.

      Get a clue Jake, everyone but you seemingly, knows Vince McMahon is a racist, sexist bastard.

      • squared.circle

        Thank you! This needed to be said.

        • Marshy

          Vince has allowed Bret Hart to be inducted into the Hall Of Fame while Madusa(Alundra Blayze) according to Vince’s eyes that she will never be inducted into the Hall Of Fame for what she has done to the WWF Women’s Championship title on Monday Night Nitro. Bret Hart who is a man was involved in the Montreal Screwjob while Madusa who is a woman have dump a prestige title in the trash on a rival wrestling comapny show.

      • unscripted & flawless

        That did need to be said. It’s not the fact that they have a “ghetto” gimmick, it’s the fact that besides Jazz, Alicia Fox, and very few others, that’s all WWE seems to be able to come up with for their African-American wrestlers. Like LOVEADDIO said, the Godfather and Cryme Tyme are great examples..but they’re not the only ones. I don’t “just play the race card” when it comes to African-Americans, I do it when they go so overboard to the point that it’s a straight up stereotype and it is offense to the race. Santino may have become popular from being Italian, but did you ever see him fist pumping, tanning himself, and calling himself a Guido? (Robbie E)….No, because Santino was never pushed to be a stereotype, he was just pushed to be a comedic character. They could have done Naomi & Cameron the same way without the wigs, the weave, the patting of the heads nonstop, the popping of the gum, and the “twerking” It’s unnecessary. For all I care, they could come out, look NATURAL and crack “Yo Mama” jokes…that’s a comedic character. What they’re doing right now is a straight up stereotype and it disgusts me.

        • DjayDay

          Okay. This post made me extremely upset. For one reason. You TOTALLY did pull the race card. Santino Marella was in fact, an Italian Stereotype, my friend, in fact numerous people have said he was, and he got over because of it. When people see something obnoxious and over the top, the immediately gravitate towards. When someone plays a stereotypical character, it is meant to be outlandish and insane. WWE themselves is not saying this is how all African-Americans act, it is the absurdity of what Cameron and Naomi are doing, it is what makes it a character. There are portraying, almost parodying of what some people seem to think they act like, in reality they don’t, hence why they did it.

          The girls have not walked out and screamed out racial slurs, they have not walked out and referenced there ethnicity, in fact they haven’t even said anything that seems to be extremely racist, besides acting goofy. The weave thing is obviously a parody. But when Santino would do goofy and ridiculous things no one said a word. I find it pretty ridiculous when ANYONE does something crazy and quirky and they are immediately degrading a community. Most people that I have talked to, who are African-american, find it quite funny because they know that it not how they all act. ONCE AGAIN, it is the obsurdity of it that makes it a parody. Sure, it does push it a little, but for all we know, it could be them making fun of girls like that.

        • Lovedaddio

          You’re right Cryme Tyme and the Godfather weren;t the only ones.

          Papa Shango= Voodoo priest
          Kamala the Ugandan Giant = African beast
          R-Truth= a rapper
          MVP = bringing up the fact that he did 9 years in prison for armed robbery, when half the wrestlers in WWE have a rap sheet
          The Nation of Domination= putting all the African American wrestlers in one group of angry men blaming “The Man”.

          I must’ve missed WWE putting all the white guys in a clicque called the “Nation of Oppression” . Let me know when I should stop…..

          By while I’m on a roll…..how come Rey Misterio isn’t a gangbanger?
          Why isn;t Alberto Del Rio a drug lord from a Mexican cartel??
          Why isn’t Yoshi Tatsu a ninja??
          How come Gail Kim wasn’t a face-painted Geisha girl??

          Well I guess we should be happy that David Otunga no matter how boring he is, is at least recognized as a Harvard law school grad.
          All I am saying is that it looks really bad when a large number of the stereotypical gimmicks focus on one race of people, that’s all I’m saying.

          If anyone on DD can name other gimmicks that were as racially insensitive or more than the ones I mentioned above, I’ll gladly apologize for my statements.

        • unscripted & flawless

          Other than his entrance music being Italian and him having Italian ring gear…how was Santino a stereotype? Did he ever have an overly exaggerated mob gimmick? Santino has been teamed with Vladamir Koslov, he’s “dated” Beth Phoenix and Maria…like I said, and I’m going to keep saying it, Santino’s character was COMEDIC RELIEF. That was IT. Honestly, if you want to say my comment was racial and made you extremely upset, think about the fact that Santino has played a woman in WWE…is that an Italian stereotype? So far from the two weeks I’ve seen this Naomi gimmick, it’s been nothing but one typical ghetto African-American stereotype after the other, and now they’re continuing the trend by having them be nothing but loud on the microphone. Please name one time when people like Cryme Tyme weren’t stereotyped? Stealing things from the other superstars and trying to sell them to the fans, durags, tank tops, and a rap song for entrance music. Naomi/Cameron might be the female Cryme Tyme, but in my eyes, that’s FAR from a good thing. So actually, YOUR comment made ME angry because of the fact that you’re defending this type of gimmick, especially for a woman like Naomi. If she is called up because of this, is it even freaking worth it to see her on TV acting an absolute fool? I think I’d rather her be in FCW for a while longer and debut with a proper gimmick. There’s no reason she needs this to be noticed, because she was noticed perfectly fine on NXT without it, so I’m sure she can be well received in WWE without it.

        • DjayDay


          Okay. I am not arguing. However, what you seem to NOT understand, and were to busy rampaging, was the fact I said, that there are STEREOTYPES! Yes, but as I said, they are CHARACTERS! I would have honestly never brought up any of the things you said with the Gail thing. Seriously? Are you kidding? That is racist statement all in itself. Look, man, ALL I was saying was, you seem to glaze over everything and go straight for the race card. It is not the big picture, its the details. MVP, did mention his jail sentence, to show where he came from and how he has soared above it. Alberto takes shots at Mexico all the time. As for your so called “roll”, its pretty petty you have to go after all that. All of these gimmicks you named were in fact GIMMICKS! If Kamala was a white man, he would be called something else. It is because of his background that he was called an African Beast! It is completely understandable, in fact it is common sense. It is not a racist thing to say he is from Africa, it just his ethnicity. Come on now seriously. As for Papa Shango, I had no idea being an African-American had anything at all to do with Voodoo, you did that one all on your own.

          Stop contradicting yourself, and please for the love of God, read and think about each gimmick, before just naming people of a African ethnicity to make a point. Thank You.

        • DjayDay

          @Unscripted and Flawless?

          Um, I never said, that Cryme Tyme was not a stereotype. In fact, I myself said, that I didn’t like the gimmick, if you read other comments I made. I do not understand why I am being attacked. You seem to name off TONS of other African-American wrestlers with gimmicks, and seem to think everything is racist, when in REALITY, what I was saying is there is alot more to it then stereotyping. It is a parody. I did not mean anything offensive. The comment made me angry, because you said you did not pull the race card, when in fact you did. Not every white folk is a racist. I am just defending the girls. That is it. If it was up to me, they would just be wrestling, but they aren’t. Is this the perfect gimmick. No. But it is a parody, comic relief, it DOES NOT MEAN THIS IS HOW ALL AFRICAN-AMERICANS ACT!!

          Now, I am apologizing, but I was just giving my counter-point, okay?

        • unscripted & flawless

          First of all, no one is attacking you..you chose to reply to my comment, I didn’t force you. Second of all, it has nothing to do with race..the stereotype itself is disrespectful, vile, and disgusting to the point where only the lowest and most desparate human beings on this Earth would have to resort to using it. I don’t care if they are white, Asian, black, yellow, blue, purple, or pink…using a “ghetto” gimmick, or ANY gimmick that stereotypes any group of people, is pathetic. Why can’t they just be wrestlers? Do you see Kelly Kelly running around as a dumb blond? Do you see Beth Phoenix trying to fight men (I mean consistently; think Chyna) just because she’s muscular? But it’s funny how some Diva-Dirt posters choose what is and what isn’t offensive, because I bet you found LayCool picking on Mickie James’ weight offensive, didn’t you? If you did, then it can be argued that they were only playing their characters, and that it was all in-character and none of it was aimed at her real problems. I don’t find it a parody of anything but stupidity, and it may be comedic relief for the simple minded, but like I said, I can see past the childish stupidity and expect more from Naomi. Excuse me for expecting her to be the next Alicia Fox, not the next Whoocie Mama on Da Block poppin her booty and pattin her weave. *eyeroll* I think this conversation is exhausted.

    • DjayDay

      @U & F

      K. You have your opinion I have mine, I have honestly enjoyed this conversation. It was nice having a debate with pople who actually understands wrestling, society and have good counter points. Always better then arguing with a troll, who just likes to hate and thinks they know everything.


      • Lovedaddio

        So who’s the troll who thinks they know everything??? Me?? Whether its me or not let’s get one thing clear about your post directed at me. My post where i talked about other wrestlers not being stereotypes wasn’t even directed at YOU. It was directed towarsds Jake, the original poster and alos agreeing with Unscripted and Flawless that Cryme Tyme was NOT the only racist gimmick in WWE. To prove my point I mentioned other examples of racist gimmicks WWE has used over the years with African-American talent.

        Just because you know nothing about voodoo doesn’t change the facts. And yes, voodoo is a religion that while recognized with Creole culture of Louisiana goes back to the island of Haiti. And for your limited knowledge Kamala was not African. His name was Jim Wright and he was born and raised in San Antonio, TX, but still they had to make him from Africa with face paint…why??

        If he had been white, he would’ve probably been called…geee I dont know..maybe…THE BIG SHOW!!!! You completely missed the entire point of my post. I am not questioning gimmicks, professional wrestling become the mega-popular entity that is is because of gimmicks. My problem is with gimmicks that are stereotypical and racist. I made that point more than perfectly clear yet you chose to pull something completely off base out of what I said. I mentioned people like Gail Kim, Yoshi Tatsu, ADR and Rey Misterio because they are minorities just like Cryme Tyme, and Naomi and R-Truth. How is that racist??

        ADR takes shots at Mexico all the time??? To quote the Miz…”really???…really??..REALLY?? You just showed how baseless your post was by reaching for that one. Ya know even though Vince isn’t this stupid, but I’d be dying to know what you’d think of a gimmick with a redneck carrying a rebel flag in one hand and a sign that says “I Hate NIGGERS”, in the other??

        I also challenged you to come up with a “character” as you put it that is more racially offensive or stereotypical than the ones that I mentioned, but you didnt do that did you??? You’re right you have your opinion and I have mine so how about I won’t comment on any of your posts going forward and you do the same..

        The troll who knows everything..aka Lovedaddio

        P.S. The fact that you resort to name-calling just makes me realize how right I am…thanks :)

    • DjayDay


      um, I never called you a troll. I was talking to both of you when I said I liked the convo as it gave me something to think about. Was that actually necessary. My comment was not baseless As I was stating MY opinion. If you would like to continue talking let’s talk, don’t tyraid. okay, I never said your wrong and I’m right. Are we cool or….

  • http://myspace.com/bigdogpimp20 Kantrell


    • squared.circle

      I feel you.

  • Mr. Asstastic

    I want Cameron’s dolphin laugh for my ringtone.

    • DjayDay

      Favorite post, by far.

    • http://www.youtube.com/rockinred45mvs RR45

      lmfao i know right!

  • shameronstar

    Wow! It’s so, so, sad that the FCW divas get actually characters and the divas on the main show don’t. I like this Audrey she has signs of charisma and she seems to make very noticeable wrestling improvements every time I see her wrestle. Naomi and Cameron are pretty funny. Yes, yes, I know the gimmick is racist and as a black person myself I should feel offended, but I think this could be comical gold on the main roster if it actually got the time devoted to it. Can you imagine Crazy Kelly’s scream from hell vs Cameron’s hyena laugh. Aksana is great as always because she seems to make any storyline she’s in work. I really hope Leah West starts showing me something because I got to be honest I’m not feeling anything from her. Hell, the only thing about her I like is her generic theme song.

  • Nostalgia

    I laughed lol. I can’t wait to see how nay nay and killa cam do in tag team action

  • WWFoverWWE

    Naomi is hilarious, I love her to pieces. I’m happy this gimmick is keeping her relevent because I would be so sad and disappointed if her FCW career ended up being random matches with no meaning behind them

    I don’t think Audrey deserves the title, the crown would’ve suited her level better

  • Blonde Bombshell

    cameron is so annoying.

  • rico

    Lmao I love NayNay and Cameron!!! HEYYYY!!!! I don’t see how the gimmick is “racist” lol it is stereotypical thought but who cares? I bet they’re having fun with the gimmick as would I.

    • Lovedaddio

      “I don’t see how the gimmick is “racist” lol it is stereotypical thought but who cares?”

      WTF??? That’s like saying guns really aren’t dangerous, but they do actually kill people. I swear some people just dont get it…..smh. .

  • jonboi

    is that naomi from nxt?

    • WWFoverWWE


  • http://www.youtube.com/user/LovableLittleRabbit?feature=mhum Megumi

    I don’t know if anyone noticed, but if Cameron is annoying you; she’s doing her job a lot better than you think.

    Working with Naomi might just make this girl the serious competitor people keep barking at her to turn into. We all know Naomi is advanced at this point, being in a tag-team could do what happened to Layla for LayCool. Naomi isn’t bland either, so it might do Cameron even better because one won’t be carrying the wrestling and the other carrying the character (Which for Laycool turned into two good wrestlers, one good actor, and one good HEEL persona.)

    I kind of feel as if people would find the gimmick less offense if they were more serious competitors? I mean people mind automatically find it racist because they’re both black women, but what if these girls were serious. That could have been a good point to change it up a little and have the girls SICK of the stereotypes and want to change people’s view, although that’d probably be less entertaining; WWE is entertainment, not wrestling.

    • DjayDay

      Thank You! A lot of people don’t seem to understand, it is just a gimmick. It won’t stop what they do in the DAMN ring. If anything, it will help both girls. Naomi and Cameron get to come out of their shells and comfort level a little, which will in the end help them. And with Cammy working with one of the company’s best workers, it can only help her in the end as well. If the gimmick is offending you, then just calm down a little. Yes, it is stereotype, but its more of a parody. Yeah, I get it. The Godfather and Cryme Tyme were a little bit offensive, but there has been ALOT of great African-American wrestlers in the WWE, David Otunga, Alicia Fox, R-Truth, Ezekiel Jackson, Kharma, Mark Henry, and the list goes on. There are stereotypes for every race and ethnicity, just let the girls explore and have a little fun.

  • FashionQueen86

    I hate the way they are treating Naomi

  • Spike7000

    The FCW Divas title match was ok. Although she came from no previous wrestling background, Audrey Marie has come a long way

    So what?, Naomi and Cameron/Ariane’s new gimmick is a parody version of the characters Shenenah and her occasional sidekicks Kylolo or Laquita from the 90’s show Martin. Let me guess then later on Naomi is going to start saying ”Oh my goodness” Please people stop with the comparisons to LayCool just because it’s another female tag team, it’s NOT LayCool

  • Mr. Asstastic

    I think so many people are overreacting in regards to Naomi and Cameron. Honestly, half of the stuff they’re doing, they probably came up with themselves. Sure they were paired together by management, but do you honestly think FCW officials told Naomi to wear a wig that she could take off before her matches? Or tell Cameron to do that annoying laugh and pat her wig at ringside? This is their gimmick and they’re running with it. It’s obvious they’re having fun and it’s getting them noticed. Not to mention, I’ve yet to see what’s so racist about it in the first place. Saying that Naomi and Cameron are a bad stereotype is like saying the Beautiful People was a bad stereotype on white women.

    • Mike in Like

      I agree, I mean wrestling is meant to be over the top and fun. It’s just annoying that everyone is over reacting so much. It’s entertaining, and it’s comical. I am so looking forward to seeing more from both of them. I love Cameron, she sounds like the really gossipy chatty chick that would work at a salon. haha

  • JSciola

    Is Audry Marie’s theme a Jimmy Hart of Bloodhound Gang’s “Bad Touch”?

    I’m starting to understand the criticism against Naomi and Cameron’s gimmick.

    Also, it sounds like Cameron is on a pure helium diet.