Serena Pulled from WSU 11/19 iPPV

In an update to our piece earlier today, Serena has now officially been pulled from WSU’s 11/19 Breaking Barriers II pay per view.

Serena was due to face Melina in one of the night’s two main events, however the match was thrown up in the air when Serena announced that she’d be taking an indefinite hiatus under doctors’ orders due to a serious concussion.

WSU tweeted the news, saying: “Breaking news: @SerenaDeeb will not be able to wrestle on 11/19, but she will be in the building to address the fans. Replacement news soon.”

Diva Dirt would like to wish Serena the best as she recovers.

UPDATE: WSU has issued the following press release:

[notice]Breaking WSU News For 10/24: Serena Unable to Wrestle on 11/19; Melina Still Ready To Wrestle!

WSU regrets to inform fans that Serena Deeb, who was currently scheduled to wrestle Melina on 11/19 on iPPV, will be unable to wrestle.

As reported on several news outlets last week, Serena has suffered a severe concussion and has been told by doctors that she can not wrestle for an extended period of time.

Serena wrote the following on her twitter page:

“A message to all my supporters- I recently sustained a rather serious concussion and following my doctors instructions, will not wrestle for a period of time. I apologize to those who were looking forward to seeing me anytime in the near future. I will keep you all posted.”

WSU & Serena were originally going to wait on MRI test results to see if the match could happen. However, after talking everything through, both WSU & Serena decided it was best not to rush into this match, despite the magnitude of the bout. Some things are bigger than wrestling and WSU would not want to jeopardize Serena’s well-being for a short term gain, as we hope to have Serena in WSU for the long haul.

In good news, Serena WILL BE at the show on 11/19 and will address all her fans live on iPPV. Serena has told WSU that she wants to be there to watch Melina in action and says that a match with Melina on WSU iPPV is “An opportunity of a life time”. Serena also stated that she wants to see who gets the match and is looking forward to see who answers the door when opportunity like this knocks.
Serena will be releasing a video exclusively on, which will be posted Tuesday, 10/25, addressing all her fans, media and supporters.

WSU wishes Serena the best of luck in her recovery and we will provide health updates in future WSU updates on our twitter page and on

When one door closes, another door opens. With Serena/Melina unfortunately being postponed to a later date, the show must and will go on come 11/19. Right now Melina is opponent-less.

When told of the situation, WSU Commissioner Amy Lee told the following:

“After hearing all the facts concerning Serena’s injury, I agree with WSU management that Serena should not be allowed to compete until she is 100% healthy. With what we know today, and with recent sport injuries, especially in the case of Chris Nowinski, concussions are a serious matter. But we have a void to fill. WSU management is letting me choose Serena’s opponent and I appreciate WSU allowing me to make this decision and trusting me as commissioner of WSU.

I will announce Melina’s opponent live in the ring, on November 19th. I know WSU has been flooded with requests from talent all over the world for this big opportunity. However, I will tell everyone right now, that I have a list of candidates to wrestle Melina and all of them have WSU roots. This match should go to someone who has broken their ass and gave WSU their hard work, sweat and blood. WSU boasts the most talented roster I have ever seen and there is no one better than someone from WSU to take this opportunity. Every single person in WSU has contacted me about doing double duty on 11/19 and I have had names from WSU’s past ask me if they can return to take on Melina. I am weighing all the options and I will make my final decision on November 19th.

Melina is one of the best women wrestlers to ever grace the squared circle and on 11/19 she better be prepared for everyone, because I promise I will find her the hardest working person possible, and Melina is in for one of the toughest matches of her career. I am asking the fans, media and wrestlers to have faith in my judgement and I promise that my decision will blow the womens wrestling world away. Melina, you have been warned”

WSU management is backing Amy Lee 100% and will stand by whomever she chooses to wrestle Melina on 11/19. Someone will have the opportunity of a lifetime, and you can be there to witness it live or watch it live on iPPV, as Melina will be competing in her first post-WWE match![/notice]

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  • wl75

    Sorry they had to call it off, but better to make sure Serena’s 100% than to do it and possibly make things worse. Now let the speculation begin as to who might be the replacement…The good thing is they have about 4 weeks to figure something out.

  • WWFoverWWE

    I guess it just wasn’t meant to be…..please rest and take care of yourself Serena.

  • number1AngelinaLovefan

    Ooo man thats really sucks i was really hoping that to see that match

  • IronSheikFan

    Sucks that the match is off, but I understand why. Hoping for Mercedes/Melina. I think it’s classy that WSU is still bringing Serena in for the show in a non-wrestling role. I have to drive from NJ for this but I’m looking forward to the show.

    • wl75

      It depends on how they want to book Melina- if it’s as a heel I could see Mercedes as the opponent (storyline wise they could say someone tipped off Midwest Militia about the decision and they paid Melina off to try and injure Mercedes before the WarGames main event…it’s a good way to make lemonade out of this if they work it right in that case)

  • laqisha

    That sucks……as for Melina’s opponent I hope for Nikki Roxx or from the past I’m hoping for Haily hatred or Daffney.

  • Williambitious

    Fuck this. First they move the loacation. Now this?

    • Mikas

      They had to move from that location (Ace arena) because its closing, at least they had time to find a new place. EVOLVE wasnt that lucky, they had to cancel their show.

      And injuries like this will always happen now and then, thats why you have the “card subject to change” disclaimer.

      You really want to blame WSU for 2 things they have absolutely no control over?

      • IronSheikFan

        Agreed. Everyone that ran ACE such as Chikara and Evolve had to cancel their ACE arena dates. Should WSU force Serena into the ring and make her injury worse? This is the first time I can remember WSU getting nailed with outside factors back to back in the years I been attending shows. I’m interested to see how they make chicken salad out of these chicken shit things that happened to them.

    • bressie

      Yup obviously all this is the promotions fault.

  • shannymac

    It sucks that we won’t get to see this match, but Serena’s health is way more important. I hope that she is able to make a full recovery and get back to doing what she loves.

  • Jhonmarco

    A shame we won’t get this match, but a person’s health always comes first. Hopefully there’ll be another time for these two to wrestle & apparently Amy Lee will be Melina’s opponent. /: oh lord, this has the potiential to be a very sloppy match. Get well Serena :)

    • Jhonmarco

      Whoops Amy Lee isn’t Melina’s new opponent, sorry about that :p

  • FashionQueen86

    Can this woman ever get a break?

  • javiousmckenzie

    Please let us get Mischief vs Melina! PLZZZZZZZZZZZZzz

    • Jhonmarco

      MsChif actually commented on that in August on Facebook, she said Melina wouldn’t have any of her own moves to use. Ouch :p

      • javiousmckenzie

        LOL id love to see these two go at

  • imj1995

    Ok this clears things up for me so much. One website said she was retiring and that the doctors told her to start looking for new work. Hope she has a speedy recovery.

    • wl75

      If it’s true, it’s a dang shame…Serena never has had the run she really deserved.

  • jim462

    WOW What a damn shame I sure hope the rumors are not true that soon as she gets well from the concussion & 100% Serena will be able to wrestle again such a great talent. Did it happen when she was wrestling in Japan?

  • MNM4ever

    health comes first but I WAS SO EXCITED… at least melina will still make her in-ring return :D so many possible opponents!

  • Raekon

    Dissappointed that we won’t get to see this match anytime soon but on the other hand very happy that they pulled Serena out before her injury gets even worse.

    Health comes always first and everything else after!

    How about a Jazz vs Melina match? ^_^
    Class of the ex-wwe divas! :)

    Would be awesome to see these two go at it for sure!