In Video: October 24th Raw After Show Featuring Maria Kanellis

Check out last night’s episode of the Raw After Show on AfterBuzz TV, hosted by Maria Kanellis.

Regular co-host Lilian Garcia was absent from this week’s episode but will be back next week.

Watch below:

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  • Lita-Sault-666

    I love the different perspectives we get from the line up on the panel =D.

  • HeyHeyMia

    Enjoyed this week’s broadcast so much!

    I have only one small nitpick though. I was a little put off by the guys’ discussion (and to a small extent, Maria’s) concerning the whole models v. wrestler thing. Minutes before Maria started ranting about Beth Phoenix, the discussion was about how many male indy wrestlers are passed over by the WWE because they mostly go for “bodybuilders” and “football players” while making jokes about Mason Ryan.

    Anyway, my favorite divas are Natalia, Beth, Alicia and Eve. 2 out of these 4 are considered “model-wrestlers”, so I have no bias one way or the other. But…Maria came at Beth Phoenix HARD regarding her comments at the table and I got the feeling she wasn’t addressing Beth the “character” but Beth as a person about how she needed to “suck it up”, etc… But I do have to say that I’ve read numerous interviews with her saying how she respects *anyone* who gets in the ring and tries…and after the Vengeance she even re-tweeted comments praising not only her performance but Eve’s as well.

    Like I said, great show…and it goes to show that while the girls definately are disrespected and not given the time/opportunity to show what they’re made of, the guys do, as well to a MUCH smaller extent.

    • Marshy

      People can dispute the fact that the same thing can be said for the women wrestlers are passed over by the WWE because they mostly go for models or women who are very attractive to wrestle(Diva Search), when basically they are women who can do both that looks like a model and who can wrestle and when there are also some women wrestlers who have the Hardcore type look that doesn’t look like a model. Johnny Ace and Vince needs to set prime example for up and coming women wrestlers and do a better job to think what will make the division better once again. They needs a mixture of Divas like ones that looks like that they can do a photoshoot and then turn around kick behinds in the ring,and then have ones that can go toe to toe.

  • RR45

    nooooooooooooooooo……………it’s not there :(