In Video: Serena Issues Statement on Melina Match Being Cancelled

WSU star Serena has issued a video statement discussing the cancellation of her highly publicized match with former WWE Diva Melina at WSU’s Breaking Barriers II Internet pay per view on November 19th.

Serena Recovering from “Serious Concussion”, Taking Time Off

Serena was forced to pull out of the match under doctors’ orders after suffering a serious concussion which will has lead to an indefinite hiatus from wrestling.

Serena Pulled from WSU 11/19 iPPV

A new opponent for Melina will be announced at the event on November 19th.

Watch Serena’s video below:

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  • Poison_Ivory

    Poor Serena :( I was really looking forward to see these 2 hit it off in the ring. Well I hope Melina still has her in-ring return with someone she knows and is a good wrestler. It’d suck real bad if Melina would have to carry a person during her whole return match.

  • Gameman305

    I Hope Serena has a speedy recovery and I hope Niya will be Melina’s New Opponent!

    • Jhonmarco

      Actually Niya is having a match with Jennifer Cruz, with the loser leaving WSU. I wouldn’t mind seeing Athena being brought back for a match with Melina or Leva Bates.

  • silverink-25

    I heard that Angelina Love was still on the WSU roster, so I hope A. Love is chosen. Although, there is a small part of me that wants another Jillian Hall vs Melina match. However, Jazz vs Melina could be AMAZING. Unfortunately, I doubt any of them are gonna be chosen to face Melina.