Jemma Palmer Quits UK Big Brother House

Earlier this month, we reported that former WWE developmental talent Jemma Palmer had entered the UK Big Brother house, joining her sister and fellow wrestler Faye Palmer. Today, OK! Magazine has revealed that Jemma has quit the house:

The reality TV show contestant only recently entered the house but decided to walk out this afternoon after a night of cheeky antics, which resulted in tipsy shenanigans and practical jokes.

It’s no secret that the blonde is no fan of Aaron – her sister Faye’s current squeeze – and after her sibling told her to ‘do what [she] wants to do’ this afternoon, the Big Brother newbie packed her things.

Despite saying she knows it will hurt Faye if she goes, Jem exited the show after much hugs and tears.

For the UK Big Brother fans among us, how do you think her early departure will impact the show?

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  • wl75

    She was a near certainty to be evicted Friday anyway according to the bookies, so it really didn’t change things too much.

  • xmelissaa

    Aaron almost definitely would’ve stayed in over her. Plus, she spent most of her time arguing with Faye so it’s not too surprising.

  • Rhawk

    Shame I don’t watch the show anymore, I just haven’t cared enough to watch BB anymore, even for Faye & Jem. Now I have 1 less reason to watch it, even though she wasn’t very entertaining during it.

    Ah well, now she can carry on with her retirement from wrestling, until she makes her grand re-re-re-debut for a few weeks… before retiring again. =-X

  • HelloMisakitty

    I’m just upset because I voted (paid) for her to stay on Friday! Bit of a waste of money for all those that voted for her to stay :/

  • Matthew

    I really liked Jem, so it’s a shame she’s left..
    I kind of expected her to be evicted this Friday, although I would have preferred to see Aaron go, he’s grating on me a little bit..

    Would love to see Fate win, if not her, Alex, she makes me giggle :’)

  • Rhawk

    It’s obvious that Aaron would have stayed anyway even if Jem stayed til Friday, despite him being a bit of a total wuss and all that.

    But yeh I’m sure BB won’t be paying back people their money, I just have a feeling this series won’t be so ‘generous’, not that all the other ones have really.

  • alexl467

    For BBUK viewers & UK Diva Dirt Posters,

    Do you all think Jemma and Faye’s time on the show has raised their celebrity status in the UK?


  • Matthew

    I definitely hope so, I think Faye may do well out of it, Jem hasn’t been in long enough I don’t think, as she came in half way through, as another housemate, Mark left the house.

    However, she was big when gladiators was being aired, she was the main woman on all of the promotional posters all over the country!

    I hope they both have careers in wrestling that come of this, they have both shown how tough and fit they both are in some of the challenges! :)

  • HelloMisakitty

    I do hope WWE recognize Faye. She is young and beautiful! With a couple of years training I think she would be ready for Raw/Smackdown.