Trick or Treat! Going Halloween Costume Shopping: Part 2

Happy Halloween! We’re continuing our yearly tradition of dreaming up Halloween costumes for our favorite Divas and Knockouts. This year, we’ll be mixing Knockouts and Divas together in three posts leading up to the big day. But before you see this year’s picks, be sure to catch up on the past 3 years of this feature:

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See part 1 of this year’s feature by clicking here.

All caught up? Let’s get started!

Christy Hemme
Costume: Amy Pond from Doctor Who.
Why?: Two of Christy Hemme‘s most defining features are her red hair and feisty personality. In those two aspects, she much like Amy Pond, companion to Doctor Who‘s eleventh Doctor. When competing in the Diva Search, Christy seemed to be game for pretty much anything, though there’s no guarantee that if the Tardis landed outside her door this instant, she’d hop inside. Still, she seems like one of the most adventurous women in wrestling, just going by personality, so maybe she would be up for some intergalactic time travel. However, she would need someone to sport a bow tie and be her Doctor–any takers?
Get the look: A red wig, short skirt, colorful stockings, combat boots and a leather jacket will have you looking like Amy. If you don’t have partner to dress as the Doctor, carrying around a sonic screwdriver will get the message across.

Got any Diva or Knockout costume ideas of your own? Let us know in the comments!

Keep reading to see the rest of our picks and stay tuned for part 3 leading up to Halloween.

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