Trick or Treat! Going Halloween Costume Shopping: Part 2

Happy Halloween! We’re continuing our yearly tradition of dreaming up Halloween costumes for our favorite Divas and Knockouts. This year, we’ll be mixing Knockouts and Divas together in three posts leading up to the big day. But before you see this year’s picks, be sure to catch up on the past 3 years of this feature:

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See part 1 of this year’s feature by clicking here.

All caught up? Let’s get started!

Gail Kim
Costume: Nikita from the CW’s Nikita.
Why?: One way to put Gail Kim‘s cat-like reflexes to work? Make her a secret agent! As the Nikita portrayed in the recent television series, Gail would be a very modern take on the secret-agent-goes-rogue concept. Of all the Divas and Knockouts, she is unquestionably the one most believable as a woman outrunning and outsmarting a secret government agency. Having seen her in the ring, it wouldn’t be far-fetched to think that she could hold her own in a fight.
Get the look: Dark, sleek clothing and a prop gun will have you looking like a secret agent. Be sure to mention Division so everyone knows about the vendetta you’re going to settle.

Got any Diva or Knockout costume ideas of your own? Let us know in the comments!

Keep reading to see the rest of our picks and stay tuned for part 3 leading up to Halloween.

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