Diva Dirt’s Five to Watch 2010: Where Are They Now?

Last year, Diva Dirt hand-picked five talents for its second annual Five to Watch list who we felt were making waves in women’s wrestling and embodied the traits it took to be a standout star. Those five talents, we felt had the talent, the look and personality to go far in the business and as such, they received the Diva Dirt stamp of approval.

This year, the Five to Watch is back! Five new talents will be unveiled over five days, beginning tomorrow, November 1st. Who will make this year’s list? The competition has been tough, as we’ve noticed more rising talent than ever before. But before we unveil the Class of 2011, we’re taking a look back at the Class of 2010 and what they’ve been up to since we included them in last year’s list…


Former WSU Spirit Champion Brittney Savage has risen to main event status in WSU following a face turn in August. She is now set to headline the company’s next iPPV, Breaking Barriers II, on November 19th in a steel cage War Games match.

Earlier this year, Savage won the annual WSU J-Cup tournament and went on to co-headline the Uncensored Rumble iPPV against Mercedes Martinez where she very nearly ended Martinez’s two-plus year reign as champion. Brittney won the belt when an unwitting referee failed to spot Martinez’s foot on the rope. However, the match was restarted and the win nullified as a second referee came out to correct the first’s mistake. Still, for just a moment, Savage had broken Martinez’s streak.

In August, Savage retired veteran Amy Lee, as she defeated her in her final match. The heel Savage won Lee’s respect with her performance, signalling a heel turn as she aligned herself with fellow WSU originals, Alicia and Martinez against the Midwest Militia.

In arguably the biggest independent female show of the year, Savage will team with Alicia and Martinez inside a steel cage on November 19th to face off against the Militia.

Brittney would also head north of the border, making her NCW Femmes Fatales debut in Montreal.

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  • bressie

    All five have made an impact to varying degrees. I think Craft made the right decision to move as she wasnt really progressing in the ring in the US.

    • Jhonmarco

      I disagree there are plenty of women she could’ve gotten in the ring with & helped her improve. Her wrestling was already pretty good for a rookie, as not many people grasp wrestling as easy her.

      • Jhonmarco

        *as easy as her

      • bressie

        Wasnt the quality of other women just seemed that she wasnt really getting wrestling

        • Jhonmarco

          That’s more likely to be about Bonesaw, not Craft. Jamilia has gotten many compliments on her skills & rightfully so as she wrestles like someone who has a few years of experience already. Others like Rayna Von Tash & Bonesaw haven’t gotten wrestling so easily.

  • http://www.youtube.com/user/bxshadow23?feature=mhum EveLover

    I still wonder why WWE or TNA for that matter ,haven’t signed Brittney Savage -_- .I actually like her alot ,I wish she would get recognized more.

  • darkangels

    Athena would be a great edition to the KO’s roster which needs a afro american on the roster ASAP!!

  • WWEStarInTraining

    Brittany needs to go to wwe also so does Athena

  • Mikas

    Jamilia Craft’s match in Korakuen Hall is now online on youtube. It’s the FLASH tournament that took place past weekend. The tournament is like the joshi version of Survivor series, all joshi promotions competed with eachother in 5-women teams.
    search: Flash Tournament – Round 1: Team FREELANCE vs Team DIANA

    • http://www.youtube.com/user/LovableLittleRabbit?feature=mhum Megumi

      Ah, Thank you for reminding me about the tournament.

  • Anthony

    Brittany is still pretty young. It would be cool if she got signed to WWE, I don’t think she has the Diva look though. I think Athena has a great look. I don’t really see her as a Diva, I think she would be a better addition to the Knockout Division.

  • Juan

    I love briatni knight

  • laqisha

    Oh no didn’t know Jamilia Craft moved to Japan but good.

    • xxQOXxx

      So has Annie Social(Her cousin). I think they’ll be back in a year or so though.

      • laqisha

        WHAT??? Annie is Jamilia’s cousin.

  • melina prez

    Jamilia Craft went to Japan.. nice.

    Briatni knight is just awesome…she go far (hopefully) in WWE.