Maryse on WWE Release: “Vince McMahon, Your Loss!”

Sexiest of the Sexy, Maryse, who was released from WWE last week, had just two words for her former employer: “Your loss!”

The former Divas Champion was filmed by paparazzi last Friday night as she celebrated her release, where she was asked what she thought of her release. The former Diva told the camera guy: “Vince McMahon, your loss”, before signing off with her patented “Be sexy!” catchphrase.

Maryse Issues Statement on WWE Release, Reveals What She Plans to Do Next

It’s thought that Maryse’s departure from WWE was as much her wanting to leave as WWE opting to let her go. The ex-Diva celebrated her release — complete with a cake — last week.

Watch the clip below:

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  • velvelove

    she looked hot

  • samtherofl

    Love Maryse but I’m not buying the whole “IDC” persona..

  • shameronstar

    I heard that wwe were planning on doing an obsession stalker storyline with her and Hornswoggle, and since we all know about that recent incident Maryse had with that stalker a while back I’m guessing that she must have felt uncomfortable and was thinking wwe were making light of her personal turmoil, so that might have been one of the things that broke the last straw with Maryse, and then she must have wanted out after that.

  • norisclouds

    I am confused, did she want her release or did they push her out? Did she demand more money or something? She’s gotta do a shoot interview!

    • Teri

      Apparently it was mutual.

      • norisclouds

        Then why is she saying “Your Loss!” it doesn’t make any sense! =/

        • Teri

          read the article on her parting with the company on, it should clear some things up.

  • Spike7000

    What loss? lol no offense but she did not care about being in WWE which she prefered more about doing her nails, tanning, nightlife, parties, etc. which is all fine and dandy but come on this is WRESTLING and look at her recent messages on twitter she was happy she was let go because she wants to be in Hollywood

    Great personality not brightest one in terms of Wrestling. In a way she will be missed and in another way offense

    I heard it was more on WWE’s part in regarding her release and that it was mutual

    • Kim099

      She been there for six years she cared something about wrestling

  • WWFoverWWE

    I laughed when I saw Miz X-D

  • MiPiMafia

    Now i know i may get some negative responses from this but hear me out.

    Maryse was my favourite diva in the company but i just feel that she didn’t want to be apart of the WWE at all. It seemed she just wanted the fame and money. Sorry fans, it’s just an inckling i had.

    • art

      thats true or else she would have improved herself in every aspect of wwe…

    • Teri

      I too LOVVVED Maryse, but I have to agree with you on that. She was quite transparent when it came to her intentions

    • MrMantastic

      Yup…love the chick but na she didnt care for wrestling..its cool really I mean she was really nice. The “crowd reactions” she got were only in her entrances lol..then as soon as she started wrestling it got mega quiet lol..

      Kelly I may not like her but she actually wants to wrestle! So do the bellas. t=chick is just earning checks for being on tweeter lol

  • Tmeister305


    • norisclouds

      Yea someone should warn her what happens when people have spouses/significant others that mouth off against Vince/WWE.

  • art

    thats a joke..because its not vinces loss she wasnt worth anything to the company & couldnt even improve herself…even kelly is a better wrestler & shes bad…

    • art

      awaits for chrisp saying how much i hate her as a person & that im her stalker & whatever else he can make up…

      • chrisP

        And there you go again, Art. You really can’t help yourself, can you?

        And since you seem to get so irritated when I call attention to your BS, I’m baffled as to why you’d mention me first. It’s like you want to look bad.

    • Taylor

      Actually losing a charismatic employee can be a huge loss — e.g., Trish Stratus. Losing a great wrestler is insignificant as there are plenty on the independents just praying to be hired by the WWE. A good portion of your posts have nitpicked a Diva’s wrestling skills. I think you need to realize the insignificance of wrestling well in the WWE. The wrestling talent of most of the main-event female stars in the WWE has been rated moderate to low — e.g., Trish Stratus/Lita (moderate) and Sable (low).

      • art

        @chrisP no you cant call out shit…you seem to think someone not wanting someone hired to a company where you have to wrestle but when someone cant & their never improving …when i say they shouldnt be their because their not improving you seem to think thats hate…

        @Taylor trish & lita were amazing,they both could wrestle men & women,they looked good doing it they improved all the time…if someone continues to hop in the ring & suck & they continue to not improve then they shouldnt be their..maryse did the same things for 4-5 years..trish & lita could go face heel & excel at their role…the divas today are bad due to lack of creativity in their division thanks to wwe not caring like they used too…

        • chrisP

          “@chrisP no you cant call out shit…you seem to think someone not wanting someone hired to a company where you have to wrestle but when someone cant & their never improving …when i say they shouldnt be their because their not improving you seem to think thats hate…”

          Calling out shit is exactly what I’ve been doing. And, yes, it is hate when you can’t go a single post about Maryse without mentoning how much you don’t like her.

      • Taylor

        Trish and Lita were always carried throughout their matches. They were moderate wrestlers; they weren’t great. Like I said, wrestling well is not what the WWE asks out of their employees. Knowing the basics of wrestling is enough to get by in the WWE. Maryse played the same character for whatever amount she did because the creative team never wrote any other character for her. So you can’t judge her on a role she was never given the opportunity to play. Judge her on the character she did play. And she played the snobby heel really well.

  • Lily

    Can anyone else explain to me what Vince lost?

    • Kim099

      a great charismatic diva

  • JJ

    Wow and because of that video there went miz’s push! lol Vince love’s to punish the boyfriends of diva’s who speak ill of him and his company, just ask john morrison!

  • chrisP

    Apparently, The Wrestling Observer said it was mutual and that said she wanted to leave, yet also said she was telling friends she was expecting to return soon. Explain that one.

    I think there’s more to the story than meets the eye.

  • aiden123

    maryse was one of the best diva personalities we have seen in a while! she was heel yet got cheers! she is a huge loss in a way because she actually got a crowd reaction and people cared to see her! infact she even got cheered when she won her first diva title off michelle :)

  • MrMantastic

    Na man pple who get released dont go on saying ITS VINCE’s LOSS lol

    Only diva i seen asked for their release were Sable and Molly well as Tara i believe…But glad shes happy, just let it go maryse lol…let it go like WWE let YOU go! =D
    na jk..


      Gail and Melina asked for their release too!!

  • AdrianRay

    She was probably just drunk… :) Crazy girl!

    The WWE did lose an amazing talent. WRESTLING wasn’t her passion but ENTERTAINING the fans was. She did it very well, YOU ALL CAN ADMIT THAT. Even all you hating losers with no respect for others. She’s already been released right? What’s the damn point of bashing her now? You guys are so classless.

  • Melina&Mickie4ever!

    I woudnt say His Loss Talent wise , but Charisma … YEAH!!!! LOL

  • kellytrishfan

    There are so many hypocrites on this site, it just amazes me. Anyway, I don’t see Maryse leaving being much of a loss – not really because of her wrestling skills or charisma – but just because they weren’t doing anything with her and I doubt that would’ve changed had she returned. I see this as a win for Maryse, and not much of a loss for WWE.

  • BillyGP

    Could be his loss she was the only diva with charisma on RAW to be h0nest well not perfect or great in the ring she was not bad or the worst either and she had the look and mic skills so yeah i see it has a loss for the wwe.

  • XoXoBarbieDivasXoXo

    i love when ppl are such haters Maryse is still getting paid and will look better each and every day so get over it.

  • bromero329

    Lmao you go maryse. And its true his loss. She’s a true diva. Most charismatic diva wwe had. Longest wwe divas champion! Lol

  • jim462

    Maryse is free at last and I dont blame her for celebratig it definitely is Vince Mcmahon loss. Maryse is young very beautiful & sexy she can do anything like modeling, acting, or go wrestle for another wrestling group like TNA after her 90 day non compete clause has expired. I will miss Maryse

  • melon2617

    It was probably a joke.

    Maryse seems very well liked by her peers and was likely ready to move on.

    As for the Hornswaggle thing, I’m sure it wouldn’t bother her to be in a storyline where a creepy, horrifying little troll is pursuing her. She is engaged to the Miz, it would just be like her home life!

  • The K@rmic HeeL

    I like her, but I’m not crying over it…her wrestling was cringeworthy. She had an excellent character though. Make way…for the unique and RAW Diva, NAOMI. That woman is going to change things around. She’s going to be a new Lita and yes, probably better. All I’m saying is, she’s going to bring excitement to the Divas Division, the way Lita did back in 2000. NAOOMII <3