FCW Live Event Notes & Pictures from November 11th: Ivelisse Joins WWE

Hi everybody, and welcome to an impromptu, non-redux/watch/recap/write-up segment featuring yours truly. Alright, this isn’t really about me at all, but it’s cool to feel important.

Nevertheless, this weekend I attended another live show for FCW, which featured some top notch matches, entertaining segments, and wedding crashers… but that’s all for another day. The Divas match of the event was a six woman match featuring the heckled team of Raquel Diaz, Caylee Turner, and Leah West facing off with the fan favorites, Cameron Lynn, Divas Champion Audrey Marie, and competing in only her second FCW match, Tough Enough’s Ivelisse Velez.

Check out some highlights and pictures below from the show:

* Ivelisse was announced by her real name, although so was Ariane the first time I saw her, so I’m guessing she will probably change ring names soon.

* Caylee and Ivelisse started things off and allowed me to relive the greatness of Tough Enough all over again. They did pretty solidly together and definitely looked good in the ring.

* Audrey worked a majority of the match for her team getting beat down by Raquel, Leah, and Caylee. She is improving nicely.

* Cameron and Ivelisse really got the crowd going trying to get them behind Audrey. Cameron was bouncing up and down and Ivelisse was firing everybody up.

* Raquel executed Eddie Guerrero’s “three amigos” during the match which was a great touch. I also recall Caylee hitting a running double knee to the face on Audrey I believe.

* The finish came when Leah West was in control of Audrey until the champion finally managed to make the hot tag to Cameron, who cleaned house. I believe (a bit sketchy as this took place on the opposite side of me) Audrey walked over and pulled one of the heels off the apron, as Ivelisse took out the other. Cameron went for a monkey flip in the corner but Leah held onto her and they turned around away from the turnbuckle. Leah went to flip her over (like Natalya used to do), but Cameron managed to stay on top of her and push her backwards to get the victory for her team. (Note: apologies if my description is terrible as I was trying to take a picture when it was close to ending.)

Check out pictures below:

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  • shameronstar

    Wow! Ivelisse starting working extremely quickly with wwe. There most have already been plans to sign her months ago, but we’re just now finding out about now!

    P.S. I just learned that me and Ive share a birthday on the 21st of September:D

    • Alex

      you, her, and my older brother lol

    • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CaMFKnOqG6o litalove21

      me too haha! Ive was my favourite contestant in TE :D

  • ricky_says_hi

    that’s a little curious since on TV Cameron is a heel while Caylee is a face. it’s nice that Ivelisse is working straight away and good that we might see her on TV a lot sooner than some of the other FCW divas since she’s already trained. i think they should keep her real name since it is pretty theatrical as it is. she’s also someone who can work well as a face or heel either way

    • Bobby

      I think they switch it up on live events (and sometimes tv even) since its developmental for them to be able to play both heel or face. That’s just my guess though haha

    • Raekon

      Ivelisse were going as juliet the huntress for years but she worked with her real name in the last few matches in the indies using the tough enough track for her entrance instead of her previous one(which actually rocked! ^_^).

      I hope she sticks with her real name though.

      Agree with what Bobby said about the heel/face turns in FCW. :)

  • http://www.youtube.com/user/bxshadow23?feature=mhum EveLover

    This sounds good. I can’t wait to see it ,Ive ,Audrey ,and Caylee my three favorite FCW divas :D .Dam ,Can’t wait.

  • sociopath187

    I LOVE Ivelisse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Another great signing for WWE. FCW is better than ROH, TNA AND WWE Raw these days. SMH.

  • wwedivaTamina

    I like Ariane’s attire, And hopefully she’s imrpoved, I love every diva, in FCW, But does any know how old lve is ?

    • mikie91

      I’m not totally sure but I think she’s around 23 or 24.

      • http://myspace.com/bigdogpimp20 Kantrell

        Really? I thought she was atleast 28 .. Lol

    • JamieKym

      She’s 23 her birthday is the same day as mine. Nov 3.

  • http://ahlanthony.tumblr.com ahlanthony

    Raquel Diaz used three amigos? WOW! We gotta see that! I love all the FCW divas!

  • alexl467

    Maybe it’s the way the above description is written but it seems as if Cameron Lynn is developing quite nicely into a competent and entertaining in-ring performer.


  • divafandom

    I wish there was a video that a fan took

  • Nostalgia

    You know what? Naomi isn’t in.this match… I think.that’s good. Maybe she has been called up!

    • mariah.

      It’s because she is touring Europe with WWE. But an interesting note is she has yet to work any of the house shows in Europe… She may have been brought with them to debut on TV soon afterall :D

    • WWFoverWWE

      Naomi has traveled with Raw before, but they never debut her and then she goes right back to FCW. Traveling with Raw is not a call up unless you debut.

      • Nostalgia

        They’ve never taken an FCW diva on the European tour

        • WWFoverWWE

          Isn’t WWE back in the states tomorrow for Raw? So Naomi didn’t even appear during the tour. Looks like another false call-up.

        • Raekon


          they did the same with Kaitlyn, AJ and others before they had their debüt on the main roster too.

        • WWFoverWWE

          @RAEKOn They did that with AJ only. They didn’t do that with Kaitlyn, she appeared on Smackdown right after NXT finished.

        • Raekon

          Kaitlyn appeared only in segments in smackdown while she was having matches in fcw as a face and in houseshows as a heel.

        • WWFoverWWE

          It doesn’t matter, a backstage segment still counts as a debut because you’re on the show. Aksana debuted in a backstage segment as well.

  • mikie91

    This are definitely looking up for the divas!!! With all of the recent hirings things are most definitely looking up. And hopefully girls like Leah, Aubrey, Cameron, Christina etc. continue to improve. If they do I can definitely see the division in the WWE getting better.

  • mikie91

    on a side note I love Ive’s attire and how its not girly but she definitely needs to do something with her hair I’d say dye it black and cut it short kind of like Gina Carano when she was Crush on American Gladiators.

  • WWFoverWWE

    It’s nice to see Cameron dumping that blonde wig. I’m excited about Ivelisse being there.

  • http://myspace.com/bigdogpimp20 Kantrell

    This match is on YouTube btw…

  • Raekon

    Great News! :)

    Happy to see that Ivelisse is already there and I hope to see her on the main roster soon aswell cause she is definately ready.

    Doesn’t surprise me the least that she got the crowd going cause she always did in her matches no matter if she was a face or a heel.

    I hope Camero, Audrey and Leah have improved more in the meantime cause they seem to improve quite slowly.

    Gonna check if I can find the match on youtube! ^_^

  • http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=-3&id=100000716103622#/Only.the.best.get.through?ref=profi Team Laycoolness!!!

    WOW Ivelisse really took out some aggression on Christina after that fateful injury on Tough Enough LOL! And I do believe that was a shining wizard Cristina performed, it looked AWESOME!

    Raquel done great with the 3 amigos, she plays the heel role really well, and I’m loving her attires!

    It was strange to see the divas champ spend the majority of the match getting beat down, but was great to see Ariane pick up the win, she’s improving nicely… Oh and loved Christina and Raquels little bicker at the end of the match after both getting pulled off the apron Hahahaha!!! =D