Stipulation Added to Divas Match at Survivor Series has announced that the Eve Torres vs Beth Phoenix match at Survivor Series will now be a lumberjill match.

All of the WWE Divas, including Beth’s BFF Natalya and Eve’s pals Alicia Fox and Kelly Kelly, will surround the ring during the match.

More information here.

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  • DaWayne999

    This kinda ruins it because I was hoping to see some outside action between eve and beth, but its all good. With this news, I definatly am not sure on who will win. On one hand the title I think never changes hands in a lumberjill match, but I also see eve goin heel if she loses due to interferance. But I can also see beth loosing due to nattie trying to help and it backfiring in her face promptin the beth and nattie fued, cause lets be honest, these two really dont need the title to be a factor if they fued. Just the fact alone, they are fueding will be enough

    • WWENattiefan

      The feud between Natalya & beth is said to be for the divas title so i’m assuming beth is going to win

    • Brett

      I agree, however WWE never seems to have a diva fued anymore without a title :/

      • WWENattiefan

        Not to mention they have done nothing to build Eve up at all like they did with Kelly, she hasn’t had a match since the PPV showing. That’s one thing WWE would do to make their precious little face look strong

        • K2Evefan

          I agree that they haven’t built up Eve’s title matches but when they built up Kelly’s title matches Kelly was already the champion, they didn’t build up her match at power to the people (which would have been impossible because it wasn’t set in stone lol)….

      • GlamazonInTraining89

        didn’t laycool feud w/o the title also Alicia & Natalya feud wasn’t for the title even when Natalya WAS the diva’s champion Alicia faced her several times & it didn’t end with Natalya putting the title on the line .& Maxine & AJ’s feud wasn’t 4 the title.

    • LadyGoDiva

      Thats something that I’m kinda interested in seeing because I hope to see Eve turn heel because after the crazy incident Kelly Kelly had after she lost her title made me worried. Plus its the perfect time for somebody to turn heel.

      I have a very huge problem with this stipulation.First off I was hoping for a different stipulation but I never understood what WWE loves so much about Diva lumberjill matches?

      And hopefully we’ll see a non-title Diva feud?

      • Gameman305

        or possibly see Natalya turn face

      • K2Evefan

        Why would you want another heel??? The heels already outnumber the faces… And it already looks like a heel turn is in Kaitlyn’s future so we don’t need another one.

  • LucTempest

    When I saw the headline about stipulation, I knew automatically it was a lumberjill match. Guess it’s good for the other divas to get a pay day too, but it adds nothing to the match.

  • diva_luvr831

    Still doesn’t make me excited for this match. The buildup aside from the silly carjacking didn’t make me wanna see this. I will confess that Eve impressed the hell outta me at the last showing, but we shall see what the match itself will be this sunday

  • JDernTrishStratusFan

    And of course WWE has to ruin it with a stupid, pointless stipulation. Make it a hardcore match! We need more excitement!

  • shannymac

    Hmm…this could be interesting. It might be the perfect set-up to establish a new memeber of DoD/SoS/whatever they’re called now. Nattie tries to get involved and the face Divas take her out. With all their focus on Nattie, someone else (Tamina, Maxine, etc) steps in to secure the win for Beth (not that I want her to get a victory by cheating, but whatever, she’s a heel).

    In reality, though, it’s probably just an excuse to get the rest of the Divas on the card, since they’re not doing the traditional SS match with them.

    Either that, or it could be used as Beth’s “out” if Eve winds up winning. She could claim that the other Divas interfered/distracted her so that she won’t lose any shine for the loss. I hope that won’t be the case, though. The last thing Eve needs is another title win with no build-up or sense of validity.

    • Steve_x

      I agree. I would like Eve to win, but to be honest Eve challenging Beth already looks random, since all the attention has been on Kelly. But, Eve winning will just give people a reason to complain as it will be like Royal Rumble, when Eve got added into that match randomly. WWE hasn’t done anything with Eve since she won the #1 contender match. If they want fans to care about Eve they do need to have a real build up before her winning the championship.
      I’m hoping Beth wins by an interference from Kelly, and Eve can blame Kelly or whatever. But I don’t know if WWE would have a Eve/Kelly feud without the championship.

  • Lanoom

    In the words of Randall Keith Orton: Stupid, stupid, stupid.

    Eve and Beth had a perfectly good singles match the last time, and lumberjack matches are always cause for stupid spots and finishes.

    Why couldn’t Beth and Eve just square off normally ,and then either Beth wins and Alicia steps up as No. 1 contender, or Eve wins and Natalya or someone new steps up?

    This division, and WWE as a general whole right now, in fact, are a boring mess.

  • karl

    They will all probably gang up on Beth and Natalya and eve will get the win, just like they did with Laycool

    So stupid.

    • shannymac

      Actually, Michelle won that match (I’m assuming you’re talking about the Michelle vs Melina lumberjill match from NoC last year).

  • stephenpwwe

    As long as Eve doesn’t win.

  • WWFoverWWE

    This might be a way for Beth phoenix to lose without it being her fault. I don’t know…

  • Melina&Mickie4ever!

    When i saw situpulation I knew it was gonna be a lumberJill match….What were the chances they would have changed it to a NO DQ match , or HardCore …

    • stephenpwwe

      The same chance as Lita returning and kicking the crap out of Kelly. :(

  • Kaledrina

    this could be actually be good if wwe put their mind to it.

    like, will rosa attack eve? or will she side with the other ‘model’ divas?
    maybe kelly will turn heel and distract eve?
    perhaps natalya can cause the loss.. leading to a beth/natalya feud?

    iunno, looking for a silver lining.. like, it seems too random to add the stipulation at this point, so they must have some plans? =/

    • Melina&Mickie4ever!

      Or Beth can win do to a distraction from Natalya , while all the heels stand beind D.O.D and all the faces , are in the ring holding Eve looking at Beth & Natalya with that ” How long do we have to make our faces like this face” while Beth smiles and holds up the title.

      Eve can win celebrate , while Beth and Natalya walk up the ramp , Nattie screaming at Beth , while Beth puts on that “sad face she always puts on when she looses the title or a title match. And the other faces can smile and whisper some jabber under their breath to D.O.D which we never understand….

      like you said they could have some plans….

      • eveandtrish

        @MELINA&MICKIE4EVER! I absolutely agree.
        Why aren’t you a booker yet?

    • Lanoom

      Here’s how it goes:

      Beth and Eve battle for a bit.

      Eve gets tossed out, the faces swarm to defend her and help her back in. No brawl.

      Beth falls out. Heels swarm to protect her and help her back in. No brawl.

      Eve falls out on heel side, faces swarm, brawl full of botches and weak slaps and hair pulling, Beth gets beat up and rolled back in, Eve hits moonsault, Eve wins.

    • Team Laycoolness!!!

      YES! And Rosa yet again ends up hitting the wrong person LOL! That did make me laugh, her attempted punch at Jillian during the Michelle Melina Lumberjill match Hahahaha!!! =D

  • Teri

    lumberjill? seriously?

  • Jhonmarco

    When I read this, I was like I’ll be shocked if this isn’t lumberjill match lmao :p hopefully the action is still good & isn’t affected by the other girls. All I know is Natayla, Kelly, & Alicia better be looking ah-mazing! :) lol

  • kellytrishfan

    Lulz. Did anyone really think the stipulation would be a hardcore match? The only people I believe who would seriously believe that would be people who haven’t seen a Divas match since the Golden Era. Secondly. I don’t think Kelly or Eve will turn heel. Firstly, Kelly is their most popular girl. In order for her to go heel, they’d have to have a backup face that the crowd could genuinely get behind and would have to do waaaaay more than Kelly attacking Eve for Kelly to get over as a heel. They’d probably end up just cheering her the next night. Also. Beth is going to win, lol. It’ll be a nice match, Eve will put up a good fight but Beth will get the victory and then move onto a feud with Alicia, Natalya or Kelly.

  • wl75

    Well, at least it’s a chance for all the Divas to get a payday, though I doubt they’ll be involved very much. Still wish they had done a traditional 5v5 match though, and saved the title match for TLC with a hardcore stip (though I think they’ll still have one).

  • Nostalgia

    I hope Naomi is a lumberjill. I’m sorry I love that girl

    • FrankNFurter

      This ^

    • Teri

      As much as I am DYINNGGGG to see some Naomi on a main show/ppv, i personally wouldn’t want to remember her debuting as nothing more than a lumberjill. I’d very much rather remember seeing her debut on Raw beating the life out of Kelly Kelly. You know, something more high impact.

  • LadyGoDiva

    I remember Alicia Fox vs Melina on RAW at MSG for the the Divas title and that was also a lumberjill match. What a weird case of deja vu?

    SInce there was no buildup from the get go and having it the match change into a lumberjill match I hope it will be entertaining.

  • perceval

    Lumberjill marches are never any good.

  • xADR7

    I don’t understand why people is not excited for this. A lumberjill match is the best [or one of the best] opportunity to start building the Beth/Natalya feud. Or maybe we have a chance to see Alicia and Natalya in action again. Maybe they finish their feud? Because people doesn’t notice but after the Beth/Eve feud, WWE is building a second feud, the Alicia and Natalya one.

    However, maybe the match becomes a traditional tag team match? Everything is possible. Maybe they lack of Divas and someone debuts… Maybe it’s just another stupid lumberjill match, but at least we’re going to have some outside action… We don’t know, we have to wait but, at the moment i can tell you i’m quite exicted for this match.

    • xADR7

      And when I say they ‘lack of Divas’, i’m talking about having 5 Divas in a team and 6 Divas in the other team… for example.

  • EveLover

    Hopefully rosa doesn’t punch a heel this time.

    Anyways ,This is a chance to see all the divas :D. And I honestly dont know whos going to win. My mind is blocked ,i guess. I think it could actually go both ways.

    • Teri

      “Hopefully rosa doesn’t punch a heel this time.”


      • EveLover

        ;D She did it last year. lmao.

    • RR45

      Oh my gosh that was so hilarious. Jillian was all like “WTF get ur hands off me! I’m a heel too!” I couldn’t stop laughing.

      • EveLover

        Lmfao, I still laugh at it .I go to watch that match sometimes and just repeat that part :x

  • MRvinaro

    Beth is a great Wrestler But I’ve never Liked her I dont know why
    I remember Eve boring run
    But I like Her matches she just need A gimmick

  • BlahBlahBlah


  • number1AngelinaLovefan

    Honestly i thought it was going Eve can’t do Roll Ups if she does she loses and Beth can’t use the glam slam or something becuz when the roll up’s happen the match is usually over and when beth hit’s it you know it’s over. I don’t know mine is kinda stupid i guess but i think it would of been better than a damn Lumberjill match

  • Matirod

    I know WWE will never see or read this but this is just an idead :) :

    eve and beth starts fighting inside of the ring,and we get some decent moves. Then Beth goes for the dirty play, and pushes eve to the outside. The bellas and Rosa tries to get close to Eve, but Alicia , kelly, Aj and Kait confront them, and protect eve, helpin her get back in the ring safely. Beth starts punching Eve furiously, and then, eve blocks beth’s punches and kick her, finishing her counter with a running clothesline. She goes for a running flip senton ( don’t know the name of the move), but Beth escapes and catch eve by the hair, and submit her to the glam slam position, but eve connects that roll up she did at vengeance, throwing Beth on the ropes. The furious Kelly Kelly starts running on Beth’s direction, and start pulling her hair from outside, and the brawl starts with natalya pushing K2 and beth falls off in the middle of the fight. Eve is waiting in the ring, while the ref is distracted, and Natalya escapes and get in the ring attacking eve with a nattie by nature. Beth gets back in da ring and goes for the pin. Eve kicks out. Beth lifts eve up and punch her sometimes, and throw her directly to the corner. She runs on eve’s direction but eve escapes and starts kicking her and then dropkicks her. Runs in da ropes and finally connects the flip senton. She doesn’t go for the pin, and starts climbing up the corner, getting ready for the moonsault :D. Natalya goes crazy and tell the heel divas to push eve ou of the corner. She walks on the apron screaming with the ref and he get distracted while the bellas and tamina attacks eve and she falls of da corner and a outside brawl btw the face divas and the heel divas begins without the divas champ and the #1 contender. Beth get up and eve is damaged on the mat. When the brawl ends, all the divas look at beth submiting eve on the pinup strong. Natalya gets the mic and says: ” cry eve, cry!”. Kelly kelly runs and slaps Nattie’s face trying to save eve from what happened to her at HIAC. Lumberjills holds kelly and nattie and there’s no more outside brawl. After this, inside the ring beth goes for the glam slam and wins, even without nattie’s help.

    That’s just an idea, if Beth wins. But I’m sorry guys, my english isn’t good, i just hope u all understand me :3 thanks

    • number1AngelinaLovefan

      I like it and i think it will be better than what ever crap WWE does

  • DarkRaven

    I would love Kelly to try and assist Eve only to mess up and cost her the title. Then starting a feud between those two while Alicia tries her luck at the title. As long as Natalya and Beth get mean and drop the crying gimmick I would be happy. I think Eve would make a great heel. Bring back those bangs girl!