Impact Write-Up (November 17th, 2011): Mickie Runs the Gauntlet

Good afternoon, everybody. It is I, the great Bobbito here to bring you your Impact greatness all in this recap. On a day where I should be thrilled due to the worldwide trending of (Miss) Karen Jarrett last night, I am not… but we’ll get into that later. We also had a 10 Knockout gauntlet match featuring the likes of Velvet Sky, Rosita, Brooke Tessmacher, Angelina Love, Mickie James, Sarita, Tara, Winter, ODB, and Madison Rayne to crown the new number one contender for Gail Kim‘s newly won Knockouts Championship, and Miss Karen made her presence known in a segment to tear Jeff Hardy a new one! So much to discuss, and so little time, but why don’t we get started with the segments involved in the match.

First up, we head backstage where we see Miss Karen walking into the official “Karen’s Krusaders” dressing room and greeting both Madison Rayne and the new TNA Knockouts Champion, Gail Kim! Miss Karen seems very pleased with Aunt Traci for finally covering up, but to her disappointment, Aunt Traci spins around to reveal a spot cutout for her girls to breathe. Miss Karen gives up on trying to convert Aunt Traci, before giving Gail Kim the night off due to her wonderful actions at Turning Point. She then goes to instruct Madison on what to do tonight, but Madison already knows so she walks off as Miss Karen orders some champagne. Aunt Traci seems to think this includes her as she gets a glass for herself that Miss Karen proceeds to give to Gail. The two classy ladies toast in a celebration, as Aunt Traci looks on in disapproval.

As we head right to the ring for the upcoming number one contenders gauntlet bout, we spot the fiery Latina, Rosita, standing in the ring. Resident redhead ring announcer, Christy Hemme, then proceeds to announce her opponent, Velvet Sky! The former champion (who really should get a rematch clause) has a stare off with Rosita, who then proceeds to take out her big hoop earrings to show she means business. Before she can properly unhook them though, Velvet kicks her in the stomach and drops her with the double underhook facebuster for the quick elimination! Rosita has been eliminated!

As Velvet moves on, out comes her next challenger, Brooke Tessmacher! Brooke slides under a clothesline attempt and drops Sky with one of her own, followed up with a nice dropkick. Velvet make this awesome loopy reaction as she stumbles backwards into the corner where Brooke takes control with some kicks and the Ass-tastic! She takes too long to capitalize on this though, as Velvet gets back up and plants her with a huge bulldog for the second elimination! Brooke Tessmacher has been eliminated!

Angelina Love then makes her way to the ring as the next challenger, which means the two former BFFs will face off. Velvet takes control from the start with a few kicks, before sending Love into the ropes. Love comes back with a kick, and some clotheslines, followed up with a front slam for a two count as Sky scurries into the corner and boots Angelina in the face. Some chops soon follow, along with a pair of jawbreakers to the knees and a clothesline! Velvet then sets up for the double underhook facebuster again, but Angelina quickly rolls her up and grabs the tights for the win. Velvet Sky has been eliminated!

HAAAARDCUURRRR COUNTREHHHH erupts, as our checkered queen of the Knockouts division, Mickie James, two-steps her way on down to the ring. Before she can reach it though, Angelina Love attacks her on the ramp and lays her out with the Botox Injection. (Okay, that’s awesome to say if you don’t know it’s the name of her finisher.) We return from a commercial break to see Angelina Love dominating Mickie James, but Hardcore Country tries to make a comeback. Angelina sends her flying into the corner and drops her with a nice sidewalk slam, before Mickie starts to make a comeback with some clotheslines! Mickie proceeds to go for the DDT but Angelina escapes… only she soon gets introduced to Mickie’s boot with the Mick Kick for the victory! Angelina Love has been eliminated!

Up next comes a new and improved maskless Sarita, who manages to avoid a quick roll up attempt from the get go and plant Mickie with a sick dropkick. Sarita does some flashy handstand, following it up with a little dance (oh how I’ve missed her dancing), before applying a torture rack submission. Mickie reverses it into a roll up, but only for a two count. Sarita with a knee to the face, before landing a snapmare into a near fall. Mickie starts to fight back, but Sarita continues her domination. She goes to Irish Whip Mickie, only James reverses it and Sarita goes for a springboard crossbody… however Mickie manages to duck out of the way. From there, she plants Sarita with a SICK Mickie-DT for the win. Sarita has been eliminated!

Out comes Tara who runs down to the ring and takes Mickie down. She proceeds to apply a chinlock submission, but Mickie counters it into an armbar that Tara reverses into an armdrag. Tara goes for the Widow’s Peak, but Mickie changes it into a sunset flip attempt… only Tara stops herself from falling backwards and applies a nice leglock. Mickie crawls towards the ropes and manages to grab hold of them, but Tara doesn’t let this stop her as she pulls her to the center of the ring and executes a shimmysault for a two count. Tara chants erupt as she locks Mickie into a tree of woe, before slamming her head into Mickie’s stomach a few times. Mickie then rolls backwards off Tara’s back and hits another Mickie-DT for the win! Tara has been eliminated!

My personal god of life (other than Miss Karen, of course) Winter is out next! As I relish in getting to hear her perfect theme song on TV for the first time in what seems like eternities, she quickly runs down to the ring and drags Mickie into the corner before hitting a Northern Lights Suplex for a few two counts. Winter proceeds to beat Mickie down and tell the referee to shhhhh, as she rightfully should. Mickie goes for another comeback, but Winter takes control with an awesome back-breaker that makes me proud. The crowd begins to get behind Mickie, as she knees Winter in the face but soon gets face planted into the ropes. Winter goes for a Samoan Drop, but Mickie drops out of the back and gets the victory with another Mick Kick! Winter has been eliminated. (I couldn’t show any excitement in this with an exclamation point.)

ODB then makes her grand return and destroys Mickie right off the bat. She nails the fallaway slam, before pounding her down in the corner and hitting a huge splash that looks like it kills Mickie. ODB then executes a bronco buster before dragging the lifeless country gal to the center of the ring and covering for another close call. ODB lifts Mickie up onto the top rope, but Mickie fights her off and lands a huge Lou(ise) Thesz Press for the victory! ODB has been eliminated!

Madison Rayne’s music then hits, but a furious ODB attacks Mickie from behind and hits a nasty TKO. Forgotten Child Madison Rayne makes her way out to the ring, waving to all of her glorious fans as I wave back at my computer screen as if she can see it. Once Rayne steps into the ring, she slowly goes to pick Mickie up, but James manages to roll her up in a quick victory roll for the overall win! Madison Rayne has been eliminated as Mickie James wins the gauntlet! Mickie celebrates, as Madison looks pretty upset with this and heads to the back to claim Miss Karen’s approval like we all should do.

As we head to the ring once again, Jeff Hardy is there discussing something of unrelated note to this website, therefore we will head on over to the grand entrance and surprise of the night… MISS KAREN APPEARS AGAIN! As I’m sure you all jam out to her symphony style entrance music, Miss Karen walks to the ring and says that she was in the back watching him walk out here and all she could think was “My God, somebody with some balls around here needs to put you in your place”, and Miss Karen has the biggest set here!

Miss Karen says what we’re all thinking, only she makes it sound more classy and sophisticated as she claims that Jeff thinks he can just walk in here with his puppy dog eyes and beg everyone for forgiveness?! She questions if he thinks that’s what a man is, as he DISGUSTINGLY takes his eyes off of Miss Karen while she is speaking. Rule number one, Jeffrey, you DO NOT take your eyes off the prize standing before you. I’m legitimately sitting here in shock over the fact that someone had the audacity to do this… however, I then perk up due to the fact our gracious VP of the Knockouts called him out on it and forced him to make eye contact like the educator she is.

Miss Karen wants to make one thing perfectly clear, in that she is not here to fight Jeff Jarrett’s battles because he is the one who wears the pants in their family. She continues on that being a man, or a role model, is not his forte until he can step up and do it right for himself first. As this fool takes his eyes off Miss Karen once again, (seriously, If I was in that ring I could never even fathom doing this) she instructs him back to her sight and explains how her husband is a real man because he started a company to give disrespectful wrestlers like Jeff Hardy a line of employment!

Miss Karen then asks Jeff Hardy if he remembers when she and his wife Beth were friends… or rather, she played the political game and pretended to be her friend. She says that Beth sat at home while Jeff was on the road and needed a friend, so Miss Karen was there like the amazing person she is, and even states that one detail she found out is that Jeff Hardy couldn’t quite deliver the goods or complete the deal! She challenges Jeff to hit her, but even he knows that he better not DARE do anything of the sort while I’m watching this. Jeff Hardy calls himself more than human, as Miss Karen chuckles at the thought.

This nasty fool calls Miss Karen a word that I refuse to repeat, and as she goes to rightfully slap him, he blocks it and… what the hell? He grabs Miss Karen?! Someone get his hand off of her perfect self! Thankfully, Jeff Jarrett shows up and all is right in the world until Miss Karen goes to low blow Hardy and he puts his grubby mitts on her again! Jeff Jarrett then takes control of Hardy until the two Jarretts escape ringside and have a stare off with that pitbull who couldn’t keep his hands to himself.

Skip to 9:27

Now it’s time for the part of the night which dampened my spirits. As Robert Roode leaves the ringside area after a promo, he takes his attention to ringside where my fellow god of wrestling, TNA President and wonderful human being, Dixie Carter, is sitting with the fans. He grabs onto her as I notice a hole in the back of his shirt (we can’t all afford the finer things like Miss Karen or Queen Dixie, I guess), when AJ Styles makes his way back out. This awful person puts Dixie in front of himself as a shield, before shoving her into AJ and hitting Styles with the belt and Styles HE FALLS ON DIXIE! My face becomes upset, as Roode continues to beat on AJ as he lays on top of Dixie (uhh… probably should reword this sentence), before walking up the ramp as officials check in AJ, and more importantly, the incredible Dixie Carter.

Before I get into what I thought of tonight’s actions, I want to take a moment to acknowledge someone very special to me because she managed to do what so few have before… Ladies and gentlemen, MISS KAREN TRENDED WORLDWIDE!

Thoughts: Quite the week of Knockout related segments, might I say! The gauntlet match was top notch material, and although I’m not sure I liked Mickie going through so many women, they did build her up in a great way and the finish was done perfectly. I am looking forward to seeing her face off against Gail Kim in the future because it used to be my dream match way back in WWE and needless to say, we won’t get into their first meeting *cough*. Hopefully it can be redone in a way that will do the Mail (Mickie-Gail) fans proud and deliver the match we always wanted to see.

Miss Karen… need I say more? The name alone is perfection. She is the best thing to happen to the Knockouts division in a long time, and even if she doesn’t wrestle, she makes me look forward to the show every week. I actually have begun to watch the full airing on television again since I don’t want to miss a moment of possible Miss Karen screen time. I know you all must look forward to hearing me gush over how phenomenal she is weekly, so imagine if I missed a backstage segment and forgot to include it in this write-up?! I don’t think I would ever forgive myself…

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  • EveLover

    Honestly, Karen has to be ONE of the best heels in the wrestling business Right now. I just love the women ,shes beautiful ,she’s very good on the Mic and just GREAT . She is one of my favorite KO’s ( I will consider her a KO ) . And Im so glad she trended…Sadly I didn’t help the trend but Oh well Good for her :D.

    The Gauntlet was VERY GOOD . Eventhough there were some awkward spots ,I really enjoyed it . I was more worried about Velvet vs Brooke ,but they did very well .Mickie did very well also ,I loved her reaction when she won ,I was like ” OMG :’D ” She made me start jumping and cheering . Last night had to be my favorite night for the KO’s in a LONG time . I just loved it .

  • SherriShepherdWWE

    i really enjoyed the knockout gaunlet match, my only problem was that where is Jackie, ever since she signed a contract she hasnt appeared lol

    also would have like to see more of Rosita and less of Velvet :)

  • MelinaMickieF3v3r

    I enjoyed the match…Didnt really want Mickie to win…..but I look at it as

    Mickie James vs Gail Kim For The TNA Knockouts Championship!

    Cheers Everyone To Gail & Mickie putting on a awesome match !

  • art

    the gauntlet match was really good i just wish mickie came in after afew other women…all the women were solid inring besides dropkicks that looked like they missed everytime LOL…

    karen plays the bitchy role amazingly i cant wait too see traci or any face ko get some pay back…

  • Francisco

    Am I the only one who didnt like the gauntlet? Its was just so full of quick eliminations that bored me, and I would rather see Mickie defeating 2 Knockouts instead of 4… I loved how Mickie played the roll of the tired wrestler and out of nowhere she wins thats the highlight for me. I wish they would made like a Gauntlet Battle Royal like they did in the old times.. Like 2 knockouts start and after 60 seconds another comes in and the elimination can only occur when both feet touch the floor… Really missing the old KO’s

    • Hdiputra

      Yea I also love old theme gauntlet match…that’s much better

  • A.E

    -enjoyable match yeah mickie should pinned four ko maximum and would have done the trick building her up as a strong competitor,though it worked out well for them that match proved mickie also one of the best sellers.tna should have done the old gauntlet

    -loved karen segment with jeff her involvement was absolutely priceless.

  • Poison Ivory

    WHERE’S JACKIE?! ): Hopefully she doesn’t get released..

    And doesn’t Mickie’s boobs look so much smaller than in WWE..

  • Juan

    I loved this gautlet match!!! There were a few things that stood out to me in particular:

    1)Sarita is an amazing wrestler who deserves a title run
    2)Poor Brooke and especially Rosita, such quick eliminations
    3)I want a BP reunion!! Its a shame Velvet and Angelina haven’t held the tag titles togeher
    4)Mickie is an amazing seller
    5)Mickie is going to need an allie cough Melina cough :)
    6)Where was Jackie and Toxine (are they going to be future endevored soon?)
    7)Winter is funny!!
    8)ODB Sarita and Mickie were the MVP’s of the match!!

    TNA needs a 2nd show!!! :)

  • Missy_BonBon

    Yay Mickie won.. Although she should have never won the knockouts championship twice because now if she wins it the third time in a year? Eh. Also Tara acted so heelish here, pulling the hair of Mickie and her face expressions, Rosita should have had of air time than her taking off those Ghetto earings, I love ODB’s look and I thought Gauntlet matches were elimination and then when the final two remains they have a match? That’s how the first knockout gauntlet match was..

  • Satisfaction

    Holy mother of all that is holy, I forgot how amazing Sarita was! PUT THE TITLE ON HER NOW PLEASE! Amazing gauntlet match, amazing Miss Karen, amazing everything. Except that Jackie wasn’t in the match :(

    • laqisha

      Shame on you TNA for making this person forggeting how amaizing Sarita is. Remember her early TNA run??? the woman always stole the show with her amaizing ring work, just search Sarita vs Alissa Flash, Hamada, Taylor Wilde.

  • lazberg

    karen jarret is painful to watch and painful to more listen to, the redneck ghetto answer to vickie. gauntlet matches, as a general rule, hurt the whole roster. how are any of these competitors supposed to be a title threat when they are all defeated inside a minute or two? tessmacher and velvet exposed each other as inept. it was nice to see angelina work and a shame that she’s been held back all these months. tara looked like she was hurting getting to the ring and moved slow but once in the ring she proved that she can adapt and innovate. sarita seemed really off her game, like her timing wasn’t quite there. the ddts to both her and tara looked really silly, there’s elevation and then there’s lifting your opponent visibly to make the move happen. nice to see winter showing some fire, too bad they booked her so weakly during her initial build and championship run. odb…. leave your damn junk alone, jeeziz. and madison is playing the stupidest gimmick in the world right now, just obvious and stupid from entrance through defeat. ghastly booking. mickie did a good job as face in peril, bumping for her opponents but now the entire knockouts roster can be walked through in a few minutes. there were some great individual spots and moments in the match but over all it was counter productive.

  • josh_torriewilsonLOVE

    i didnt enjoy the gaunlet one bit.
    1-where was jackie?
    2-where was toxxine?
    3- rosita’s elimination was so quick.

    jackie said to me on twitter that if wwe asked her to return she would!
    she would be awesome back in the wwe!

  • Hasnan

    Rosita and Tessmacher, the future stars of the knockouts were totally buried by the less talented Velvet. So annoying,

  • Anthony

    Damn, I miss Sarita. After seeing that minute or so of her wrestling Mickie, I wanna see more of her asap

  • number1AngelinaLovefan

    GOD dammit i was really hoping for Angelina or Sarita to win i mean i like Mickie but i would of rather have somone else win like my Girl Angelina

  • xAJLeeNerdx

    Mickie James just annoys me. I wish they would focus on more knockouts besides Mickie James, Madison Rayne, Velvet Sky, etc. I would like to see knockouts like Toxine,Rosita, Traci Brooks, and Sarita in the title picture.

  • Megumi

    Jackie had an extra set of Lucha Libre USA tapings.
    ODB’s ended before hers, so she was able to return to action on TNA quicker. People shouldn’t worry about it.

  • Goodvibes


    This was an epic showing for the ladies, all women involved in what was a lengthy and well done gauntlet match. I know a lot of people wanted someone else to win here but Mickie VS Gail is the feud they need to reinvigorate the division much like Mickie/Tara did all those months ago.

    I know a lot of people had negative things to say about Gail being hotshotted both titles so quickly but its evident that this woman is passionate about wrestling, I expect huge things from the Knockouts in the coming months lets hope the Diva’s step it up a notch as well!

  • laqisha

    I was happy to see my girl Sarita busting out sick moves and actully she made Mickie’s win belivable. ODB’s part was my favorite too,and is it me or did Sarita and ODB got slimmer?

    No Jackie??? Velvet beating Brook with a bulldog, a BULLDOG??? WOW and I thought TNA loved EX.Divas.

    • Goodvibes

      Gail wants to work with Sarita, I guess she’ll turn face down the road and take her on at somepoint! or vice versa

      • laqisha

        Face Sarita FTW

  • WWFoverWWE

    I’m happy Sarita actually put up a fight and wasn’t squashed like Rosita was. Gauntlet matches are one of my favorites and even though this wasn’t the best, I still enjoyed it.

    I’m always open to matches that aren’t the usual singles or tag.

  • WWFoverWWE

    I also need to add that Mickie James and ODB have great chemistry together, they seem so comfortable working with each other.

  • Raekon

    To me the ones that stood out the most were Sarita, Angelina, Tara and a little ODB and mickie in this match.

    They shouldn’t had mickie eliminate almost everyone and velvets offence was partially totally week cause even her face to the knee left and right attack looks flashy, it’s mostly poorely executed as its poorely sold by the most.

    Brooke and Rosita needed more time in this match, it was a shame that they only got to trash talk or show off.

    I get it that Madison is a heel and has the gimmick that makes her look “stupid” but this is TNA and in TNA, the knockouts are supposed to be given the time and allowance to wrestle properly.

    They made a Rosa Mendes out of her in the meantime and that’s a big shame. It’s bad enough that WWE is going that way with their Divas and in particular with Rosa, there is no need to have some being like that in TNA aswell. -.-

    Karen = Gold! That woman was “born to be a bitch” and that in a good way. ^_^

    Love her work!

    • Raekon

      As a sidenote that I forgot!
      VERY happy to see sarita being able to wrestle without a mask now. :)
      Would love to see more of her work again too cause I miss her kick ass moves a lot.

    • laqisha

      Sarita and Madison Rayne need to turn face if ppl wanna see thier true move-set.

      Madison Rayne is known for using Jumping Yakoza kicks, Asai DDT, Wheelbarrow arm drag, A modified Labatomy, Flatliner, etc hopfully down the line she show those moves in TNA.

      Sarita used everything she knows on TV, she stoped using most of her moves since turning heel.

  • wweandtnadivafan

    hahahaha i loved this match and it was also the highest rated segment of the entire night ;)

  • JJ

    I loved this match and seeing some of the women who you don’t get to see too often got me excited. I started thinking of all the different feuds there could be that we haven’t even seen yet! Seeing Sarita in the ring again was awesome. I would love to see her in a feud with someone as well as ODB vs. Mickie or Gail. Hopefully these rarely seen knockouts start getting some screen time soon. I also feel bad for Jackie since they totally left her out!

  • MNM4ever

    the match was so good! they built mickiee reaaly well. great to see the different matchups; loved all of them and especially ODB, Sarita and Tara’s action with mickie
    and miss karen is pure greatness hahahahahaahhahah trending :D