Survivor Series Rewind: Melina vs Trish Stratus (2005)

As we get ready for Sunday’s Survivor Series pay per view, we look back at some of the event’s classic moments…

2005 | The fiery hellcat Melina was just getting her career started and finished up 2005, the year of her debut, with a big interpromotional match as she faced Raw Diva Trish Stratus for the Women’s Championship.

Watch below:

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  • Lily

    This was a good combination of a veteran and rookie (Melina at the time) match.

    • Raekon

      Melina wasn’t a rookie. ^_^
      She has been wrestling in the indies prior to wwe.

      • JJ

        To the WWE universe she was considered a rookie at the time!

        • Hasnan

          You guys do know that most of the people already knew who Mickie and Melina were before their debuts thanks to Metacafe. That used to be the video site for the wrestling fans back in the day before it died..

      • perceval

        How many casual fans knew of her indie work in 2005? It wasn’t like there were sites like this one that kept people up on what was going on with women’s wrestling outside WWE & TNA. Mickie had the advantage of TV viewers knowing her as Alexis on TNA. Indie or even OVW matches weren’t uploaded to Youtube and the like.

        Now, those of us who kept up with the happenings in OVW at the time knew who Melina, Beth, Jillian, and Angelina were (though Angelina was in the other WWE Development territory, DSW), though even WE weren’t able to actually SEE what they were doing, there, just hear the buzz over them.

        • seasons-of-love

          I think it’s a bit of a stretch to say that people knew who Mickie was thanks to her TNA work. :/

          I do agree though.

        • Raekon

          I meant her work at EWF as Kyra not OVW and other. ^_^
          She were wrestling there in 2002 already which was 3 years prior to this match.

  • Melina&Mickie4ever!

    Loved This Match ! I was Glad Trish retained because she was my #1 Favorite at the

  • DIVAsupporter

    I was actually surprised Melina did well in this match..
    I remember I was 13 at the time and it was the 2nd year I started watching WWE

    I kinda liked Melina’s outfit here..just didnt get why it was orange…
    the ending where trish had to go to the other side of the ring to deliver the stratusfaction was iffy.. didnt get why trish just didnt climb the nearer turnbuckle

    • GetFoxy

      yeah i didn’t get that either, this was only my 2nd pay per view ever and yeah melina should’ve had a different attire.

  • JDernTrishStratusFan

    Loved this match!

  • Raekon

    The good old times in which the Divas got a good amount of time to wrestle and were partially allowed to get really physical. :)

  • Hasnan

    Oh my god. I still remember watching this match. This was my favorite Survivor Series of all time. I loved the SmackDown vs RAW matches. I was only 11 back then. Oh the good old days <3 wish I could go back.

  • seasons-of-love

    MNM was just the greatest thing ever. I loved this match; Melina proved that she was so much better than all the other new Divas at the time and more than held her own against the company’s top female. It’s also memorable for me in that it marked the first time Melina and Mickie interacted on screen.

    They actually had another fantastic match on Raw the next year, in case any of you have forgotten or didn’t realize. Check it out.

  • seasons-of-love

    Oh, and I loved it when Tazz got defensive over Melina. :P At times it felt like he was the only announcer who supported her.

    • perceval

      Tazz and Styles were playing up the Raw vs SD thing, which was the main overall storyline going in.

      • seasons-of-love

        I know, but it didn’t distract from the match, and Tazz was always very supportive of Melina during her tenure on SmackDown. In contrast to Michael Cole, who seemed to bring up personal stuff at times. I remember at Judgement Day when there were all those rumours about Melina and Nitro being hated backstage. During her match with Jillian Cole just shouted viciously that “She isn’t a nice person professionally, and she isn’t a nice person PERSONALLY”. JBL was similar at times.

        ‘Twas all very uncomfortable, and Tazz didn’t really fall into that category.

  • melina prez

    I just love this match ! And it made it even better that the fanscared oh how WWE has come a long way….

  • Krazyvickay

    I love this match it showed that Melina was a legit competitor. Lol melina’s wrestling attire definitely got better over the years.

  • JJ

    Great match!! I really miss seeing Melina on TV!! I hope she goes to TNA just so she can be seen on TV again!

    • JJ

      On a side note, I really like Trish better as a blonde! LOL


        Me too!

    • laqisha

      There are many female wrestlers deserve to be seen on TV besides Melina.

      • Juan

        None with the fanbase of Melina however…besides I want to see Melina vs Sarita!!

  • RedHotVixen

    Great match. LOVED that cross body that Trish gave MNM. Yeah the end was a little…. awkward, but an entertaining match all the same.

  • perceval

    Those who knew of Melina’s earlier work had been puzzled over why she was put on SD instead of straight into the Women’s Division like Mickie was. But, having her on SD allowed her the time to develop her character and get over with the fans that she wouldn’t have had on the crowded Raw roster.

    Coming in directly where Trish, Lita, Victoria, Mickie, Candice, Torrie, Maria, and Ashley were would have gotten her lost in the shuffle. But getting her over on SD meant she was someone with a lot of heat when it came time to give her the Trish Rub and make her a force in the Women’s Division.

    That’s why I don’t understand why they don’t use the Divas as valet/managers. Historically, that’s the first step in getting a woman’s character developed and established. Moolah, Chyna, Lita, Trish, and Molly were all first established as valet/managers before winning their first titles. If you have a formula that’s worked for all these decades, why not use it?

    • LadyGoDiva

      You don’t see many of the Divas now that have great character and you don’t see many of them as valet or managers? Whats the deal?

      • Melina&Mickie4ever!

        Melina was in MNM in OVW before she debuted . I believe they wanted they to stay as a stable so they thats why they all debuted on SD , and it took some time for Melina to be in the womens divison…

  • LadyGoDiva

    This feels very vintage because this is early Melina during her career.

    My favorite part was when Melina screamed in the middle of the match.
    Melina’s hair looked strange back then.

    • perceval

      Oh yeah, the Primal Scream. Kelly should watch old Melina matches to learn how to scream properly. :)

      Amused at the recent storyline with the Divas worried about dangerous working conditions… Back then, the Divas CREATED dangerous working conditions. Divas committed three kidnappings in about a 5 month period, starting with this one.

      Nice of Trish to forgive JoMo for that whole kidnapping thing, years later. Of course, Ashley was being all BFF with Mickie just a year after Mickie bound and gagged her and put her in a giant gift box, so I guess they just don’t hold grudges. :)

  • norisclouds

    Melina was great. A fantastic character and a wrestler that improved with every match who had a passion for the business. She is definitely in my top five of favorite female wrestlers to ever set foot in WWE. I miss her and wish her well with her current work, but I will always think the way she got booted out of WWE was messed up.

    • perceval

      Yeah, tremendous talent, but the backstage issues…

      She was in danger of getting booted way back in 2006. She had to face the Undertaker in Wrestler’s Court for backstage problems, and was having very public real life feuds with Mickie and Angelina. Then, she was moved to Raw and ran afoul of Lita. Then Candice, Maria, Tiffany, Brooke… Trish was the last straw. Though, I wonder if her issues with Trish were really with HER, or who her friends are.

      Mickie would seem to still hold a grudge. When Gail and Melina left WWE, Mickie was asked if she’d like them to come to TNA. She answered: “I’d love to work with Gail.” Ouch.

      While I hope to see her in TNA, I also hope someone can step in and keep the peace there, since that’s where Mickie, Angelina, AND Brooke are.

      • norisclouds

        I know Candice M. got slapped by Lita too–but given the way Lita behaves in interviews I think you kind of have to do something really bad to tick her off that badly. Melina had to have done something to piss Lita off–and Mickie, Maria, Candice Tiffany–that whole list of people. I feel for her and I do think part of it might be what Mick Foley said about her being an introvert, but it is surprising she lasted as long as she did if every woman that ever worked with her had a complaint about the way she behaved (except Beth–who mostly kept to herself or just hung out with Natalya).

      • seasons-of-love

        Mickie praised Melina the other day:

        “I think she’s beautiful and an incredible talent. She has a huge following because her talent stands for itself. She’s innovative and unique. She showed you could go from a character seen as a manager and more than just an arm piece to a phenomenal champion. She also showed first hand it all begins with making an entrance. One Of The Best.”

        And I suspect that the bulk of those ‘feuds’ have been hugely exaggerated by the tabloids. The court thing is pretty much confirmed, although Mick Foley seems insistent that people perceived her shyness for arrogance and bullied her for it. He said the same thing about Jeff Hardy. The only co-workers I’ve ever seen criticise Melina in post-WWE interviews are Brooke and Maria.

        • Juan

          Doesn’t she get along with Angelina as well, the two were always posting stuff on eachothers walls on Facebook (and velvet too) when I had them as friends. I would say Brooke is the only knockout she has real beef with, she probably settled things with Angelina and Mickie (and Candice). I would love to see her in TNA

        • MNM4ever

          thank you seasons-of-love, for finally stating the facts!
          anyways to the match; melina and trish are both two of the best EVER. Melina’s character was already so developed after half a year as her in-ring skills were. Definitely one of the best matches of 2005 and i love how this was mickie and melina’s first interaction bahahahhahaahah a cat fight

        • perceval

          “And I suspect that the bulk of those ‘feuds’ have been hugely exaggerated by the tabloids. The court thing is pretty much confirmed, although Mick Foley seems insistent that people perceived her shyness for arrogance and bullied her for it. He said the same thing about Jeff Hardy. The only co-workers I’ve ever seen criticise Melina in post-WWE interviews are Brooke and Maria.”

          Melina’s own words, not dirt sheets. Direct quotes from 2005…

          “I’d rather work with a Diva who has no training than work with Alexis Laree.”

          “She steals other girls moves. Is lazy and doesn’t care about anyone but herself. It’s justice that she isn’t on tv.”

          “as for Angel Williams … she can cry on a pillow with Alexis – slut – Laree.”

          So the dirt sheets reporting from that that Melina disliked Mickie and Angelina wasn’t “hugely exaggerated.”

          Oh, according to Jim Cornette, the “moves” Melina accused Mickie of stealing from her were the fur lined boots she wore to the ring.

          She’s remarkably talented. I just hope this year has taught her some maturity and professionalism. HBK eventually developed it, after all. So did Randy Orton, for the most part (talking about Kelly was a relapse).

        • norisclouds

          It’s also been said by Ivory that those wrestler’s courts were more of a way for the people on top to lord their power over people on the bottom…especially if they could get the divas to pony up hotel accommodation money or plane ticket money for bogus charges…like putting the women wrestlers on trial for losing to the diva search women in a volleyball match. Didn’t London and Kendrick say they were putting Melina on trial at one point just to embarrass her and see her cry because they liked bullying her and she’d get emotional? I could be mis-remembering. In any case, I do agree that a lot of the stories about her attitude are probably exaggerated. I have a hard time believing she’d get pushed with title shots if she was that bad to work with. It’s not like she had Sable levels of success with the crowd.

        • seasons-of-love

          @ Percival:

          Yes, but as you said, that happened in 2005. Melina and Mickie got over whatever bitterness lay between them by the time they started working together on screen. For the record, I said that the reports of Melina being a menace backstage were ‘hugely exaggerated’, thanks. As has been noted time and time again, Melina earned more titles than anyone bar Trish or Mickie, and I sincerely doubt that would have happened had she been universally disliked.

          At the end of the day Maria and Brooke are the only people who have admitted to having issues with her (and Brooke’s comment was very sketchy indeed). Aside from that she’s been praised for her personality and talent by any reliable source.

      • Taylor

        Her problems with Trish weren’t problems per se, from my perspective. It’s been heavily reported that she tried to sabotage the WrestleMania match by proxy of John Morrison. However, no such report of a direct confrontation with Trish exists because there never was one. To solidify this point, Trish also pointed out Morrison’s behavior towards her, but never mentioned Melina. I openly dislike Melina, but refuse to believe she had problems with Trish the way she did with other Divas. I don’t think Melina’s stupid; you don’t pick a fight with Vince McMahon’s favorite Diva. You just don’t. Too bad Morrison didn’t realize that.

        • norisclouds

          Trish was also notoriously kind and sweet backstage. I doubt anyone would’ve developed problems with her unless they had a big chip on their shoulder for no reason.

  • Juan

    I loved this match I was only 12 years old at the time man does this bring back memories!! Lol Melina should brought Jillian with her to counteract Mickie James haha

  • Goodvibes

    I think Melina keeping to herself was a big part of her backstage reputation being what it was. Its hard to believe someone so charismatic and vocal in the ring was really as quiet as she was,

    Onto the match, In a way I saw this match as a passing of the guard almost, or a nod to Melina, officially welcoming her to the ‘top tier’ of Divadom. Trish was ‘it’ and Melina had proven her mettle on Smackdown as a legitimate star in her own right. This match was her entrance into the division and what an entrance it was!

  • bxradimus

    This is when I actually liked Melina. Man, her face-run and her in-ring skills got so…awkward.

  • Juan

    Isn’t Melina debuting tonight for WSU???

  • Envy Sorensen

    I freaking looved this match! One of my all-time favourites I would assume. I loved Heel Melina! I remember Melina stating in an interview that one of her favourite Diva moments was kicking Trish in the face in this match.


    I remember watching this, I’ll never forget it. Trish was my favorite at the time, but after watching Melina on Smackdown developing her character and ring skills prior to this match, I was 110% behind Melina going into this match. What an incredible heel.

  • AlistFan

    How I miss this era of the divas! :(

    Melina really knows when to execute her primal screams properly, it gives more drama or texture to the match like how annoyed,pissed or how arrogant,confident (when gaining momentum). I guess timing is really important and Kelly needs to know that so the scream can be relevant and not a pain in our ears..
    and Melina is such a really good seller.

    ohh Heel Melina and Legendary Trish if only we can get you both back and revive the DIVAstating division

  • dah-dah-dah-diva

    Sorry but no one could work a match like Trish. Watch her matches with Jazz, Lita, Victoria, Molly, Mickie, even Christy Hemme.. She brings out the best in EVERYONE.