This Week in History: Thanksgiving Matches, 1st Divas Cage Match, Lita’s Not-So-Fond Farewell & More

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November 25th, 1999 & November 22nd, 2001 | Name a major holiday, and the WWE has probably built a Divas gimmick match around it. Thanksgiving is no exception, and one of the bouts created for it was the Gravy Bowl match, which required Divas to wrestle in a pool of gravy in the name of… America? A 1999 Gravy Bowl match saw Ivory taking on Jacqueline with Miss Kitty serving as referee. Two years later, newly crowned Women’s Champion Trish Stratus and Stacy Keibler entered the ring of gravy as well. The 2001 addition of a table covered with a Thanksgiving feast was a wise move, because we all know that every conflict is better when turned into a food fight.

What are your memories of these classic moments? Tell us in the comments…

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  • DIVAsupporter

    I remember pretty much sad at how lita was treated in her final moments…. she deserved so much more.. Still hoping for a one time return in the ring again… its her 5th year retirementversary

  • shameronstar

    Ok, I’ll admit that I actually thought Lita getting embarrassed was actually kind of funny even though back than I didn’t follow the backstage aspect of the wwe nearly as much as I do know.

    • norisclouds

      I was a huge Lita fan but I laughed at it too–I felt horrible about it but I laughed. Then I read the backstage reports and saw the photos of her and felt terrible. She looked so miserable, and she and Edge looked so sad. I felt disgusted when I read about her begging Creative and Vince not to do that segment all day. She showed an immense amount of professionalism to go out there anyway and play her character to the fullest. Her reaction during the ho sale was completely the way I’d expect heel Lita to react, and she played off the audience perfectly.

      That cage match with Victoria remains one of my favorite matches, I only wish they’d gotten 8 or 9 minutes for it and it was a part of a storyline. They did a great job together and used the cage the way they were supposed to…I really wonder if Lita intended to do something off the top though, because she signaled for it at least once.

  • bromero329

    I hate how trish and melinas feud wasn’t long. It was good though. They gave us one of the best matches in divas history.

    • perceval

      The timing was wrong for a long term one, because the Mickie storyline was the center of the Division. But, they fit in a Melina push in the middle of the Mickie megapush.

      Melina resented the hell out of Mickie at the time, Mickie being groomed as The Next Trish Stratus. But, Melina was being set up here to be the Lita to Mickie’s Trish, which was a nice spot to have.

  • StraightEdgeGirl84

    I still haven’t watched Lita’s last match and I will never watch the aftermath of it. She was a heel I get it but there is a line for me that shouldn’t be crossed. I would never be ok with that kind of send off for a diva fan of them or not. Looking at the backstage pictures of Amy and seeing her mom there it just broke my heart yet made me so angry for her. Adam looked sad and I think it hurt him to see her go out that way. She deserved better and no one will ever convince me otherwise.

    As for the cage match I really liked it other than the ending though kudos for taking the cage door shot to the head. I wish that Lita and Victoria actually got to have a feud instead of the few matches they did have.

    The gravy bowl matches and crap like that never entertained me. I’m sure the girls involved did their best but it always felt degrading.

    • perceval

      I think of Unforgiven 2006 as the end of the Golden Era rather than Survivor Series, because, yeah, Lita was still around after Unforgiven, but…

      Lita and Victoria couldn’t have a real feud because, whenever they were both healthy, they were usually on the same side of the face/heel alignment. This was the only time they were on opposite sides, but Lita had just feuded with Molly and now the Jericho & Christian angle was running. By the time that was done, Victoria had turned face.

      • norisclouds

        My second biggest regret in terms of missed opportunities in the women’s division is Lita finally turning heel AFTER Trish went on a break because of her herniated disc injury. I really wish we could’ve seen Lita and Trish as heels at the same time teamed together, but even if they were the timing would’ve been bad for that because I think Victoria was injured around that time, Molly was out the door and that would mean the only face left was Christy on RAW.

      • wangzy

        I agree the Golden ere ended at Trish’s retirement!!!….

        • norisclouds

          I have to disagree with this. I think saying it ended with Trish’s retirement craps all over Lita’s contributions to establishing that era, and all of the work Mickie James did in ’06. I’d say it started its decline when they fired most of the female wrestlers on the roster and ended once they started that Playboy model feud to start pushing “wrestlers” like Ashley in 2007.

        • perceval


          It’s more like… Well, how Lita went out isn’t something some of us like to identify with the Golden Era. Unforgiven was such a perfect, epic, finish for it. Notice something introduced to the Division in the first post-Trish title bout?

          The Lumberjill Match.

          Pretty damn symbolic in retrospect…

        • norisclouds

          @Perceval the segment afterwards was disgusting but the match was still important, she put a cap on her career and Mickie was given the rub of kicking out of her moonsault and finally shutting up the most hated female heel in the WWE by that point.

          It just seems tremendously disrespectful to me to ignore that match and that moment for both Mickie and Lita, even if the unwanted segment with Cryme Tyme followed it or that lumberjill match preceded it. It’s not like we didn’t have horrible gravy bowl matches (as this post shows) and bikini/lingerie matches before that.

        • perceval


          The Triple H – Kane feud may have had some good matches, but I can’t look at the individual matches objectively, because of Katie Vick. That overshadowed the entire thing.

          Same thing, here. I don’t think I’m disrespecting Lita at all. I was disgusted and considered this where the major downturn began BECAUSE I have tremendous respect for AMY DUMAS and her accomplishments.

          By the same token, my disgust for the Piggy James angle doesn’t mean I’m not a huge Mickie Mark. Quite the opposite.

          Get it?

        • norisclouds

          @PERCEVAL I understand but I think we’ll just have to agree to disagree, since Lita’s heel role in the Trish Stratus angle was the same. She was still the ho/slut of WWE as far as Creative was concerned going into that match, they even had her and Trish have a little exchange about it.

          We just see it differently that’s all.

        • wangzy

          I am a die-hard Lita fan, but i agree that the official end of the Gold Era for Diva’s was at Trish’s retirement, after that was just a anti-climax…one point is the feud between Mickie and Melina would have gotten a big impact as Trish’s feuds…I think WWE is a Trish-centric, offense to her fans, its obvious that Trish is and will be WWE’s Golden Diva!!!…

    • revivingophelia

      As a huge Lita fan, I’ve never watched her last match and will never watch the aftermath, either. I was disgusted when I heard about what the WWE did. To be honest, I was shocked that she even agreed to come back a year later at the RAW anniversary show.

      • MomoMufFinSsFTW

        i always though the end of the “Golden Era” was 2008 because i still think some women held great aspects in wwe but after 2008 it got bad imo.

        • Hasnan

          @PERCEVAL it is so pathetic to say that the golden era ended when Trish retired. It is just like saying that Trish was the golden era. So stupid. You sound like one of those annoying ass Trish marks who thinks that she was the only reason the golden era existed. SMH.

        • perceval


          So, you think the way Lita was sent off, with the whole Cryme Time thing, was a great moment? Sorry, but I must respectfully disagree. That’s NOT on my list of Lita career highlights. Kind of like how Mickie’s exit isn’t on my Mickie career highlights list.

          If she’d just lost to Mickie after a great match, it would have been fine. But, the way they did it… That marked the downturn. I’d been disappointed in things they’d done with the Divas, before, even very annoyed. But, here is where, for me (and again, your mileage may vary), I was DISGUSTED.

    • jonboi

      I agree it was sad that amys mum had to watch her daughter to through that all the while vince and creative thought it was good for ratings there was no need for it. Wwe are said to be family friendly they never cared about amy or her mother. There are sumthings mothers dont need to see and here about there child whether its fake or real.

      • Hasnan


        You know that I didn’t say that, but your comment is as selfish as possible. You’re technically saying that Trish was the only reason the golden era existed. IMO it ended sometime in 2008 because the division was still good when Mickie and Melina were the top stars.

  • Jhonmarco

    I still can’t believe how disrespected Lita was, just sickening :( & that cage match between her & Victoria I’ll be honest was bad. I think the fact that they had women in a cage will overshadow that the match was a mess.

    • jonboi

      iv read your remarks about everything lita has done in the wwe and all you say is ( it was sick. It was a mess. She was never really good.) But yet you insist you liked her im confused about that. the cage match was as good as was expected it to be by two great divas. Who else couldve done that match better in the wwe at the time trish? i dont think so they choose victoria @ lita as they could be called upon to do a great job. and before you say there were botches then forget bro there were none in either the cage or retierment match.

  • perceval

    You can thank Matt Hardy for destroying Lita’s career. Anyone wondering why Vince was so pissed at him just needs to look at what Matt’s airing of dirty laundry did to the Women’s Division. Lita wound up with X-Pac Heat the rest of her career. The greatest Diva heel run ever was derailed, because the crowds just plain refused to boo Trish no matter what she did. Mickie’s entire storyline had to be altered, because the original plans could no longer work.

    Compare to Jeff Jarrett when he was in the same situation with Debra and Austin. He didn’t make a public spectacle of it, just handled it professionally, and is one of the most respected men in the business.

    But, karma caught up with Matt, and I don’t mean Awesome Kong. :) Now, no one but he most devoted Hardy fangirls blame Amy one bit. Everyone just figures she knew things the fans didn’t.

    Vince’s big mistake was not taking Lita off TV after the Raw following Wrestlemania 21 and the beatdown from Trish. That would have allowed things to blow over while her knee healed. As it was…

    The crowd at Wrestlemania had already rebelled over the Trish-Christy feud. They turned on Christy and treated Trish as the babyface, sympathizing with Trish for having worked so hard for her spot all those years only to be having to sell to a Playboy model with almost no training. Plus, the Matt thing had gotten out, and, well…

    Vince figured the Staples Center crowd was just one of those weird ones you get every now and then, and assumed things would be back to normal on Raw. It just got worse. Trish takes her patented bow, cheap shots Christy by knocking her out with a Chick Kick before the bell, and destroys Lita before several refs manage to pull her off… and the crowd POPS like crazy.

    Vince STILL figured it was a weird crowd, and kept pushing Lita as the babyface against Trish as the megaheel for the next two months.

    Remember the Buffalo crowd’s reaction to Kelly against Beth? Picture that continuing at EVERY SHOW after. The most surreal one was at MSG, with Trish becoming more enraged at the crowd with each passing moment, at one point putting the mic down to verbally rip into somebody in the front row. If anyone had been stupid enough to jump the barrier, they’d have gotten a major beating from her at that point. She was THAT pissed.

    Neither Lita nor Trish should have been put in that situation. I partially blame Vince for thinking he could control crowd reactions and they’d do what he wanted them to, regardless, but I mainly blame Matt Hardy.

    • norisclouds

      I never got how people could excuse Matt’s behavior and say Vince was overreacting by firing him. I know that in 2005 social media was a new thing in it’s infancy and employers firing employees for bad-mouthing their company was a developing concept, but in wrestling it has always been a big no-no to break kayfabe the way that Matt did, particularly in a way that would damage a top babyface’s reputation.

      When this happened people were so dead-set on being on Matt’s side that they completely neglected to take into account what his actions meant for WWE as a business. Here you had Lita, one of their only women to ever sell merchandise and a top babyface in the women’s division for five years of her career, getting completely trashed every week with two major storylines on RAW disrupted. The MSG crowd crapped all over her in her promo with Trish Stratus, to the point where Trish, her rl best friend looked like she was going to cry in the middle of the segment. To top it off, you had Edge, who while he was doing a heel run, getting screamed at with “adultery” and “you screwed Lita” chants in his matches. Even Y2J looked taken aback and out of the moment during their match when the jeers started.

      On the Jarrett note I don’t think he’s one of the most respectable men in the business by any means, but he did demonstrate that there should be a line between your professional persona and your private actions. There have been countless affairs and breakups backstage between wrestlers, but we rarely hear about them because the people involved know that airing that dirty laundry is completely inappropriate. As Amy pointed out in her interview in ’10 when asked about Matt Hardy, “you don’t always get what you want and it can be frustrating” but there is a professional, mature, and adult way to handle those situations, particularly in the WWE and there is a childish, reckless and immature way to handle those situations. As she said, she could’ve gone on-line and kicked and screamed and talked about all of the things Matt did or didn’t do or WWE didn’t do properly, but she didn’t do that-she showed up to work, she put her time in and she compromised with Creative to try to get things that they all could be happy with…there’s a reason why JR called her and Edge (despite the affair) model employees. He said that Lita is a role model from the diva’s division that everyone should aspire to because she always came into work on time, she put in her hours, she worked hard and gave more than what they asked for in every match and segment even if she wasn’t feeling good or into it and she didn’t bitch and complain and try to make the company look bad for not appreciating her. She was a model employee despite everything.

      Matt Hardy was not, and he hasn’t changed from the time he was 30 years old whining on the net to the time where he’s near 40 now and acting like a fool in public with his immature girlfriend.

      Amy by contrast behaved very professionally in that Cryme Tyme segment and even sold her heel character’s mannerisms well throughout the match, before and afterwards in direct contrast to how we know she felt privately backstage.

    • norisclouds

      As an aside to my long-winded post, I would never call Lita’s career ruined.

      Her babyface character? Yes. But as has been said on other forums, her career on a whole was better than Matt Hardy’s anyway. She may have become Edge’s valet during her final run, but she also became a top heel on RAW next to Edge, was involved in more main events and PPVs than she ever had been previously and got two more women’s title reigns out of it by the end. In the women’s division her role may have been diminished her last two years, but even that is questionable because she was essential in giving Trish her final hurrah and giving Mickie the final rub as top babyface (Mickie was the only woman to ever kick out of the moonsault!). And besides, if she wasn’t paired with Edge she would never have been able to wrestle with her mentor Tommy Dreamer, taken bumps against Flair, Mick Foley, Cena, and spent so much time doing promos, hosting the Cutting Edge with Edge, at the opening to shows, etc… People paid to see Edge and Lita lose and get their comeuppance, so it’s not like her character’s value diminished. She was essential in getting Edge over to the main-event and making him into the top heel he became from 2006-2008. It was just the end of her as a babyface and running full-time in the women’s division.

      • Hasnan

        Matt Hardy shouldn’t have gotten a chance to come back at all. He was the devil in Lita’s carreer.

      • perceval

        The thing is, the heel heat wasn’t booing Lita, the character, but hatred towards Amy, personally. That destroyed her love for her wrestling career. That’s why she retired instead of renewing her contract.

        So, yeah, Matt spitefully and intentionally wrecked her career.

        • norisclouds

          But her career wasn’t a disaster. She was still incredibly successful as a character. We may not like what happened (I certainly don’t) but if anything her importance to WWE after that moment increased. It’s like with Vickie G and her degrading segments with Edge. She was treated horribly by the announcers and the fans, but her character was far more important than she ever was when she worked her short storyline with Eddie G.

          I don’t like what happened to Lita, but the incident didn’t diminish her career. If anything, it ruined Matt’s.

  • WweLitafan4ever

    I can’t believe its been 5 years since Lita retired. The worst sendoff for one of the greatest divas of all time. She put on a really good match before leaving,but the commentary and the disrespectful crowd made it hard to watch the match. It was so rude that the crowd chanted crackwhore at her and flipped her off. And I don’t even want to talk the ho-sale. Im ok with her losing to Mickie,thats what everyone should do,pass the torch before leaving the company and Lita did to that. The aftermath and the crowd is what really sucks. There is a difference bt. just being booed and get called dirty names..ESPECIALLY WHEN SOMEONE IS RETIRING. Lita played the crowd well. I feel bad for her and whenever I watch her final match I start crying because shes yelling in the ring saying stop stop it to cryme tyme and well it leaves a bad taste in my mouth.
    I mean,if I was retiring as a heel I wouldnt like being called a slut or a crackwhore.Plain out rude and the fans didnt show any respect to her(with an exception of a few)The worst part is that Lita begged vince not to do the ho-sale,but he still went along with it.
    Poor Lita,she deserved better and I cant blame her one bit for not coming back. Why come back for fans that made her retire and now they all miss her.

    • norisclouds

      At the time official WWE reports said they thought Lita would be taking a brief hiatus and would be back in a year or two. Even in online communities, fans didn’t really believe she was leaving permanently and Lita said while she was considering retirement since the Edge/Matt thing started in ’05 she still had doubts about whether or not she’d return. I think the WWE intended to bury her because there were rumblings about her possibly signing on with TNA after she left, with dirtsheets leaking that she’d been approached. They also hoped at some point she would return because she was the number 2 heel on RAW with Edge and instrumental in him going over with the fans to the main event.

      WWE shot themselves in the foot with that segment. Amy did an interview afterwards where she said she still had some doubts about leaving permanently, but after what she went through with Cryme Tyme any doubts she had were washed away. It really soured her on ever returning to WWE, and in that respect WWE screwed themselves. They were hoping she was taking just a temporary break/worried that she’d sign with TNA and then shat all over her only to find out–oops she really hates us now and feels screwed over.

      • WweLitafan4ever

        Yeah,people were saying that after Lita retired,she would be back in a year or two.And did that happen?NOPE. It’s been 5 years already and she wouldn’t come back. From interviews that Lita is in,she seems pretty happy and she doesnt need the WWE. The WWE needs Lita more than she needs them.She only made 2 appearances ever since she retired.But who can blame her for not returning. Why come back for a company that gave you a shitty sendoff and for fans that treated her like shit?And now that she isnt here,all of a sudden those people love her and miss her.
        As much as I love Lita,I dont want her to return because the fans dont deserve her.
        Also,as much as I love Edge,it isnt fair how he got away with the affair,yet to this day Lita takes all the heat for it and is still called names.
        I dont feel bad for Matt Hardy at all..the guy is an immature nut job;acting like a little child every time.

        • perceval

          Of course, they say that ANY time one of the main Divas retires, that they’ll be back in a year or so. They said it about Molly and Trish. Now, they seem to expect Michelle McCool to just return at any moment.

          Not that there’s not some reason to. At No Way Out 2000, Mick Foley had his big retirement match… then main evented Wrestlemania a month later. A few years later, Edge and Triple H had an in ring segment where Edge was boasting about having just retired Mick Foley, with Trip responding “Trust me, he’ll be back.”

        • norisclouds

          @ Perceval they didn’t say that about Trish. They really did think that was the end for her, because she’d said she wanted to have kids and get married. There was a tremendous finality to her leaving–which is what made that moment at Unforgiven so touching. They did say that about Molly and Lita though–but they never said that about Trish leaving. I remember because the reports coming out at the time she explicitly talked about wanting to have kids and “it being time”. You’re not exactly going to drop your newborns to come back to a full-time schedule on the road.

        • perceval

          Jeff Jarrett and Dixie Carter thought there was more to Trish leaving than what there was. They tried to lure her to TNA as soon as she retired. The dirt sheets were doing a lot of speculation that it was more “leaving on good terms” than retiring, but the dirt sheets are usually full of it. Jeff and Dixie thought they had a shot, though.

          Didn’t hurt to ask, at any rate.

          And, of course, they were wanting to sign Amy. Everyone wondered why they were after these two since TNA didn’t have a women’s division. Of course, we soon learned that they were starting one, and wanted to build it around these two.

          Fortunately, there was another former Women’s Champion available, and the rest is herstory.

    • perceval

      One of the reasons I want the WM Trish/Lita vs DoD match to happen is so Lita can get that proper farewell. Are Trish, Victoria, and Lilian the only Divas to get the big sendoff? I’m still moved by Trish’s and Victoria’s, how they each finished with a literal Final Bow. Lita deserves the same.

      • norisclouds

        Man Victoria’s retirement was so sad. Trish’s was super emotional too. I love all of their last matches, Victoria showed they should could still go in the ring even though she lost (I know she’s in TNA now) but that last psycho face she made makes me cry every time, and Trish’s last backstage interview is so sad. I really hate watching those last matches over again. I even really liked Lita’s last match because of the story in it and her interactions with crowd, but I have a hard time re-watching it because I know it’s her last and the crowd shat all over her and the segment afterwards.

        I want Lita to come back for a similar reason–one last hurrah get a final, dignified farewell. No one deserves to have something like that as their last match, particularly after what she meant to the women’s division and the career of one of their future HOFers. Come to think of it, on an unrelated note–I hate the way this Matt/Lita/Edge and Jeff’s rehab/Matt’s personal problems went down–because one thing I always wanted was a final Team Xtreme run, maybe even against the Hart Dynasty back when they were still together. Can you imagine the pop the Team Xtreme music would get for a one off? Man, that’s depressing.

      • WweLitafan4ever

        Lita no doubt deserves a standing ovation from the crowd.
        The crowd should have chanted something like”Please don’t go” instead of saying “Lita is a ho.”
        Poor Lita..she was really disrespected,and by who,some philly fans and a jobber tag team that no one gave a damn about.
        What a slap in the face to one of the biggest female stars in WWE history.

        • perceval

          Well, it IS Philly, where they once booed GOD. True story…

          It was an Eagles game. The home team was losing, and the fans were booing. Then, it started to rain. The fans then started shaking their fists at the sky and booing.

          Philly’s a tough crowd.

        • WweLitafan4ever

          Yeah,they are.
          I bet that if Lita retired at Cyber Sunday(when she won the womens title),she would have gotten a much better pop b/c when she won,the fans were clapping for her.

  • Taylor

    Lita’s character direction irks me. Lita started her heel run as “the skank.” Instead of continuing with that type of heel character, Lita’s heel turn should have evolved into the cocky, self-assured, and dominating prima donna — the real-definition of Diva. So, yes, she could have lost her last match, but the trashy, tasteless ending could have been avoided. Shame on the writers and McMahon for the direction of her character!

  • StraightEdgeGirl84

    I remember that MSG show and Trish bless her was so pissed with how they were treating her good friend. Nothing she could have done to stop that crowd from being douchebags but she tried. It’s maybe silly to some but I still get emotional about how Lita’s career was at the end because she didn’t deserve that. She did something in her personal life that was made public by a bitter ex who wanted to play martyr to his ignorant fans. I will never like Matt Hardy after what he pulled and I will never feel badly for him. No matter what I will remember all the amazing things Lita did in the ring and Amy will always be one of my personal idols.

    • norisclouds

      The worse part was you had idiots on the forums talking about how Trish was probably happy “that the slut Lita was getting what she deserved”. Really? People were dumb, did they really think Trish and Lita weren’t friends?? They grew in the business together and their rivalry was born out of their intense real life chemistry and friendship.


      • perceval

        They were projecting their own hostility onto the talent.

        Then, years later, Matt tries to start the same crap with Punk. The dirt sheets, predictably, ran with that one. Not many realize that the source of the story that Punk and Amy have ever been more than friends is… Matt Hardy.

        The Hardy fangirls bought it all, bashing Punk as this powerful backstage politician who was just jealous of the Hardys’ awesomeness. And oh, poor Matt, still heartbroken…

        • norisclouds

          Matt Hardy creeps me out. The more we learn about him the more I wonder how Amy put up with that guy for so long.

  • PlasticAngelx

    They forgot to mention Torrie Wilson’s last match, the night after thanksgiving :(…
    (unless it goes by the date…)

  • wangzy

    November is really a hell of a month for Lita!!!…and her appearance on RAW last year with PeeWee Herman was also in November!!!…God I miss my idol!!!…

    …you’re right why would Lita return with the company who humiliated her…

    • WweLitafan4ever

      Yeah,it was awesome to see her with Pee Wee Herman.
      She also got a really good pop.
      Pee Wee was like “Right Lita” and I was just sitting there and saw Lita on screen out of nowhere.It was really random lol

  • Envy Sorensen

    That’s the first time I’ve chosen to watch Lita’s last moments because I knew what happened and couldn’t bear to watch it. That was terrible. On a brighter note, I was very happy to see my two all-time favourites on the first page (The Kat and Stacy Keibler). Trust Ivory and Jacqueline to put on a good wrestling match in a pool of gravy.

  • norisclouds

    Ok which one of you guys is tweeting Amy, she’s been re-tweeting this diva-dirt article.

    • perceval

      Doesn’t she follow Diva-Dirt on Twitter? Most of them do.

      • norisclouds

        You know, I’m not sure. I never checked! I just was really amused by it.

  • MomoMufFinSsFTW

    Fxck Vince, and matt hardy nuff said. Amen anyone?

    • MomoMufFinSsFTW

      Oh yea and Fxck the two-face Fans

    • perceval

      No, I have no desire to have sexual relations with either Vince McMahon or Matt Hardy.



      • revivingophelia

        *shudders* I don’t think anyone with any sort of standards has a desire to do that.

  • Hasnan

    I was so sad when Lita left. I hated how she lost the match and got publicly humiliated after the match by the Cryme Tyme. I was only 11 back then. I didn’t know what to do because Lita used to be the only reason I watched wrestling.

  • jonboi

    Alot of people on here said that the lita seagment was funny first time around but i felt sick and sad for someone who had given 7 yrs to a company who treated her like that.But watching it 6yrs later i can see the funny side of it and that was because of the way lita reacted because if she had said nothing it wuld not have worked out. Once again lita made the best of a very bad situation what other diva would have lasted that long in a personal storyline not even the piggy james gimmick would,ve lasted a year let alone 2 so huge props to amy for that alone. ohh and yea lalya be back soon

    • norisclouds

      I agree. I can’t re-watch it now because it turns my stomach, but her reactions saved that segment. She was so good at playing along with the crowd’s reaction and coming off as a complete and total heel during the segment. Lita was a consummate professional.

  • Jakey

    I love that you included 1999! It’s such a silly match, but it was clever booking to introduce B.B. after that match, as it set up the Women’s Title match for the next pay-per-view!. If, in two weeks, you do the promo that set up that match — complete with Chyna faking the audience out as the possible fourth competitor — I will be absolutely giddy.

    That Lita/Victoria steel cage match remains an underrated gem. It’s great to see it included here. Victoria even mentioned it in her backstage interview the night she retired from WWE.