Survivor Series: Beth Phoenix Retains with a Super-Sized Glam Slam!

Madison Square Garden was rocked indeed tonight at Survivor… and not just by The Rock!

Divas Champion Beth Phoenix retained her championship over Eve Torres in a big way, hitting her patented Glam Slam on Eve  from the second turnbuckle.

In a lumberjill match with the other Divas surrounding the ring, Beth reigned supreme at the pay per view where she returned one year ago. And much like last year, Beth and Natalya celebrated the victory, only this time it was Beth holding the championship.

What did you think of the match?

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  • chrislandee

    TBH it should’ve just been a regular match….the lumberjills did NOTHING

    • missawesomeness

      i think wwe has learnt from gail that if you don’t keep your stars happy or not use them they will leave. they probably had the lumber jills prior to SURVIVOR series. and just to show that rosa is still alive. and to give all the divas an appearance seriously when was the last time the whole diva roster was there?

      • Raekon

        In the voting against Triple H in which Beth pulled the line “we are girls”.
        That was the moment in which everyone on the DD site wanted to slap her silly. :p

        • GlamazonInTraining89

          Nope Eve & Kelly were 2 of the 5 people that weren’t there

  • MickieJamesFan07

    Only good spots were Eve’s triangle submission and Beth’s glam slam. Lumberjills were so useless as always.

  • TheFallenAngela


  • MelinaMickieF3v3r

    Awwww Man I didnt see The Super Glam Slam :( niether the match…. cant wait to it though. *shrugs* With the outcome. I hope we move on to someone ELSE PLEASE ! Alicia Fox next contender !!! Come on No more Crazy Kelly & Her Trusty Side-Kick Eve !

    Foxy next #1 Contender If you agree Like My Comment or just comment and say Like lol

    • Lily

      Hungry for attention much?

      • MelinaMickieF3v3r

        Says the person who commented on my comment. Are you looking for attention ?

        Oh No you were just stating your opinion right ?

        • Afrikana

          Uh oh, FIGHT! Lemme get my popcorn!

          Haha, just kidding. Carry on :)

        • Jhonmarco

          Instigator! :p lmao but let’s relaxe guys :)

        • Ryan

          You take that from her JAYFOX?

          Smh…tsk tsk tsk… ;D

        • MelinaMickieF3v3r

          Lmao! No I never even seen this person on this site until now. He/she can say whatever he/she wants ! He/She is just looking for attention him or herself.

        • Afrikana

          LOL, i couldn’t resist!

      • kellytrishfan

        This is not facebook.

      • Dorothy Gables

        I swear to god, a fight breaks out every 10 minutes on DD.

        • Raekon

          STOP underating the people here Teri! >:(
          It’s every 5 minutes, not 10!!! ;p

        • melina prez


  • Flybytre

    The Match Was Boring IMO But That Glam Slam Made Up For Everything I Had To Say DAMN!!!!! (In My Chris Tucker Voice) Wonder Does Eve Have A Nose After That. LOL

    • Kantrell

      #dead lol

  • DIVAsupporter

    love seeing the divas in their gear.. wish beth had some new gear though…

    hoping for either layla or naomi to return tomorrow

    • Crazy_J

      I know I can’t stand the skirt deal.. I like the top half of her outfits but thats it..

  • StraightEdgeGirl84

    Eve should say off tv for a few weeks to sell the move. If she pops up the next night then there was no point to that move.

    • Hasnan

      yeah, I agree.

    • Dorothy Gables


    • laqisha

      The odds are she’s probebly will walk down the ramp tommorw at RAW with a big smile on her face as in like nothing happend.

      • Dorothy Gables

        LOOOL pretty much

      • Raekon

        Even you might be right on this one Laqisha, I hope it won’t happen.

  • Litaker61

    Match was really lacklustre and forgetable especially considering they put on a great match last month. Glamslam at the end was crazy though, love to see that more often. And the stipulation was pretty pointless no lumberjills really got involved.

  • Hasnan

    The Glam Slam stole my heart…

  • Mr_Adone

    What was the point of those lumberjills, besides to look hot? Didnt feel the match. The lumberjills actually brought it down for me, so I couldnt enjoy it. Wish it was just one on one. Its like creative added them just to make sure that eve and beth couldnt deliver a better match than the men

    • Bdawg0701

      That, DAWAYNE999, is defintely a good point as far as the lumberjills. I didn’t see the match, but reading comments just wants me to check out the Glam Slam…But I think the lumberjills proves that limitations WWE has on the girls, they cannot surpass being girly – Which I find a load of crap! Last match, they had outside spots which were dope, but WWE don’t want them going all out, they just continue to set rules to how the girls wrestle. Again a loud of bull!

  • LucTempest

    Viva D.O.D!
    Who’s Next? Foxxy Cleopatra? Layler? C’mon Naomi?

  • Krazyvickay

    Ugh the lumberjills were so useless. Creative definitely didn’t want eve and Beth to have a great match like last time. That glam slam was sick though can’t believe Eve took such a nasty bump like that. Beth and Eve are now badasses in my book.

  • Misaki Ohata –> WWE

    I feel sorry for the lumberjills that could be at home visiting family.

    • FashionQueen86

      Ah, so true!

  • GlamHartDelRio

    As a huge GlamAddict I NEED to see that GlamSlam… Specially with everyone’s feedback…. This tells me it was historic!!!! Poor Eve I feel for her but I also give it to her for taking it… And if it wasn’t botched either… Quoting @divadirt it was “picture perfect” can’t wait to see it… :D

    • GlamazonInTraining89

      Saw it Last night on YouTube It wasn’t botched

  • Brando785

    I love TNA but that’s how you’re suppose to treat a champion !

    • laqisha

      *Thumps ups*

  • shannymac

    I wish they would have just had a regular match. The Lumberjills contributed nothing and kind of distracted the focus from Eve and Beth.

    • shannymac

      Oh, and the super Glam Slam was perfection!

    • GlamazonInTraining89

      They Were there 2 Model their NEW ring gear makes no SENSE It’s like the ONLY 3 that WERE actually there Was Kelly, Alicia & Nattie which in reality YES it could have been a 1-on-1 match cause the ONLY ppl that got involved were the ppl that were relevant in this storyline.

  • WWFoverWWE

    Beth Phoenix keeps saying she’s going to be champion forever. I guess that means she’s going to have a pretty long reign.

    Alicia Fox might get a shot next.

    • number1AngelinaLovefan

      Honestly i hope so i love Beth they could keep the tittle on her until mid next year i would not care the only one that really deserves it anyway that should take would be Natatyla,Layla and Kharma

  • LadyGoDiva

    I haven’t seen the PPV and from the reviews it sounded like the match sucked on paper,even though the Glam Slam from the top rope sound awesome. Waste of time using Divas in a match {lumberjills} and in my views kinda sux that my hope of Eve turning heel didn’t happen :-(

    Will I ever see her turn heel?

    • perceval

      Kaitlyn seems to be the one being set up to turn…

      Unless the SD match changed their minds and she’s the next to feud with Beth. It was a nice change seeing someone Beth’s size slugging it out with her that she couldn’t just overpower.

  • Afrikana

    In the spirit of petitions, I’m going to make one for Rosa to get on my t.v. again. Somehow, she seems to have the most “memorable” moments, lol.

    • AdrianRay

      She only has “memorable “moments” when she knocks a few back before going out. :)

      • Afrikana

        LMAO! Is that so bad?

        • AdrianRay

          No way! Lol that’s just her little trick.

  • melina prez

    The match was kinda boring. The lumberjills did NOTHING… WWE r such dumbasses.

    Byt that glam Slam was just amazing !!!!

  • number1AngelinaLovefan

    My stream color was a bit off and i thought Beth and Natties attire was sliver it is actually green and they look great i love the new attires and Natatyla looked Hella fine tonite and so did Beth

    So happy she retained and like everyone else said the GLAMSLAM was Amazing!!

  • melina prez

    I really want a #1contender ladder macth at TLC with Layla vs Natalya vs Kelly vs Eve( turn heel 2morrow night) vs Alicia. With Layla winning. Layla vs Beth at Royal Rumble with Layla DQing Beth so Layla wins but beth keeps the title. At Elimination Chamber we have an Elimination Chamber match with Alicia vs Kelly vs Eve vs Layla vs Natalya vs Beth and ends up with Layla winning the Divas Championship.

    • number1AngelinaLovefan

      I would love that idea but sadly wwe won’t ever do that but if they were too i would like if Beth would retain insted of Layla winning but that’s just me

      • melina prez

        thats true

    • Williambitious

      There’s a better chance of Casey Anthony becoming the president of the US.

      • melina prez

        LMFAO !!!! So true sadly….

        • Crazy_J

          lmao, that is hilarious.

      • number1AngelinaLovefan

        Hahah that funny but WWE will never do that

    • GetFoxy

      i want to see alicia vs beth for? the title, if fatal four way is next alicia could pin nattie and win there, beth being pissed attacks natalya, next week on raw eve is saying bad things about alicia turning eve heel alicia walks up and they have a backstage brawl ect

  • Satisfaction

    I think I died seeing that Super Glam Slam being set up. That was amazing! The match didn’t really grab my attention’s cajones until the end bits where there was near fall after near fall and then that wicked Glam Slam. Give the Divas a Chance, WWE! This was amazing!

  • wweandtnadivafan

    The glamslam looked a little week and eve torres had that face like “-_- fuck” and just fell forward, you can see her face in the replay but otherwise at least WWE let beth RETAIN the championship :)

  • AKA_AK

    Pretty good match, but it did not top their match at Vengeance. And I don’t blame that on the divas, they weren’t given enough time, and they sort of had to rush the whole match. The Lumberjills added absoloutely nothing. Eve’s submisson was sick, I love this woman, she grows on me every time I see her. She also sold that glamslam like a champ. Props to her for taking that brutal bump.