Video Exclusive: Alicia Talks War Games Match and Feud with Jessicka Havok

WSU’s icon, Alicia, spoke to Diva Dirt this past Saturday at Breaking Barriers 2 just hours ahead of the grueling six-woman War Games match inside the steel cage.

Neither the fans and Alicia alike could prepare for how the night would end as the Midwest Militia brought a machete into the ring and threatened the life of Mercedes Martinez, while Alicia and Brittney Savage lay prone, handcuffed to the ring ropes.

In this interview, filmed prior to that fateful main event, Alicia talks about the match and her fierce rival, leader of the Midwest Militia, Jessicka Havok.

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  • Dave Muscarella

    Alicia is an idiot. Allysin is not from Ohio. It wasn’t a 20 hour drive, more like 8. How is this girl a babyface? I hate her so much.

    • number1AngelinaLovefan

      Why i love her she is Awesome and she can back it up and she is so HOT TNA please

      • Jhonmarco

        She talks WAY too much shit about MWM & especially Havok! Alicia your cool but Havok probably would’ve killed you at the June show had your mom not thrown in the towel midwest militia ftw!

        • number1AngelinaLovefan

          Well that is strue but wasn’t that just a storyline?

        • Jhonmarco

          lol yes :) i know I get a little wrapped up in the MWM thing sorry :p but I just LOVE Havok & her crew lol.

  • Londonboy

    I have never really liked Alicia
    i have watched many of her matches and yet i still find her boring
    and i hate her character she swears in almost evey single promo and al she does is talk about how she is better than everyone else ?
    i personally think she is average in the ring there are many women in wsu shimmer tna and wwe who are alot better than Alicia
    but Jessica on the other hand is great i hope she is the next wsu champian

  • laqisha

    I heard that when she made her SHIMMER debut, Fans hated her so much.