Impact Write-Up (November 24th, 2011): Don’t Cross the Boss

Hello everybody, and welcome to another thrilling, chilling edition of your weekly Impact Write-Up. As you all wind down from your large meals and early bird shopping specials, Impact rewards us with a dose of THANKSGIVING…THONG…THUNDER! That’s right, say it three times fast and a thong clad turkey appears before you a la Beetlejuice or Bloody Mary. Everyone’s favorite VP of the Knockouts division, Miss Karen Jarrett took it upon herself to book a six Knockout “Lingerie Bowl” involving Tara, Brooke Tessmacher, and Velvet Sky against Winter, Angelina Love, and Madison Rayne, but on top of that we also get to see the bright and shining faces of Mickie James, Aunt Traci Brooks, and the gold clad, Gail Kim!

Alright, let’s get things going before that thong wearing bird shows up to hijack our write-up.

The first Knockout related segment takes us to a recap of last week’s well received gauntlet match, that showed Mickie James emerge as the new Number One Contender. From there, we take it to the arena where the beautiful angelic theme of Miss Karen plays across the sound system. Out walks the benevolent queen herself, along with her cohorts in this battle for Knockout Supremacy, Madison Rayne and Gail Kim. Also close behind is none other than Aunt Traci, whom we’ve all come to know and feel jealous of, in that she gets to work alongside Miss Karen.

The four ladies execute their weekly entrance where Aunt Traci is forced to hold the ropes open for her three fellow Knockouts, as Miss Karen takes a microphone and demands that Angelina, Winter, Tara, Brooke Tessmacher, and Velvet Sky get their booties out to the ring right this second! The five ladies do as told, as they enter the squared circle and listen to what the stunning starlet of Impact has to say. Miss Karen tells them all to stop, before directing her attention to Velvet. She claims that they have a dilemma before them, as despite all of Miss Karen’s efforts to clean up the division, the nasty, disgusting, horny, perverted freaks in the crowd want to see more skin!

Miss Karen states that there are a few of the ladies who won’t have a problem with this being they walk around flaunting themselves all day long, but that there are some of the knockouts who think they are real athletes. She provides them with a newsflash, in that there is only one real athlete in this division, and it’s the woman holding both titles, Gail Kim! Miss Karen proclaims that tonight will be the first ever Knockouts Lingerie Bowl, which is soon to become a Thanksgiving tradition! She orders them to go in the back and get their skimpiest pieces of lingerie and bring them back out here.

Miss Karen says that Velvet should know exactly what she’s talking about due to the pole she slides up and down on when the perverts shove dollar bills in her bottom! She says that if anyone has a problem with this, they can walk out the door because there are hundreds of girls who would kill to have their spot on the roster! With that, Miss Karen and Velvet have a stare off, as all of the knockouts exit the ring and head to the back and get ready for their upcoming match.

As we return from a commercial break, we head back to Christy Hemme, as she stands by with Velvet, Tara, and Brooke to discuss their feelings on Miss Karen’s decision to book a lingerie bowl. Tara proclaims that she is sick of being treated like a joke; that she thought she left this crap behind her! She runs down a list of degrading matches females have taken part in, questioning if TNA just wants them to wrestle naked. She says that they aren’t here to be nude, rather they are here to be the best wrestlers there are. Tara wraps it up by claiming that she is not happy with this decision at all.

Brooke Tessmacher then takes the mic and says that this is a slap in the face to the division. She says that at home, she takes pictures and she models because she enjoys to do it, but when she’s here at her job, she wants to wrestle and become a serious athlete that can whoop some ass. She says that this is a joke to the division, as Velvet takes over and says that this is very degrading for her considering she just came off a Knockouts Title Reign. She brings up that a week ago, she was Knockouts Champion, and now she’s wrestling in lingerie.

Velvet relates this back to that “monster” (her words, not mine) Miss Karen; how she’s had a personal vendetta against Velvet for months now and she’s begun to drag Tara and Brooke into it as well. Sky says that she’s sick to death of Miss Karen, but that right now she’s going to keep her cool. They agree to go out there and show that they won’t let Karen get to them and vow to put on the best damn lingerie match possible. With that, they head out to the ring and get ready for competition.

Before the match, we head backstage again to see the intelligent being that is Gail Kim, as she praises Miss Karen and claims that she would NEVER question a decision made by her. (you and me both Gail) Out of nowhere comes the country lass, Mickie James, who storms into the room and demands to talk to Gail in private. She tells Madison to back off, as the two head into a room in the back, and Mickie states that she can’t believe what Gail is doing. She says that of all people, everything Gail said and did prior to coming here is wasted by agreeing to support this idea of a lingerie match.

Mickie believed that Gail was going to come here and make a positive impact on the division instead of setting it back ten years. Gail claims that she has made a great impact, as Mickie says this is crap and she knows it. She cant believe Gail would stand for such a stipulation after everything that she said in various interviews, as Gail gives the BEST ‘WTF’ face I have ever seen in my life. She orders Gail to go to Karen and put a stop to this right now, but Kim claims if Mickie isn’t happy that she can just hand in her notice and leave.

Mickie says that perhaps if Gail wasn’t shoved three feet up Karen’s backside, she would see what a hypocrite she’s being. James goes to two step her way on out the door, but Gail tries to attack her from behind and the two ladies brawl around the room. Mickie throws Gail into a wall, but the ever so caring, Madison Rayne quickly charges inside and slams James into the lockers. Gail tosses Madison out of the way and begins going crazy on Mickie, screaming “HOW DARE YOU, YOU TRASH!~”. As I wish to relive how brilliant this segment was, we must now go to the match itself.

The frightening chime sound effect plays, as a cold chill runs across the Impact Zone. Christy Hemme announces both Winter and Angelina to the ring, as they walk out… but it seems the brilliance that is Winter decided to try and cover up as much as possible. The duo steps into the ring, as out next comes Madison Rayne, dressed in her pink robe. Rayne enters the fray and removes the robe to reveal something that actually does cover more than almost all of her wrestling gears. Up next comes Brooke, sporting a men’s striped shirt, and Tara, sporting actual lingerie like Angelina. Velvet Sky follows, displaying a large shirt like Brooke.

Once all six females are inside the ring, the bell sounds and Winter takes it upon herself to pose on the turnbuckle. This sparks Brooke Tessmacher to follow suit, and remove her men’s shirt to reveal some blue get up. She tosses the shirt outside but misses the camera, only to blatantly see the camera man catch it and cover the lens up himself. Angelina is up next with her posing to boos, before Tara joins in to cheers. Madison finishes it up for her team to a not so good reaction, as Velvet removes her shirt to cheers and reveals what I think is a dress? The bad female trio poses together to more boos, as the fan favorites follow suit to cheers…until finally Angelina, Winter, and Madison attack each of them from behind.

All six go at it in the ring, until Madison kicks Brooke out and Angelina does the same to Velvet. Winter chokes Tara on the ropes with her boot to a count of four, as the crowd begins to get behind the veteran. Winter slams Tara into a corner and begins to punch her relentlessly. She tosses Tara around some more, as we head to a commercial break. Once we return, Tara is in control as she drops Winter with a few clotheslines and a bodyslam. Tara sets herself up and executes the Standing Shimmy Moonsault for a two count.

Tag into Tessmacher, as they double team Winter with a clothesline/asstastic combo in which Brooke screams for Winter to eat it! A pair of armdrags follow, as they trade Irish Whips and Brooke connects with a dropkick to send Winter into her corner. Madison tags in and attacks Tessmacher from behind, before sending her into the corner and choking her with her boot. She waves to her adorning fans, and goes to charge into Brooke, only Tessmacher moves and takes control with some punches.

Rayne sends Tessmacher into the opposing corner, but meets a boot to the face for her troubles. Brooke then goes to kick Madison, but the Killer Queen throws her legs over the middle rope and slams her head into the canvas. Madison chokes Brooke in the ropes as the crowd begins to get behind her and Winter tags back in. Winter with a backbreaker to the knee for a near fall, before the pasty wildcat toys with Brooke and tags in Angelina. The two of them connect with a double team clothesline, as Angelina covers for a two count.

Brooke tries to fight back, but Angelina drags her away and drops an elbow. She then begins to choke Tessmacher out, before going for a Suplex that Brooke counters into a roll up for a two count. Angelina locks in a submission hold, before driving her knees into Brooke’s back. She Irish whips Brooke into the ropes, but the two connect with a double facebuster to send both ladies down. They crawl to their respected corner, as Angelina tags in Madison and Brooke tags to Velvet Sky! Velvet charges with a series of clotheslines to all three of her opponents, before running off the ropes with a bulldog on Madison. Sky looks to go for the Sky High Facebuster, but Winter stops it and is met with a spear by Tara.

All six ladies are going at it in the ring now, as Angelina, Madison, and Winter try to send the three to collide in the center of the ring, only they stop each other and take down their evil opponents with clotheslines. Tara and Tessmacher take out Angelina and Winter, as Madison hits the Rayne Drop on Velvet. She notices the referee’s back turned, and goes to grab her title, but out of nowhere, Mickie James runs out and snaps Madison’s head off the ropes, leading towards Velvet hitting the Sky High on Madison for the victory! She, Tessmacher, and Tara pose for the fans, as we wrap up the first ever Thanksgiving Thong Thunder match.

Thoughts: A jam packed, surely controversial week in Knockoutland. I don’t even know where to begin with all of this. I will say that I think TNA handled the Lingerie stipulation well, and gave us a multitude of great segments to show that they weren’t just pleased to be there and do it. I think it helped a lot to know that the faces want to be taken seriously, and so they don’t just agree to go out there, smile to the crowd, and wave to say look at me. The Mickie/Gail segment was my favorite, and it was definitely needed to keep the momentum for their feud building. I can’t wait to see what they do next week, but I demand more of this because I think they work insanely well off each other in segments. Gail’s attitude towards Mickie’s claims that she expected more from her was stellar and I can’t say enough good things about that segment.

The match was what it was. I think it was pretty much a standard Knockouts match anyway, and like I said, some were wearing more than they do for gear anyways. It was still fifteen minutes long (shh, i’m disregarding that five of those were for posing), and I thought all six looked and performed great. TNT is becoming one of my highlights of the show, and I think they are a great team that works so well off one another. I do wish they still had the tag team titles because I would love to see them feud with Winter & Angelina, but as long as I keep getting to see them every week I’m good. Enjoyed the show even if it was surrounded with controversy.

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  • Hasnan

    I think the lingerie match really devalued the history of the knockouts division.

    • Kaledrina

      wouldn’t the bikini contest from a couple years ago already have done that?

      people don’t seem to understand that they were wearing more clothes than usual, if not the same! it’s a storyline! like, does having a guy dress up as the gobbledegooker or w/e it is, devalue the men’s divisions? does x-mas diva photoshoots devalue the divas? does diva dirt having weekly ‘rate the photoshoot!’ articles, devalue the women? no no no. so why would a storyline involving the women NOT wanting to be seen as sex objects or walked all over devalue them?

      • Teri

        Agreed 100%.

      • French.One

        disagree 100%

        most people see women wrestling as ‘eye candy’, this doesn’t help having a better image, having cage match, table match that would have help not devaluate the product…

        Like you see they don’t so that stupid stuff with men…

    • perceval

      Look up Jenna Morasca vs Sharmell, then tell me THIS devalued the KOs. “Awesome Kong looks a little agitated, over there.” I’m sure she was. :)

      • shameronstar

        I actually go back occasionally to watch that match for laughs. Does that make me a bad “sports entertainment/pro wrestling” fan?

        • Jhonmarco

          I’ve never seen that match, was it really THAT bad? lol

        • Kaledrina

          ^ it was terrible lol. but it was weirdly entertaining, too.

        • Jhonmarco

          lol like maxine/kaitlyn nxt terrible? :o lol

        • perceval

          “lol like maxine/kaitlyn nxt terrible? :o lol”

          Nah, it’s WAY worse than that. It’s… in a category of it’s own. Words can’t describe it. You just have to see it.

          To add to it’s legend, TNA payed Jenna half a million, the highest payed Knockout, ever.

        • perceval

          Oh, and look up Botchamania 92, which dedicated it’s entire second half to that one match. Even if you’ve seen the match, it’s worth watching for the use of Pruit Igoe as the soundtrack.

        • Jhonmarco

          Just saw that match -_________- good lord that was bad! The fact that the crowd didn’t turn on them was amazing to me, Kong/Kharma couldn’t even save that trash of a match. This made Kelly Kelly look like the next Manami Toyota (& this is coming from a Kelly fan!). & Sojo Bolt’s bland ass charecter didn’t help at all either -,-

        • perceval

          It’s the match that gave us the term “MINUS FIVE STARS!”

          That rating wouldn’t be used again until the main event of Victory Road ’11. Between those two, Victory Road seems a cursed PPV. :)

  • DIVAsupporter

    I dont reall get why Karen chose Winter,Angelina,Tara doesnt really make any sense to me… I get Brooke, and Velvet but the others?

    the segments were great

    match was shit… Brooke looked like she was wearing ordinary gear, Madison reminded me of Molly with that long dress

    Winter looked great though…

    • perceval

      It’s not like it was the first time for Tara. Besides, Fitness Model Turned Wrestler, remember? She’s worn way skimpier stuff over the years.

      • NY32986

        cough Ho Train Cough

  • Teri

    Dude the backstage confrontation + fight between Gail and Mickie was BADASS. Can’t wait to see more.

    And as far as the lingerie thing goes, I’m glad that TNA actually put some effort into implementing it into the Karen Jarrett storyline rather than put the match on the card solely for ratings purposes.

    • perceval

      Of course, we actually know the real reason WAS for ratings purposes.

  • lazberg

    Well that was a giant pile of doodoo. Tessmacher and Velveeta were shocked and offended that they had to forego their usual stripper acts to perform in lingerie? Lingerie that covered more than they usually show in the ring, oh the indignity, the poor things. Just about as bad as booking can get and what a shame to waste so much time putting that over, almost 20 minutes of screeching & jibbering to set up a cluster of a match that didn’t help anyone.

    It was nice to see Winter and Tara working with one another and they both looked really good. Tessmacher being fed her spots by Angelina showed just how far she’s been carried. Angelina is still a stellar but sadly underused talent. Madison is 5 feet of shut shut the hell up working the stupidest gimmick in creation, what is with Impact sticking their best in ring talent with the lamest gimmicks while the clumsy Velvets and Tessmachers get the shine? And how sad was Velvet’s statement about coming off a “title run”? A brief title stroll perhaps. The KO writing is making the retarded booking at WWE look brilliant. Just so annoying to watch the squandering of talent in nonsense angles. They could have had three good, long matches that built the division. Instead, Stephnie McM… I mean Karen Jarrett squawking and a badly shot backstage confrontation that was way beneath the talents of Mickie and Gail, then the dumbest of the dumb with huffy Velvet and Tessmacher pretending their characters had dignity to lose. And to finish it off a face run in to steal the match and Mickie still apparently selling the “beat down” from way way earlier in the show. Just so dumb, I hope all of those women walked back stage and slapped the creative team around for this travesty.

  • Piggie James

    Fail spoilers. Like usual with ‘controversial spoilers’ this was overblown by many people, but perhaps that’s what the Knockouts were trying to do. Obviously having the several backstage segments kept a lot of the storyline a surprise (I guess the Impact Zone fans don’t get to see them).

    Anyway I really enjoyed the Knockouts tonight, and it didn’t feel like the women were being objectified like most ‘lingerie’ matches have done in the past. The storyline with Karen Jarrett is really getting heated, and it’s interesting how Winter/Angelina were angry at her too. I’m also wondering what direction they’re going with Madison, since she seems happy to play the kiss ass role, despite not being treated by Karen as well as Gail.

    Simply can’t wait for Gail Kim vs Mickie. It has a definite chance to win match of the year, since neither mainstream promotion has had any super stand out matches all year.

    • perceval

      Keep in mind that this is the same TNA that was going to have an annual Knockout issue of Playboy, that only didn’t happen because Playboy didn’t see the KO brand as having the same selling power as the Diva brand.

      So, let’s not fool ourselves into thinking this is some subtle Feminist statement. The Karen storyline simply provides an excuse to do it. It’s really about marketing the Knockouts as raunchier than their Disney style modern Diva counterparts. It’s Dixie Carter saying “Vince won’t give you this any more, so I will.”

      • Piggie James

        It’s not the ‘same’ TNA from mid 2009. It’s TNA more than two years removed from back then. Perhaps at that time, your comments would have had validity about how the Knockouts are marketed, but in 2011 the Knockouts have been less ‘raunchy’ than in the past, with the ‘lesbian vampire themed’ Angelina/Winter pairing being the only real edgy thing the Knockouts have done all year.

        As far as the current Karen Jarrett VP storyline goes, we’ll have to see more from it first before we can really judge its future implications for the division. The ‘Thanksgiving Thong Thunder’ match was obviously set out to disappoint most of the ‘horny perverts’ who tuned in, since there were certainly no thongs to be seen.

        Of course, if you wanted to speculate, then perhaps they were trying to gauge what effect an ‘eye candy’ match would have on the Knockouts’ ratings. But this is an episode of Impact where TNA would expect the ratings to fall given it was Thanksgiving Day holiday, so it was only really giving them ratings data to analyze for the future.

        And no it’s not a subtle Feminist statement. It actually seemed rather overt with all the protests from the Knockouts. Of course, if they keep booking eye candy matches in the future, they’ll eventually run out of ‘storyline excuses’ for them, at which point we can definitely say that the division has taken a turn for the worst.

        • perceval

          They have Karen call them prostitutes and refer to pole dancing. Make no mistake, this is a response to WWE being PG, and the Disney-fying of the Divas. That’s why the Divas are having such an identity crisis, now. A lot of them were signed to be pure eye candy and part of the Playboy pool (Kelly dodged a bullet there, since she was going to be the next one to pose when the decision was made to cut ties to Bunnymag), and now they can’t be sexual.

          The striptease stipulation was just last year, after Hogan came in. What’s changed with TNA’s content, since? Yeah, yeah, I know their PR Department came up with the “Wrestling Matters” slogan, but… That’s JUST a slogan.

          Don’t confuse TNA with ROH. You’ll just wind up disappointed. What TNA has been about since WWE went PG is trying to be the Attitude Era.

  • Superstar77

    At least Velvet got the win for her team. Though I doubt this will help her get a rematch but then again she never should have lost the Knockout title in the first place! Especially after all that build up. I don’t support Gail Kim’s title run at all because it was handled to her she didn’t earn it at all. I don’t care about Mickie vs Gail it’s not going to be great and it’s something and we’ve seen it before. I’m also tired of Karen Jarrett getting so much airtime. The storyline is more about her than anyone else. One last thing it’s time for Angelina to get away from Winter. Their partnership has done nothing for Angelina.

    • BillyGP

      Mickie vs Gail happen ONE time and it was not even a feud like we are getting now.

      • HollyRobinsonWWE

        I was going to say something about that too. It was one 2 or 3 minute match years ago with no storyline or even the shortest backstage segment to support it. How exactly have we seen it all before?

        • Superstar77

          I was referring to their match from the WWE not their current feud. Even though I don’t want to see that either or their match at Turning Point.

        • BillyGP

          Then dont watch a lot want to see it.

  • EveLover

    I really liked EVERYTHING about the KO’s this week . The match was sloppy at some parts but it was still enjoyable ,long ,and good. Im glad they actually gave the lingerie match a reason and its a storyline after all ,which Im really liking btw. I loved madison being the kiss up , during the promo all you would is ” I’LL DO IT ” in that squicky voice of hers ,I just love it .

    I loved mickie confronting gail ,it makes me look foward to there match even more that what I already was.

    Also ,this is off-topic but does anybody miss lacey ? not her wrestling but just her & her character ? .Lmao ,I loved her character and her too .

    • Jhonmarco

      I miss Lacey :( what’s she up to these days anyway? :)

      • EveLover

        I wish I knew. As soon as I saw this girl debut ,I fell in love with her lol. Its sad that she couldn’t wrestle ,I could just imagine if she did . Oh Man .

        • Jhonmarco

          *sigh lol -,-

  • HelloMisakitty

    This is so unbelievable, 25 minutes worth of Knockouts action including both the backstage/in-ring segments. I don’t care if it was a lingerie match because it’s part of a story line, they aren’t wearing anything less than usual and to be honest – Winter looked freakin’ hot! That’s over a quarter of TNA programming devoted to the female division, if only WWE were that nice to the Divas.

    The in-ring segment was great, especially Karen, well duh!

    The backstage segment with Tara, Brooke and Velvet was great and shows us that it is a story line, great on TNA’s behalf in my opinion.

    The backstage segment with Mickie, Gail and Madison was also amazing. I love the way that we have the Mexican America thing separate, the Gail and Mikcie thing separate and the Karen vs. Knockouts thing separate.

    Although the match was a tad sloppy, great showing by all girls!

    I can see them in long skirts next week.

  • Brandz6661

    Is it me or is TNA getting good with storylines ?

    • perceval

      Well, Russo isn’t the head writer, any more. No surprise the writing has improved.

      • Piggie James

        Except that Gail Kim said in an interview recently that Vince Russo was the one pushing for her to come back as a heel, so a lot of the direction of the current Knockouts division is mainly due to him (ie. Karen Jarrett’s role as Knockouts VP).

        Also, Bruce Prichard is supposed to be in charge of the overall creative direction, but it’s still Vince Russo and Matt Conway writing the scripts.

        Overall though, the creative change should have a beneficial impact (I haven’t personally felt much difference in quality yet), given that Vince Russo as head booker was clearly overworked, and on top of that had to deal with top talent/executives constantly getting involved with the creative process. The creative team now has more defined roles and responsibilities, which should translate to a less ‘rushed’ and more thought out product. If that ends up being the case though, remains to be seen.

        • perceval

          Russo works best when he’s not in charge. He contributed heavily to the Attitude Era when McMahon would shoot down or modify his worst ideas. Given complete control in WCW and TNA, he made a mess of things.

      • NY32986

        Bruce Prichard >>>>>> Russo

        • Piggie James

          He’s no world wrestling champion though.

  • Cyndi

    I understand its a story line but isn’t a bit hypercritical tho? look at me expecting any logic to be wrestling im so silly but if the KOs have a problem with what kinda match they were in then they need to look at their photo gallery cause that match was tame compared to the “XXX” photo shoots they do

    and wouldn’t logic say that sense Eric put Karen as VP that sense Hogan lost the match and sting is in power that means all Bishoff’s orders since then should be null in void?

    • Cyndi

      and wait their with a be a photoshoot with the knockouts involved in their “ring attire” smiling and posing lol

  • JJ

    Ok I admit, I was one of the majority who was upset with the lingerie match before it even aired. After watching thursday’s episode I have to say I take back what I said. First of all it is a storyline, not TNA actually trying to copy WWE with lingerie matches. Secondly I really laughed at the fact that they actually wore more clothing than they normally do hahaha. I think this is setting up a great storyline and am happy with the fact that it does involve several Knockouts therefore giving them screen time! I am interested in seeing where this storyline is going and look forward to more. Also I am loving how Mickie and Gail are really setting up their feud. Finally some back stage fighting hopefully to be followed by a lot more.. All in all it was a great night for the Knockouts and seems like the writing and storylines are starting to get better!

  • GailKim95

    This was great for the knockouts! There were so many segments involving them. They set up the whole lingerie gimmick well and showed that the faces were totally against it. They also built the Mickie/Gail feud with out a match in a brilliant way. As far as the match goes its the standard KO match we’ve come to love. long and good action. There were a few botches but give Brooke a break she is still very green and is impressing me alot with her improvement. But the gimmick itself was kind of a bust. madison and velvet were wearing more than usual and the only one that was wearing less than usual was winter

  • Jhonmarco

    Great night for the knockouts :) really liked how the women were offended at being in a lingerie match & didn’t just treat like any other match & just smile lol. The backstage segment was nice & that was a great brawl, but TNA can you hook a brother up with a camera-man being inside the room (that Gail/Mickie brawled in)? lol :) the gurls sure looked good too <3 very solid stuff!

  • iLUVwrestlingValets

    The match is what it is, it wasn’t nearly as bad as i thought it would be, yes it was a tiny step in the wrong direction, but hey atleast we are getting something for these girls on a weekly basis and im lovin it.

  • wweandtnadivafan

    poor madison rayne she literally gets ignored by karen and gail…the segments were good and match was lenghty

  • number1AngelinaLovefan

    Great Week for the Ko’s and i like how mickie came out and called Gail a hipercrate it’s kinda true in away but i can’t wait to see this 2 in the ring again

  • shannymac

    On the one hand, I think it was kind of disrespectful to have the Knockouts competing in this type of match. No matter what kind of storyline reasoning they make up, we all know that TNA’s reason for doing this was to get ratings. I just don’t think it’s fair that women are only ever “trusted” to bring in the big numbers when they’re rolling around in skimpy clothes.

    At the same time, I am glad that they tried to use the match to develop the storyline. if they have to do it, at least give the women a chance to show off more than just their bodies.

    On that note, Tara’s body is out of control! She’s 40 years old and putting 20 somethings to shame!

  • LadyGoDiva

    Let me start off and say that I was waiting on how TNA creative team would start this Gail/Mickie feud because having two former WWE Divas square off now as KO’s who have wrestled each other before but in short time and I liked the fight.

    Now to the lingerie match and the backstage interview reminded me of the interviews I’ve heard from Michelle McCool about wrestling in bra and panty matches and lingerie matches and the difficult task along with it and I appreciate the frustration that Velvet,Tara and Tessmacher showed on their faces because they want to be wrestlers and not eye candy and thats what so unique about the KO’s division that I think the WWE should take a few pointers on.

    I’m waiting for the whole KO’s divsion to walk out on Karen.
    Seeing what I saw in TNA makes me hope that WWE are making good decisions in their women’s division because seeing how TNA is making a good storyline and not wasting time and creative planning and to keep you tuned in every week.

  • joeyesrojo

    Ok for all of you who still think this “devalued” the Knockouts division I just want to know if you watched every segment? This did nothing but progress the Karen Vs. Roster and the Mickie Vs Gail story lines very well.

    The lingerie may have been involved to play to male viewers. Maybe. But it also did it to improve the story line with Karen. It wasn’t just Kelly Kelly coming out and waving and then winning with nothing behind it at all.

    I say that Impact was great this week. It really set us up with a story. Go Impact for killing 2 birds with 1 stone!

  • adifferentsame

    A coquettishly executed lingerie match doesn’t devalue a division. Schizophrenic booking and interchangeable title reigns? Well…

    No one else think Madison Rayne’s performances could be ultimately geared towards a face turn?

    Loved the backstage altercation.

    • Steve_x

      I agree with you on everything you said. I believe Madison is headed for a face turn.

  • bressie

    THAT dropkick spot.

    Jesus christ.

  • sugarrush28

    I liked the match. and like Karen said alot of them wore more than they would normally wear anyway. I loved that the knockouts were pissed that Karen even would put them in such a match. I like the fact that they turned this into a storyline as well. I also liked Brooke saying that at home she does photo shoots and stuff but in the ring shes a wrestler and nothing else. She said something like that lol

  • perceval

    Mickie accuses Gail & Karen of setting Knockouts Division “back ten years.” Yeah, I can see how Karen’s actions are undoing all the advancements that started at Survivor Series 2001…

    Um, wait…

    Mickie, there wasn’t a Knockouts Division ten years ago. There wasn’t even a TNA ten years ago.

    • adifferentsame

      I think Mickie was referencing the overall quality of women’s wrestling from a mainstream perspective, when gimmicky fluff was somewhat the norm.

      Aside from Winter, the lingerie selected by the Knockouts seemed not too dissimilar from ring attire the girls would wear anyway. That and the fact Karen included Madison in the group of KOs she virtually classed as slappers when she’s seemingly part of her stable was slightly off-kilter.

  • mskhamla


  • MNM4ever

    AMAZING to see how much time the knockouts were given :) why are people pissed that it was a kingerie match?? i bet if you didnt know the gimmick, you wouldn’t have even guessed that it wasn’t a normal match if you skipped the posing at the start. It was great to see wach of the knockouts character come through in the backstage segments,, and of corse karen was flawless as usual and the backstage segment involving madison. mickie and gail has me salivating over this feud!!!!! MICKIE VS GAIL… should be top notch especiallyi if a nice story is told, CAN’T WAIT ;D