In Video: TNA Unveils 7 Saucy Knockouts Christmas Commercials

Mistletoe, Santa hats and bikinis — it can only be that time of year!

TNA has unveiled several prospective Christmas-themed commercials for featuring all of our Knockouts.

The company wants you to vote for your favorite, with the winning commercial airing next week on Impact.

Watch them below and vote here.

Which one are you voting for?

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  • mariah.

    Was this also for storyline purposes? Yep — wrestling matters!

    • Kaledrina

      tna should just have the knockouts wear paperbags over their heads and wrestle in potato sacks, right. or maybe have impact as an audio only show ‘cos ya know, i’m sick of seeing half naked men each week.

      • French.One

        or they should just have them naked doing porn things with christmas balls and trees … :o

        Just to be serious a second, there is millions ways to make a promo clip without using the “sexy looking girl in a ad” trick…

      • mariah.

        Wait….. how are these ads which clearly portrays the Knockouts as only sex objects, the same as the men and women wrestling and kicking ass in their ring gear. It’s two entirely different things. Last I checked, Robert Roode wasn’t prancing around in a thong and a Santa hat. I never complained about the way Miss Tessmacher or Velvet Sky or the other Knockouts dress. Hell, I’m not even complaining about the ads specifically. My point is a company that constantly says wrestling matters and constantly advertises how they’re women are “serious athletes and are not barbie dolls”, decides to make ads which contradicts everything they stood for. It’s hypocritical, that’s what pisses me off. TNA needs to get over themselves.

        • mariah.

          And even to this day, with the Karen Jarrett hostile takeover storyline, TNA mocks the Divas division, only to have them be the exact same thing in reality. How are you gonna take jabs at something that you are. Again, hypocritical.

        • Envy Sorensen

          But this isn’t wrestling. It’s just a wrestling company advertising Christmas deals on their website. I don’t understand how I’m the only one that picked that up.

    • adifferentsame

      Try to have a sense of humour.

      I mean, my only reservation is that there isn’t an alternative for the men. Equality matters :)

    • JillianHallTNA

      You have hardcore matches and all other cool matches who are longer than those in WWE.
      Just because they are having sexy storylines doesn’t mean that wrestling doesn’t matter.
      Every REAL wrestling fan knows that….

      • Jhonmarco

        I don’t get how having hardcore matches makes tna better than wwe. If anything they use that stipulation WAY too frequently. & talking about the quality of the knockotus matches compared to diva matches, the knockotus matches most of the time (recently) just feel like diva matches stretched out a few minutes. I expect more from women who have all (except for Tessmacher & Rosita) a vast amount of experience. If anything most of the ppvs have left me wanting a lot more from them.

      • mariah.

        Oh so I’m not a REAL wrestling fan because I think TNA is acting hypocritical. Okay. Thanks for letting me know o wise one.

        • Juan

          Knockouts>>>Divas ’nuff said :) seriously though what is wrong with having the knockouts portray their sexy side, the divas used to do this way back in the golden era, so why can’t the knockouts??

        • mariah.

          @Juan Nowhere did I say there was anything wrong with the Knockouts portraying their sexy side, so why people are calling me on that is beyond me. It’s totally unrelated. My beef is the fact that TNA knocks on the Divas for being “barbie dolls” and pushing their looks ahead of their talent (or lack of), when they do the exact same thing. In fact, TNA is mocking them right now with the Karen Jarrett hostile takeover. It’s a pot calling a kettle black.

        • BillyGP

          Mariah tna use to knock the divas but that was years ago lately they havent plus with Prichard in charge who was around WWE golden era which was a lot of bra and panties,bikinis and gimmick matches along with diva wrestling and time given i see the same thing for the KO’s

  • Kellybug

    Needs more Tara, less Karen. :)

    • GlamazonInTraining89


  • bromero329

    So knockouts can’t be sexy now?

    Leave the knockouts alone. !

    Let them be sexy. They can’t only wrestle .

    I don’t mind them doing sexy commercials and being sexy women!

    They are not the divas! Remember that! Just because they’re in segments with bikinis or w.e doesn’t mean they’re being divas.

    I have no prfoblem with the knockouts being sexy. And the storyline is great

    • perceval

      You talk about the Divas like they’re a BAD thing. Without Trish, Lita, and Molly, there’d be no Knockouts. Without Victoria, Gail, Mickie, Brooke, & Katie, there’d be a lot LESS Knockouts. The Knockouts Division is a direct descendant of the Golden Age of Divas. Last week’s confrontation between Mickie and Gail was downright open about it.

      As for the reaction, it wouldn’t be a big deal if the more hardcore TNA marks wouldn’t be in such denial that the company sells the sexuality of the KOs. “No, no, it’s all a big Feminist statement! Their PR slogan is ‘Wrestling Matters!’ They’re showing how DIFFERENT they are from the Divas!”

      Well, yes, since the Divas have been Disney-fied for years, now, it IS about showing how different the Knockouts are, but not in the was the hardcore TNA marks want to think.

      Personally, I prefer the KOs in 2011 to the Divas. I think their product is better. However, I’m under no illusions about how they’re marketed.

      • mariah.

        THANK YOU! AGREE WITH EVERYTHING YOU JUST SAID! I love the Knockouts but what I don’t like is how it is hypocritical now. Own up to it TNA, your girls are eye candy just as much as they are “serious athletes.” Get off your pedestal.

        • perceval

          With all the Wrestler vs Eye Candy talk, it’s always been the ones who were both, the hybrids, who were most marketable. Trish Stratus, Lita, Victoria, Gail Kim, Mickie James, Melina… All fell into the hybrid category, “Pin-Up Strong” to borrow Beth’s term for them, great wrestlers who also look great in bikinis.

        • mariah.

          @Perceval I agree. I’m just sick of TNA knocking on something they are doing themselves.

      • laqisha

        “You talk about the Divas like they’re a BAD thing. Without Trish, Lita, and Molly, there’d be no Knockouts. Without Victoria, Gail, Mickie, Brooke, & Katie, there’d be a lot LESS Knockouts.”

        Oh wow really PERCEVAL???

        Like do u realize TNA dosn’t need DIVAS to have the knockouts Division right???
        You have no idea how many talent out thier in the independents who would outclass all the names you mintioned and would make the Division sweet, but sadly TNA wants women with both talent and Sex appeal and after watching all the videos now I know why ppl like Madison Eagles, Daizee Haze, Haily Hatred, etc are not in TNA this is a shame when I start watching Awesome Kong back in 2008 I totally thought this company will show love to my SHIMMER favorites, but nooooo this was too good to be true.

        • perceval

          Again, without the Golden Era of Divas, there wouldn’t BE a Knockouts Division. For that matter, there wouldn’t be a Shimmer, EVE, WSU, etc.

          You can resent Trish, Lita, Molly, Jacqueline, Ivory, Victoria, Gail, Mickie, Melina, & Beth all you like, but the fact is their combination of ability and sex appeal made women’s wrestling popular in North America, brought it up from being a gimmick like midget wrestling to something marketable on it’s own. The Golden Era Divas are why Madison, Daizee, Hally, etc, can headline shows in the States.

          They’re why Awesome Kong WANTED TO BE A WRESTLER.

          Besides, it’s not like sex appeal has never been important with the guys, as well. Notice the objectifying that goes on here anytime John Morrison or Dolph Ziggler are brought up. They turn into female Jerry Lawlers around here over Dolph. :)

          Mick Foley is the rare exception, not the rule when it comes to guys rising to the top in that business. Hogan, Flair, Sting, HBK, Triple H, Rock, Cena, Orton, Jeff Hardy, all had good looks or sex appeal as a huge factor in their rises. Austin was called a “pretty boy” when he was starting. Even the Undertaker had a devoted female following that was a major part of his fan base.

  • shameronstar

    The 1st one and the 4th one are kind of cool!

  • Juan

    Rosita!! :)

    • shameronstar

      I think Rosita is underrated in the looks department. She has one of the prettiest faces out of all the knockouts!

  • shameronstar

    On a side note. They all look nice(esp. Rosita, Brooke, Velvet, Gail and Karen) and ODB at the end of the 1st one is funny so I might pick that one!

  •!/WWEMickhail WWEMickhail

    Never really noticed, but holy boobs, Karen!

    I would pick the first one, “Gifts,” because ODB is really funny to me at te end there.

  • mikeparis18

    ODB made me fall outta my chaire in the first one, she is too funny

  • Matt

    One of the last two would be best, the music evokes Christmas the best because uh it’s Christmas music and that’s the whole purpose of the campaign. I also like the country one but the “ho ho ho” is a poor, insulting choice of text.

    • perceval

      Yeah, didn’t like the “Ho” thing.

  • adifferentsame

    ODB gets my vote.

  • Lita-Sault-666

    JINGLE BELLS <3. But they need more Tara "/

  • Lily

    I love love love LOVE these.!!!!

    • laqisha

      Now…….is this the real LILY.

  • Arakas

    They look quite slutty for christmas.

  • Team Laycoolness!!!

    Rosita can be my small package anyday… I ? her!!! =D

  • mikeyism

    I don’t understand why they did these. But TNA gives us matches that are longer than 90 seconds. And Sarita is hot. So I can’t complain.

  • wweandtnadivafan

    i love all of them just taking out ugly ass so cal val :P YUCK!

  • NT86

    Are these supposed to be takes on the Gap Christmas commercials? Looks sort of familiar.

    • mariah.

      Victoria’s Secret.

  • _Bryan_

    odb had me in tears the first time i saw her (laughter of course)
    idk they are all quite similar but unwrapped has my vote. holy tessmacher.

  • BillyGP

    What is there to complain about? It for sex sells so why not make sexy videos.

    They look good but love Mickie in these.

  • art

    the ads look the same….

  • Teri

    rofl @ odb

  • candice7000

    TNA must have watched the Victoria Secret Fashion Show. Their promos are very simiular. But this just look like a hardcore and rock type style. Instead of the more angel look.