Impact Wrestling Spoilers: December 8th, 2011

Spoilers for the 12/8 episode of Impact on Spike TV below.

* Mickie James defeated Madison Rayne via the Mickie-DT. Gail came to the ramp and stared at her.

* They show Karen Jarrett, Traci & Gail Kim backstage and it appears that Gail  has to wrestle tonight prior to Sunday and says that she will wrestle Traci. Karen says out of fairness, it should be a fine match but then counters by saying she is not a fair woman and tells Traci to go out there and lay down for Gail and wants no funny business.

* TNA Women’s Knockout Champion Gail Kim beat Traci. Traci laid down for Gail but kicked out at two and fought back at Gail. Traci had her beaten but Karen came out and distracted the referee and while he was distracted, Madison Rayne came in and hit Traci with the Knockouts Tag Title, allowing Gail to get the win. (Source)


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  •!/WWEMickhail WWEMickhail

    I’m particularly excites for the Traci match!

  • shameronstar

    I guess no one complain about this episode preview because this one will be all business!

  • spedwin69

    wow i didn’t realize McCool and vickie was in TNA LOL

    • perceval

      Damn, hadn’t thought of that. As long as they don’t start claiming to be flawless… :)

  • BillyGP

    Yes two weeks of Mickie :) plus Traci in action December 8th a really good night :) But what about Velvet and the others against Karen unless it backstage segments.

  • Matt

    I like how they’re building Gail/Mickie. Hopefully they really deliver at the PPV with a quality match that can keep this feud hot. Karen vs the roster stuff will likely be detailed in backstage segments as well since it’s such a prominent storyline so along with the two matches it sounds like another jam packed episode for the Knockouts. They’re really on a roll lately.

  • Kaledrina

    oooft! traci is back in action <3 all is right in the world, haha! i'd love to see traci as the next ko champ. considering her and gail's personal history, gail dropping the title to brooks in a couple months time would be sweet for them, too, i'm sure !

  • bortman

    and velvet sky disappeared from oblivion
    so as angelina and winter.

    • nathaniel

      ..and Tara/Brooke.

    • BillyGP

      backstage segments?

      • NY32986

        Helloo McFly….There’s gonna be Backstage Segments.

  • nathaniel

    So Tara flew in to Orlando on her dime just to wash a car in a bikini, then come home. I’m really thinking (and hoping) that this will pay off big time very soon, possibly with her and Brooke getting the belts back.

  • VelvetLoveFan

    What so after 2 weeks of this storyline Velvet/Tara/Brooke/Angelina and Winter are just 4gotten? And Madison isn’t?? Oh and btw karen is making this CRAP! I hate her! And wen sting or dixie make Traci VP she should make the match “Velvet/Tnt/Angelina and Winter vs Karen alone! :D but mikie’s mathc should b good and. So happy traci is fighting :D (to long??) Lol!! :)

    • VelvetLoveFan

      Mickie** (oh and I hope there is a backstage segment or an interview with the KOs!! :D

  • Missy_BonBon

    Love it! So Excited for Mickie’s outfits… Poor Traci, at least she had a match.

  • mariah.

    Now we’re talking. The Knockouts how I like them: handling bidness!

  • Goodvibes

    Sounds awesome! Love the Gail vs Mickie build, I expected them to just beat the crap out of eachother on a weekly basis like Tara and Mickie and Tara and Kong, but this is something different and I like it,

  • shokko22

    Sounds really good but why do most knockout matches end with someone getting unconvincingly hit with a title belt -_- they should have them hit their finisher instead.

  • bromero329

    Anybody wanna complain again like always????

    Anyways like always I’m excited to see the knockouts. They give us real womens wrestling and entertainment

    • psykohurricane

      Yeah right!! Putting knockouts in lingerie and swimsuit is really entertaining. And as for giving real woman’S wrestling. The matches on IMPACT or even shorter then the WWE divas matches. If that giving us real woman’S wrestling, what does fake woman’S wrestling look like.

      • Juan

        wwe mark talking about made up facts…the gautlet match lasted 14 minutes, the lingerie lasted I believe 8-10 mins want to bet that the street fight will last just as long? Seriously though the knockouts have shorter matches than the divas? Please the divas are lucky to get 14 minutes in an entire month let alone one show…just saying

  • wweandtnadivafan

    hell yea there building up mickie with the matches and i wanna see gail’s match

  • adifferentsame

    Very excited to see two original Knockouts duke it out!

  • Team Laycoolness!!!

    BRING BACK Lacey Von Erich!

    And I want my little hot & spicy chilli pepper Rosita back on my screen… Give her an Xplosion match against Toxxin or something? =D

  • psykohurricane

    So after 2 weeks of storylines SMUT that didn’t mean anything, they drop it for the december 8th episode. So like i said before, what was the point of putting the knockouts in lingerie and swimsuit if the point is to go with Karen/madison/Gail vs Traci/Velvet/Mickie.

    So the december 8th episode will be decent but will prove the point that they didn’T need the crap they put the knockouts through just to advance a storyline for somebody else.

    • MNM4ever

      it actually did serve the purpose of making it known that karen jarrett abuses her power over the knockouts

  • laqisha

    OMG Traci is back in the ring :)

  • wwe141

    Since Gail has returned to TNA(and was basically given the titles she now holds) I’ve become less interested in her. I’m still a fan,just not a fan of people being handed titles/etc. after just returning from wherever/whatever reason they were gone. I rather see people wrk for those opportunities

    • laqisha

      The good things are they made her weaker than Velvet and now Traci which is unusual for TNA to do this with EX.Divas.

    • psykohurricane

      I actually get what your saying, i felt the same way about Mickie James since she joined TNA. She’s been handed everything on a silver platter because she’s a former WWE Divas, same thing goes for Gail right now, She the focus because of where she used to worked for but the difference is that she’s not BFF with Dixie like Mickie is. Wouldn’T be surprise if Gail lose the belt at final Resolution against Mickie.

      • Superstar77

        Well at least unlike Gail it took Mickie six months to win the Knockout title. I just don’t like that Velvet not only isn’t on this Impact but doesn’t get a rematch at all. I still think it’s a shame that Velvet wasn’t even given a real chance to show what she could have done as Knockout champion. All so Gail can be champion again.

        I actually wouldn’t mind Traci beating Gail for the Knockout title. Even though it may never happen.

        • perceval

          That’s true about Velvet. She’s probably jealous of Kelly Kelly’s title reign. At least Kelly had a couple of successful defenses. :)

    • perceval

      Isn’t a few weeks a really long wait for the Championship by Gail Kim standards? :)

  • MickClique

    Can’t wait for this impact. Two weeks of Mickie James is awesome in my book!