SmackDown Redux (November 29th, 2011): Mistletoe Mayhem

Yes…I know what you’re all thinking; resident Redux jacker, Bobby, has taken over once more because of Steven’s computer and its anal bleeding mishaps. But it’s my duty to inform you that you would be incorrect this time. I mean let’s be real…did you really think I was going to let Steven cover SmackDown when both my NXT shining stars, Maxine and Tamina, made their presence known? I don’t think so. On last night’s Christmas in November themed episode, our match of the night was a nine Diva Mistletoe on a Pole match featuring the likes of Alicia Fox, AJ, Rosa Mendes, Aksana, Tamina, Natalya, Kaitlyn, Brie, and Nikki Bella. We assumed this would be for a title shot, but little did we know that was not the case at all. On top of that, we got some backstage segments featuring Maxine, Vickie Guerrero, and a few of the ladies from the match spread out throughout the show for our personal enjoyment.

Without any further ado, let’s kick things off with some Santa suits!

After an in-ring segment to open the show, Saint Mick declares that we will continue the night with a divas match, as he beckons for them to come out. Strutting their finest red and green is Alicia Fox, AJ, Kaitlyn, Rosa Mendes, Natalya, Aksana (who gets extra points for giving me Katie Lea vibes), Tamina, and the Bella Twins. We head to a commercial break, but upon return, Mick announces that this will be a Mistletoe on a Pole match where the diva to climb up the pole and retrieve the mistletoe will be able to cash it in before Christmas for a prize that he believes we can all allude to.

The bell sounds as all women go crazy. AJ tries to climb first, but Natalya manages to knock her down…as um…well…basically they all attack each other in the ring with various holds. Tamina manages to sweep Natalya’s legs out from under her as she falls to the canvas, and Kaitlyn tries to keep the Bella Twins away from the mistletoe. Everyone’s favorite mamacita, Rosa Mendes, makes her way towards the pole but she is soon taken down. Alicia Fox makes it up a few steps, but Nikki Bella manages to pull her off and toss her to the side. The Bellas look to work together, but Brie drop toe holds Nikki and climbs on top of her head to grab the mistletoe! The Bella Army rejoices as they believe Brie to be getting a future Divas Championship match…but what a scandalous surprise Mick Foley has in store for us all.

The Bellas attempt to celebrate Brie’s victory, before Mick cuts them off and tells them that he never said the match was for a Divas Title shot, but rather she will get to cash it in and kiss a Superstar of her choice. The Bellas try to argue over the Mistletoe, as we end this marvelous segment.

Backstage we head to Mick Foley standing by with Jimmy and Jey Uso practicing their entrance. He turns his attention over to Rowdy Roddy Piper as they embrace and chat up a few things, before Mick then focuses on the diva that I wish WWE would push to the moon, Maxine. He asks her if she has been a good girl this year, to which she replies that of course she has. That annoyance, Hornswoggle tries to serve Maxine a glass of Egg Nog, but she brushes him off like the perfection she is and walks off. After some chatter between a few of the superstars (featuring a cameo from Goldust!) Roddy Piper comes back on screen as he kisses Maxine’s hand and talks to one of the most underrated sports entertainers there is, Trent Barreta. (Note: Apologies if I begin to insert some opinions that I want to be taken as facts here) David Otunga interrupts my dream team scene, and blubbers about WWE music licensing with the Christmas tunes, before Mick Foley books him in a Miracle on 34th Street Fight against Randy Orton for tonight!

Up next, we open to…Hornswoggle trying to place an ornament on a spot of the Christmas Tree that he can not reach, which sparks the phenomenal brilliance that is possibly a new bad side of Kaitlyn to emerge and tell him that maybe he should ask Santa to be a little bit taller next year. (Note: Insulting Hornswoggle is only going to make so many people like you even more Kaitlyn) After some chatter between Teddy Long and Sheamus, the Lithuanian Beauty, Aksana (complete with saxophone music and pink lighting) walks into the scene with some mistletoe in her hand.

Teddy excuses Sheamus from the conversation, as Aksana apologizes for being late due to her match. T-Lo tells her that it’s alright, to which she can’t believe the size of this party. Back in Lithuania, all they got each year was a new shovel, (I’m assuming to beat people with) therefore Aksana does not quite understand exactly what mistletoe is. Teddy says that since they are standing under it, she should just do what comes natural. He puckers up for a smooch, but Aksana proceeds to tear a leaf off and eat it! She claims it tastes good and tickles her amazingly misunderstood pronunciation of tonsils, so let’s all hope that it’s non-toxic. We get some shots of Kaitlyn & Curt Hawkins (lighting the menorah) as well as returning backstage couple, Alicia Fox and Justin Gabriel, to close this segment.

We head backstage yet again, to see Ricardo Rodriguez chatting up the Bella Twins, as they ask what they should get Alberto Del Rio for Christmas. Ricardo suggests that the three of them go to dinner to discuss this, but Brie orders him to get them some egg nog. He begrudgingly takes their glasses and goes to fill them up, as Mick Foley, Dusty Rhodes, and Roddy Piper talk some. Saint Mick then heads over to Hornswoggle and gives him a hug which unfortunately gives him the gift of gab and he is able to finally dub the Bellas as being twins, and also states that Vickie Guerrero is a grandma. Natalya looks on in the background as if she is very unamused (Assuming because this is supposed to be a party, yet she’s not buying shoes or snapping Gismo photos), as Vickie and Hornswoggle engage in an Excuse Me-off until she walks off.

Finally, we round up this night’s events with a shot of Daniel Bryan preparing for his Cage Match where he could become World Heavyweight Champion, when he is approached by resident goddess, (Hopefully Tamina doesn’t see me use her title on someone else) AJ. She wishes him good luck and gives him a kiss on the lips before walking off and saying that she knows he can do this. Could D-Bryan be getting his fourth diva hook-up within the span of 11 months?!

Thoughts: To begin with the match, I was actually rather entertained. It was ridiculously short, but it was something different and I like different. I’m not a fan of seeing the same match week after week after week, so even if it was under a minute long, at least we got to see some fresh faces take the center spotlight. The segments were really enjoyable overall, and I think each had some standout moments. Clearly Aksana eating mistletoe was the highlight considering I love all unexpected, random moments, and if anyone tells you they thought she’d chomp down on it, they are lying through their teeth. I’m interested to see where this Daniel Bryan/AJ romance is headed, but anything that gets her airtime every week works for me. Heel Kaitlyn, I’m still bummed that you’re likely going to split from AJ, but like I said with her, as long as you get air time, I’m okay with it.

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  • Melina&Mickie4ever!

    I still think it should have been a #1 Contender’s Match….

    • MickClique


  •!/WWEMickhail WWEMickhail

    The match, for me, was…Eh. I very much enjoyed the “Excuse Me!” “Excuuuuuuuse Me!” exchange between the resident cougar and resident Horny. I actually laughed out loud during that bit!

  • Andre

    I enjoyed SD last night it was a fun, holiday show and all of the Divas segments worked for me. I’m very impressed with Kaitlyn’s ability to adapt these subtleties in her developing character, as beloved as the Chickbusters are i’m looking forward to a break up and heel turn, I think it’s necessary for both of them to progress and stand out.

  • Megumi

    Watching Brie win a match made smackdown worth watching for me, although I wish Nikki won it simply because Brie has already won the championship and Nikki needs to be groomed a little more.

    • Tamms

      I think that they are doing that incase they ever wanna take them apart. They can keep Nikki heel while turing Brie Face using the whole Nikki is Jealous thing or even the vice versa using Brie as the heel to use the whole Nikki is Jealous

      • Megumi

        Good point.

    • MickClique

      i felt that nikki should’ve won also. She is probably gonna kiss ADR.

  • Hilden

    I think it was a “different” match!
    I don’t want to say more about it.

  • French.One

    It was lame … period.

  • Rhawk

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but everyone knows its the 30th November right? Not 30th December? =-\

    • Jhonmarco

      i know! same thing I’ve been saying since this live smackdown was announced -_-

  • Poison_Ivory

    I would have actually LOVED to see Beth vs Brie. Mostly ’cause Brie would have been broken in half like a twig by Beth. The Bella’s are soooo skinny, seriously..

    • Michael

      I don’t want to get into the issue of weight, since it’s a dead end argument, but I think the Bellas look quite healthy compared to a lot of the other women, particularly Alicia Fox.

      • perceval

        But that does demonstrate a problem when you put the twigs in matches. The Women’s Champions used to be Natalya sized or larger.

        And then there’s marketability. When the Divas made serious money for the company, not just from what they did in ring, but those DVDs where they’d wear bikinis in exotic locales, magazines, calendars, it was the curvy girls.

        So, Trish, Lita, Ivory, the Jackies, Torrie, Victoria, Candice, Mickie, Melina, & Beth not only looked healthier, but were more appealing to guys.

  • LadyGoDiva

    I’ll be honest I didn’t like the match because there was no meaning to it because I was excepting to see what happens between Kaitlyn and AJ but we didn’t see that. Miracle of 34th street fight would’ve fit right.

    I was very glad to see another Bryan/AJ segement this week.

  • iLUVwrestlingValets

    For once in my life i am happy that studying for finals took me away from WWE las night. and BTW Dusty Rhodes is going to be filiming a nude scene in an upcoming movie. I cant make this up folks

    • MickClique

      please tell me you are lieing about the Dusty Rhodes comment, please.

      • iLUVwrestlingValets

        No i am not lieing sadly, google it, im just giving you guys a heads so you know what movie to avoid in 2012

        • Hasnan

          That is just creepy.

        • art

          ROFLMFAO…..i like horror movies but ill be avoiding this one…

  • MickClique

    Well, if you ask me, this match was a mess. I felt that they should have continued what had happened between AJ and Kaitlyn last week because this is NOVEMBER not December, why are they having a holiday special SmackDown(something like that)

  • RR45

    That match was a waste of time! I got scared that the Bella’s were actually gonna get a title shot. I had Alicia picked as the winner. Speaking of her, I think theyre trying to make Alicia and Justin a pair since they did the one segment and now they were in the background of one of the backstage segments.

    Those backstage segments were hilarious. Usually the writers come up with lame stuff but not for last night. LOL “we get new shovel” and then she ate the mistletoe and it tickled her “toesol”!

    I’m glad that AJ and Daniel are having this relationship because I know it’ll do wonders for her. Also I hope Layla comes back soon! Like this Monday soon lol.

  • EveLover

    Smackdown was live so I though layla would return ..but I guess not.

    I liked the backstage segments and thats why Im starting to love SD ,they dont only just give divas one short match ,but they’ve been giving them like 2 or 3 segments per week lately :D.

    The match was meehhhh, Nice to see something different but why so early ?

  • wweandtnadivafan

    lol first DJ gabriel and now justin gabriel :P hahaha alicia fox looks one of the best looking divas

  • clintocki

    I thought the segments were cute, but didn’t really see the point of the actual match, and why was Maxine backstage but not part of the match?

  • perceval

    Favorite of the matches with the Divas in Santa outfits was Trish/Lita/Stacy vs Victoria/Molly/Miss Jackie in 2003. That one even had storyline development when Vic turned on Molly after the match and hit her with the Women’s Championship belt.

  • Hasnan

    What a pointless match. This might be the worst christmas match, divas have ever had.

    They should’ve ditched this match and given more time to Justin and Jinder.

  • art

    just all over the place…not much happened but hey at least its not a tag match…

  • MNM4ever

    I would have rather seen no match, than see that crap lol they should have saved it for christmas. POINTLESS! anyways, even though the backstage segments were also pointless.. i gotta say I LOVED THEM lol. for some reason, i love when all the superstars mingle backstage hahaha. one of the highlights was the AJ- daniel bryan kiss. Maybe this means, a diva can actually be used in a male main event storyline since Melina! (the MNM vs batista and rey,, and K-fed vs Cena) but the HIGLIGH for me was vickie’s confrontation with hornswogge. EXCUSE ME hahaha

    • MickClique

      i would rather see no match either

      • MNM4ever

        hahaha i know ayye, WWE needs to put some more effort in the division

  • Team Laycoolness!!!

    Hahahaha poor Nikki Bella getting thrown under the bus by her sister Brie LOLGASMIC!!!