Listen Live: DD360 with Brooke Tessmacher & Sara Del Rey, Plus Maryse Interview Sneak Peek!

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THIS WEEK: We are joined by the other half of TNT, Impact Wrestling’s gorgeous Brooke Tessmacher. Plus, the Queen of Wrestling, Sara Del Rey stops by to talk about JoshiMania this weekend. But that’s not all… We will also have a sneak preview of our exclusive interview with the one and only Sexiest of the Sexy, Maryse! Don’t miss this show!

You can also call in and talk to hosts Melanie and Chenda on 347-989-8156.

Listen below:

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  • kristalmelinafan

    Now you guys added Maryse this is going to be awesome. Please interview Chyna or Lita two women you havent interviewed yet.

  • Dave Muscarella

    I am about to give up on WWE when it comes to women’s wrestling. Alicia is fine, but who really cares at this point, really. Its the same old, same old every week.

    Joshimania is so much better than anything WWE has done in years. I honestly think the independents are in a somewhat of a golden era when it comes to women’s wrestling. You got Sara Del Rey main eventing shows against men. You got Portia Perez winning men’s titles in ACW. SHIMMER is great as always. There’s lots of good choices out there if you truly love women’s wrestling. They might not be on TV, but its out there.

    • bxradimus

      Trust me, giving up on WWE will be like a weight off your shoulders. I know that sounds dramatic, but I gave up on them years ago, once SHIMMER started and haven’t even thought of looking back.

      With promotions like SHIMMER, Chikara, ROH, PWG, ACW, Evolve, etc….it’s just like…WWE can’t even touch them. And when there are the very few moments in WWE that are good, you can see that and be happy without wasting so much time and effort, tuning in week after week to be disappointed. Now, this isn’t saying anything negative towards people that keep up with WWE, everyone has their own opinion. But if you are fed up with the company, switch to the indies and it’ll be hard to ever imagine your life without them as a wrestling fan.

      • EveTorres25

        i would like to support the indies but i live in mauritius and can’t get the videos

  • chrisP

    I hope the Maryse Diva-Dirt interview is as unintentionally hilarious as her recent interview was. It’s one thing to read about her Hollywood delusi…..I mean goals but possibly hearing her say them out loud should be good for a laugh.

    Or make you feel a little sorry for her.

  • kristalmelinafan

    I will love to see a triple threat or six diva tag team match between Kelly Kelly vs Layla vs Brooke.

  • DsShin

    maryse is surprisingly succinct considering that English is second language for her