The Week in Eye Candy: Week of November 27th, 2011

Our weekly photoshoot breakdown is constructed to give you, the reader, the main stage. Each week, we’ll highlight the new WWE and TNA photoshoots and give you the opportunity to vote for your favorite. In the next week’s post, we’ll unveil the winner. At the end of the month, we’ll take each week’s winner and determine the month’s most popular photoshoot. All of this will be determined by you, so do your Diva Dirt duty and vote!

Beth Phoenix & Natalya

Last week‘s most popular photoshoot belonged to Beth Phoenix and Natalya. Gail Kim‘s shoot came in second, earning 147 votes to Beth & Natalya’s 264.

Beth & Natalya’s photoshoot will be included in the “photoshoot of the month” poll this Friday.

This week’s batch of photoshoots feature Angelina Love, Brie Bella, Eve Torres, Gail Kim, Kaitlyn, Nikki Bella and SoCal Val. Click the photos below to see their corresponding photoshoot. Vote in the poll below and come back on Friday to see the winner.

Angelina Love

Brie & Nikki Bella

Eve Torres

Gail Kim


SoCal Val

Editor in Chief - Read Profile

    I voted for Eve Torres fotoshot, I loved it!

    The Bella Twins fotoshot is in second place for me :)

  • Poison_Ivory

    Nikki&Brie look scarily skinny D: And Eve’s one of the only persons who can rock a “pointy jaw” like she does.. Still voted for Gail, IMO she stood out most. Too bad the TNA shoots are so short ):

  • Jhonmarco

    Eve has this no doubt! <3

  • xxQOXxx

    All are really good shoots this week but i went for Eve.

  • Lily

    Socal VAL is just ew..

    Gail looks like Naya Rivera/ Santana Lopez from glee.

    Eve took this one.

  • Yeah She Is Looking Good

    Liked Eve’s photoshoot the best, poses were great!
    Also kinda liked So Cal’s.
    IMO felt that Gail’s could have had a bit more variety of poses, but she looked great.
    Angelina’s was great too.

  • Teri

    I voted So Cal Val out of pity.

    • Faye


    • Adaaam

      LOL! You crack me up.

  • Faye

    I thought Eve’s photo shoot was nice. My vote goes to her.

  • JillianHallTNA

    I voted for my angel…. ANGELINA LOVE! :D

    • number1AngelinaLovefan

      Yeah me 2(:

  • Krazyvickay

    It was between Eve, Angelina, and Kaitlyn for me but I went with Eve.


    So Cal Val tries too hard. xD
    Angelina & Gail looked beautiful, but I went with Eve. :)

  • RealMaryse

    bellas for sure they look HOT :)
    but eve is close second

  • EveLover

    Eve took this one <3 .Love the Attire and the poses .
    I liked the bellas & kaitlyns also. KO's barely catch my attention.

  • number1AngelinaLovefan

    Kaityln’s hair looks like a skunk!

    • NurseBetty


  • Mr. Asstastic

    Eve does the weirdest poses.

  • Jordan

    I went with Eve, but the Bellas were close to gettin’ my vote though. The emerald-y eyeshadow and matching outfits are FIERCE but the shoot just fell kind of flat in poses.

  • norisclouds

    They need to get someone better to handle their photoshop. The faces always look way too washed out.

  • Adaaam

    Voted for Kaitlyn.

    Is it just me or does it look like they edited Eve’s photoshoot to make her look skinnier? (she’s not fat to begin with, but she just looks skinnier than usual here)

  • missawesomeness

    in the gail kim shoot they should have changed the background color, her outfit just clashes with it, which in my opinion would have probably won if the background was a different color.

  • Melina&Mickie4ever!

    NoCal Val !



  • NurseBetty


    • NurseBetty


    • NurseBetty

      By the way voted for Eve

      • number1AngelinaLovefan

        Haha yeah her shoes a pretty cool

  • art

    between Kaitlyn & eve for me but i went with Kaitlyn because she looks amazing…

  • AKA_AK

    Eve looks the best as per usual, Kaitlyn for second place.