Alicia Fox and Kharma’s “WWE ’12” Characters Officially Unveiled

THQ has officially unveiled two new Diva characters for WWE ’12 — former Divas Champion Alicia Fox and Kharma.

Both Divas will be available as DLC, or downloadable content, with Alicia available for free and Kharma as a paid-for character.

Previously, footage leaked of Kharma and Vickie Guerrero‘s characters.

In the game, Kharma, who never had an official match in WWE, will retain some of her signatures moves from TNA and elsewhere — the Implant Buster (which was seen in WWE) and the Awesome Bomb.

Meanwhile, Fox retains her old “Hot in Herre”-styled music and the scissors kick. Since turning babyface, she has debuted new music and a new somersault leg-drop finisher.

Check out the videos of their entrances and finishing moves below:

Kharma entrance

Kharma finisher

Alicia Fox entrance

Alicia Fox finisher

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  • G32106

    Both Kharma and Alicia look amazing! So excited!!!

  • Melina&Mickie4ever!

    AHHHH! Lmao!! Perfection ! I cant wait to download Alicia Fox , and Kharma to but mostly Alicia Foxy! I heart Alicia :) too bad her leg drop isnt in the game :( oh well tho

    • Marlon Eric

      There’s a flip leg drop in the game that you can use, but it’s just a ground strike. :( Maybe Jillian’s Headstand Leg Drop? Or the top rope Harlem Heat Legdrop if you wanna get fancy.

      • Melina&Mickie4ever!

        Yeah I had her use the top rope leg drop in 2011 , guess I will give her jillians leg drop…i dont know if i saw it in wwe 12 but i will look…

  • Kevin_G.

    I agree with G32106. Both look amazing! I really like Kharma’s moveset as it’s obvious they watched tapes of what other moves she does..and Alicia’s Axe Kick, I know people are going to love that now that it’s redone. Looking forward to the rest of the DLC Divas Pack to be revealed!

  • Marlon Eric

    The music I can understand since I already have Maria’s old theme on my XBOX to use for her custom music. But her new Titantron has been updated since before she turned face. Couldn’t they have put that in since every other diva has new Titantrons? Oh well, won’t complain. She looks better than most of the diva models already in the game. :) Joy! And great Scissors Kick!

    But I’ll still have to crush her with Kharma.

  • Alex

    Kharma looks perfect. Awesome Bomb, Awesome Splash, and Implant Buster. What more could you ask for

  • DivasHQ

    love them who knows when the dlc divas going to be on the shop ??

    • Poison_Ivory

      Probably around same time as last year – the holidays. So around 22nd – 25th depending where you live.

      And funny how they can put these two’s exactly perfected finishers, but not Beth’s real Glam Slam. Well I’m not complaining, the Awesome Splash and scissor’s kick (Thigh kick actually) look AMAZING. And now they have the REAL implant buster instead of the other version, what you have to create

      CAN’T WAIT!

      • SAEGAN

        Awesome bomb looks AMAZZINNGG too!!!

  • Johnyfaction3

    Kharma’s overall is 76 which is the highest of all divas (Beth is 75, unless they make Trish higher) and Alicia is 70 (same as Layla and Kelly)

    • shameronstar

      Kharma’s overall is probably only 76 because her speed, agility, adrenaline, and tag team are low(basically her lack of quickness and being a loner puts her in the same category as the girls but she’s still easily the strongest out of ALL divas(except maybe TrishD:) otherwise she’d easily be at the mid card level.

    • shokko22

      One of the many cons to this game is that alot of the characters (superstars and divas) were given decreased overalls to make the “top dogs” harder in the game. I liked how in svr 2011 the overalls were much more reasonable, like beth being 80 was good, but level 75 is just retarded……dumb thq.

      • Storm

        If you guys dislike the Roster’s Overall’s, then change them? I went through every Superstar and Diva and re-did their Overall’s to my beliefs and liking’s.

  • shameronstar

    YES! This means that when Kharma comes back there’s a high possibility she’ll do the Sitout Powerbomb and the Second Rope Splash:D

    • laqisha

      Nope!!!! In SVR 2010 Nattie retained her spinning poerbomb but never used the move on television.

  • mariah.

    Kharma looks fucking wicked! And her moveset looks sick!. Perfection if you ask me.

  • Melina&Mickie4ever!

    Kharma vs Beth Pheonix vs Natalya WWE Womens Champonship in a Steel Cag Falls Count Every Match !!!! Im def doing that match when I get Kharma ! Ne wayz does anyone know when they will be avaliable to download….

  • Garouix

    They look great! I can’t wait! The moves in this pack already look awesome. I have to say I’m impressed that they even have Alicia’s latest hairstyle.

  • MadlyFlawless

    Both look great! Trish next? :)

    • Gameman305

      We’ll See on Friday

  • daniel123

    there was an Xbox update maybe it was for all 6 of them? Could they be out sooner then we think?

  • Teri

    Since when did Alicia jump up and address the fans on a turnbuckle during her entrance? lololol

    • MajidK

      They were probably lazy to make it accurate!

    • Storm

      It’s her Entrance from 2011, they haven’t updated it, but she did it at least once or twice when she was a heel and back before she became Divas Champion. But I think it’s stupid, that they didn’t bother updated her Entrance nor her Titantron, glad they left her theme song because I like this one better, but her Entrance and Titantron are too out-of-date. T_T

  • Gameman305

    Alicia Fox and Kharma Look Fucking Amazing! excuse my language!

  • EveLover

    I approve ;)

  • Kevin_G.

    I wonder if Kharma has her spinning back hand also..

    • Alex

      that move is already in the game as a strong strike

  • AliciaFox96

    They both look AMAZING! Alicia’s new scissor kick looks great :) Alicia’s gonna be the Divas Champ on RAW while kharma will dominate SMACKDOWN!

  • Hasnan

    I love this!! I am so happy that they gave Alicia an updated version of the axe kick, I wish they updated her entrance because she never poses on the top rope. The only time she did that was HIAC09. + Her hair is too short in the game.

  • iLUVwrestlingValets

    alicia’s walk is awful

  • richies88

    i can not wait for them to release the divas dlc package does anyone know what package Trish is in is it Legends or Divas
    and why is tamina not in it :(

  • shameronstar

    I wonder will Kharma have her accordion rack! I would love to see her do that move on AJ or Alicia Fox since they’re so flexible.

    • Hasnan

      AJ is not in.

      • shameronstar

        I know, but I was wondering if she’ll do the move in real life in the wwe.

    • Lily

      Damn it, i just remembered that Melina isn’t in WWE anymore :\ that would have been epic!

    • Poison_Ivory

      But isn’t the Accordion Rack just like a normal torture rack? ‘Cause the game has it already

  • bromero329

    I actually might buy the game now lol. Love alicia and kharma

  • Lily

    This possibly might mean Kharma will use the bomb and the splash in WWE …. excited!!

  • nugoyxi

    It’s such as shame that even our women create-a-wrestlers don’t have equality in these games. I’ve been waiting for Fire Pro Wrestling HD forever now.