Bella Twins and Vickie Guerrero Characters Unveiled for “WWE ’12”

Two more Diva DLCs for WWE ’12 have been unveiled: The Bella Twins, Brie and Nikki, and Vickie Guerrero.

The Divas DLC pack featuring the Bellas, Vickie, Kharma and Trish Stratus is due to go on sale this month.

In the game, Brie is seem in camouflage ring gear while Nikki is in black. Both Bellas have the same finisher, the sit-out facebuster. Meanwhile, Vickie has her very own music and performs the Cougar Splash!

Check out the videos of their entrances and finishers below.

Yesterday, THQ revealed the characters for Alicia Fox and Kharma.

Bellas entrance

Brie finisher

Nikki finisher

Vickie entrance

Vickie finisher

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    They look great! BuT The Bella Twins hair looks a bit weird, is to shinny! Vickie Guerrero moveset looks great and I like the fact they put “Excuse Me” in her entrance :)

    • Hasnan

      It really bugs me that they are wearing different attires.


    And another thing: Brie and Nikki “The ishes(?)”

    WTF is that???

    • alexver11

      Was actually The Agents


        LOL you´re right! But why are they calling them that?

        • alexver11

          I think because in the tag team call name list “The Bellas Twins” isn’t a name for a Team and since The Bellas are DLC, You have to create both as a Team!!

          Simple Reason: TQH are to lazy that they forgot or did not think it was important to call her own name tag team

        • alexver11

          own Tag Team Name


          No it´s not that because if they forgot Bella Twins were a team why would they give them a new entrance?

  • Team Laycoolness!!!

    Okayyy hold up!

    1. I would’ve put Nikki in the camo and Brie in the black outfit!

    2. Why is Vickie beating on Layla? :S

    • bromero329

      Whats the difference theyre twins!lol

  • AliciaFox96

    They all look great but i wish they’ed put the bellas in the same attire. Glad the bella’s have a new enterance too! :)

  • Kevin_G.

    My only dislike is that the Bella’s aren’t announced as “The Bella Twins.” They were last year, I don’t get it? Oh well.

    • Kevin_G.

      Just read it’s being looked at now, so it’s possible they will be announced as “The Bella Twins”

      • Raekon

        Let’s hope so cause their announcement as a whole sounds totally off.

        Brie Bella…pause….and…..Nikki Bella….. pause….. the agents?????
        It should had been : Brie & Nikki Bella….. The Bella Twins.

        • Storm

          Actually, it should be: *From Scottsdale, Arizona; Brie & Nikki; The Bella Twins!. :)

  • ElectricMVx

    Why is Vickie getting cheered in the game?

    • Poison_Ivory

      They probably haven’t changed that yet.

  • Poison_Ivory

    OMG the Vickie taunts are sooo great!! But her theme isn’t kinda enough for her, it’s so generic :/

    Something is bothering me with the Bella’s, and I can’t tell what.. Is it the plastic look, or the fact that they’re almost as same as year before and that, just with new attires, I don’t know.


    LOL at Vicki.. Thatw as so funny. The whole laughing after the push, she would so do that in real life! – The spear was cool along with the splash, although I think they should have made her jump a little lower, because let’s face it, she can’t jump that high ha..

    2. Vicki looks very realistic.

    3. Wish the Bella’s were in the same attire, would have had more of an effect on the whole confusion thing (unless you have the name indicator on lol) – But they do look good.

    4. I want to do the Awesome Bomb on Vicki :’)

  • Teri

    I can’t wait to play Vickie Guerrero vs Brock Lesnar

    • ClassicKellyEve

      O_O would be cool, but i thought we can’t do an intergender match


        and you can´t :

  • Misaki Ohata Fan

    I want Vickie vs Kharma in an Extreme Rules match where Vickie wins. That would be fun and it’s not because I dislike Kharma as she is one of my favorites.

  • EveLover

    Vickie is absolutely PERFECT . From the “Excuse Me!” to the Taunts to the Cougar Splash ,shes just AMAZING and will be my divas champion :D.

    The bellas are Great too . I only have one complaint and is the name ..but I’ll overlook that ..since everything else about the entrance is Flawless & the finisher is very good also.

  • Jordan

    I wish THQ had animated the Cougar Splash from the corner, and had Vickie take her time but hey, it’s a new animation so I’ll still give them points. Love Vickie’s taunt. I’ll probably just remove her theme and entrance video to make her entrance more like TV. Her model is so freaking cool. I’ve been wanting to have Vickie in the game for years now.

    Now, the Bella Twins. OK, I think this is one of those things where they wanted to avoid lazy comments and captured them in two different outfits, but that’s one of those “damned if you do, damned if you don’t” things because on one hand you’ll get lazy comments, on the other- you’ve got fans that want them matching like TV. Hopefully WWE ’13, they’ll present them with two models per twin and everybody wins. I just hope the call name was a goof and “The Bella Twins” is tacked on after purchasing them like the new entrance is. I’m not particularly a fan of the Bellas but I want this pack to be a great download for everyone.

  • TheTruth

    Vickie looks awesome!

  • HeyChrissy

    OMG Vickie is so great!

  • FashionQueen86

    The twins are fantastic.

  • art

    all 3 look good but the bellas are never in different outfits..its awesome vickie made a game thats what i wanted & she did..

    • Envy Sorensen

      This is just me but I assumed they done that because if they both wore the exact same thing, the untrained eye wouldn’t be able to tell the difference between the two during a match.

    • Storm

      I am bothered by them not being in the exact same attire either, but hey, that’s what Superstar Threads are for, making their attires have the exact same color that it almost looks like they are wearing the same outfits… apart from the tops… Anyways, now I don’t mind that they’re not in the same attire as I might decide to turn Brie – or Nikki but she has a more bitchy attitude than Brie – Face and Nikki Heel and make them rival against each other, then I would be glad that they wear slightly different attires. :D

  • Slapavel

    Trish’s Entrance is gonna be killer , i bet

  • Raekon

    I love Vickies entrance and titantron/music and I’m very happy they added the Excuse me in the beginning.

    Her finishers are off but at least we can change that. Her taunt is awesome.

    I like that the bellas got a new entrance and love both outfits.
    Just wish both would have both of this outfits so we can let them enter with the same one instead of having each with a other one.
    Most of all since it maybe happened like 5 times through the years.

    They also definately need to fix the horrible announcement in their entrance cause it sounds off.

  • Envy Sorensen

    Words cannot even explain how excited I am to play as Vickie and play a mixed-tag match with her and Eddie. Her laughing at Layla after doing that move looked like it was from the television – amazing!

  • nitesaver

    They did a really good job with the Bellas