FCW Watch (December 11th, 2011): Audrey Marie vs Naomi

First off, I hope you all haven’t forgotten about FCW. It’s been a long few weeks without any Divas action, but never fear, for I believe we are set with matches for the next four weeks, and possibly more depending on how this Thursday’s TV taping goes down! On this past Sunday’s show, we witnessed a defense of the FCW Divas Championship, as reigning title holder, Audrey Marie, defends her gold… I mean, pink, against the inaugural Champ, Naomi Night! This is the first time that these two have squared off with one another on camera, but just how will it come off? Let us delve into some FCW action!

As we overhear something about all the boys in the club getting up (getting up), out pops the woman who, quite frankly should be on a main roster already, but I digress in my introduction of the one and only Naomi! Resident diva, Caylee Turner, introduces her to the ring, as she pops out in a new gold reptile like body suit. Naomi leaps into the ring and bows for the fans, as up next comes the champion, Audrey Marie. Audrey sports some new tights, as she enters the ring and climbs onto the turnbuckle to cheer on with the fans. Marie removes her championship and hands it to the ref to hold up, as the bell sounds and this match gets underway.

Both ladies circle around the ring and lock up, as Naomi takes control with a headlock takeover. Audrey flips it over into a quick roll up, before Naomi fights it back into another headlock before Marie can flip it over. Audrey with a nice armdrag, before both women get up and Naomi gives her a taste of her own medicine with a similar one. Naomi locks the headlock back in, before twisting it into a wristlock that Audrey fights out of. Naomi punches her backwards, before throwing her into the corner, only Audrey leaps over into a sweet Sunset Flip maneuver for a close call.

Naomi fights out, as Audrey sends Naomi back into the same corner, but Naomi leaps over with her unique no handed bridging roll up pin. They exchange wrist and headlocks, but Naomi sends Audrey into the ropes. She ducks under a running Audrey, before flying backwards, as Audrey does a handspring over Naomi! Naomi kips up as they exchange stairs, and Naomi slides underneath the legs. She goes for a roundhouse kick, but Audrey matrixes back! Naomi grabs onto one of her legs, before flipping Marie back over to a vertical base and leapfrogging over.

She goes for the butt bump, but Audrey stops herself before she collides. Naomi sends her back into the ropes and goes for a roll up handspring move, only Audrey moves to the side and simply stops her mid way into a nice roll up for a two. Audrey locks in a headlock and takes Naomi down for another near fall, and from there locks in a dragon sleeper onto the challenger, before reversing it into a chin lock. The crowd starts to get behind Naomi, which aids her to a verical base. They exchange momentum in an Irish Whip, but Audrey capitalizes and hits a sick knee to the stomach the flips Naomi over.

Audrey reverts back to a sleeper hold, before laying her back first and leaping up with a legdrop type maneuver to the midsection for a two count! Naomi fights back with some punches, followed up with a snapmare and kick to the back. She goes to Irish Whip Audrey, but Marie counters and goes for a snapmare of her own, only Naomi flips over and lands on two feet, before leaping up with an insanely awesome enziguiri! Both ladies struggle to two feet, but Audrey goes for a clothesline that Naomi ducks, as she then executes a dropkick to the back.

Naomi goes for a roll up, but Audrey kicks Naomi off into the ropes where she leaps back with a stiff clothesline. Once both women get up, Naomi runs forward with a spinning heel kick out of nowhere that could win her back the Championship! Cover gets just a two, as the fighting champion shows her determination. Naomi sends Audrey into the corner, but the Champ leaps onto the second rope and flies back with a crossbody, only she took a little bit too long and Naomi manages to roll through it into a pin of her own for a two count. Once they both get up, Naomi picks Audrey up and goes for a Suplex, but Audrey slides under the legs and goes for a bridge pin.

Audrey then attempts an arm drag, but Naomi flips through into another unique pin, only Audrey’s shoulder does not touch the mat. Audrey goes for a jacknife, and Naomi fights out by lifting both herself and Audrey up, and then spinning her around into a backslide attempt. Audrey spins herself out of it once again, and Naomi goes for a Suplex. This time she lifts Audrey up, but in mid air, Marie manages to flip over onto two feet and nail her finisher, “The Round Up!” She hooks the leg and gets the three count to retain her title! Audrey celebrates as she heads to the back, and I await the day Naomi debuts on TV.

Thoughts: As I’m sure this FCW Watch will show in my descriptions, Naomi and Audrey certainly used a lot of unique maneuvers and reversals that I’d never seen before. I thought they worked pretty well together overall! There were some issues with their pacing in some parts, but since this is their first match together, and it was pretty lengthy, It’s perfectly understandable to have a few kinks. The spot with Audrey’s handspring, followed with the Matrix all the way to the roll up was pretty insane, and I hope my wording doesn’t come off too confusing. All together, I enjoyed this match, and you can really see Audrey is working hard to become a better competitor in the ring. As for Naomi, CALL HER UP!

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  • Nostalgia

    Glad to see Naomi but call her up already please

  • trishfan11

    Audrey visibly improves in every match that she’s been on TV. She does have a few issues here and there with her timing but I think if she stays in FCW for another year, she could be good enough to be called up on the main roster. Naomi really needs to be on the main roster. She does her moves well, takes bumps well and sells well too. Naomi has always been the best worker among the NXT girls and she’s the most athletic diva in the WWE at the moment. I think one of the reasons Naomi is still in FCW may be because they need an experienced in-ring worker to work with the less experienced girls. However, another equally relevant reason could be the fact that Naomi is so good she can make lesser workers like Kelly Kelly look bad. If that is a reason, then it is truly unfortunate.

  • shameronstar

    Wow! I don’t even know what to say! Both Audrey and Naomi have really shown that they take wrestling seriously because both have gotten exceptionally better in a short period of time since each have started wrestling! Naomi I wonder does Naomi watch footage of Mexican and Japanese wrestling because I honestly think she could learn and adapt to an international style of wrestling!

  • Andre

    solid match for a first time encounter, Audrey continues to impress and i think i rewound that flip/enziguiri spot a 100 times, damn that was sick!

  • Jaefoxx

    Naomi was AMAZING in this match!

  • adifferentsame

    The only setback I see for Naomi is the struggle to find her a suitable gimmick. The pure bred wrestler that she was born to portray is way outdated in today’s WWE landscape. I have a sad feeling Naomi won’t ever fulfil her potential with them.

    • shokko22

      Good point. I highly doubt any diva now-a-days will reach their full potential with the company. Im just hoping a division turnaround when the wwe network debuts. Im praying to God that naomi doesnt end up like serena, angela fong, tiffany…..

    • FrankNFurter

      Natalya’s gimmick is portrayed as a pure bred wrestler, well before her obsession with making the divas cry started.

      Another diva-dirt poster suggested Naomi be paired with Air-Boom, and now that Epico and Primo are being managed by Rosa, it is the perfect time to start a tag team feud and bring in Naomi to restrain the fiery Rosa Mendes. (Ala Hardy boys and Lita vs T&A w/Trish) I think I could stomach a few Naomi vs Rosa matches, especially if there will be mixed tag.

  • Raekon

    It’s not their first encounter.
    They had another one months ago on TV and also a untelevised one as far as I know.
    However, at parts the pacing and the kickouts were sold poorely on both sides and looked very weak.
    I liked the technicall side and moves at the second part of the match the most in which both worked well with each other.

    Funny that Audrey had to lose weight as a wrestler but it will help her with the technical moves more since she is taking this approach more and is easier to pull them with less weight.
    It seems though she had to do the same as Kaitlyn and tone down her muscles. -.-

    Anyway, Naomi is overdue and they should had called her up ages ago.
    I just hope they won’t keep her in FCW like forever only to sent her home for good sometime in the future. :/

  • Spike7000

    Although there was a few minor miscommunications in the match, the match was still alright

    AJ said recently on her twitter that Naomi was back on the road with WWE even traveling with her

    • shokko22

      Yea I read that too. But just like the last five times she’s traveled with smackdown and raw, it will only lead to disappointment.

  • laqisha

    Speaking of SHIMMER style match…..

    to bad when the two head to main roster they will be stuck in 1-2 minutes matchs and as much as I like Naiomi I thing she’s too good for the WWE she better of in TNA or Indies.

  • rasharexx

    Love naomi!

  • http://www.youtube.com/user/DivasManiaHD xILOVENATTIEx

    Audreys getting goood a the big stuff, which is good, however she does need to work on her timing as you’ve said and also her pins, whenever she kicked out or naomi kicked out she made them look very weak and seemed Naomi had to do most of the work
    however very impressed considering she has only been wrestling less than a year

  • LadyGoDiva

    I am amazed with Audrey Marie performance in this match and loved tthe crowd respect between these two women. The match was a solid good match with great spots as much as I hate how WWE treats their main roster women’s division I often forget how many good matches I get to see on FCW.

    Naomi’s ring attire was interesting and Aubrey has this weird Mickie James Hardcore Country feel at her entrance.

    • jonboi

      go on youtube type sable vs tori WM match im telling you naomi stole toris ring attire from like 14yrs ago

  • Marshy

    Here’s on how I see Naomi can make her debut that she comes down the ramp way in a disguise attacking Kelly Kelly and then she runs up the ramp way before Alicia Foxx and Eve comes in the ring to make the save,but it is too late,the next night on Raw that Kelly Kelly is wrestling Natalya that the same person from TLC Pay Per View has attack Kelly Kelly once again that the mystery person ran up the ramp away before Alicia Foxx and Eve comes in the ring to once again trying to make the save that inside the ring are Kelly Kelly,Alicia Foxx,and Eve calls out the mystery person that the mystery person comes out and has revealed itself as none other than Naomi,Kelly Kelly’s rookie from NXT3.

  • Anthony

    I think Audrey Marie is one of the hottest diva’s the WWE has right now. She is breathtaking. I also think Naomi needs better attire. I have to be honest, I think she is one of the worst dressed divas they have.

    • http://www.youtube.com/rockinred45mvs RR45

      I agree with your entire comment.

  • http://www.youtube.com/rockinred45mvs RR45

    Naomi needs to be called up like right now!

    Audrey is hot! She could be a great diva on the main roster. I think shes improving quite quickly.

  • sugarrush28

    The match was good but there were problems. Audrey is coming along well but she still needs to work on her timing a bit. Plus she looks like she was tired half way through the match. Naomi really had to slow herself down in my opinion. some of the counters they did were pretty neat though. And please WWE don’t pull a Savannah and fire Naomi before she gets to show what she can really do.

  • dah-dah-dah-diva

    Kelly and Eve need to be fired and Naomi and Maxine need to be on Raw. Call up Aubrey in six months or so.

    • trishfan11

      Correction: Kelly needs to be fired or at least sent down to FCW for 6 months to a year to learn how to get better in the ring. Eve is pretty good – WWE just needs to let her be in matches that are longer than 1-2 minutes, which is true for all the divas.

  • http://twitter.com/Passionisma Thaila

    Naomi’s so freaking incredible. Half the shit she comes up with, I haven’t even thought about in my wildest dreams. And I love Audrey’s vivacious and happy attitude, especially her excitable “YEAH!”s. I enjoy her thoroughly.

  • http://au.groups.yahoo.com/group/WWE_Divas/ art

    Audrey looked off in timing & she didn’t even kick out of some pins…
    naomi was awesome you could tell she was leading audrey through the match & was pacing it which shows how far shes come…

  • jonboi

    naomis outfit is the very same as DX tori,s from her WM match with sable lol

  • Winterlina

    Audrey Marie still has work. She seems lost at times, her moves don’t like aggressive enough to make them believable but she’s improved nicely over time and she will only get better.

    Naomi… please please bring her up. I beg of them, bring her onto the roster. It’s way past time for that.

  • http://www.youtube.com/user/JayJay2307Q?feature=mhee KellyKay23

    Best I’ve seen in a looooooooooooooong time!!

  • FrankNFurter

    Now everyone can stop saying Naomi is “flashy” and doesn’t use actual “wrestling moves”. (Sorry about the quotes, but I have to use some sort of emphasis) This match showed that she is technically gifted, high-flying, and has the ground game to match. I love this woman! Do I even have to say it…CALL HER UP ALREADY!

    Audrey, Miss Softcore Country, you surprised me. This is by far her best march on FCW television to date. Even though Naomi seemed to be acting as ring general in this match (from the spot calling to the match pacing) she still managed to take initiative and prove that she has the ability to work a great match. Kudos to her.

    Matt Martlaro, I could have sworn a spinning heel kick was a Japanese based maneuver, not “lucha-like”. Great showing by both ladies. (:

  • http://www.youtube.com/user/ElectricMVx ElectricMVx

    Great match, the girls showed some nice athleticism and Audrey is seriously improving, and is really hot!! I wouldn’t mind some country gimmick tag teams/wrestlers showing up on the main roster with Audrey as manager.

    ..and even though I do not hate Kelly Kelly (and shouldn’t be posting this here), in fact I like her a lot, the FCW Divas seem to know how to run the ropes better than her, WWE should have trained Kelly some more instead of sticking her straight on ECW because Vince wanted to get his jollies over her stripping. I mean, don’t send her to FCW for months to improve, do what they did with Candice, have her train with veteran wrestlers on days off etc.